Best Drivers for Beginners & High Handicappers

For the beginning golfer, a new driver should improve their game in dramatic ways. From adding tens of yards of length to keeping the ball in the fairway, a new and productive driver will allow the high handicapper to focus more attention on other aspects of their game.

Finding the right driver for your game is much easier than it was just ten years ago. Manufacturers have enhanced and customized drivers to correct every possible flaw that a beginner will typically take to the tee box. From correcting slices to helping the golfer lift their drives to maximize distance, the best driver for high-handicappers will allow the amateur to see the game of golf in new and exciting ways.

How to Choose the Best Driver for Beginners

When searching for the driver that’s best for you, there are many components to the club that you must first understand. From the size of the clubhead to the flex of the shaft, the driver must be tailored to fit your swing speed and skill level best.

With the advancement in technology over the past several years, golf manufacturers have created a host of adaptable drivers that offer the potential to correct any swing flaw the beginner may carry to the course.

There are five areas of focus that are essential to picking the best driver for the beginner. Here’s a breakdown of those five components so you can make the best decision and dramatically improve your knowledge of what to look for in drivers.


The hosel on a golf club is where the shaft goes into the club head. For many years, knowing much about the hosel wasn’t crucial to the beginning golfer, but technology has changed that.

With adjustable hosels that can alter the loft of a club face now readily available on the market, knowing more about the hosel is necessary to make the right choice when buying a driver.

For golfers who would rather not have to worry about tinkering with their driver and are looking for models that are straightforward, there are plenty of options to choose from to satisfy that desire. But for the high-handicapper looking for more control, it all begins with adjusting the hosel to fit your specifications.

An adjustable hosel is tweaked to the proper spec with the turn of a tool and can affect not only the loft of the club but also the face angle that assists in lessening the damage of a nasty slice or hook.


Let’s talk next about how adjustable weights have altered the feel and shot shape created by a driver.

Clubs with weights usually come in two varieties. The first is with a single, stationary weight that helps lower the center of gravity of the club to boost ball flight for maximum distance from a high-handicapper. The other option relies on weights that are adjustable in two ways: The first is a slider weight that moves smoothly behind the club face and the second is multiple weights in the clubhead that can be altered to produce the desired ball flight.

Weights can alter any number of things on a driver. For golfers that need more lift from their drives, the weights can be moved directly behind the center of the clubface for a higher transfer of energy to the golf ball. Beginning golfers looking for more maximum forgiveness, however, need to keep the weights wider apart behind the clubface.


Choosing the loft angle of a club face on a driver is where many beginners make their most fatal mistake. Professional golfers utilize lower angled club faces that reach anywhere around 8.5-degrees in loft. Of course, they generate world-class swing speed and can alter their swings in ways that beginning golfers couldn’t possibly imagine.

Most beginning golfers have a problem getting the ball into the air for maximizing the length of their drives. They choose lofts that are too low in degree and, therefore, keep the ball closer to the ground. This zaps the potential boost in distance of their drives.

Finding the right loft angle is crucial when buying a new driver because getting the most out of your drives trickles down to the rest of your game. Longer drives lead to shorter second shots. And shots from closer to the cup have a higher accuracy that leads to shorter putts. By understanding how crucial hitting longer and straighter drives are to your game, you will see a dramatic drop in your overall scores.

Shaft Length and Flex

We are combining the last two factors because they go hand-in-hand due to the fact that finding the right length and flex of the shaft is essential to getting the most out of your new driver.

Let’s start with the length of the shaft. Beginning golfers make the mistake of grabbing a driver and not understanding how the length of the club affects the swing. Professional golfers, such as Tiger Woods, have been playing shorter drivers, with shaft lengths as low as 43 inches, for years to increase swing speed. Most amateurs are at a disadvantage because most drivers off-the-shelf play a couple of inches longer than the drivers of most pros.

So why is that a problem? Longer shafted drivers create longer swings. And while that, in theory, seems like a good idea, because many believe that a longer swing generates more swing speed, in reality for the beginning golfer, who struggles with fundamentals such as stance and shoulder turn, the more extended driver can be a hindrance. Longer swings with the driver that have off-
center hits kill distance and crush scoring.

Discovering the right length of the shaft must also be coupled with matching the right flex of the shaft to your swing speed. Another area that beginners sadly misjudge is finding the proper flex of the shaft to match how hard they swing the club. Most beginners don’t realize that their maximum swing speed rarely climbs above 80mph.

As a result, they choose a stiffer shaft that creates weaker and inconsistent contact. The opposite is true as well as a golfer who swings with a higher speed and has a driver with too much flex will find drives that are offline and without consistency.

Reviews of the Best Drivers for Beginners

TaylorMade M2 Driver

The TaylorMade M2 is an affordable driver for the beginner looking for a larger 460cc clubhead with minimal adjustable features. The M2, simply put, is a machine built for getting the ball further down the fairway. And with that as its declared mission, the M2 delivers the goods.

The M2 is from a long line of TaylorMade drivers that offer maximum distance and reduced spin. Many beginners make the mistake of buying a driver with a loft that is too low to pull the most distance from their drives. The M2 is offered with a variety of lofts to choose from that will undoubtedly help the beginner get the ball into the air quickly.

If there is a chief complaint about the M2, it is that the size of the clubhead produces a hollow feel upon impact. Most golfers don’t mind the feel because the production is a vast improvement over anything they’ve used before swinging the M2.

TaylorMade RBZ Black Driver

With a sleek black finish, the TaylorMade RBZ is one of the best drivers for beginners because it instantly boosts the distance and control of the amateur. With a powerful 460cc titanium head, the RBZ can adjust loft settings on the fly to help dictate ball flight for optimum trajectory and launch angle.

The core of the RBZ is also made from titanium and assists in boosting ball flight for the longest drives possible. The premium shaft on the RBZ comes in a variety of flexes and offers improved feel through impact.

TaylorMade has included their patented Speed Pocket system on the RBZ. The Speed Pocket encourages the high ball flight and low spin rate that maximizes distance after impact. For the beginner, finding a driver that enhances flight is crucial to getting most distance possible,

The RBZ delivers these needs packaged in a muscular design for one of the more impressive driver experiences tailored for a beginner.

TaylorMade M4 Driver

The latest creation in TaylorMade’s M series is the M4 driver. With a redesigned face that is curved to reduce the damage of off-center hits, the M4 is on the cusp of golf equipment technology.

The impact slot of the M4 is known as Hammerhead. This slot in the clubhead allows for a lighter and more flexible clubface that reacts to impacts with the golf ball that are offline. The Hammerhead dramatically increases the sweet spot of the M4 for straighter drives and improved distance.

Another aspect of the M4 that makes it one of the best drivers for beginners, aside from the sharp design, is the feel of the ball as it jumps from the club face. It is a loud and powerful feel that instills confidence with each successive drive.

The M4 is a great driver for a beginner due to its strength but also its adaptability. The hosel has an easy-to-turn loft adjustment to raise or lower the face for maximum playability off the tee box.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver

With an adjustable hosel and a single weight in the back of the club head, the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion driver is a monster that delivers considerable distance gains for the beginner.

For the Fusion, the redesigned clubhead is the real star of the show. With an aerodynamic and streamlined head, the Fusion cuts through the air for increased swing speed. For the beginner desperately looking to improve their swing speed, the Fusion has been created to maximize your distance.

Golfers have found that the Fusion responds better with a slightly longer shaft possibly due to the increase in lag for higher swing speed. Regardless, the Fusion’s ability to alter shots with the flick of a screwdriver makes it a premium option for the beginner looking to tinker with their game off the tee box.

The Big Bertha Fusion is another Callaway driver that delivers the goods for the beginner seeking to increase distance, improve the adaptability of their equipment as well as adding an attractive looking club to their bag.

Cleveland Launcher HB Driver

For the beginner who wants a straightforward driver without the frills of adjustable weights and hosels, then the Cleveland Launcher HB driver is a very affordable and worthy club for your bag. The newly redesigned Launcher driver has been optimized to provide the best experience for the beginning golfer through tested technology and premium construction.

With an emphasis on creating optimum launch angle as well as reducing distance killing spin, the Launcher HB has been designed to reduce weight from the hosel and clubhead to increase swing speed for the longest drive of your life.

Stable through impact, the Launcher has a low center of gravity for quickly getting the ball into the air for distance that will have your playing partners in awe.

Offered in assorted lofts, the Launcher is a reliable and dependable option for the beginner looking to take the next step with a new driver but not wanting to break the bank in the process.

Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Driver

Callaway started the large driver craze decades ago with the creation of the Great Big Bertha driver. They continue their line of quality and dependable drivers with the release of the Great Big Bertha Epic.

For the beginner looking to increase the forgiveness of their off-center hits, the Epic is a wonderful option. With a carbon crown and titanium skeleton, the Epic has been redesigned by Callaway to generate the high-launch and low-spin flight path that all golfers are striving for off the tee.

The Epic has loads of inventive adaptability beginning with the sliding weight that rests behind the club face. The 17-gram weight gives the golfer roughly 21-yards of shot-correcting power to minimize score-killing slices and ugly snap hooks.

The aerodynamic head on the Epic has been designed with Callaway’s patented Speed Step technology for improved airflow to the golf ball for maximum swing speed.

With a host of adaptable features, the Epic is one of the best drivers for beginners looking for control with their driver.

Callaway Rogue Driver

The crown jewel of Callaway’s family of drivers is the Rogue. For more advanced beginners, the Rogue is the equivalent of a high-performance sports car. Created using Callaway’s latest advancements in technology, the Rogue delivers ball speed and forgiveness better than most drivers on the market.

The highlight of the Rogue is the inclusion of the Jailbreak technology behind the club face. This enhancement on the Rogue allows the driver to create remarkable swing speed by the moment of impact. Golfers are floored at how consistently long the Rogue is off the tee, and this is due to the Jailbreak technology.

The Rogue also has the largest sweet spot of any driver that Callaway makes. With the enhanced sweet spot, the Rogue is incredibly forgiving on off-center strikes and boasts excellent stability throughout the swing.

If you are looking for the best golf equipment on the market to enhance your driving game, then the Rogue is a must-look option.


Some argue that the driver is the single toughest club to hit with consistency. And although this argument does have traction when considering that beginners are taking these swings, many of these amateur golfers have stacked the decks against themselves with an ill-fitting driver.

The necessary steps to choosing the best driver for beginners are simple. First, by grasping the importance of swing speed, you can find the right shaft for your driver. Another important factor in finding the right driver is locating the proper length of shaft that correlates with the height of your body.

Next, by learning about how optimum ball flight maximizes distance, you can find the best loft degree for the club face. Finally, by discovering the typical swing path you display while playing a round will determine where to adjust your weights and hosel in the club.

With knowledge, practice and a spot of tinkering, you will be able to find the best driver to carry in your bag. Best of luck!