Best Golf Drivers for Seniors

As golfers get older, they must become aware of what age can do to their swing. From diminished swing speed to reduced flexibility, the senior golfer needs to adapt to keep their scores low and their game on point.

The area where the senior golfer’s game can be most affected is in their drives off the tee box. Drivers are vital equipment for the senior golfer because of the importance of lengthy tee shots play in setting up reasonable entry shots into the green.

So when the time comes to adapt and find a driver that best suits a changed swing due to age, where does the golfer start?

How to Choose the Best Golf Driver for Seniors

There are several specific areas of the driver that the senior golfer needs to look at changing so they can increase swing speed and keep up their distance. From a shorter shaft on the driver to more loft on the clubhead, these minor alterations will add significant distance and accuracy to your drive.

Let’s start with the difference that shaft length can make in your driver. Most companies push the theory that a longer driver is better for the amateur because a longer swing will equal more swing speed. While that theory does have some validity, it doesn’t factor how a longer driver affects your swing. Yes, you may be hitting the ball farther now, but do you have the accuracy needed to post low scores?

A shorter shaft can not only produce a more compact and tighter swing but also help keep the ball out of the rough. When hitting with a longer driver, it is vital that you know where the ball is coming into contact with the club face. Shorter drivers will reduce shots off the heel and they’ll find the center of the face for purer contact and more accurate drives.

How Important Driver Loft is for Seniors

Another woefully overlooked area for a driver is the loft of the club. Too many amateur golfers of all ages are using drivers with not enough loft. As a result, the drives do not achieve maximum ball height for the longest drive possible.

For the senior golfer looking to squeeze every yard of carry, getting the loft right on the driver is crucial for deep and accurate drives. Now there isn’t a magic degree number for senior golfers to merely run out and buy for better drives. But asking for help from a professional or spending a little time with a Trackman system can easily help find that magic number that will have you booming drives in no time at all.

With that in mind, unless your swing speed is over 100mph, it is wise to start your search with a 12-degree driver. That doesn’t mean that you won’t shift a half-degree or more in either direction by the time you have completed your search, but that is a great neutral spot to find out the loft that is right for you.

Best Senior Golf Driver Reviews

Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Driver

For those in the market for a simple, yet high performing driver, Cleveland has created the Launcher HB. What sets the Launcher HB apart from other drivers is that the hosel is bonded, so although there’s not as much adjustability with the Launcher, the weight saved has allowed Cleveland to create their most solid driver to date.

Just because the hosel is bonded doesn’t mean that the Launcher HB doesn’t have bells and whistles. A low center-of-gravity coupled with the bonded hosel gives golfers one of the best feeling drivers on the market at impact. This solid feeling throughout the swing is one of the primary reasons why Cleveland has always been among the top golf manufacturers.

The patented HiBore crown on the Launcher’s clubhead helps redistribute weight to the perimeter of the clubface for maximum forgiveness on off-center strikes. Cup Face and Flex-Fin technology are two of Cleveland’s newer features on their drivers, and with the Launcher HB, the dual technologies allow senior golfers to get the ball in the air quickly with improved ball speed.

For senior golfers looking for an elite driver that promises forgiveness as well as hitting the longest drives for your swing speed, then the Launcher HB from Cleveland delivers amazing results every time you hit the course.

Cobra King Ltd Driver

It is essential that the senior golfer has a driver that is flexible for all swing situations. Obviously, it helps if you are looking for a driver that has different loft settings that help with ball height off the tee box. This is achieved by an adaptable hosel allowing for slight adjustments to assist in the case of wind or other extreme weather elements that affect ball flight.

With the Cobra King Ltd Driver, golfers will find a multi-layered driver that brings the variability that will help fine tune the perfect driver for any course condition. Features on the Ltd are highlighted by a 16-gram weight in the bottom of the clubhead that dampens vibration and keeps the center-of-gravity of the driver low, boosting ball height and giving the golfer their longest drive possible.

For the senior golfer looking for a flexible driver, the Ltd’s club face can easily be altered to increase loft with the simple turn of a wrench. Also for golfers struggling with a slice, the Cobra King Ltd also has a tweak to help introduce a draw flight path onto your drives. Affordable and easy to change, the Cobra King Ltd is one of the best drivers on the market for senior golfers looking to improve their driving game.

Callaway Golf 2017 Men’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver

With their patented Jailbreak Technology fueling one of their largest driver sweet spots, the Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Driver is a long bomber that offers flexible features for the senior golfer looking to raise their distance from the tips.

The Jailbreak Technology in the Epic sets this driver apart from most other competitors. The technology promotes increased ball speed off the club face for the longest distance possible for the golfer.

When coupled with Callaway’s Gravity Core technology, the Jailbreak also creates a driver that is one of the company’s most forgiving clubs as well. The Gravity Core stiffens the sole and crown of the driver reducing the twisting at impact that imparts side spin on the golf ball. Less side spin means straighter and truer drives with enhanced ball speed.

For adaptability, the Epic offers a whopping three-degrees of difference with their adjustable loft settings, so you’ll never struggle to modify your driver based upon the course conditions of your round. The adjustable hosel gives the senior golfer eight different ways to set the driver’s clubhead for loft and lie angle settings as well as fine tuning the head for a draw or straight drive.

A terrific driver that has earned its reputation, the Epic is great for the senior golfer looking for improved swing speed and forgiveness.

Cobra Men’s 2018 F-Max Offset Driver

Most senior golfers experience diminished swing speed as they age. The way to combat falling swing speed is by finding clubs that are lightweight yet still maintain a high quality of performance. Cobra’s F-MAX Offset Driver is one of the company’s lightest and most forgiving drivers, created especially for the senior golfer who is looking to straighten out their typical slice off the tee box.

The draw bias in the F-MAX Offset allows golfers to keep the ball down the center of the fairway while also boosting their launch angle and ball speed. For older golfers who are struggling to reduce their slice, the F-MAX Offset with a higher loft setting will give you the opportunity to hit the straightest drives of your life.

Another one of the F-MAX’s most prominent features is a fixed, interchangeable rear weight that Cobra has placed near the heel of the driver to help reduce side spin at impact resulting in straighter and more consistent drives.

On the crown of the F-MAX is an alignment marker that makes it very easy to get the driver in proper placement for hitting drives directly at your target on the fairway. With terrific performance, the F-MAX is a great addition to the bag of the senior golfer hoping for more accuracy and longer distance from the markers.

TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s D-Type Driver 460cc

With an emphasis on distance and forgiveness, the TaylorMade M2 driver raises the bar for golfers looking for a club that will aid in hitting deeper and straighter shots off the tee box. Featuring the company’s patented Geocoustic technology, the M2 has been designed and engineered to reduce drag through the impact zone for solid contact on each drive.

A new Speed Pocket on the M2 gives the driver face more flexibility for reducing side spin and propelling the ball at maximum speed down the fairway. TaylorMade has designed the M2 with a Titanium body for a lightweight driver that golfers love swinging. The Titanium helps with vibration at impact, creating one of TaylorMade’s most solid feeling drivers.

One of the best features of the M2 is the hosel with 12 adjustable settings to alter the loft and offset for drives that vary from high launch to intermediate flight with the option for draw bias. The ability to shift the hosel based upon weather conditions as well as what your swing is doing that day on the course is a fun feature that helps senior golfers who need every advantage possible to post low scores.

With a host of features, the M2 is most enjoyable drivers for the senior golfer looking for more accuracy and distance with their drives.

Wilson Staff D300 Driver

The Wilson Staff D300 has one thing in mind when it hits the golf course, and that is bombing drives down the middle of the fairway. The “D” in D300 stands for distance, and this driver from Wilson delivers the goods featuring Right Light Technology with Micro Vortex Generators that reduces drag on the clubhead for maximum swing speed.

Everything about the D300 has been designed to boost your ball speed. Studies show that reduced swing speed leads to higher scores. This is in part because once your drives are shorter, then your second shots into the greens are longer. These longer shots reduce accuracy which limits birdie opportunities.

The D300 also increases its value with an adjustable weight system that allows the golfer to add or reduce clubhead weight to alter their ball flight. If players want a higher launch, then a heavier weight will lower the center-of-gravity for drives that jump off the club face. If you are worried about maximizing speed, then a lighter weight will aid in boosting your ball’s MPH.

The best way to combat slower swings is by updating equipment, and that is why the Wilson Staff D300 is at the top of the list when it comes to raising your distance.

Srixon Z 785 Driver

If you are in the market for a top-rated driver that boasts cutting-edge technology to maximize everything from your drives, then Srixon has made the driver for you. The company’s Z-785 driver uses a rare type of Titanium to create a club head that is remarkably light yet tough as nails.

The Cup Face technology in the Z-785 has allowed Srixon to create their thinnest club face yet for perimeter weighting that utilizes the Titanium throughout the club head. As a result, the Z-785 driver is very forgiving on off-center strikes allowing you to not worry about accuracy as much as swinging hard for maximum distance.

The Srixon Z-785 has the company’s patented Quick Tune System for adjustments on the fly to create drives of every shape and height with the easy twist of the hosel. Once the specification you want locks in, you are ready to let it fly with confidence.

For the golfer looking to make considerable strides in their driving game, drivers like the Z-785 are perfect for the job because of their adjustable features and solid construction will never let you down on the course.


Finding the right driver could not be more important so that you can keep your scores low and your distance long off the tee box. With the advancements in technology, there has never been a better time for senior golfers to dramatically improve their game with a new driver!