6 Best Golf Gloves for Men & Women 2021

Best Golf GlovesGolf gloves are essential tools for the amateur golfer looking to maintain grip throughout the golf swing. Made from soft leather and synthetic materials, technology has vastly improved golf gloves from the stiff and slick options available 30 years ago.

For example, today’s golf gloves feature technological advancements such as being constructed from breathable material to wick away sweat and keep your hand completely dry. They can also stretch and mold themselves around the hand of the golfer for maximum comfort.

Here’s a guide to making the right choice from the best golf gloves for men and women.

How to Choose A Golf Glove

For most high-handicap golfers, golf gloves are not given the consideration they deserve. Whether it be ignoring the importance of a proper fit or choosing the cheaper option without understanding the difference in features, amateurs are routinely costing themselves consistency and comfort by choosing the wrong golf glove.

So where does an amateur start in finding the right golf glove for their game? The best place to begin the search is by choosing one of two different materials that golf gloves are typically made from. One choice is an all leather model, and the other is made from synthetic materials.

Leather gloves are expensive, but for the money, the golfer gets a glove that is more comfortable and durable than one made with synthetic materials. Gloves made from leather are known to last longer than synthetic gloves, but the non-leather gloves do handle rainy and hot weather better by providing a better grip on the golf club.

After choosing the material that is right for you, the next step is finding the glove that is the right size. Manufacturers offer gloves that come in a variety of widths and lengths. Gloves must fit the fingers without extra space at the end of the digits and snugly stretch across the palm. However, the glove must be flexible and act as a second skin that aids in gripping the club.

Finally, an amateur must decide if it is important that the golf glove has additional bell and whistles such as a ball marker to mark their ball on the green. Regardless, a properly fitted golf glove can help lower scores by providing consistency to full swings throughout a round.

Best Golf Gloves For Men

Callaway Men’s Dawn Patrol Golf Glove

With an emphasis on comfort, Callaway has created an affordable, high-performance golf glove for amateurs with the Dawn Patrol model. The glove is constructed from leather for a durable exterior that provides exceptional feel and a perfect fit.

Where the Dawn Patrol glove excels is with the OptiFit adjustable closure. The velcro-aided closure assures that the glove will maintain a snug fit throughout the swing and keep the glove tight against the club regardless of the flex associated with the swing.

With a soft feel and exceptional moisture absorption, the Dawn Patrol is a terrific and affordable glove for any amateur.

FootJoy WeatherSof Men’s Golf Glove

One of the most popular gloves in the golfing world, and for good reason, is the durable WeatherSof golf glove. The WeatherSof glove provides consistent contact with the golf grip for exceptional feel and outstanding performance. With a secure Comfort Tab Closure, the WeatherSof always provides a reliable fit.

The leather glove has been engineered to give the golfer an enhanced feel along the stress lines in the glove from the joints of the fingers to the flex of the palm. The WeatherSof also delivers terrific moisture control by utilizing the PowerNet Mesh system to wick away moisture and keeping the hand dry and fresh on hot days.

Bionic Gloves Men’s StableGrip Golf Glove

The Bionic StableGrip is a high-performance technology-laden glove that gives the golfer an enhanced grip with exceptional durability for a long life. The glove, made primarily from genuine leather, has an extra pad on the palm for increased support and boosted contact with golf grip.

The StableGrip glove has been tailor-made to fit the hand ergonomically to tighten and secure the fit of the club. With a durable outer layer, the Bionic StableGrip glove handles sweat with a layer of Lycra between the fingers to guarantee that the grip won’t suffer in the most humid of rounds.

Best Golf Gloves For Women

TaylorMade Women’s Ribbon Golf Glove

For women looking to find a high-performing golf glove that will help their game, the TaylorMade Ribbon golf glove is a terrific option. Primarily constructed from premium Cabretta leather, the Ribbon glove gives the golfer an exceptional grip on the golf glove regardless of rainy weather or humid conditions.

Lycra panels have been added to the glove to boost the flexibility and durability of the Ribbon. The Lycra material also aids in helping the glove breath easier for helping the hand stay dry in moist environments.

An ergonomic pull tab keeps the Ribbon snug throughout the swing and keeps the glove closed when flexing.

Callaway Golf Women’s OptiColor Leather Glove

One of the best and most stylish options for women looking for a high-performance golf glove can be found in Callaway’s OptiColor glove. Constructed with OptiFeel leather, the OptiColor glove shines when it comes to providing comfort and a terrific fit.

The perforated palm and fingers on the OptiColor help the leather exterior breathe and aids in moisture control. The glove also comes with Callaway’s OptiFit adjustable closure that guarantees the golfer ultimate control in creating the best fit for their game.

The Callaway OptiColor is a high-quality leather glove that comes in a variety of colors that makes an excellent statement in performance and fashion.

Finger Ten Women’s Leather Golf Glove with Ball Marker

Finger Ten’s leather golf glove for women emphasizes providing the best feel and durability for the golfer. All Finger Ten gloves go through a rigorous production, and the all-leather glove is a prime example of the high-quality process.

With a functional ball marker along the velcro closure tab, the Finger Ten glove provides a breathable and flexible option for golfers looking for a fashionable and functional glove. Lycra material runs along the top of the joint areas of the fingers for added performance and an exceptional fit.

With a colorful flair, the Finger Ten glove is a terrific option for the golfer looking to enhance their game.

Golf Glove FAQ’S

1) Question: Why wear golf gloves?

Answer: Golf gloves can aid an amateur in several ways. Worn on the lead hand, gloves provide improved contact with the grip of the club. Gloves come with a variety of differing features. Some are made from synthetic materials that provide additional flexibility although most gloves are made from leather.

The best golf gloves for men and women first help by enhancing the golfer’s grip on the club. The last thing a golfer wants is the golf club twisting in their hands. A sliding golf club can create weak contact with the golf ball. A glove can prevent sliding by providing friction between the leather of the exterior of the glove and the rubber grip on the club.

Another way the golf glove helps is by preventing blisters on the fingers and across the palm of your hand. With repeated swings, the friction caused by the rubbing of the grip of the golf club against the skin can cause some nasty blisters that will affect swings until the affected area is healed. A golf glove comes between that connection of skin and rubber grip and provides a protective layer where the friction does not harm the hand.

Finally, golf gloves also aid in keeping the hand dry from sweat and moisture when playing. The best golf gloves utilize synthetic materials to wick away moisture that could affect the grip on the golf club. Many manufacturers sell a package of two gloves for the days when the weather becomes an issue, and you have to play a round in the rain. In the winter, these gloves also help with warmth.

2) Question: How to measure hand for golf gloves?

Answer: Golf gloves will vary in size based on the manufacturer associated with the product. Many companies have included a measuring tool on the back of the packaging of the golf glove to eyeball the size that works best for you. Of course, the only way to get the right fit is to try on gloves to determine which size is the proper fit.

According to the popular glove maker FootJoy, “A proper fitting golf glove should fit like a second skin, tight across the palm and fingers, with no loose material.” The amateur gets into trouble with choosing a golf glove that is too large. The additional material between hand and grip causes shifting and, as a result, the golfer loses all benefits provided by the golf glove.

Golf gloves should always come to the tips of the fingers when trying them on for the first time. Once this threshold has been met, the fit across the palm using the velcro fastener is the next hurdle to clear. The fastener will help provide the snug fit that each golfer should be looking to achieve.

3) Question: How to clean golf gloves?

Answer: Golf gloves are made to take a beating on the course. From sweat to rain, gloves are made to keep the hand dry and the grip firm on the club. Keeping the glove adequately maintained is essential to giving the golf the most extended life possible.

There are several steps a golfer needs to take to clean their golf glove. The first is grabbing a small bucket and filling it with cold water and a couple of tablespoons of liquid detergent. Next, take your glove and rinse it off in a stream of cold water. You are looking to remove any loose dirt during this process and saturate the material of the glove.

After stirring the water and detergent in the bucket, you want to use the mixture to scrub the glove thoroughly. Target stain areas and agitate the area with a towel dipped in the soapy water. Once the glove has been scrubbed, take it back to the faucet and rinse clean with the tap water.

Be sure to remove all traces of soap as the detergent can affect the leather if it remains on the glove.

Once your glove has air dried for two hours, put it back on your hand and flex your fingers to help stretch the leather and prevent shrinking. After this process, take the glove off your hand and air dry for another 12 hours for putting the glove back into action.

4) Question: How to make golf gloves last longer?

Answer: Golf gloves are made to last around 20 rounds of play. The glove will start to break down in the areas where the most friction takes place. It is common that the glove will wear down around the center of the fingers as well as the sides of the palm.

To keep the glove healthy as long as possible, it is vital to clean the glove periodically with cold water and liquid detergent. After the process, it is equally important to let the glove air dry.

5) Question: Which golf glove brands are the best?

Answer: The best golf gloves on the market come from FootJoy, Titleist, Mizuno, Nike, and Callaway. All of these companies produce high-quality golf gloves that have numerous positive features such as durability, advanced technology, and exceptional construction that keeps the hand dry and provides terrific gripping ability.