Best Arthritis Gloves: Compression Gloves for Arthritis

Arthritis pain can be excruciating, especially when you can’t get relief from the pain in your hands. There are many things that you can do to help get rid of that pain, and one of the things you can do is wear arthritis gloves.

These gloves apply compression through your hands to your joints, muscles, and tendons. This then relieves pain, swelling, puffiness, and stiffness. If that sounds like music to your ears, then you need to check out my picks for the best arthritis gloves. I have searched the market to find the best compression gloves and have tested them to make sure they are worth the money. Check out my top list for the best arthritis gloves below.

Comfy Brace Arthritis Hand Compression Gloves

Best Arthritis Gloves / Compression Gloves

The Comfy brace is perfect for anyone experiencing arthritis, joint pain, or carpal tunnel.  The gloves are made from cotton spandex that provides great stretch when putting on the gloves without losing any of the compression.  These gloves will help give you increased mobility when you are doing normal tasks throughout the day. The tightly woven fabric also has moisture-wicking properties that will prevent hands from being sweaty.

Strong Compression

These gloves almost feel like they are too tight. It isn’t that they are tight; it is the strong compression that the gloves offer that make them feel like they are tight. The gloves promote blood circulation so as the blood moves through your hands; they reduce swelling and pain from the joints. These gloves are great for people who work on the computer, play games, driving, walking the dog, and much more.

Sleep Easy

If you someone who has big problems with your arthritis or carpal tunnel, then the Comfy brace brand suggests that you sleep with your gloves on. When your hands are resting, it is easier for the muscles to relax and relieve itself from pain. Sleep with the gloves on and in the hand down position if possible. When you wake up in the morning and take off your gloves, your hands should be feeling much better.


  • Fingerless breathable compression gloves for joint pain or arthritis.
  • Unisex design, great for men and women.
  • The material has anti-wicking moisture that will reduce natural sweating from wearing gloves.
  • Great for all activities indoor or outdoor.
  • Doctor recommended.
  • Moisture-wicking fabric.


  • The tips of the finger stitching frays.
  • Don’t pull on the gloves to take them off.


This is, in my opinion, the best arthritis gloves because the compression on these gloves really stands out more than the other brands. You will feel the tightness of the compression on your fingers when you wear these gloves. I love that the fabric is made from cotton because it’s nice and soft and not scratchy. The price point on the gloves is very fair and reasonable. Just try not to pull the gloves hard, or the strings will start to unravel.

Copper Compression Arthritis Gloves

These copper compression gloves are the real deal! These gloves use copper ions to help reduce joint pain and swelling. These are great for people who have arthritis, joint pain, or even carpal tunnel. The palm of the gloves have grippers that help you to perform daily tasks without your gloves slipping. The gloves have a different design than others because they are made of 80% copper nylon and 20% spandex.

Sleek Design and Longer Fingerless Area

These gloves are different when it comes to the design of the gloves. They are not made with a soft cotton; rather, they are made from copper nylon and a strong spandex. They feel breathable and comfortable without being too tight. The fingerless area is longer so you will have better mobility in the fingers than other brands. The finger stitching stops before the first knuckle so you will have a lot of finger mobility.

Hand Grippers

The palm side of the gloves have gripper lines across them. These are great because depending on whatever activity or task you make be doing; you can grab things with a firm grip. This is essential when you are driving a car with gloves, gripping a computer mouse, or even transporting objects to different places. The grippers work great and have so many uses that you wouldn’t even think the gloves were helping you do these things!


  • Unisex design that is perfect for both men and women.
  • Great for everyday use and the compression does not get in the way of your mobility.
  • You can even use these gloves while sleeping, and they will dissipate any joint pain you may have by morning.
  • These gloves use copper ions that help relieve pain to stiff and sore joints.
  • Fingerless design allows for full mobility in the fingers to get tasks done.


  • Tighter around the wrist, this makes them harder to get on and off.


If you are an athlete, someone who struggles with joint pain, or just someone looking for a good pair of performance gloves, then this is the best arthritis gloves for you. These gloves are lightweight yet compressed to help reduce joint pain. The design on the gloves looks very nice and sleek. I like that the fingerless part is longer that way you can use more of your mobility from your fingers. This is another very affordable option to choose from.

Arthritis Gloves Compression for Arthritis Pain Relief

If you are looking for a pair of compression gloves that are lightweight, breathable, and durable than you have come to the right review. These gloves come in a unisex design and are made from 88% cotton and 12% spandex. This allows the gloves to feel incredibly soft while also being able to provide stretch. The gloves are smart seam stitching, which means that the gloves have been stitched perfectly to provide you with the great compression feel on your joints.

Strong Stitching

These gloves have a smart seam stitching, which means the soft material of the fabric will not harm your hands if they are in pain or swelling. If you have chronic joint pain or arthritis, then the material of these gloves is something you won’t have to worry about harming or hurting your joints. The gloves material is also made from a breathable moisture-wicking fabric that will make your hands feel comfortable and not sweaty.

Fingerless Design

The fingerless design of the gloves truly makes the gloves great. Wearing gloves that cover your entire hand make it hard for you to do simple tasks. These gloves since they are fingerless allow a lot of mobility through your fingers. This will let you to use smartphone devices, computers and keyboards very easily.


  • Made from a soft 88% combed cotton and 12% strong spandex.
  • The fabric has the moisture-wicking technology that keeps the skin breathable and free from sweat.
  • Unisex design made for both men and women.
  • Strong double stitching provides a nice compression on your hands to enhance blood flow.
  • Awesome fingerless design that allows you to do still all the same tasks that you used to.
  • Very affordable price point on these gloves.


  • The gloves only come in two sizes, which are medium and large, would be nice to have an extra-large option.


These gloves are on the cheaper side when it comes to compression gloves. Cheap doesn’t mean that they are less quality. These gloves still have a very high-quality material and compression about them. They come in the gray color that is unisex so both men and women can use the gloves, which is nice. The gloves are also lightweight and breathable.

Doctor Developed Compression Arthritis Gloves

The Dr. Arthritis gloves have been developed and researched by two actual doctors that wanted to find a solution for their patients. These gloves are made from the same cotton and spandex blends that some of the other arthritis glove brands use. These gloves are lightweight and breathable. They provide a great compression without the gloves feeling too tight. The gloves also come with this great unique exercise book that you can use at home to help strengthen the muscles in your hand and provide relief to swelling hands. These gloves are very affordable and come in different sizes.

Made by Doctors

This product was created by two medical doctors that wanted to find solutions for their patients who had bad joint pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel, and injuries to the hands done by sports. They came up with the solution to make these compressed gloves that will provide you with comfort while the gloves reduce swelling and repair the muscles inside your hands.


Something unique about these arthritis gloves is that they come with a convenient handbook. This handbook gives you more information on the compression gloves as well as exercises you can do to manage your arthritis pain. This is extremely helpful for people who are trying to get their hands working right after therapy, surgery, or terrible joint pain.


  • These gloves have been made and created by doctors for people who suffer from chronic joint pain and arthritis.
  • Lightweight breathable cotton and spandex fabric.
  • Unisex design and come in a wide range of different sizes.
  • Sleek fingerless design to allow you top still do simple tasks,
  • Comes with a cool exercise handbook to help regain strength and repair the muscles inside your hand.


  • The sizing chart used to measure your hand for the gloves seems off. You should measure your pam with the fingers close together not spaced apart.
  • They seem to run bigger and not as tight of gloves.


This is another really great affordable pair of arthritis gloves. They are very similar to a couple of brands I have already seen on the market. The thing that makes these gloves stand out the most is the free exercise book that comes with them. They are very affordable as well, which is nice if you are on a budget.

Vital Salveo – Stretchy Unisex Fingerless Gloves

These unisex compression gloves will help to reduce joint pain by stabilizing the muscles with the compression. These gloves are lightweight and made from a very soft material. The material of the gloves has been infused with a bamboo charcoal germanium mixture that helps to fight fatigue, give you more energy, and reduce joint pain. These gloves are meant to be used every day, doing simple tasks. They can also be warm when it is cold because the super soft material will warm you up.

Bamboo Charcoal Germanium Material

Inside these compression gloves is a blend of minerals that make up the components to help relieve arthritis pain. It is a blend of germanium, bamboo, and charcoal that has been infused together into the gloves. This will help release negative ions that will reduce fatigue, increase your energy, reduce swelling in your joints, and finally it will help you heal faster whether it is from a pulled muscle or joint pain.

Everyday Use

These gloves are great because you can use them every day in all sorts of situations. The fabric that these gloves are comprised off make the gloves warm. These fingerless gloves will keep your hands warm while you are outside or indoors. These gloves can be used to reduce joint pain because they provide compression. They are lightweight and can be used when playing sports, video games, typing at a desk, and much more.


  • These gloves provide compression which helps to stabilize the muscles. This will reduce joint pain coming from the muscles.
  • Lightweight, breathable gloves.
  • Great for people who have arthritis or joint pain.
  • The gloves have an infused bamboo charcoal material that creates ions to improve the circulation as well as giving you more energy.
  • Super cool fingerless design.


  • It is very easy for the string to start unraveling out.


These gloves are very affordable for a pair of compression arthritis gloves. Some gloves on the market in this category can be extremely expensive. I like the warmth that is generated from just wearing the gloves; it keeps your hands feel toasty in cold weather. The gloves do really help with joint pain, which is great for people who suffer from carpal tunnel or arthritis. The gloves come with the fingerless design. If you want to see more of the best fingerless gloves check them out here.

COPPER HEAL Arthritis Compression Gloves

Here is another copper-infused arthritis glove. This pair of arthritis compression gloves use copper that has been infused into the fabric. The copper is special because the ions in the copper have a natural ability to help aleve sore muscles and joint pain that is associated with arthritis. The gloves come in four different sizes, and they are unisex so both men and women can use these gloves.

Kill’s Bacteria & Odor Free

These gloves are great because not only do these gloves kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria, but the gloves are also odor-free. No matter how many times you wash the gloves, they still have that strong anti-bacterial feature that will kill germs. This also keeps the gloves odor-free, which is nice because you don’t want sweaty stinky gloves.

Copper Material

The copper uses the ions in the mineral to heal and relieve sore muscles. The gloves take the pain away from the joints and muscles that are sore. People who suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel, or just have sore joints love these gloves because it helps them feel better because of the strong compression. The gloves also stimulate the blood flow in the hands that will reduce inflammation and pain.


  • These gloves are made from 88% copper and 12% spandex.
  • The gloves have an anti-bacterial feature that will kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs.
  • Copper helps to stabilize muscles and reduce the pain that your joints and muscles are feeling.
  • You can wear the gloves all the time without having to feel any discomfort wearing them.


  • Don’t pull the gloves off hard because it can ruin the elasticity of the gloves which keeps them tight and compressed.


These gloves come in four different sizes. It is nice to have an extra-large option because some brands don’t make the gloves in that size. The compression on these gloves feel very nice; you will still have plenty of mobility in your fingers. The price point is still very affordable on these gloves. I do not like how tight the gloves are around the wrist, in my opinion.

Vive Arthritis Gloves – Men, Women Rheumatoid Compression Hand Glove

This is another pair of gloves that you can consider helping ease some of your pain. These gloves are made from a breathable cotton-nylon blend. The design of the gloves is a unisex design and fingerless design so you can keep great mobility in your fingers. The stitching is minimal but still strong to keep the gloves compressed. The minimal stitching reduces irritation to the skin. These are a great affordable option for your pain relief.


  • These are very form-fitting gloves that are made from a cotton and spandex blend.
  • Fingerless design that allows you to be still able to do all the things you need to do as well as using electronics.
  • The gloves are very lightweight and breathable.
  • The gloves have moisture-wicking properties that will keep your hands dry and free from sweat.
  • These gloves offer a smart seam stitching, which is where the gloves have less unnecessary stitching that could cause irritation to hurt skin.


  • The gloves start to fray easily with strings sticking out.


Overall, these gloves are very affordable, and while that is great, I still prefer some of the other arthritis glove brands. I do like the smart seam stitching, which helps your swelling skin not to feel irritated. Other than that, they work fine. The compression doesn’t feel as tight as other brands.

How to Choose the Best Arthritis Gloves

There are some features that you may want to consider before purchasing your arthritis gloves. It is best to know what you want in your arthritis gloves, so check out these features.


There are all sorts of fabrics that are used for arthritis gloves. Some gloves are made from cotton, nylon, spandex, copper, and some synthetic materials. Cotton and spandex materials are very breathable and lightweight. Other materials that are made of synthetics are not as soft or comfortable like cotton gloves.

There are also copper-infused gloves that use copper inside the fabric to help heal your hands. You want a pair of gloves that have some sort of elastic or spandex stretch. This will make the gloves more flexible when you are wearing them and using your hands.


Arthritis gloves come in a wide range of sizes. Most often you will find sizes from small to large, but occasionally, some brands offer and extra small size and extra-large size. You want to make use you have the perfect size based on the size chart. If you size up the gloves will not be able to do the job that they are known for.  The gloves need to fit snuggly and securely because they are made to compress your hands to relieve pain.

Fingerless Design

Most of the best compression gloves have a fingerless design. Fingerless gloves are very useful because they will help to keep the mobility in your fingers. When you have your fingers free, this allows you to do all the things that you would normally do but with gloves on. When you wear regular gloves that cover your fingers, it is much harder to grab things, work, or even do simple tasks. When you have fingerless gloves, you will not sacrifice doing anything with your gloves on.

Compression Glove Benefits

There are many benefits to wearing compression gloves, also known as arthritis gloves. Here are some of the many benefits you will get while wearing these gloves.

  • They reduce pain inside the joints, muscles, and tendons.
  • The gloves apply compression to help relieve pain as well as promoting blood flow.
  • They are comfortable and give you a sleek, comfortable look.
  • They typically have a fingerless design to allow still you to have great mobility.
  • The gloves help reduce swelling.
  • They have a very cool design and act almost like a fashion piece.

Arthritis Gloves FAQ

Q: What are Arthritis Gloves?

A: Arthritis gloves are gloves that are made to help with the aches and pains associated with arthritis. Arthritis gloves have a unique ability to apply compression to your hands and fingers through the gloves the compression in the arthritis gloves help to increase the circulation in the blood. When blood circulation is increased, it will help with healing the swollen muscles and joints. This will reduce the pain and throbbing that you are having in your hands.

Arthritis gloves come in different styles; most often, you see them with a fingerless glove design that will allow you to get still tasks and things done throughout your day. You will still be able to use your electronics easily without having to take your gloves off. Arthritis gloves come in different colors and different materials. Check out all the best arthritis gloves above.

Q: Do Arthritis Gloves Work?

A: Yes, believe it or not, arthritis gloves and compression gloves do really work. They don’t work to take care of the problem completely, but they do help to relieve pain, swelling, puffy fingers, sore joints, arthritis, pain, and carpal tunnel. The compression aspect of these gloves is what helps to relieve the pain. Compression helps to improve blood circulation; when the blood circulation is increased, it helps to push the blood through the muscles. This helps to relieve the pain.

Q: How Long Should You Wear Compression Gloves?

A: Arthritis gloves or compression gloves should be typically worn eight hours a day. You may be thinking that eight hours a day is way too long, but it is the perfect amount to help relieve pain in the muscles as well as help heal the muscles. The best time to wear gloves is during the night while you are sleeping, but you can also wear the gloves during the day at whatever time you want.

Q: How do Compression Gloves Work for Arthritis?

A: If you didn’t know the term compression gloves is just another term for arthritis gloves. They work by applying pressure. When the pressure is applied to the hands by the gloves, this helps to circulate the blood flow and relieve pain in the knuckles, joints, and muscles. Swelling is a problem when it comes to arthritis, so it is important to know that the compression will help reduce the swelling and inflation you may be having.

Q: Do Compression Gloves Help with Carpal Tunnel?

A: Just like they help with arthritis, compression gloves also help relive carpal tunnel. They work better on relieving pain to stiff or sore joints or muscles, but they can still work for people with a mild case of carpal tunnel. The pain that you have from carpal tunnel can best be relived with the application of some sort of heat. Heated gloves are one of the best ways to not only heat up your hands but to relieve yourself from pain.

Q: How Tight should Arthritis Gloves be?

A: You want your arthritis gloves to feel tight. That tightness you are feeling is from the compression in the gloves. You need this tightness to believe it or not relieve sore joints and muscles. You don’t want your gloves to be so extremely tight that they end up cutting off your circulation. You also don’t want your compression gloves to be to lose either because you will not get any benefits of the compression the gloves are supposed to have. Make sure on whatever product you are choosing to purchase that you check out their sizing instructions to get the perfect fit for you.

Q: Do Copper Gloves Really Work for Arthritis?

A: Copper gloves do help with arthritis. While there is no clinical evidence proving this is true many people believe that the copper-infused material on the gloves do help a lot. The copper inside the gloves react with the ions that end up creating pain relief as well as the compression along with the copper helps improve blood circulation, which helps you feel relief on those sore muscles.

Q: How do you Wear Arthritis Gloves?

A: You will just put arthritis gloves on just like you would any pair of gloves. They are actually very similar to regular gloves with a few key features. Most arthritis gloves are fingerless to help promote more mobility in the fingers. This will also allow you to keep doing all the regular things you would be doing if you weren’t wearing gloves. Arthritis gloves can feel a bit snug when the gloves are on because of the compression aspect on the gloves. After the first couple wear on the gloves, they should feel normal to you like a regular pair of gloves.

Q: Can you Sleep with Arthritis Gloves On?

A: If you have arthritis, joint pain, or even carpal tunnel, you will understand the struggle of your hands hurting during the night while you are sleeping. Health professionals highly suggest that you sleep with your arthritis gloves on at night. The longer you wear the gloves, the better. During the night, your hands are still, and the gloves will compress them to help relieve pain while you are sleeping. In my case and most people’s cases that I have read about; I felt no pain when waking up the next day taking my compression gloves off.

Q: How to Measure for Arthritis Gloves?

A: This is kind of different for every brand, but in general terms, you need to measure your palm right in front of your knuckles. You need to keep your fingers together and take a tape measure and place it over the length of your knuckles. You will stop measuring right where your thumb starts. This can be different from each brand, but that is generally where they have you measure. Some brands measure in inches, and some use centimeters.

Q: How to Wash Arthritis Gloves?

A: Arthritis gloves can be washed in the washing machine, but this can damage and stretch out your gloves. I am not saying that this will happen, but it could. I personally just spot clean my arthritis gloves because I do not want to damage my gloves. I want to prolong the life of my arthritis gloves by trying not to get them dirty and washing them in the washing machine. To answer your question more directly, then yes, you can wash your gloves in the washing machine.


Suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel, or even joint pain can be such a pain and if you can do something as easy as wearing a pair of gloves to help relieve some of that pain, then why not do it. I hope that you are taking the right direction for your health. I know that one of those gloves on my best arthritis gloves list will work for you. Take the time to read my reviews and stop living your life in pain. It will truly help keep pain at bay for people with mild arthritis pains.