Best Heated Hats

Heated hats have become increasingly popular in recent months due to their combination of advanced technology and practical use. Powered by safe, long-lasting Lithium-ion batteries, heated hats can really make a difference in your body warmth on the coldest of days.

With adjustable features that can modify the temperature setting, users have complete control over how warm the hat can get at any point of the day. Heated hats have become absolute necessities for the outdoorsman because the battery can last almost a full day with smart usage.

How do Heated Hats Work?

Heated hats utilize a rechargeable battery to heat coils that line the interior of the hat. Most of these heated hats have two polyester linings on the interior that work as an enclosure for the coils, keeping your hair and scalp safe when using.

Heated hats typically have multiple levels of heating that allow you to control the temperature of the heat from the coils installed on the hat. Great for keeping the cold out when working or playing outside, heated hats offers a safe and secure product for staying warm when the weather is chilly.

Here are seven of the best heated hats available, with a variety of features that will deliver a high-quality experience to the wearer.

Autocastle Rechargeable Electric Warm Heated Hat

The Autocastle Rechargeable Electric Warm Heated Hat offers a host of features that makes this hat one of the best on the market. Made from a soft acrylic fleece fabric, the Autocastle Rechargeable Electric Warm Heated Hat boasts three heat settings that keeps the heat at the precise setting that you want for your day in the cold.

The hat comes with a 7.4V 2200 mAh rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery that has a life of 6-7 hours of continuous use. What’s great about the Autocastle Rechargeable Electric Warm Heated Hat is that it is lined with polyester, so you can actually turn the hat off periodically, and the lining will retain the heat. This power-saving tip is an excellent shortcut for maximizing the life of the battery, especially on those long days.

Another great feature of the Autocastle Rechargeable Electric Warm Heated Hat is how comfortable it is when wearing for an extended period of time. We noticed that we never found ourselves adjusting the hat because it was too snug on our head.

Ideal for outdoor activities includes skiing, hiking, and hunting, we are happy to report that the Autocastle Rechargeable Electric Warm Heated Hat handles all activities with ease.

SVPRO Rechargeable Battery Heated Beanie

With a heat range that spans from 68-degrees to 112-degrees, the SVPRO Rechargeable Battery Heated Beanie is a mid-level knit cap that is perfect for the user who doesn’t need a strong heat source but would like to stay warm during long winter walks.

The SVPRO Rechargeable Battery Heated Beanie has an elastic headband for a custom fit that stays snug even when working long hours. The exterior is made from an acrylic material keeping water out while the double layer polyester interior holds onto the heat, keeping your head warm for the whole length of your time outdoors.

SVPRO does suggest that you hand wash their Rechargeable Battery Heated Beanie, so there is a little work there to do when cleaning, but the comfort and high-performance of this hat makes it well worth the time.

A strong 7.4V Lithium-Ion battery powers the SVPRO Rechargeable Battery Heated Beanie and the recharging time is minimal with a timeframe of 2-4 hours needed for a full charge. With the extra muscle of the extended battery, the SVPRO Rechargeable Battery Heated Beanie is ideal for your long outdoor adventures such as your typical hunting or fishing expeditions.

ActionHeat Rechargeable Battery Heated Beanie

The ActionHeat Rechargeable Battery Heated Beanie is a high-quality stunner that is both comfortable and well-made. What sets this beanie apart from other heated hats is that it has a custom fit that holds onto heat as well as any hat we tested.

Fleece is the material used for the shell of this hat, and we really liked that it has been water-proofed by the company. An excellent interior layer also helps keep in the heat when you need to give the battery a break and power down.

Another wonderful feature of the ActionHeat Rechargeable Battery Heated Beanie is that the company designed this hat, so both of the heated coils rest over the ears. This hat counters a chief complaint by many heated hat users by making sure that the ears are covered, and heat is directly applied to their surface area. Most hats don’t do this, focusing instead on putting the heat around the skull.

The ActionHeat Rechargeable Battery Heated Beanie delivers heat to the head in less than ten seconds after powering the hat on. With a rechargeable 5V lithium-polymer battery as the power center, the ActionHeat Beanie reaches a maximum temperature of 130-degrees Fahrenheit but will last for almost five hours on the lower temp settings.

Comfortwear Men’s Super Heated Beanie

The Comfortwear Men’s Super Heated Beanie is one of the best-heated hats we tried due to its unique shape and, as a result, the additional surface area the hat can cover. With a lightweight battery that you won’t even notice when wearing, the Comfortwear Men’s Super Heated Beanie provides exceptional comfort during the coldest of days.

The hat has a water and windproof shell made from breathable and stretchable materials. The Comfortwear Men’s Super Heated Beanie does a fantastic job of repelling the cold and holding onto the warmth provided by the high-capacity Lithium-polymer battery.

A push button LED controller makes it simple to set the heat level you want. The battery is one of the highlights of the Comfortwear Men’s Super Heated Beanie because it can be recharged up to 500 times before it needs replacing.

Machine washable, the Comfortwear Men’s Super Heated Beanie is a little more expensive than other heated hats but well worth the expense due to the additional features.Perfect for outdoor sports, the Comfortwear Men’s Super Heated Beanie also gives a worker who needs some insulation under their hard hat a terrific option.

Savior Heated Hat

The Savior Heated Hat maintains the traditional look of the knit winter cap but packs a punch with a large-capacity rechargeable battery and three heating levels that keep you toasty throughout your day in the snow.

This knitted hat has two layers of fleece on the inside to maximize keeping the heat in, especially if you run the battery out and still have work left to do in your day. The battery will last up to three hours on the highest setting, but if you don’t need all that juice, then the lowest heating setting will work for up to six hours.

The controller is easy to use and has an indicator next to the power button to provide a general reading of the heating level. The recharging cord has its own sleeve that keeps it out of sight and protected on those days when wet weather is unavoidable. The Savior Heated Hat is easy to wash too as you remove the battery and pop it into the washer.

For comfort and reliable performance, the Savior Heated Hat is a great option that will keep the heat coming throughout a long outdoor work day.

ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Fleece BalaClava Hat

The ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Fleece Hat is a unique piece of headwear. Also known as a Balaclava, these hats are traditionally used by those who commonly deal with punishing outdoor conditions. The hat does a terrific job of keeping in the heat while specially designed panels protect the ears, neck and wrap around to cover your mouth and nose, leaving just the area around your eyes exposed.

Like most ActionHeat heated hats, the ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Fleece BalaClava Hat gets hot within ten seconds of powering up. And the 5V battery has three levels that keeps the heat going for up to 4.5 hours on the lowest setting. The short battery life is an issue with the ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Fleece Hat, but if you don’t mind charging the battery more often, then the hat is a real dynamo.

The Balaclava style allows the user to wear the hat in five different ways from fully protecting the face to just keeping coverage over the mouth and nose. The flexibility of the hat is what makes it a standout among heated hats in this price range.

Because of its durability and high-quality construction, the ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Fleece Hat is an excellent choice for the individual looking for a bit more from their heated hat.

AITOCO Heated Hat

Another exceptional Balaclava-style hat is the AITOCO Heated Hat. This plush and well-insulated hat doesn’t need a powerful battery to keep the heat inside the hat and provide hours of supporting warmth. Working in four different ways, the AITOCO Heated Hat can be used as a mask, neck collar, hood, and full protection cap.

Although the rechargeable battery only tops out at 3.7V, the quality of the fleece fabric makes sure that the heat stays close to the skin. The battery won’t overwhelm you with heat, but when coupled with the plush interior, the AITOCO Heated Hat never disappointed us when using it out in the strong elements such as freezing rain and wind. The battery does deliver up to four hours of continuous heating.

A drawstring clasp allows you to keep the exterior tight against your skin no matter the style you choose to use the hat. The AITOCO Heated Hat’s material is breathable and has some elasticity that moves with your neck during activity.

With several colors to choose from, the AITOCO Heated Hat is an entry-level hat that is very affordable and handles the job it was made to do with softness and durability.


Heated hats are perfect for individuals who love the outdoors during the winter months. With adjustable settings, a variety of heating levels and long-lasting batteries installed, heated hats can help keep the cold away for a long period of work, play, or exercise.