Bat Caddy X8R Review

Product: Bat Caddy X8R

Rating: 4.8/5

Overview: If you’re in the market for an electric golf push cart, the Bat Caddy X8R is one that you should definitely consider. It’s extremely lightweight at only 22 pounds and is one that all golfers will love.

A few aspects that I really like is it can be folded into a small, compact package and can be easily transported. Also, you can control it with a remote control up to 120 yards. There’s a million other aspects that make this cart worth it too.

Video Overview

Here’s a video that demonstrates Bat Caddy’s overall quality:

As you can see there’s a lot to love with this company and they make some really high quality equipment. You know what the best part is? The X8R is their premier product and the best electric cart they offer!

This is a cart that you’re really going to appreciate and one that’s going to make your life so much easier on the golf course.

The X8R Only Weighs 22 Pounds!

One of the downsides of an electric push cart is they can be heavy – they just have extra equipment that a regular golf cart wouldn’t have. This can scare some people and make them not want to purchase one of these awesome products.

The good news with the X8R is this cart only weighs 22 pounds. This makes it light enough that practically any person can carry and lift with ease.

Another aspect that makes this cart worth it is it’s very compact when it’s all folded up. Because of this you’ll be able to fit it anywhere in your car. You can place it in you trunk or backseat without any issues.

Plus this means you can store it anywhere too. You won’t have this giant cart taking up space in your garage or basement because of this.

This Cart Is Made From Aeropspace Grade Aluminum Alloy

When you’re paying several hundred dollars for a golf cart, you’ll want to make sure it’s going to last and won’t break down. How upset would you be if you spend a good amount of money for the X8R and the frame ended up cracking?

You’ll be happy to know this product is one of the most durable carts on the market and it can stand up to the rigors of multiple golf seasons.

One reason for this is the aluminum alloy the frame is made of. In fact, Bat Caddy uses the same aluminum alloy found in airplanes. This frame material is why this product is light too.

You’ll find stainless steel in all the right spots too – motor, housing, and axles. Many other companies will use cheap plastic in these spots and that can lead to issues. Plastic isn’t nearly as strong as stainless steel and the fact Bat Caddy uses this materials is another reason this cart is so high quality.

High Quality Dual Direct Motors

One thing I know you’re going to love about the X8R is the dual direct motors. A great thing about a direct motor is it eliminates the need for a gearbox. This means you get less moving parts and less of a chance of something going wrong.

A direct motor also has other benefits too. For example, this golf cart is extremely quiet because it has this kind of motor.

It won’t be barreling down the fairway making a ton of noise and distracting other golfers. It’s so quiet that most people will probably assume it’s a regular golf cart!

Also, even though it has a noiseless motor it still has plenty of power. It has a top speed of 5.5 MPH and can traverse inclines up to 30 degrees. This should be more than enough for any golf course you plan facing.

You’ll Love The Remote Control System Too

The whole reason you get an electric golf cart is to make life a little easier on yourself. You won’t have to push your cart and you’ll have more energy to focus on getting the best shot each and every time.

In order to get the best experience, though, you’ll need a high functioning remote. If you get a product with a malfunction controller or one that just doesn’t work well, you’re going to find yourself frustrated.

The remote that comes with the X8R is well made and you’ll enjoy using it.

One thing that you’ll appreciate is it works up to 120 yards away and lets you control this cart in all directions. You can make it go forward, back, left and right. Plus you can put it on a timer of up to 30 yards too. You won’t have to keep an eye on it or pay close attention to it because of this. Just put the timer on and watch it go!

You get good stopping power from the remote too. You won’t have to worry about the cart getting away from you or crashing into anything. When you want it to stop, it stops.

Lastly, the handle has a lot of great features. There’s a USB port and you get a battery indicator. You’ll always know how much juice is left in the battery and won’t have to worry about it dying on you.

The Braking System Is Top Notch

When you have a motor in your golf cart you may be a little skeptical. What happens if you want it to stop and it doesn’t? Is the cart going to fly away from you and are your clubs going to be in danger?

If you’re thinking like this, don’t worry. The braking system on the X8R is designed to give you the maximum amount of stopping power. Also, you can control the braking manually on the handle or you can control it from the remote.

Another aspect that makes this cart safe to use is it automatically slows down the wheels when it’s going downhill. Obviously on a hill this cart is at its most vulnerable and the fact it automatically engages the wheels to slow down on declines makes this cart a million times easier to stop.

The Battery Is Made To Last

Let’s say you pull the trigger and purchase a pretty expensive electric golf cart. You’re excited and you take it to the course and you like what it’s doing for you. Then, all of sudden, you notice the cart is puttering to a stop ahead of you and the remote is no longer working.

The battery died and you’re not even on hole 10 yet! You basically just have a very expensive push cart now.

If this is something that you’re concerned about with the X8R, you shouldn’t be. The battery is designed to last between 27 to 36 holes. As long as you fully charge it before your round of golf, you’ll easily be able to last without the battery dying.

Another aspect you’ll love about the battery is it can be recharged hundreds of times before needing to be replaced. You can actually get two different batteries too.

The first is the 12V36Ah SLA and it can be charged up to 500 times. The second option is the 12V20Ah lithium ion battery and can be charged up to 1000! It can hold a charge up to 36 holes as well.

Despite which option you get you’ll get multiple years before needing to get a new battery.

Lastly, even on the off chance your battery dies mid round, this cart can be pushed without any resistance like a regular push cart.

The Wheels Are Maintenance Free

At this very moment the tire on my car is popped and I’m going out into the cold in a bit to put a spare on. I will drive to the tire store down the road and have to pay over $100 for a new one. Hopefully the mechanic there doesn’t try to scam me into 4 new tires or tells me a million different things that’s wrong with my car.

The reason I’m telling you this is tires can cause you a lot of headaches. And the great thing with this cart is the tires are airless and you won’t have to change them or worry about them popping.

Also, these tires come with anti-tip technology and rear mountain slayer stabilizer. The combination of these two allows this product to conquer any hill on the course, without tipping over That new expensive driver you just bought will be nice and safe.

Additional Awesome Features

Believe it or not, there’s even more to like about this cart which includes:

  • Torque Control: Imagine starting up this product and it just flies away quickly, without you being ready. Luckily, Bat Caddy thought of this and prevents this from happening with built in toque control. What this does is engage the wheel slowly so when it goes from stop to go it does in a controllable way.
  • Adjustable Handle: It doesn’t matter if you’re extra tall or extra short either. The handle of this cart is adjustable from 33 to 45 inches and this makes it perfect for people of all heights.
  • Folds Up Easily: Some electric carts require you to break down the product into several pieces when you want to fold it up. That’s not the case with the X8R and it folds without taking any parts off.
  • You can bring along all your gear: This cart comes with plenty of accessories and spots for your stuff too. You get a place to to put your drinks, scorecard, umbrella and you get a rain cover and removable seat.


1) Question: How much does this cart last?

Answer: Depending on where you buy this product and which battery you purchase, price can vary. If you want to see all the options of this product, click the red “Check Price Here” button up top or below. You’ll see every kind you can get and prices there.

2) Question: Can I purchase it online?

Answer: Usually when you go to purchase pricey golf gear you want to see it in person first – this way you can test it out and make sure it works the way you expect.

But electric carts aren’t the most common products on earth and even if you find a golf shop that carries these carts, this one might not be in stock.

Because of that, I think it’s perfectly fine to buy it online. Like I said in the last section. I provide a link to purchase up top and below. If there’s anything wrong with this product you can return it and get your money back. This should eliminate any stress you have about purchasing the X8R online.

3) Question: How long will this product last?

Answer: The frame, wheels and everything non-mechanical should last as long as possible. This product is made from the same aluminum alloy found in airplanes and is extremely durable.

The only thing you’ll really have to worry about replacing is the battery. Each battery has a certain amount of charges in it but you should get a few seasons before you have to think about buying a new battery.

When you factor in the price it costs to rent a cart and the durability of this product, you’ll actually save money over time – you might even get your money back in a single season if you golf enough.

4) Question: Is there anything I have to worry about? 

Answer: Because this product has wiring, a motor and a battery there’s always the chance for something to go wrong. But this cart is very well made and you shouldn’t have any issues. Like I said I linked it to product and they have a great return policy in case anything is malfunctioning.

5) Question: Is this product worth considering and who is it made for ?

Answer: I definitely think this cart is worth considering. The only group I would say wouldn’t benefit is people that play small 9 hole courses. If you’re one of these golfers you probably don’t really need an electric golf cart at all.

Anyone that’s serious about golf, however, and expects to play on pretty long holes will love what they get here.

You’ll Really Love This Cart!

As far as electric carts go, this is one of the top ones on the market and is the top cart offered by Bat Caddy. It gives you everything you’d want – it’s durable, easy to use, lightweight, can handle inclines and will make your life on the golf course so much easier.

If you want to see all the options you can choose from (mainly different batteries) make sure to click the link below:

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If you have any remaining question, leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to respond as quickly as possible.

Are you excited to try out the Bat Caddy X8R?