18 Best All Mountain Skis For Men And Women 2021

Is there anything better than skiing?

If you’re like me and love the slopes, you’re itching to get out there this season. You need the right equipment to have fun, though, and having one of the best all mountain skis will help.

Before you see my top picks for both men and women, I’ll show you how to pick the right pair.

Sound good?

How To Purchase All Mountain Skis

There’s a couple things you must consider to get the right pair of skis and most important is:

  • Get the right pair for men and women
  • Choose the right size
  • Know your own ski level
  • Decide on rocker and camber

The first thing you need to look at is whether a ski is made for a man or woman. This doesn’t have to do with skill or anything like that but men skis and women skis are specific for the size, shape and stance of each gender. Getting this correct will give you the most performance possible out on the slopes this year.

Next, you need to get the right size and this is essential. The general rule is you want your skis to be as high as your chin to the top of your head – very skilled skiers can go a little longer.

Here’s a chart that shows what length you should get relative to your height:

As long as you get it somewhere in these ranges you’ll be fine (the heavier and more advanced the skier you are, the longer you’ll want).

Next, you need to consider your own skill level. As ski technology improves this has become less and less important. The one thing you’ll want to keep in mind is the ski stiffness or flex – the more skilled you are (and heavier), the more stiff you’ll want your skis.

When a ski is high in flex or stiffness it becomes easier to transfer energy and make sharper turns and cuts (this applies to ski boots too). If you’re an aggressive skier, who tackles tough terrain and trails, you need precision. A beginner doesn’t need this. What they’ll want is slower carves and turns; this will keep them in control and from falling over.

Lastly, you should look at the rocker and camber (this describes the ski profile and shape). Here’s a video that’ll help here:

Not too bad, right?

Learn more about buying skis here.

Now that you know exactly what to look for, let’s take a look at my top picks for men this year – the top choices for women are directly after.

Best Men’s All Mountain Skis

Volkl Mantra *Top Pick*

Company: Volkl

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

The Volkl Mantra’s are the favorite skis of a lot of good skiers. That’s because they perform and deliver one of the best ski experiences you can get. Many experts in the field believe this is the best all mountain skis for men. I can’t really argue against this.

The only thing I’ll say is you should have some ability if you’re thinking about purchasing them. If you’re beginner or someone who likes to take things slow you won’t like these – you’ll feel like you’re not in control. If you have some skill you’ll enjoy the:

  • Full rocker profile means you’ll surf over powder and be able to cruise down groomed trails. This is good for people that like to mix things up and try different terrains.
  • One of the best edging skis available and gives you a ton of control at fast speeds. This is good for confidence and for people looking to push their limits this year.
  • Titanal Layers adds a little weight but delvers unmatched stability. This is another reason you’ll feel in control out there.
  • A nice design that’s both subtle and eye catching

Even though many consider these the best skis they’re not the most expensive.

Here’s a video that takes a closer look at the Mantra’s

You heard the man, a 5/5! If you want a ski that’ll work everywhere this is the one for you. If you decide on them you’ll see why their so popular. They make a version for kids too.

Salomon QST 92 

Company: Salomon

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.8/5

These skis are one of my favorites for many reasons. First off, they come from an extremely reputable company, Salomon, and they’re well known for their quality ski gear – whenever you purchase from them you know you’re getting top of the line.

Also, the QST 92 work for almost any person, in almost any condition. This is the type of ski you can wear with confidence no matter what trail you’re on and still be in complete control. Some other awesome features include:

  • 92mm waist width helps you cruise through hard pack, choppy snow and in the park. If you’re a versatile skier than you’ll love this.
  • Spaceframe construction helps eliminate vibrations for a smoother ride. You won’t have to worry about chatter or anything distracting like that.
  • 3D wood core softens vibrations too. This is another reason this product delivers such a smooth rise.
  • Camber underfoot allows for maximum edging which is nice in icy conditions. You’ll really appreciate this when you hit one of those unexpected ice patches.
  • Lightweight design lets you zip around and achieve fast speeds. If you’re someone that likes to open things up a bit you’ll appreciate this.

This is a product that’s best suited for intermediates to advanced skiers. If you’re an absolute beginner you may want something a little less performing.

The price isn’t bad either. You can probably find skis for cheaper but you’ll be sacrificing in terms of performance and experience.

This piece of equipment is also reinforced in all the right spots and this adds some durability too. You won’t have to purchase a new pair of skis for a few seasons if you decide on these.

K2 IKonic 85Ti With Marker MXC 12TXC Bindings

Company: K2

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

The K2 IKonic 85Ti’s with Marker MXC 12TXC bindings is a product that’s reserved for people with a lot of ability. I wouldn’t even consider these skis if you’re an intermediate – it’s more for advanced to expert level skiers. If no trail is off limits to you the IKonic’s can work for you.

This is the type of ski that excels in groomed conditions and is best used on the frontside of the mountain. You can really push this piece of equipment hard and it comes with:

  • Carbon Grid Construction allows for maximum control at high speeds. When your pushing yourself you want to ensure your safe and this constriction ensures you are.
  • Ultra responsive and it won’t take too much effort to make a sharp carve. If you’re a high performer and plan on facing tough terrain you’ll need this.
  • Weight is placed on the edge of the skis which improves maneuverability. Again, this helps when you’re cruising through trees, moguls or any other place with a lot of hazards.
  • Rocker tip for easy cuts and camber underfoot for more edge power. You’ll be able to rip it up out there because of this.

Marker is a well known bindings maker and their MXC 12TXC won’t disappoint. These skis aren’t cheap but that’s to be expected with high quality.

As long as you can handle a product with this much performance I would definitely consider these K2 skis. There’s no way they disappoint.

Rossignol Soul 7 HD With Konnect 12 Dual Bindings

Company: Rossignol

Price: $$$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

Rossignol is one of my favorite brands on this list and I rock their gear whenever I get the chance – I’ll actually be wearing Rossginol skis this year.

Their Soul 7 HD’s is another pair of skis intermediates and beginners should stay away from. You need to have quite a bit of skill to wear the Soul 7’s. In fact, you can find them on the feet of professional level athletes. This high maneuvering piece of equipment features:

  • Carbon Alloy Matrix let’s you edge and cut through hard packed snow. If you’ve had problems with this type of snow before you won’t have to worry about it anymore.
  • Powder Turn Rocker let’s you cruise on top of powder. If you want to hop off trail and head into the backcountry, you’ll be able to do that.
  • Honeycomb construction moves weight to the outside of the skis and this gives you more control and sharper carves. Any high performer will really like this and help you ski your best.
  • Free VAS dampening system will limit vibrations and allows for a nice, smooth experience (nobody likes to wobble). Again, this is good for someone that likes to go fast and cruise down trail.

Obviously if you’re a very good skier you’re going to have to pay a little extra for your equipment – that’s just how skiing (and all sports) work.

I personally feel this is a fair price, especially when you factor in the quality set of bindings that come with it.

You’ll be able to hit every part of the mountain with these too – glades, powder, ice, backcountry. Anything.

Liberty Skis Origin 106

Company: Liberty Skis

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.8/5

Liberty is a large, independent ski maker and their Origin 106 is a well designed, sharp looking product. This is a pair of skis that both intermediate and advanced people will love. If you’re a expert level skier you may want something a little stiffer and higher performing.

The Origin 106 feel great to have on your feet and are easy to maneuver. This is because it features a bomb rocker profile and this lets you cruise around with ease. You’ll also like that it has:

  • Speedcore Carbon core gives you more control and power without adding a ton of weight. You don’t want a heavy pair of skis and this prevents that from happening.
  • Durable and well made edges let’s you take fast turns and carves. Anyone that wants to push themselves this year will love that.
  • 3 year warranty so you know you won’t need to buy a new set of skis for a while. I really like seeing guarantees like this because it let’s you know the maker of ski believes in their products.
  • Tip and tail are made to absorb bumps and keeps you stable. If you hit an expected bump you won’t fall down and hit the snow.
  • Works well in soft powder and hard packed snow. If you don’t like to just stay on trail and like to get off trail, you’ll enjoy the Origin 106’s.

These are pretty affordable too. If you decide on the Origin 106’s you’ll be happy you did. They’ll help you cruise down any part of the mountain and will ensure a good day every time.

Salomon Rocker2 100

Company: Salomon

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.8/5

Here we have another Salomon product and the Rocker2 100 is a pair of skis you can take anywhere on the mountain – you can glide through powered, speed through trails and hit the park to get some air with these on your feet. The Rocker2 100’s are very versatile.

What I really like about this piece of equipment is the all wood core. This eats up vibrations and will ensure you have a smooth, comfortable ride all day long. Some other awesome features include:

  • Sandwich side rails give you maximum control on your edging. When you’re cruising down the slopes you want to be in complete control – these side rails ensure you are.
  • Twin rocker profile allows for more control and helps you in deep powder. If the backcountry is calling your name this year you’ll be to ski their.
  • Carve zone makes sure you have power and easy energy transfer. This is good for high performers and people that like to go fast.
  • Reinforcements on the edge ensure these skis will last and hold performance. You’ll be able to use these skis for quite some time.

This product is suited for intermediates and advanced level skiers. These athletes will enjoy the performance and feel the Rocker2’s provide.

Plus, you’ll like the price. When you consider there’s skis that cost several hundred more than that you recognize what a great value that is.

So if you don’t like to just stay on groomed trails or to just hit the park, think about these skis. They work well in almost every situation.

Nordica Enforcer 93

Company: Nordica

Price: $$$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

The Nordica Enforcer is a pair of skis that professionals can wear. Because of this you need to have a good amount of skill to step into the Enforcer 93’s. I wouldn’t even consider these unless you can handle every type of trail on the mountain. If you can’t this product might be a little too much for you.

These skis will give you a lot of control and will allow you to really open things up whenever you want. It’s designed for both groomed trails and powder. It also comes with:

  • Energy 2 Titanium Construction ensures a smooth ride and will absorb vibrations. The last thing on earth you want is a bumpy ride and this ensures that won’t happen.
  • Hammer Head Nose let’s you maneuver easily. Whether you’re cruising through hard packed snow or deep powder this head will help.
  • Medium width so you can tackle all parts of the mountain, on trail and off trail. This is good for people that like to mix things up.
  • Extremely stiff flex lets you transfer energy with minimal effort. Any person that goes on difficult terrain will appreciate this flex.

Because these skis are such high quality they’re going to cost a little extra.

Superior gear will always cost more and that’s the case here. If you crave high performance and live and breath powder I’m sure you won’t mind paying that.

Once this product hits the snow you’ll be happy you decided on them.

Fischer Ranger 98Ti With Tyrolia Attack 13 Bindings

Company: Fishcer

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.8/5

Here we have another product that advanced skiers will love. The Fischer Ranger 98Ti’s have a pretty stiff flex and this gives you more power and control.

One thing I really like about these skis is they’re lightweight. This will help you feel like you’re floating and you won’t be weighed down. Some other aspects you’ll enjoy include:

  • Fischer Aeroshape improves speed and smoothness. Any person who values high performance will like these features.
  • Carbon Nose gives you a lot maneuverability. If you plan on facing tough terrain or steep trails you’ll need plenty of maneuverability.
  • Soaks up vibrations so you won’t be wobbling. A smooth ride is essential to a good skiing experience and these skis will ensure you get one.
  • Medium size width lets you choose between staying on trail or venturing off trail. This is good for any person that gets bored with skiing the same type of trail over and over and over again.

These skis come with a high quality set of bindings too. The Tyrolia Attack 13’s are loved by many skiers and are popular among high performers.

How much will all this cost? Not too much but not too little. These are a good set of skis, though, and worth every penny.

It’s important you’re the proper ski level too. If you’re a beginner or a mellow intermediate you should look else where. This ski is meant to shred the mountain at fast speeds. It’s not meant to pizza and french fry slowly down green circles.

Plus, they have a nice, subtle design you won’t mind showing off.

Atomic Vantage 85

Company: Atomic

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.7/5

Atomic is a brand I like and I wear their gear from time to time – they make high quality ski boots too. Their Vantage 85 is a product that intermediates love strapping to their feet. It gives the feel, performance and speed these types of skiers love.

The AMT profile makes this a versatile set of skis. It has the edging and carving ability that’s enjoyable for groomed trails and has a rocker tip and tail so you can hit up the glades too. Some other features you’ll like include:

  • Works well in icy conditions. If you’ve ever skied the East Coast you know how handy it is to have a ski that can handle ice.
  • Atomic Firewall makes it a stable pair of skis and you’ll always feel in control. Even if you’re cruising at high speeds you’ll feel safe and stable.
  • Woodcore gives you a lot of control and a little boost in the power department.
  • An easy to maintain base. This just makes life a lot easier and saves you a little stress.
  • 2 year warranty shows the type of quality and durability you’re getting. I’m sure you’ll get more than too but you’re guaranteed the 2 years.

The Vantage 85’s are one of the most affordable skis on this list too. That’s the absolute minimum I’d pay for skis, especially if you consider yourself an intermediate or more.

If you go much cheaper than that you’ll be missing out and selling yourself short. You won’t get the experience you’d usually get if you pay a little extra.

Best Women’s All Mountain Skis

Atomic Vantage 90 CTI 

Company: Atomic

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

The Atomic Vantage 90 CTI is a pair of skis that a lot of women will like. They’re built so they can handle any situation, be it fresh powder, the glades or a hard packed, groomed trail.

Plus they have a width of 90mm and this makes them easy to control and carve with. Some features you’ll like include:

  • Titanium backbone provides a lot of stability and you’ll notice this when you reach fast speeds. So if you’re a high performer you’ll appreciate this backbone.
  • Firewall Sidewalls improve energy transfer. Any skier that faces tough terrain (steep trails, moguls, off trail) should look for sidewalls like these.
  • Woodcore decreases the weight of the product and makes them feel lively. You don’t won’t a heavy set of skis and this core prevents that.
  • Rocker tips let you cruise over fluffy stuff without any problems. Skiers that love to go through deep powder will like this.

I personally wouldn’t consider the Vantage 90 CTI’s if you’re just starting out or like to take things slow. This is the type of skis that are made to perform and won’t be right for novices – like a racecar wouldn’t be right for someone learning how to drive.

They’re not cheap but not overly expensive either. If you have that to spend and already are a strong skier I would definitely think about this product. It delivers on the mountain.

Salomon Gemma 

Company: Salomon

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

Here we have another ski that’s made specifically for a competent skier and one that can hit fast speeds. The Salomon Gemma isn’t meant to be on the feet of beginners – it’s reserved for advanced women who’ve been at it for a few years.

If that sounds like you I know you’re going to like the Comfortech fibers built into this ski. These fibers help lessen vibrations and will give you a stable, smooth ride. Also, it comes with:

  • Rocker tips help you carve and turn quickly. Any person that skis down difficult trails needs to be able carve and turn with ease.
  • Control Frame Technology gives superior edging. Edging is especially important when you’re speeding around and pushing yourself.
  • Highly maneuverable which allows you to cruise around on different terrains
  • Wood core decreases weight and makes these skis highly responsive
  • 1 year warranty lets you know this product is high quality

These have a medium width too and this means you’ll be able to explore all parts of the mountain with them on. Because the Gemma’s are a high quality product they’re not cheap.

When you consider the versatility and performance of these skis you’ll recognize that’s not too high, though. When you’re a high performing skier you’ll eventually have to commit to high quality gear. The Gemma is high quality gear.

Elan Ripstick 94 

Company: Elan

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.8/5

The Elan Ripstick 94 is a nice looking pair of skis and one you’ll be happy to show off on the slopes this year. One thing you’ll really like about this product is its lightweight design that packs a powerful punch.

This is because it combines wooden core Vapor Tip inserts which give you a lively feel while reducing overall weight. The wood core keeps the Ripstick stiff too and this will help you with sharp turns and better energy transfer. Some additional features include:

  • Low wobble which means you’ll have a smooth ride all day long
  • Rocker tip gives you quick turns without limiting your ability to edge
  • Works well in hard packed, groomed trails and soft powder

This is a pair of skis that’s good for a wide range of skill levels. If you’re any sort of competent skier (intermediate to advanced) the Ripstick will work well for you.

This piece of equipment isn’t exactly cheap. You’ll be able to rock these skis for a long time and you’ll definitely get your moneys worth. Plus, you’ll really like how responsive they feel. You’ll be able to explore any part of the mountain with these strapped to your feet.

K2 Alluvit 88 

Company: K2

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.8/5

The K2 Alluvit 88 is a feminine looking ski and it has a very unique design and color scheme to it. This is actually one of the most versatile products on this list for women. That’s because it can be used by almost any skier. It works well for mellow intermediates that rarely stray from blue squares all the way to advanced people that can tackle the entire mountain.

This product can handle all conditions too. You can float over powder, take on bumps and carve through the groomed stuff. Other aspects you’ll enjoy include:

  • Bioflex Konic Core that reduces weight without taking away from performance
  • Limits vibrations so you’re not in discomfort on every trail
  • Vertical sidewall which really grips the mountain well

This is a very stable product and K2 is an extremely reputable company. You’ll have an easy time spotting their equipment on the slopes. People trust them and this is why they’re so popular.

These are one of the more expensive skis on this list too. I personally think they’re worth that and you’ll be able to use them season after season.

Here’s a quick video that sums up these skis:

As you can see the Alluvit’s are high quality.

Nordica Astral 84

Company: Nordica

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.8/5

Like the product you just saw, the Nordica Astral 84 is a ski almost any skier will enjoy. As long as you have a little skill you’ll like what these skis can do for. The only group that shouldn’t consider the Astral’s are absolute beginners and people that are near professional.

The width is medium and it has a Camrock profile which means it truly is all mountain as all mountain gets. If you feel like staying on trail you’ll be fine. If you want to go off you’ll be fine too. Some other awesome features include:

  • Balsa core keeps this product lightweight and responsive
  • Titanium Construction provides a good amount of stability and edging
  • Blunt nose shape eats up vibrations so you’re always riding smooth

Like all quality equipment you’re going to have to pay a little extra for the Nordica Astral. If you’re looking for a lightweight ski that performs you should definitely consider paying that, though.

This is especially true if you’re a mellow intermediate. As you your skills develop you won’t need to get new skis right away. These will work just as well in the future as you advance.

Blizzard Black Pearl With Marker M 11.0 TC EPS Bindings

Company: Blizzard

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

If you’re looking for high quality, look no further – the Blizzard Black Pearl’s are just that. They also come with quality bindings too. The Marker M 11.0’s are highly sought after and will deliver an exceptional ski experience on the mountain this year.

The rocker-camber-rocker profile adds a lot of versatility to the Black Pearl and it makes it so you can ski on all parts of the mountain. It surfs over fresh powder and grips/edges well on groomed snow. You’ll also likes that it comes with:

  • Carbon flip core that’s both lightweight and designed specifically for the needs of a woman
  • Sandwich Compound Sidewall improves the skis performance, stability, and power
  • Bamboo and wooden core give this ski a lively feeling

The Black Pearl’s are the perfect skis for intermediates to advanced skiers too. Someone who lives and breathes the slopes may want something a little higher performing but basically every one else will love them.

Because they come with high quality bindings they’ll cost a little more . If you’re looking for a full package this year, something you can purchase and take to the slopes right away, this piece of equipment is something you should consider.

Dynastar Glory 89

Company: Dynastar

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

Looking for Glory this year out on the slopes? If so you should think about the Dynastar Glory 89’s. They’ll help you ski your absolute best and won’t break the bank in the process.

This is one of those skis that require quite a bit of skill to wear, though. If you’re too afraid or just don’t like to venture past blue squares this isn’t the right product for you. If you get excited to go off trail and tackle diamonds, you should think about these skis. Some cool features include:

  • 89mm width that can tackle all conditions you’ll run into (icy and hard packed snow included)
  • Very stiff flex that’s reserved for athletes looking for a lot of performance
  • Wood core and Titanium Layers provide you with exceptional stability and will let you conquer all parts of the mountain
  • Allows for a natural stance and this eliminates fatigue allowing you to ski longer into the day
  • 5-Point Side Cut provides you with a ton of control

Even with all this you can still pick the Dynastar Glory up for $329’s for pretty cheap.

Salomon QST Myriad 85 

Company: Salomon

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

This is one of the few skis on this list that beginners can actually enjoy. The Salomon QST Myriad is best for people just starting out to a fairly strong intermediate. If you like to tear things up and push your limits, this is not the pair of skis you’ll want.

The QST Myriad comes with an all terrain rocker and this is perfect for novices. It allows these skiers to take soft and in control turns and carves. You won’t be pushed out of your comfort zone too often and this is key when you’re learning. Some other nice features include:

  • All Terrain Rocker makes turning and carving simple and easy
  • Hook Free Taper ensures your tips won’t get stuck into the snow
  • Power Transform Platform keeps the flex soft

Because these aren’t the highest performing skis which means they won’t be the highest costing either.

If you’re a casual skier you’ll really like these. They’ll help you enjoy your day without feeling unsafe or anything like that. As long as you’re not the type of person that only skis on diamonds or backcountry you’ll be happy to ski with the QST’s.

Head Big Joy

Company: Head

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.8/5

Last on the list is a product that beginners and anyone who likes to take it easy on the slopes should stay away from. The Head Big Joy is a pair of skis that an expert and pro could wear.

Many people believe this is one of the absolute best all mountain skis available for women and I can see why. One thing you’ll notice is the Big Joy’s are really wide. This comes in hand when you dip off trail and hit some fresh, deep powder. You can still use these frontside but they excel off. They come with:

  • Laminated wood core is extremely lightweight yet powerful
  • Graphene materials keep these skis strong
  • All Ride Rocker helps you carve and turn quickly with limited effort
  • One year warranty shows this product will last

I consider this product to be fairly priced. There’s skis that cost hundreds more and won’t give you this type of performance.

So if you want pro level quality without paying pro quality price, I would definitely think about the Head Big Joy. It’ll help all skillful skiers really push things to the limit and have a fun day, no matter what your preference – be it among the general public on the groomed trails or with a few friends in trees.

Hit The Slopes With Quality Skis!

I’ve been skiing for a long, long time. The days where I had quality gear were always better than the ones where I didn’t have quality gear – this is especially true for my skis. If you want to have the most fun out there you’re going to need the right pair.

No matter your skill level, budget, or size, you’ll find a set of skis on this list that’ll work perfectly for you.

If you have any questions you can comment below and I’ll make sure to respond as fast as possible. You can search around the ski section up top for more gear reviews and tips.

How excited are you to try out your new skis?