13 Best Golf Swing Analyzers 2021

Golf can be frustrating at times and you may be looking for a way to lower your score. If that’s the case, you’re probably in the market for one of the best golf swing analyzers.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing one, and I’ll show you what’s most important – after you’ll see my top picks for the year.

By the time you’re done reading, I’m sure you’ll see a product you love.


How To Choose A Golf Swing Analyzer

When choosing one of these products, make sure to consider the following:

  • Type of technology you want
  • Your own needs and skill level
  • Budget

First off, you need to figure out what kind of technology you want to use. Analyzers can be as simple as a tracker that clips on to your glove or a tracker that screws onto the top of your club. Some share information that can be uploaded to your phone or computer. There are even products that come with cameras and simulators, so you can play virtually (you’ll get data on your swing too).

Here’s a video of a quality analyzer:

Pretty cool, right? As you can see, you’ll get every piece of information you’ll need to improve your game.

After you figure this out, you should consider your own needs and skill level. If you’re someone that’s more casual with golf, you can purchase one of the more basic analyzers and be fine. If you live and breathe the links, however, and are looking for any edge possible, you’ll want to pay a little extra.

Now that you know what to think about when purchasing this piece of equipment, let’s take a look at my top picks now.

Zepp Golf 2 3D

Company: Zepp

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

I wouldn’t necessarily consider the Zepp Golf 2 3D to be the best analyzer on this lost, but it may just be the best value – this product won’t break the bank and also gives you a ton of data to improve your swing. It’s also one of the most popular and high selling too.

One thing I really like about the Zepp Golf 2 is how it tracks your swing. All you have to do is place a small and non-intrusive clip on your glove, and you’ll get all the information you need. It won’t distract you, and you won’t even notice it.

As you can see, you’ll get everything you need to get better, and you’ll be able to see results immediately (all analysis goes right to your phone). You’ll get data on club speed, hand speed, club plane, backswing length, and more.

Some of my favorite features include:

  • Smart Coach offers training based on your data – if you need to improve in a certain aspect of your game you’ll be able to easily do that.
  • You can review and look at swings in 360-degree angles. This means you’ll be able to examine all parts of your swing.
  • You can record your swing and upload it to compare to pro swings.
  • If you’re a coach, you’ll really like the Zepp for Coaches features. This allows you to track all your player’s and student’s progress.
  • Long-lasting battery and it can go for at least 8 hours. This is more than enough for basically everyone.

There’s a lot to love with the Zepp Golf 2, and if you decide on this product, you’ll have everything you need to fix your swing. I personally think this piece of equipment can benefit everyone, and I’m sure you’ll come to the same conclusion if you decide on this analyzer.

Arccos Golf 360

Company: Arccos

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

The Arccos Golf 360 is one of the higher quality and well-known products on this list. I personally think this analyzer is one any serious golfer should consider because it’ll give you everything you need to lower your score.

You get more than just swing data if you decide on the Arccos Golf 360 too. You’ll also get a GPS and rangefinding capabilities (you can check out my top picks for rangefinders, here). You’ll get a readout of more than 40,000 courses and exact distances to any point on each course – you’ll know exactly which club to use at all times because of this.

If that’s not enough, you’ll like that these come with:

  • Has tabs that go on to your clubs, and this is how it tracks your data. Also, you have 14 different tabs you can put on every one of your clubs. These sensors practically weigh nothing and won’t distract you when swinging.
  • Compatible with both IOS and Android, this way you can see your results right away.
  • You get information on each club, including average shot distance, driving accuracy, putting, and more. You can go back after each round and look at your numbers so that you can improve.
  • Battery lasts five years and doesn’t require you to charge it. That’s ultra-convenient and just means less for you to think about.

Now you know why this product won Golf Digest’s best swing analyzer of 2017 award. Because this is such a high-quality piece of equipment, however, it’s going to cost a little extra. I personally think it’s worth every penny, and thousands of happy customers would agree.

In fact, there are over a hundred reviews for the Arccos Golf 360 and most are positive. If you want to check them out, click below:

Rapsodo R-Motion Analyzer

Company: Rapsodo

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

The Rapsodo R-Motion Analyzer is a little different than the two you’ve seen already – this isn’t a product that you take onto the course. Instead, it’s a simulator and allows you to play from your home. You get swing analysis, but you also can play virtual rounds on different courses.

Here’s a video that explains things a little better:

Nothing like playing golf year-round from your house! This is the perfect product for anyone that doesn’t get to enjoy golf year-round because of snow.

Some other aspects that you’ll like includes:

  • Multiplayer mode lets you play with up to four friends without leaving the comfort of your home.
  • Runs on your pc or tv. You won’t need to buy an expensive screen, projector or monitor.
  • It gives you tons of data on your swing and ball flight so you can improve in the areas that you’re weak in. You’ll get ball speed, club speed, trajectory, distance and more
  • A simple clip goes on your club, and that’s how this product tracks everything.
  • 15 different virtual golf courses to play on so you can get a good variety.

Golf simulators are notoriously expensive and are usually too much for most people to afford. That’s actually not the case with the Rapsodo R-Motion, and this product comes at a price that’s not too high. To see how much it’ll cost to have your very own golf simulator, click below:

Voice Caddie SC 200

Company: Voice Caddie

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.8/5

The Voice Caddie SC 200 is another unique product and one that really excels when you’re at the driving range or practicing. The reason I say this is this product doesn’t actually clip on to your club or anything like – instead, you set it up behind you, and it tracks you and measures each one of your shots.

With this device, you can input each one of your clubs and their loft angles. Also, you can punch in how far you want to hit a ball (say 150 yards), and the Caddie SC 200 will measure how far you actually hit it so you can compare the two. You get swing analysis as well.

If you’re a little confused about its function, watch this video:

As you can see, this product gives you everything you need to improve.

Some of the top features of this piece of equipment include:

  • Barometric Pressure Calibration adjusts itself automatically, so you get accurate shots.
  • Voice Distance Output verbally tells you the distance of each of your shots, so you don’t have to turn around to read it constantly.
  • You get all the key data you’d want like club speed, ball speed, smash factor, distance and more.
  • Target mode lets you measure your accuracy by selecting targets downrange. This product will measure how close you get to hit it.
  • Small remote control so you can change settings without having to bend over or constantly shift your attention from your swing.

This product isn’t cheap, but I wouldn’t consider it overly expensive either. If you’re serious about improving your swing, I would think about purchasing this piece of equipment. It provides all the information you need to do so.

Blast Golf Swing Analyzer

Company: Blast Golf

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.7/5

The Blast Motion analyzer has a lot going for it and has many functions that can help you improve your game. One thing that’s pretty unique about this device is you can record your swings and putts on the Blast Golf app.

Once you have the video, you can upload it and compare it to your other swings. Also, you’ll see various stats, including swing speed, rotational change, tempo, and more. You don’t need to record your swing to get data, though. You can clip a tracker onto the end of your club and get information that way.

Some other cool aspects include:

  • Works with both IOS and Android which means you can use pretty much any smartphone or tablet to see your swing results.
  • The Motion Sensor that connects to the end of your clubs is small and won’t distract you.
  • You get more than swing data. You get data on your putts too. This means you can improve your short game.
  • Extremely easy to use any person, regardless of technical prowess, can use without any issues.

The best part is this product won’t cost a ton to purchase either. Do I think it’s in the top tier of swing analyzers? Not really, but I wouldn’t say it’s low quality or anything like that. Not everyone needs the absolute best, and if you’re one of those people, you’ll like what you get here.

Game Golf Live Tracking System

Company: Game Golf

Price: $$

Rating: 4.8/5

The Game Golf Live Tracking System is another analyzer that’s pretty cool and has a lot going for it. This is the kind of product that most people can play with and get a lot of use out of – even people that are very good.

One thing that really separates this piece of equipment from others is it’s one of the few that comes with GPS and rangefinding capabilities (you have access to over 33,000 courses in 125 countries). You can chart your way around the course and know exactly how far each obstacle is. It really takes the guesswork out of golf and ensures you have all the information you need to pick the right club and hit the best shot.

If that’s not enough, you’ll like the top features which include:

  • Challenge function that lets you compete against friends and other people around the world.
  • You get all the data from your swings. This way when you’re done, you can review your round to see where you need improvement.
  • Easy to use technology and all you have to do is clip the senor to your club and upload the the stats to the red tracking system.
  • You get a sensor for each club, so you don’t have to constantly switch the clip or anything like that.
  • All information goes right to your phone, and you’ll easily be able to see your stats whenever you want.

What’s really cool is, despite getting all this (the swing analysis, GPS, rangefinder, and more) this product really isn’t all that expensive. In fact, it’s one of the cheapest products on this list. It may not be the best, but this piece of equipment from Game Golf is an excellent value.

Mobitee & PIQ Tracker

Company: PIQ

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.8/5

The Mobitee and PIQ Tracker is a high-quality product and delivers in basically every way possible. This isn’t just an analyzer either – it has rangefinding and GPS technology too.

You’ll be able to see the distances to the greens and all obstacles, plus the layout of every hole. This ensures you’ll be able to pick the right club every time, and it takes away all guesswork. This is a nice feature to have, and you’ll love the positive effects it has on your game.

Some other top benefits include:

  • Let’s you track all your shots and lets you track different club’s performances. You’ll be able to know exactly how accurate and far you shoot every club.
  • Highly functional app lets you see all your swing data in real-time. You’ll have very accurate and easy to read the information because of this.
  • You get all the data you need to improve your game like tempo, swing speed, club head and more.
  • Lightweight and clips right to the end of your club. It won’t interfere with your grip or anything like that.

I would consider this one of the higher end products on this list, and because of that, it’s going to cost a little extra. It’s not crazy high or anything like that, and I’d say it’s definitely worth every penny.

Garmin TruSwing

Company: Garmin

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

Garmin is a company I’m sure you’ve heard of, and you probably know them because of their car GPS’. It may surprise you, but they make golf equipment too – like golf watches, GPS’ and, of course, swing analyzers.

This is the type of product that gives you everything you need to know too. Some information you get with the Garmin Truswing includes swing tempo, club path, face to target, and more.

Some additional benefits include:

  • Connects to your smartphone so you can see your swing results as quickly as possible and with ease.
  • 3D animation lets you inspect all aspects of your swing, and you’ll see your swing from every angle.
  • Lightweight and easy to use clip goes right on to your club, without any problems.
  • 12 hours of battery life is good enough for anyone. You’ll be able to use this device multiple times before having to charge it.
  • You can store all your data to the Garmin Connect and keep a history of all your rounds and swings.

Even though you’re getting Garmin technology with the Truswing, you really don’t have to pay that much. In fact, this product is right in the middle in terms of price – not too expensive but not cheap. It’s low enough that most golfers can afford and high quality enough that skilled golfers can enjoy.

Skygolf Skypro

Company: SkyCaddie

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

The Skygolf Skypro is a very popular product and is one that many golfers have purchased throughout the years. I personally don’t consider this product to be top of the line, and if you’re an elite-level talent, you might want one of the better devices listed here.

I think the Skypro is the perfect analyzer for people that are beginners or intermediates trying to take the next step up. These golfers will get the most benefits from the Skypro.

If that describes you, you’ll like that it is:

  • Easy to clip on and it goes right under your grip. It won’t distract you from shooting or your field of view.
  • You get to look at your swing in 360 degrees angles and this allows you to really look at things closely.
  • The adaptive alert system recognizes when there are issues with your swing and notifies you about them.
  • Measures many facets of your swing and putt including attack angle, impact position, shaft direction, backswing length and more.

This product isn’t the most expensive or cheapest – it’s right in the middle. It has a ton of reviews on that range from positive to negative. If you want to see them all, click below:

SwingTIP Analyzer

Company: Mobiplex

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.7/5

The SwingTIP is another product that clips right onto your club, and this device has a lot of unique features. One thing I really like is the remote Coaching capabilities. Not only does this piece of equipment show you what’s wrong and right about your swing, but you get the opportunity to get tips to improve too.

If you sign up for the MobiCoach live, you can get expert analysis anywhere in the world right to your phone. These experts will give you advice and pointers about things you would never have thought about.

That’s not all either. Some other cool features include:

  • The ability to pair with IOS (iPhone or IPad) or Android devices – basically any smartphone or tablet.
  • You can record your swing with the SwingTIP app and take a look at your swing that way.
  • Many different metrics to examine every aspect of your swing and you get a 3D view.
  • You can store all your club data and rounds on the app. This way you can look back to see if you’re improving and which clubs you need to improve on.

This is another product that’s not going to cost too much either. If you’re on a budget or don’t feel like spending several hundred dollars on one of these devices, the SwingTIP can work for you. It may not be the absolute best, but it’s a product that’ll work for a lot of different golfers, of all skill levels.

3Bays GSA-Zone Analyzer

Company: 3Bays

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

There are a few things the 3Bays GSA-Zone Analyzer does really well. First off, the makers of this product claim this is the lightest analyzer on the market, and it only weighs 9 grams. You don’t want this type of device to hurt your swing in any way, and because this one is so light it won’t.

Another thing it does well is it provides a ton of data and information for you to look at. You’ll get everything including top of the backswing, club head speed, carry distance, power zone, shaft lean, tempo, and even more. It’ll be hard not to improve with all this at your disposal.

Some other top benefits include:

  • Let’s you set the best swing so you can compare your swings going forward with it. You can see where you’re going wrong and what you’re doing right.
  • You can record a video through the app of your swing. This allows you to investigate your posture and other aspects of your game.
  • You can track all your results over time to see if you’re getting better, staying the same or getting worst.
  • All information goes right to your phone so that you can see your results in real-time.
  • You get a virtual coach, and you can compare your swing against other pros to see how you stack up.

This is a product that I really, really like and think you will too. It’s another device that’s not overly expensive either. It’s not cheap by any means, but it won’t empty your bank account.

DuoTrac Golf 2.0

Company: DuoTrac Golf

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.7/5

The DuoTrac Golf 2.0 is a quality piece of equipment, and it works by clipping on to your glove. You won’t have to set up any cameras or screw it to the top of your clubs – this makes this Duotrac product easy to use and convenient.

It basically works in the same way as every other device you’ve seen so far. It tracks the movements of your swing and body and gives you the data, which you can read on your phone. In real time you’ll be able to fix your swing so you can get the lowest score possible when you golf.

Some top features include:

  • You can track your progress, this way you can see how you’re improving and where you need to improve further.
  • Helps you fix hip sway, which ensures you’ll get the most accurate shots possible. You get two senors to place on your hip that assists with this.
  • This product tracks your club face angle. When you square your club correctly, you get better shots.
  • It gives you reliable data and ensures you’ll get everything you need to know.

The Duotrac 2.0 costs right about where you’d expect it to be and is on par with the other pieces of equipment on this list. If you choose this product, I’m sure you’ll be delighted with the results it gives you.

Swingbyte 2 Analyzer

Company: Swingbyte

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.7/5

The Swingbyte 2 is a pretty popular product and one that most golfers are happy with. This one clips right onto your club easily, and it won’t mess up your swing at all – you set it up just under the grip so it shouldn’t interfere with your grip.

One thing you’re really going to like with the Swingbyte 2 is you can record your swing and compare it to your swing data. You’ll be able to get different angles and really be able to dig deep into all the data.

It also:

  • Fits on all your clubs from your driver, to irons, to wedges, and to your putter.
  • Measures basically every aspect of your swing including club speed, angle of attack, club path and more.
  • Tracks all your data so you can look at your history and see which aspects of your game you need to improve on.
  • Very lightweight and it won’t seem like it’s weighing your club down.
  • Connects to pretty much all smartphones and tablets and you’ll be able to see your swing data right away, without any delay.

This product is in that sweet spot of not being overly expensive but not being cheap either. I understand not wanting to pay several hundred, but you shouldn’t go too cheap either – if you do, you run the risk of getting a low-quality device, which is the last thing you want.

Best Golf Swing Analyzer

Best Golf Swing Analyzers FAQ

Q. How Does a Golf Analyzer Work?

A. A golf swing analyzer can work in many ways. It basically will give you a better understanding of how you can improve your swing to get a perfect swing like a pro every time eventually. So ways to do this is by using an app on your smartphone device, wear a technologically advanced glove, or something you attach to your club that record reading when you swing. This type of device can give you real-time feedback on speed, trajectory, and rhythm.

Q. Are Swing Analyzers Accurate?

A. The accuracy of a swing and of your device all depends on what model you have and what brand it is. Each one will have its own pros and cons. Each one might work very differently compared to other brands. I have found that the devices that can be attached to your club or on your hand are more accurate than an app that records you swinging.

Q. Can a Left-Handed Player Use a Swing Analyzer?

A. The devices that attach to your club will not be affected by whatever hand you decide to swing with. Even some glove models have a detachable sensor that can go onto other gloves, such as a left-hand glove. If this is something you are truly worried about, let me suggest that you read through the product details before purchasing, making sure it will work with left-handed players.

Q. How Can You Tell if your Shot was Recorded?

A. Some products have different features for this. Some include instant feedback, so you will know right away how you did on your swing performance. Others can be more tricky to figure out if it was recorded. Make sure to read all setup information and features to navigate your way on your device.

Q. How Expensive are Swing Analyzers?

A. The best swing analyzers can range from moderately priced to more expensive priced models. The app devices are much cheaper than a unit that you can actually clip onto your club or glove. You will find above in my reviews of the best golf swing analyzers that I have some priced very affordably and others that include more features that cost significantly more. Check them out above and see which one you prefer.

Q. What is the Best Golf Swing Analyzer?

A. Based on our reviews above, I have found that the Zepp Golf 2 3D is the best golf swing analyzer on the market right now. It comes with so many fantastic features like a smart coach that helps you with personalized training programs. It helps measure club speed, tempo, backswing length, club plane, and so much more. You got to check this product out; it helps improve the player’s swings tremendously.

Improve Your Game Today!

Golf is one of the toughest sports on earth and requires precision. If you’re off even a centimeter on your shot, you can end up putting the ball into the woods.

The best golf swing analyzer will help you with accuracy and ensures you know exactly what you did right and wrong on each shot. You won’t have to think or wonder what went wrong – you’ll just know.

There’s plenty of products on my best golf swing analyzer list that’ll work for all golfers from beginners to more advanced, and you’ll find one that suits all budgets too.

If you have any questions, you can comment below, and I’ll make sure to respond as fast as possible. You can search around the golf section up top if you want to see more gear reviews and golf tips too.

Are you excited to improve your swing this year?