11 Best Golf Pants 2021

The best golf pants give the weekend golfer what they desire most from their clothing, excellent performance that emphasizes casual comfort and maximum flexibility. Utilizing spandex to create a material that boosts range of motion, today’s best golf pants not only provides a stylish look but also gives the golfer a pant that rivals what the pros wear during tournaments.

Regardless of the size or shape of the golfer, there are premium golf pants that provide slim or loose fits as well as colorful options that give the golfer a chance to display a little personality.

How to choose golf pants?

When choosing golf pants, there are a handful of specifications to consider. From selecting the right material to finding the correct fit or even what kind of waistband works best for you, there is a lot to decide upon when purchasing a pair of premium golf pants.

The first place to start is knowing the right material for finding the ideal golf pants. Most golf pants are made primarily from polyester. Most companies couple the polyester with their proprietary inventions to create a breathable fabric that wicks sweat off the skin to keep the golfer cool and dry. Most amateurs will want to find a pant that contains a low percentage of spandex or elastane that helps the pant move with the body and allows for slight stretching of the pant material when necessary.

Next, the golfer must decide between a couple of styles of pants that will determine the overall fit. Golfers can choose from a slim cut pant that is more snug against the lower body versus a loose fit pant that gives the legs room to breathe. Each style has grown in popularity, and the golfer must choose which style works best for them on the course.

Another area that is important to know is finding a pant that has an elastic waistband that allows for more give from the garment when the golfer is in motion. Waistbands can also contain an interior gripper that holds shirts in place and can be very helpful.

Finally, it is crucial that you understand what the washing directions will be on the pants before you purchase them. Some pants have several restrictions that can make washing and drying a hassle. By knowing ahead of time how the pant will need to be laundered, you’ll save some serious time.

Best Golf Pants

Here is my list of the best golf pants available for the amateur looking to increase their performance and enhance their appearance.

Adidas Golf Men’s Ultimate Regular Fit Pants

The Adidas Ultimate Regular Fit pants are an excellent option for golfers who need high-quality pants that are breathable and work well with the natural movement of the body. These pants have a high percentage of elastane, which is similar to spandex. Elastane is commonly found in swimwear, tights, and other stretchable clothing. In these Adidas Ultimate pants, the elastane aids in helping the golfer move freely with a variety of movements.

Another great feature of the Ultimate pants is the silicone gripper on the inside of the waistband. Even with the twisting nature of the golf swing, the shirt will stay tucked in and snug on the upper body.

Under Armour Men’s Match Play Golf Pants

With a comfortable loose fit, the Under Armour Match Play golf pants are a great choice for the player who likes a little more room in their golf course wear. With a straight leg fit, the Match Play golf pants are made with Under Armour’s patented soft and flexible material delivering maximum comfort.

The unique combination of Under Armour’s materials in their pants does, however, place a burden on the golfer. With Under Armour clothes you must follow the drying instructions explicitly, so you don’t damage or ruin the garment. Most golfers wash, then hang, their Under Armour pants, so the additional concern is something to consider when purchasing these exceptional pants.

NIKE Men’s Flat Front Golf Pants

Featuring Nike’s Dri-FIT technology, the Nike Flat Front golf pants are a reliable option for the golfer who wants their pants to feature high-quality breathable material. With a typical amount of spandex typically seen in modern golf pants, these polyester-based pants deliver function throughout the golf swing.

Containing four pockets in both the front and back, the Nike Flat Front golf pants have plenty of room for your tees and wallet. The Dri-FIT technology sets these pants apart from your typical golf pant and amateurs can expect to stay cool and dry on the course even in the hottest weather. In addition to being one of the best golf pants available, the Nike Flat Front pants are so comfortable and sharp that you could easily wear them to the office.

Royal & Awesome Men’s Golf Pants

For the golfer who wants to make a loud statement on the links, the Royal & Awesome golf pants are a lot of fun. With dozens of wild and colorful patterns to choose from, the Royal & Awesome golf pants also deliver a pleasant experience while you play. Made primarily from cotton, these pants do have a slight amount of spandex for assistance with movement during the swing.

Royal & Awesome does warn that their pants will shrink a bit if you decide to dry them in your conventional household dryer but the athletic cut still allows plenty of room for a larger golfer. For those golfers looking to add a little spice to their weekend round, the Royal & Awesome golf pants are some of the best golf pants on the market today.

IZOD Men’s Basic Microsanded Golf Pant

Even though they are 100% polyester, the IZOD Basic Microsanded golf pants still offer a cool and accommodating experience on the golf course. IZOD utilizes their Cool FX technology in these pants to keep the golfer dry throughout those warm days on the links. The Flat Front Microsanded golf pants also are manufactured with Swing Flex fabrication that allows the pants to move with the golfer’s body to maintain a free and easy swing.

Another cool feature of the IZOD Basic Microsanded golf pant is that the fabric has been treated with a UV-blocking spray that has SPF 50 sun-blocking power. One of the more affordable and best golf pants available to the golfer, the IZOD Basic Microsanded golf pant is an excellent choice.

Haggar Men’s Cool 18 Pro Classic Fit Flat Front Expandable Waist Pant

Another strong alternative for the golfer looking for golf pants that offer a dynamically flexible waistband is the Haggar Cool 18 Pro Classic Fit Flat Front pants. Lightweight because of Haggar’s four-way stretch fabric, the Cool 18 Pro pants have UPF protection keeping your legs cool and out of the sun.

From the office to the course, these Haggar pants are stylish enough to be worn anywhere because of the classic, flat front look. An interior waistline gripper keeps your shirt snug against your upper body and assures that no matter how many swings you take on the course, your shirt will stay in place. One of the best golf pants for advanced features, the Haggar Cool 18 Pro Classic Fit Flat Front pants are affordable and very durable.

adidas Golf Men’s Ultimate 3-Stripe Pants

A favorite of professional golfers such as Dustin Johnson and Sergio Garcia, the Adidas Ultimate 3-Stripe pants are exceptionally comfortable. With all the high-performing features associated with Adidas clothing, the Ultimate 3-Stripe pants offer a combination of moisture-wicking fabric that breathes well and is flexible enough to move with your body regardless of the motion.

Another highlight of the Ultimate 3-Stripe pants is the water-resistant finish on the material keeping moisture off the skin and providing a pleasurable experience on the weekend. One of the best golf pants available for the golfer looking to find a snug fit with flexibility, the Adidas Ultimate 3-Stripe pants are a tried and true winner.

PUMA Golf 2018 Men’s Stretch Pounce Pant

Puma, home to dynamic professional golfer Rickie Fowler, has created the Stretch Pounce pants,  a well-fitting pant that stays cozy throughout a day at the club while providing a host of essential features. First, the dryCELL technology pulls sweat from the skin keeping the golfer comfy.

Next, A straight leg pant gives the weekend warrior the room to casually move without worrying that their pants will limit their range of motion. Golfers love the stretch waistband with an interior gripper that keeps the shirt tucked through the golf swing. If you are looking for a highly affordable and quality pair of the best golf pants around, then consider the Puma Stretch Pounce pants.

Callaway Men’s Opti-Stretch Classic Plaid Stretch Tech Pant With Active Stretch Waistband

Another stylish addition to the best golf pants available for the golfer is the Callaway Opti-Stretch Tech pants. What sets the Opti-Stretch Tech pants apart from other upper-tier golf pants is the high-quality construction and material commonly associated with garments from Callaway.

Although the Opti-Stretch Tech pants have a small amount of spandex, golfers love the active stretch provided by these pants. With the Opti-Dri technology keeping the lower body dry through the warmest of days, the Callaway Opti-Stretch Tech pant also delivers a high level of UPF 50 protection to keep the UV rays off your legs. With terrific performance, the Callaway Opti-Stretch Tech pants are one of the best golf pants available on the market.

NIKE Men’s Flex Hybrid Golf Pants

Most golfers complain about how golf clothing doesn’t move with them on the golf course. Well, Nike has created the Nike Flex Hybrid golf pants to provide a better range of motion for the active golfer. Constructed with a solid combination of polyester and spandex, the Flex Hybrid pants move with your body throughout any movement.

An elastic waistband keeps your shirt snug against the upper body while flexing with the twists and turns of the golf swing. A flat front gives the Flex Hybrid golf pants a slim and stylish look while also providing fabric that keeps the skin dry. For bigger golfers, the Nike Flex Hybrid golf pants are a godsend with a loose fit that works well on those days you want to walk the course.

Under Armour Men’s Showdown Vented Golf Pants

Another winner from one of the premier athletic clothing companies is the Under Armour Showdown Vented golf pants. Featuring the UA Storm technology that repels water from the pant leg without sacrificing the breathable material that golfers have come to expect from Under Armour.

These Showdown Vented golf pants are exceptional at range of motion, providing one of the best experiences we’ve felt from a golf pant. A flat front and four pocket design help the Showdown pant look terrific no matter the event. Durable and well-designed, the Under Armour Showdown Vented golf pants are a great addition to the list of the best golf pants available to the amateur golfer.

Golf Pants FAQ’S

1) Question: What are golf pants?

Answer: Golf pants are specially designed for golfers to aid the movement that takes place throughout a golf swing. Most golf clothing manufacturers have tailored the design of their golf pants to include flexibility that allows golfers to bend and turn without the material of the pant restricting the movement.

This is vitally important at the all levels of competition where every MPH of swing speed matters to achieve maximum distance. The best golf pants on the market will stretch with the golfer and allow them to freely move to achieve their best swing possible.

2) Question: Why do I need golf pants?

Answer: Most amateurs overlook how clothing can help them achieve their best swing. Clothing that is breathable can help wick away sweat keeping the skin dry throughout the round. Pants that are made with spandex can support but also move with the body when the golfer is in the middle of a powerful swing.

Modern golf pants also utilize the spandex in the waistband to support bigger golfers who need the additional range of motion so the golfer can freely move throughout the movement of the golf swing. The best golf pants available to the amateur are also lightweight to keep the golfer fresh throughout the round.

3) Question: How much are golf pants?

Answer: The best golf pants are very affordable. The top golf clothing manufacturers such as Under Armour, Nike, and Adidas all offer a variety of golf pants that are well under $100. When looking for value when shopping for the right golf pants, you should look for pants that are lightweight and contain some percentage of spandex in the overall construction.

Most golf pants are primarily made from polyester but contain a small amount of spandex to provide flexibility when moving. It is also wise to find golf pants that have some breathable feature that allows the golfers to keep moisture off of the body and stay dry throughout your playing day.

4) Question: How should golf pants fit?

Answer: Most modern golf pants are made with materials that stretch with the natural movements of the body. This is why it is crucial to find pants that have a small amount of spandex in the material. By purchasing pants that contains material that is flexible, you assure a proper fit that will support the lower half of the body as well as improve your range of motion through the golf swing.

Golfers should look for golf pants that fit snugly but aren’t too tight to restrict the hips on the backswing. The same is true for the waist of the pants as you want a fit that can be worn with a belt but doesn’t cause discomfort.

5) Question: How long should golf pants be?

Answer: Golf pants should cover the ankle and extend to rest on the top of the golf shoe. Golfers should always make sure that their pants do not extend beyond the back of golf shoe where the pant leg rests on the ground. By keeping the pants loose and without restriction, the golfer is free to move throughout the necessary steps to complete their swing.

For individuals with more muscular legs and wider lower bodies, finding the right length of golf pants can be a difficult task, so it is vital for these golfers to find pants that can stretch.

6) Question: How to shorten golf pants?

Answer: Golf pants can be shortened with the help of a good tailor. If you have found pants that have a good fit and are comfortable to wear at the course but just need lose some length at the bottom, a tailor can alter the bottom of the pants to lift them off the ground and give the golfer a better fit.

A good tailor will measure and take into account how much material needs to be reduced from the pant leg rather than eyeballing or having the golfer dictate how much material should be removed.

7) Question: How to iron golf pants?

Answer: There are a few shortcuts to getting the wrinkles out of your golf pants. Since most golf pants are made with materials that could be damaged by ironing, it is essential to take necessary precautions when removing wrinkles. Some suggest using the dryer to take out wrinkles, but the high heat can weaken the material of the pants causing a loss of shape.

Instead of that drastic measure, another way to give your golf pants a crisp look is by finding an iron with a polyester setting that won’t damage the material. Others suggest placing a piece of cloth in-between the pants and the iron to make sure that the pants don’t receive direct heat.

8) Question: How to waterproof golf pants?

Answer: There are many options for waterproof golf pants that are made with Gore-Tex and can keep a golfer dry on the golf course. Over time, these pants can lose their waterproofing ability, so golfers can pick up a spray that will restore the protection from the elements. Before spraying on the solution, the waterproof gear must be thoroughly cleaned and dried.

Most of these solutions are water-based and won’t contain harmful chemicals; therefore they can be washed afterward in your standard washing machine. If you follow directions as instructed, your golfing rain gear should be restored to their previous condition.

9) Question: How to wash golf pants?

Answer: The best golf pants must be washed carefully to keep their shape and prevent damage that could potentially ruin the garment. It is important to follow the washing instructions on the pants explicitly, but most golf pants will be washed with like colors in cold water. Due to the moisture wicking protection on these style of pants, you’ll want to avoid using bleach or fabric softeners because those products can break down the pants’ ability to keep the golfer dry. Since golf pants that are typically made from a combination of polyester and spandex cannot be ironed or placed in the dryer on high heat.

10) Question: Who makes the best golf pants?

Answer: The best golf pants are made by several well-known companies. Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour are the top companies for golf clothing. In addition to shirts that you will commonly see on the PGA Tour, these companies also make several varieties of pants that golfers love because of their slim look as well as their flexible material. Popular pants from these companies usually have a flat front and are made from a combination of polyester and spandex. These high-quality pants will feature material that improves range of motion as well as waistbands that have a gripping feature on the inside to hold your shirt through the swing.


The best golf pants on the market today offer a wide variety of features that assist in keeping the body cool and dry as well as offering fabric that moves with the body to provide an experience that is casual and comfortable.

No longer do golfers have to suffer with tough material and inflexible waistbands, instead the best golf pants are agile and provide a comfortable feel that makes a day at the course an absolute dream!