14 Best Heated Socks for Skiing, Hunting, Men, Women

Have a problem keeping your feet warm?

If you do, you may be interested in one of the best battery heated socks. These products are great for all winter activities including skiing, snowboarding, hunting, hiking, motorcycle riding and more.

In this guide, I’ll show you what to consider when making your selection and my top picks for both men and women. By the time you’re done, I’m sure you’ll find a pair of socks you love.

Let’s get into it!

How To Choose the Best Heated Socks

When deciding on this product, you should consider the following:

  • What activities you’ll be doing while wearing the socks
  • Battery power and heat strength
  • Smaller features (materials, controls, etc.)

First and foremost, you have to decide how you’ll be using these socks. Do you plan on wearing them when you’re skiing? When you’re hunting? Commuting to work? Shoveling out your car? Hiking?

If you’re in a situation where you’ll be in the cold for an extended period of time (skiing, hunting, etc.) you’ll probably need to spend a little extra. A high quality sock will protect your feet from the cold better.

If you just need to keep your feet warm on a short walk to work, or something like that, you won’t need the highest quality possible.

Next, you need to look at battery strength and how much heat you’ll be getting. Again, the battery strength you’ll want depends on the activities you’ll be doing. Most heated socks have a few heat settings ranging from low to high – low getting anywhere from 8 to 20 hours of battery life and high getting around 2 to 8 hours of battery life.

You can get a product with a rechargeable battery pack (comes with charger) or ones that run on double AA’s or 9V.

Lastly, you’ll want to look at smaller features like the materials of the sock and how they work. You have to decide between wool, cotton or a combination of the two. Some products come with a remote control to switch between heat settings while others have a button on the battery. There are even heated socks that can be controlled through your smartphone (these tend to be higher end ones).

Now that you know what to consider when making your selection, let’s take a look at my top picks now.

Best Heated Socks

Lenz 5.0 RCB 1200


Lenz 5.0 RCB 1200

Company: Lenz

Price: $$$$

Rating: 5/5

If you’re looking for the absolute best heated socks on the market, you should definitely consider the Lenz 5.0. This is the type of product that’ll work for people that really struggle with keeping their feet warm.

What’s really nice about these socks is you can wear them when you’re being athletic. They excel when you’re skiing, hiking, riding your motorcycle, walking to work, shoveling your driveway and more.

Also, they come with:

  • Moisture wicking materials ensure your foot won’t be drenched in sweat.
  • Padding in parts of the sock that are prone to tearing. This extends the life of the socks and means you’ll get to wear them year after year after year.
  • Machine washable is handy and makes life a lot easier.
  • Charges quickly and you won’t be standing around waiting for the battery to charge up.
  • 3 different heat settings allow you to get the perfect amount of warmth – not too much or too little.
  • Gives up to 14 hours of heat which is more than enough for most people.
  • Temperature can be controlled through your cell phone and this is good if you’re wearing hard to get on boots.

These are one of the priciest socks on this list, though. If you can afford them, however, I would think of buying the Lenz 5.0’s. I know for a fact you’ll love them.

SNOW DEER Battery Heated Socks for Men Women

Company: Snow Deer

Price: $$

Rating: 4.6/5

The Snow Deer company is known for its amazing heated gear products. One of the best heated socks on the market today comes from the Snow Deer brand. They use a forefoot heating element that warms up the entire forefront of the foot. This will keep your toes extremely warm during cold frigid days.

The rechargeable battery makes it easy to use these socks. Once the battery has been fully charged you will be able to use it up to six hours before charging it again. The great thing is that it is rechargeable so you can always use the batteries again and again without having to buy new ones each time.

  • These socks are made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and elastane.
  • The heel and the toes have extra padding to provide extra comfort when being worn.
  • The far infrared heating system helps to trap the heat better, and it also improves blood circulation in the feet. This will help with joint pain, muscle spasms, and chronic cold feet.
  • These socks come in a unisex design so both men and women can use them.
  • There are four color options and multiple size choices to choose from.
  • The lithium-ion battery should last up to six hours when fully charged.

If you suffer from cold feet, then you will enjoy the great heat that is generated from the battery into these socks. They are not the most expensive brand on the market. They are actually quite affordable and the value that you are getting really outweighs the price tag.

Global Vasion Heated Socks

Company: Global Vasion

Price: $$

Rating: 4.7/5

Here we have another pair of best heated socks that are useful in all kinds of situations. This Global Vasion product can be worn while doing all kinds of various outdoor activities and are good for people with chronically cold feet.

These socks also are rechargeable which is good for anyone looking to save a little cash down the road. You won’t have to run out to the store every few days just to keep your feet warm. You can just charge them when you get the time and they’ll power right up.

Some additional features you’ll like include:

  • Padded reinforcements on the toes and heel pads. This extends the life of the product and makes it more comfortable.
  • Extremely breathable and this prevents your feet from getting too hot or sweating too much. This is another reason they’re so comfortable to wear.
  • Safe to use and there’s no risk of getting shocked even if these socks get wet.
  • Made from cotton and spandex which means they’re good for mobility. You can wear this Global Vasion product when you’re doing anything that requires you to be active.

This pair of socks won’t cost you a bunch either. They provide a good amount of heat too and I’ve actually heard complaints that on the highest setting they provide too much heat!

I guess if the weather isn’t too cold you won’t have to crank the heat all the way up and you can just keep it on the low setting.

COOLEKOM Rechargeable Battery Heated Socks

Company: Coolekom

Price: $$

Rating: 4.9/5

The Coolekom heated socks have a long-lasting battery that will stay on up to nine hours on a full charge. The socks are made from a blend of soft cotton fibers that will not only keep you warm but also keep you comfortable. The padded heal also provides extra comfort to people who have poor heel support in their shoes.

The heat that is emitted through the socks helps people with chronic conditions such as arthritis. Sore and stiff joints, inflammation, and Raynaud’s syndrome. The increased blood flow from the heat helps to relieve pain in the feet. There is an easy button-controlled temperature controller that will allow you to change the heat settings easily.

  • These battery heated socks use a carbon fiber heating element that will heat the underside of your feet.
  • The batteries are meant to last up to nine hours.
  • The heat from the socks help to promote blood circulation, and that helps with conditions such as arthritis, Raynaud’s syndrome, and joint pain.
  • Temperature controller that has three easy buttons to adjust the temperature on your feet.
  • Moisture wicking technology keeps your feet dry and less sweaty all day.
  • Great for winter activities ranging from skiing, snowboarding, hiking, fishing, and camping.

These are being offered to you at a very affordable price. Instead of being cold this winter get yourself the Coolekom heated socks. Your feet will thank you once they are warm and toasty. The Coolekon brand is a family operated and owned business that strives to deliver to you the best quality products.

Flambeau Men’s Heated Socks

Company: Flambeau

Price: $$

Rating: 4.8/5

These Flambeau heated socks are a nice option for any person that likes to be active. I think this product is perfect for people that like to hike, camp, ski, or ride their motorcycle in cold weather.

These socks are good for those activities because they’re made from stretchy wool and polyester materials. These materials cater to movement and you’ll feel free moving with them on your feet.

Some other aspects that you’ll like include:

  • 2 different heat settings. On the high heat setting you’ll get 4 hours of warmth and on the low setting you’ll get 6 hours. This should get you through whatever you’re doing in complete comfort.
  • Slim fitting and won’t take up too much room in your shoes or boots.
  • The battery is long lasting and can be recharged over 1000 times. This means you won’t have to replace the battery for years.
  • Machine washable and keeping them clean and stink free won’t be a hassle.

What’s great is they won’t cost a ton either and is a bargain for what you’re getting. If you’re someone that has a hard time keeping their feet warm and is on a budget, these Flambeau heated socks will work for you.

Volt Heated Socks

Company: Volt

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.9/5

Volt is an excellent company and they’re known for their heated gear – they make awesome heated gloves, heated jackets, and of course heated socks.

This is a pair of socks you can wear no matter what you’re doing. They’re heavy duty and work if you’re skiing, commuting to work, riding your motorcycle, hiking around, shoveling out your car or any other winter activity.

Some features that you’ll like include:

  • 4 different heat settings ranging from low to high. No matter how much warmth you need (be it a little amount or a lot), you’ll be able to get it.
  • A remarkable 20 hours of heat on the lowest setting and 8 hours on the highest setting. Considering you’ll be toggling the heat throughout the day, you should get enough heat for whatever you’re doing.
  • Wireless remote to control the heat and to turn on and off. This makes life much easier for you and you won’t have to stop or bend over to make changes.
  • Dual wall charger means you won’t be waiting forever for your socks to fully charge.
  • Polyester materials wick away sweat and this means your feet won’t overheat. This is good for comfort and is another reason these socks are enjoyable to wear.
  • Battery isn’t bulky and won’t distract – it tucks away discretely in a small pocket in the sock and you won’t even notice it.
  • A cord that helps you fasten the top of the sock to stay put. You’ll appreciate this if you’re doing any activity that requires movement.

Since this product is such high quality, it’s going to cost a little extra.

If you’re someone that really wants to be warm this winter, or you suffer from cold feet, I would consider these Volt socks. They’ll do everything you want them to do and more.

Lenz 1.0 Heated Socks

Company: Lenz Products

Price: $$$$

Rating: 5/5

The Lenz 1.0 is a high end product and one that any person would be lucky to have. What makes this pair of socks so special is you can control it through your phone with bluetooth technology.

That feature makes life very easy. If you’re hiking or on a chairlift you won’t have to stop what you’re doing to change the heat. You can just take out your phone (you’ll want ski or snowboard gloves with touch screen capability!) and quickly get the warmth you want.

That’s pretty cool in my opinion. You can control the heat on the battery pack if you don’t feel like using your phone too.

If that’s not enough for you, then take a look at what else it has:

  • 3 different heat settings allow you to get the exact amount of warmth you want and need. On bitterly cold days you can crank up the heat to high and when it’s not too cold you can reduce it to low.
  • Up to 14 hours of heat and this should cover you no matter what you’re doing. Very rarely are you outside in the winter for more than 14 hours.
  • Charges in a short amount of time so you can get on with your day and not wait around.
  • The battery is tucked away in a small pocket and you won’t even notice it. You don’t want a battery rubbing your shin all day and that won’t happen here.
  • Functional materials mean you can wear these socks when you’re being active. This is perfect for hunters, skiers and hikers.
  • Charging indicator shows how much battery you have and how long until you’re fully charged.

The Lenz 1.0’s are not cheap, however, and they’re one of the most expensive heated socks on this list.

Do I think everyone needs this product? Definitely not. If you only plan on getting out there in the cold every once in a while you can get one of the more affordable socks on this list.

Any person wanting guaranteed warmth, however, and modern technology should consider this product.

Hotronic Bootdoc

Company: Hotronic

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

Hotronics is a company you can trust and they make other heated gear as well – they make my favorite ski boot heaters too. When you purchase from them you know you’re getting quality and you can rest assured they know what they’re doing.

Their Bootdoc heated socks are well made too and is a product that keeps you warm and comfortable, even if it’s pretty cold out. That’s because these socks come with 4 different heat settings ranging from low all the way to high. When it’s only a little cold out keep on the lowest setting and when it’s freezing out switch it to high.

Some other features you’ll like include:

  • Power Boost which pumps in high heat for short 3 minute bursts. This ensures you get warmth without draining the battery quickly.
  • Reinforcements in the toe and heel make sure the Bootdocs won’t wear out any time soon (or ever).
  • Heating elements throughout the entire product makes sure you’ll get heat to every single part of your foot.
  • Machine washable makes life a lot easier.
  • Stretchy nylon material caters to movement and allows you to wear these while you’re active.
  • 13 and 1/2 hours of warmth will keep most people warm all day long.

This is a pricey set of socks, though. I don’t necessarily think you must own this product but it certainly won’t hurt to have them on your feet.

ThermoGear Heated Wool Socks

Company: Thermogear

Price: $$

Rating: 4.2/5

These heated socks will heat up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit on the highest heat setting. Even the lowest heat setting will heat up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. You will feel so warm and toasty that you will never want to take off your ThermoGear heated socks.

The carbon fiber heating element heats the top of the forefoot and underneath the foot. The socks have a windproof element which won’t allow cold windy air to penetrate through the fabric. There is also a layer of fabric that helps protect you from the direct wires of the heating element. This helps to prevent burns.

  • There is a convenient pocket located on the side of the socks; this is where the battery pack and the controller for the on and off switch is as well as the temperature buttons.
  • Great for all sorts of outdoor winter activities.
  • The cotton blend of the socks keeps your feet warm and cozy when wearing under tennis shoes or tall boots.
  • Two color choices to pick from as well as a few sizing options.
  • This is a unisex design meant for women and men.
  • On the lowest setting, the heat can last up to ten hours.
  • Very affordable price.

Overall this will work great if you plan on wearing these socks on cold winter days hunting, fishing, camping, and even hiking. Don’t let your feet freeze this winter. Warm them up easily and quickly by the click of a button from these socks.

Terramar Heated Socks

Company: Terramar

Price: $

Rating: 4.6/5

The Terramar heated socks is another product that shouldn’t be considered by serious winter athletes. If you’re someone that loves powder and needs to ski once a week, or need to get out there and hunt/ride your motorcycle, you should look elsewhere.

The reason I say this is because these socks don’t run on a rechargeable battery – they run on a 9V. With a 9V you’ll probably get around 5 hours of heat.

Considering you’ll need two batteries at a time (one for each sock), you may go through a lot of batteries in one winter. Someone looking to wear these socks only a few times in a winter won’t go through that many and will find this product useful.

Some features you’ll like include:

  • Made from a wool material that delivers warmth even if the heater isn’t on. If the battery happens to die out on you, you won’t have to panic.
  • Discreet battery pouch so you can tuck it away without noticing it.
  • Reinforced heel and toes mean you’ll have these socks for a while – they won’t wear out and have holes in them.
  • This product is soft and stretchy and this is good for comfort. It’s also good if you plan on being active while wearing them.

What’s great about these socks is they’re very cheap and are priced so everyone can afford.

So if you’re in the market for a product to keep your feet warm without breaking the bank, you should think about the Terramar heated socks.

ActionHeat Wool Heated Socks

Comapny: ActionHeat

Price: $$

Rating: 4.7/5

The ActionHeat wool socks aren’t quite as quality as the sock you just saw but they’re still good in a lot of different situations.

If you’re someone that’s constantly out in the cold and need a product to keep you warm often I would look elsewhere. The reason I say this is because these run on double AA batteries and not a rechargeable one. You get around 6 hours of heat from these batteries and you’ll need to change them often.

This won’t be a big issue if you’re going to use these socks a few times over the winter. It is, however, going to be a problem if you’ll need to wear them constantly – having to change the batteries all the time will get annoying and costly.

If you’re in that first group that doesn’t get out into the cold too often, you’ll like that they come with:

  • Heating panels throughout the sock give you all around warmth coverage. You won’t have to worry about one part of your foot being cold.
  • Wool materials are lightweight and comfortable. These socks won’t feel bulky and you can be active with them on.
  • Action warmth fabric woven into the wool and this provides insinuation – this means this product will be warm even with the heater turned off.
  • Unisex and looks equally as good on men as it does on women.

Because these ActionHeat socks don’t use a rechargeable battery they’re pretty inexpensive.

Like I said earlier, though, winter warriors will want a product with a rechargeable battery. People who get out causally should consider these.

Nordic Gear Lectra 

Company: Nordic Gear

Price: $

Rating: 4.6/5

The Nordic Gear Lectra is designed to keep your feet warm but not overly hot. This is what a lot of people are looking for actually. This may not be ideal for people who plan on spending lots of time in the freezing temperature but it works for people commuting to work or going to a football game in January.

It’s important to point out, like a few of the other socks on this list, these don’t run on a rechargeable battery – instead, they’re powered by D batteries. A fresh D battery can provide up to 5 hours of warmth. This is another reason skiers, hikers, snowmobilers and people like this won’t like these.

As long as you’re not one of those people you’ll like the top features, which include:

  • Hollofil polyester and wool materials give you a lot of warmth without needing to turn the heater on. This is good when the batteries die out or you don’t want too much heat.
  • Those two materials also keep your feet dry and they wick away sweat. Having your feet sweat too much can be annoying and this prevents that from happening.
  • The Lectra’s are safe to use and there’s no risk of shock or burn. Even if they get wet you’re in no danger.
  • Battery is enclosed in a discreet pouch and won’t be annoying/distracting.

This pair of socks only have one setting too and it turns on by simply putting the battery in and closing the pouch. When you want to turn it off you just take the battery out.

The Lectra’s are cost effective too. Are they the same quality as the ones that cost over $100? Definitely not.

As I said, someone who desperately needs heat to keep their feet comfortable should look elsewhere. If you’re someone that wants a pair of heated socks just to be safe (maybe you’re going to see the Packers play in Green Bay or the Jets play in New Jersey) you’ll enjoy these.

They won’t blow your socks off (no pun intended) but they’ll give a reasonable amount of warmth.

Warmawear Heated Socks

Company: Warmawear

Price: $

Rating: 4.6/5

The Warmawear heated socks is a product that l like and a product that I don’t like. What I like is that you get a remote to control the heat. You won’t have to stop what you’re doing, bend over and change the heat or turn it on or off – this is especially helpful when you’re skiing or have big hiking boots on.

What I don’t like is they run on double AA batteries and you need six of them all together to power this product. You only get around 5 hours of heat too. So if you’re planning on wearing these a lot this winter you’re going to be spending a small fortune on batteries.

If you’re just looking to wear these a few times, though, the battery cost won’t be too much.

If that sounds like you, you’ll like that they come with:

  • Several different heat settings so you get the exact amount of heat you need. When it’s very cold you can blast it high and when it’s a little warmer you can turn it down to low. The maximum heat is over 120 degrees too.
  • Heating elements throughout the sock ensures you get warmth all over. You won’t have to worry about one part of your foot not getting enough heat.
  • This product is warm even when the heating element isn’t turned on. Plus they’re very comfortable and you won’t mind having them on your feet.
  • There are areas where you can put disposable heating packs too. This means you can extend the life of the batteries and you’ll get more warmth.

The price is reasonable. Just keep in mind you’ll be going through a bunch of batteries. The price can get high if you plan on using these constantly.

Meister Heated Socks

Company: Meister

Price: $$

Rating: 4.8/5

Last on the list is a pretty nice product and one that works well in many different situations. It has the rechargeable battery that I like and this means you won’t have to constantly worry about changing your batteries.

Another thing I like is the fact they have four different heat settings. You know with this many options you’ll easily get the amount of warmth you want. Days you’re feeling extra cold you can turn it to the highest setting and when it’s not that freezing you can keep it on low.

It also has:

  • Up to 8 hours of battery on a single charge. It’s rare you’ll be exposed to freezing weather for more than 8 hours at a time so you should be covered for the whole day.
  • The battery pack is secured to the side of your leg and won’t fall down when you’re moving. The battery won’t be a distraction and won’t irritate you.
  • 3 different materials (wool, cotton, and spandex) and the combination provides a lot of comfort, warmth, and caters to activity.
  • Full foot coverage makes sure you’ll be fully warm and every part of your foot will be heated. This is especially good if you really suffer from cold feet.
  • Goes as high as your knees and this offers maximum protection.

You’ll be very happy to know this product is affordable too. For all that you’re getting, that’s an excellent price and this is an excellent value.

Don’t Let Your Feet Be Cold This Year!

Best Heated SocksI’ve had to deal with cold toes before and it’s not a lot of fun. It’s enough to ruin whatever you’re doing. If you’re someone that struggles in this department, a pair of heated socks might just be what the doctor ordered.

There’s a lot of options to choose from and one for every budget too. I’m sure there’s a pair on this list that’ll work perfectly for you and one you’ll love.

If you have any questions, you can comment below and I’ll make sure to respond as fast as possible. You can search around this website for more tips and gear reviews too.

Are you relieved you’ll have warm feet now?

Best Battery Heated Socks

Heated Socks FAQ

Q: How Do Heated Socks Work?

A: Heated socks work by using the power of a battery to run heat throughout the sock, providing heat to your feet. As electrical currents run through wiring which is put throughout the sock, you should start to feel the warmth on your feet. In other words, in order to make heated socks work you need to have a power source (typically a battery), wiring through the socks, and some cold feet to warm up.

Q: How Well Do Heated Socks Work?

A: Heated socks can be surprisingly effective. Whether you are snowboarding, ice fishing, snowshoeing, or simply a person with cold feet, you might be surprised at how effectively heated socks can work. Specifically, how fast they start to work. With a normal set of socks, you will have to wait until your blood flow and heat-trapping from the socks becomes adequate enough to make your feet warm. With heated socks, the results can be a lot quicker.

Q: What Batteries Do Heated Socks Use?

A: Just about any typical size of battery imaginable can be used by the right brand and model of heated socks. In all reality, there is no standard size battery for heated socks. You will be able to find them with AA batteries, 3-volt, 9-volt, and so on. One thing you should try to do, though, is to find a pair of heated socks which come with rechargeable batteries. This will make it a lot easier to use and reuse your heated socks without worrying about the remaining battery level.

Q: Who Makes the Best Heated Socks?

A: Whether or not you were aware, the industry of heated socks is one with a healthy level of competition. In other words, there are many different heated sock manufacturers that make really great pairs of heated socks. Some of the best brands include Hotronic, Global Vasion, Lenz Products, Flambeau, and various others. At the end of the day, the brand which produces the best-heated socks is really a matter of personal opinion.

Q: How to Wash Battery Heated Socks?

A: Hopefully, you are already aware of the fact that you should absolutely not put your heated in the washing machine. Since most heated socks are best used by also wearing some socks underneath, you shouldn’t expect to wash your battery heated socks all that much.

When the time comes to wash your socks, they are best cleaned by hand washing. However, of course, you don’t want them to become ruined. Use a mild detergent and carefully scrub all the dirt and grime out of socks. In any case, try to minimize the frequency that you need to wash your socks.

Q: When Were Battery Heated Socks Invented?

Electric Heated SocksA: For a long time, there have been various products on the market which helped you to keep your feet warm while outside for extended periods of time. Back in the 1950’s, there were various battery powered socks that were placed on the market for the first time.

The main problem with the initial models of battery heated socks was that they were very difficult and expensive to maintain. The batteries would die quickly, and typically also be expensive to replace. With modern developments in batteries, these concerns are, for the most part, gone.

Q: How Long Do Heated Socks last?

A: Figuring out how long you should expect your battery powered socks to last can be a little tricky. After all, there are many different variables to consider. Of course, any sort of battery powered product has its own life. If you have a rechargeable battery powering your socks, you should expect them to last much longer.

Then, you need to consider the materials of the sock. If you are the type of person who will take their battery heated socks out into the tundra and fill them up with dirt and grime, you shouldn’t expect your socks to last as long as those which are heavily taken care of. Then, you need to be careful to maintain the electrical currents and connectors. All of these things will have an effect on how long your heated socks will last.

Q: Why wear Heated Socks?

A: Why wouldn’t you want to wear a pair? They will keep your feet nice and warm during the fall and winter months. People usually wear these during winter sports and activities such as hunting, fishing, camping, skiing, snowboarding, and so much more. People also love to wear heated socks to help with their blood circulation. When heat is applied to an are, it increases the blood flow which will help to relieve sore joints and muscles, arthritis symptoms, and Reynold’s syndrome.

Q: How are Heated Socks Made?

A: Heated socks are made with a carbon fiber heating element that is applied throughout the inside. It is intertwined through the fabric, and it will heat up when connected to the battery. The battery is most often than not rechargeable so it will come with a charger and a USB to connect it. The carbon fiber is a very safe innovative way to heat up gear. You will find this same technology in (heated jackets).

Q: Are Battery Powered Heated Socks Safe?

Best Heated Socks for Men & WomenA: Yes, battery heated socks are safe because these socks are made with multiple layers in between the heating elements. You will never have a direct heating element on your foot. Also, most of these socks have an automatic shutoff. What this means is that the socks will power down if they become overheated or if they overheat and malfunction. Still always look out for safety precautions but just be aware that these companies have put measures in place to keep you safe.

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