8 Best Heated Pants

Best Heated PantsThe best heated pants on the market all share similar functions and principles. For starters, heated pants utilize material that works exceptionally well when moving. Whether it be lifting or walking, heated pants are never too stiff for the task at hand.

Another area that heated pants excel in is with the heating panels that line the interior of the layer. Companies have done an exceptional job at placing these panels in the areas of your lower body that need heat the most on frigid days. From the knees to the thighs to the backside, heated pants take the chill out of all these areas with relative ease.

Because of their high-quality and excellent performance, these six heated pants that we reviewed are worth your attention, and if they meet your demands, then they are indeed deserving of your money. Here are reviews for six of the best heated pants available to consumers.

Mobile Warming Unisex-Adult Dual Power Heated 12v Pants

The Mobile Warming Dual Power Heated Pants are a prime option for individuals looking for a high-quality heated pant that will last hours upon hours without needing a single charge. With a long-lasting battery, these pants can repel wet and wintry elements while keeping your warm and cozy inside the garment.

For us, the highlight of the pants begins with the flexible, waterproof exterior of these fantastic heated pants. A patented Wind-Shark soft-shell material keeps the moisture and wind away from your skin, so the interior stays dry and warm. What we loved about these pants is that the exterior material stretches with each stride and deep knee bend. You won’t have to worry about these pants slipping or becoming too tight when you need to move. We were blown away by their flexibility, even during the toughest work.

Four unique zones can be heated within the pants to provide total coverage along the legs and torso covered by the Mobile Warming Dual Power Heated Pants. At the touch of a button, wearers can adjust the heat provided to the upper rear/seat area, as well as the waist and the area surrounding each knee. If you’d rather have heat concentrated to a single or a variety of multiple zones, then a quick flip of the switch will accommodate your needs with simplicity.

The interior of the pants is lined with Rainguard protection. This patented system keeps the water away from the interior of the pants and off your skin. The inner layer is made from a comfortably toasty fleece material that does an exceptional job at keeping the warmth generated by the heated system within the pants.

Versatility makes the Mobile Warming Dual Power Heated Pants an extraordinary product. If you love long rides on a motorcycle but can’t stay warm, then these pants have a great solution. The pants’ battery center has a 12-volt system that can be connected to the bike’s power supply to produce enough power to warm the pants for the length of your trip.

The Mobile Warming Dual Power Heated Pants boasts the only 12-volt heated system that runs either, by the connection mentioned above with a vehicle or motorcycle, or by the most commonly used method: the Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery that is installed inside the pants. This Lithium-Ion battery can run the warming system on these pants for a whopping 11 hours. That’s why these pants are terrific for workers who have to shoulder long shifts in the chilly elements.

With two power sources and four heating zones, the Mobile Warming Dual Power Heated Pants are a cut above the rest of the heated pants market. Not only are they extremely comfortable but these pants look great and have the flexibility to move with you wherever you may take them. That may be a bit pricey, but for their dependability and performance, you cannot go wrong with the Mobile Warming Dual Power Heated Pants.

FERNIDA Electric Heated Thermal Trouser

The Fernida heated thermal trousers use a carbon fiber heating element that is heated by connecting it to a USB. The pants are lightweight and don’t feel heavy on the skin. They allow for easy movement in your legs; that way you can keep doing all the activities that you usually do.

The thermal pants are also water and wind-resistant. This means that if they get wet to a certain degree the water will roll off of the pants. The material of the pants will block wind from entering through the fabric. This will make you cold, but you won’t have to worry about that in these pants. The heat generated from the pants helps to promote blood circulation throughout your legs. This will help to warm you up as well as to relieve joint pain associated with your legs.

These pants work great to keep you warm during many outdoor activities. They work to keep you warm while hiking, skiing, hunting, snowboarding, fishing, and camping. They also work great just to wear under your clothing for regular activities such as going to work, walking the dog, taking a car ride, and so on.

It can keep them warm during the cold fall and winter months. These heated thermal pants are made unisex so that they will work for both men and women. Choose your size based on the sizing chart and enjoy the warmth all winter long.

Letsfree USB Heated Pants Rechargeable

The Letsfree rechargeable heated pants are made from 95% polyester and 5% elastane on the outside of the pants. The inside has a soft 95% cotton blend and a 5% elastane. These blends combined help to give the pants a softness about them but still a stretch.

The pants use a carbon fiber heating element that spreads out across the thermal pants. This helps the heat to generate fast when connected to the power source. The temperature is exceptionally warm when it is turned on by the button on the top side of the waist. There are three different heat settings to choose from, and they can all be controlled by that button.

The heat that is generated from the pants promotes blood circulation in the body. When the blood is circulating faster, this means you will get warmer as well as it will help relieve joint and muscle pain inside your legs.

A battery is not included with these pants, so you will either have to buy one separately or use one that you already have with these pants. These work great during outside winter sports, winter activities, and just as a base layer to keep warm. You can choose either a men’s option or a women’s option.

Firstgear Heated Pants Liner

Another heated pant that stays under the radar is the Firstgear Heated Pants Liner. Made primarily for motorcycle riders, these interior layer pants do an admirable job at keeping the heat up and the cold out on long rides. But you don’t have to be a bike enthusiast to enjoy the comfort and advanced technology of the Firstgear Heated Pants Liner.

Made from a spandex hybrid material, the Firstgear Heated Pants Liner works with the body for a custom fit and stays close to the skin, so the heat doesn’t escape. These pants are made from Firstgear’s exclusive performance gear, so the wearer will be treated to a heated pant that has been treated with an anti-bacterial covering that helps prevent odors that build up over extended amounts of use. Also, these pants also have moisture management capabilities that wick away sweat for a clean and fresh day in the cold.

Designed to be worn as close to the body as possible, you might find that the Firstgear Heated Pants Liner is a little snug on first wear. But they are created with the specific instruction that the tighter the pants are then, the better they will warm the body. Flex panels and stretchy spandex assure that the wearer of the inner layer will have no restriction of movement.

One of the hassles of the Firstgear Heated Pants Liner is that it is made to integrate with other products by Firstgear. So if these are the pants for you, be warned that you might have to make some side adjustments to your gear for them to power up. Another black mark on the Firstgear Heated Pants Liner’s report card is that there is no installed rechargeable battery that allows you to move in the pants freely. Instead, the power system on these pants has to be connected to a DC power source.

When the pants are attached to a power source, they heat two specific zones that are located along the knee and thigh area of the pants. The company was wise enough to make sure that when you disconnected these pants liner, you would stay warm long after the power had been removed. So even if you don’t use them with the DC power source, you can use the Firstgear Heated Pants Liner to warm your legs and torso.

If you have the time to collect the full suit of Firstgear heated clothing, then you’ll be delighted by the integration of each garment. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll waste your money otherwise because the Firstgear Heated Pants Liner works tremendously well at keeping the heat against your skin for maximum warmth in the coldest of conditions.

With tremendous flexibility, the Firstgear Heated Pants Liner are a tremendous interior source of warmth when coupled with durable and tough exterior pants. With large heating zones, you won’t have to worry about becoming cold on a long ride or over an extended chilly workday. Coming in a variety of sizes, the Firstgear Heated Pants Liner is an excellent addition to any heated wardrobe.

ActionHeat 5V Heated Base Layer Pants

The ActionHeat Heated Base Layer Pants have been called revolutionary because of their unique use of 5-volt batteries to power the garment. Most heated pants need some type of rechargeable battery, but most include the battery within the lining of the pants. ActionHeat has allowed the wearer to adjust their heating capacities by using an external power source, such as a powerbank.

The ActionHeat Heated Base Layer Pants have incredible flexibility starting with the battery source. The pants run off a 5-volt powerbank and can be adapted to run off any powerbank that meets the specifications from ActionHeat. Included with the pants is a 6000mAh capacity 5V battery. These portable power sources can also charge your phone, tablet and any other small devices when you aren’t using them with the pants. By having that luxury, you can upgrade the battery if you choose and not only use it to charge all of your portable household devices but also ramp up the amount of time your pants can stay warm.

Breaking down the quality of the material of the ActionHeat Heated Base Layer Pants, let’s begin with a little note about how these are to be worn. These ActionHeat pants are meant to be worn as a base layer. That means the pants are to be worn under other pants that can handle the wind and cold with a preference focused on locating a pant with a waterproof exterior.

So you may be asking yourself why do you need a base layer? And the answer is simple; Base layer pants allow you more independence to choose a high-quality exterior layer while the base layer will keep you warm by providing focused heat.

The ActionHeat Heated Base Layer Pants are thin yet pack a punch when it comes to producing heat. Great for individuals who hate wearing bulky layers, these heated pants are slim and conform with your lower body via the company’s patented ActionFlex material. This material shifts well with the body and is breathable for top-notch comfort.

Heat in the ActionHeat Heated Base Layer Pants comes in three specific areas via heating panels. The three heating zones cover the knee, the thigh, and the backside or seat location. And as an added bonus, the wearer can set the heat on one of three different settings. Unlike most pants, the time that each setting can warm the wearer is strictly based upon the size of the rechargeable battery. So if you are looking to wear the base layer for several hours on end, it makes a lot of sense to find an additional external powerbank battery to couple with the factory-included model for added power.

With a slim look but powerful heating ability, the ActionHeat Heated Base Layer Pants are a marvel for individuals who want heated pants without the bulky material that typically comes with this type of garment. Highly affordable, these pants are a great way to start your heated wear collection and will provide hundreds of hours of warmth to carry you through the winter.

VentureHeat Battery Heated Base Layer Bottom

The VentureHeat Battery Heated Base Layer is another great option for individuals looking to streamline their outdoor wear. Accompanied by a strong external powerbank, these pants will raise the temperature around your skin 21-degrees in less than five minutes. The quick warming feature is a lifesaver on those icy days where you have to get out into the cold quickly.

The base layer from VentureHeat goes on underneath your exterior layer and provides long-lasting comfort that will take you through a long workday or hunting trip. The interior is lined with fleece, so the heat generated by the powerbank won’t be going anywhere.

The primary material on the VentureHeat Battery Heated Base Layer is made from performance-grade spandex. This type of material is great for wicking away sweat or moisture, keeping your skin cool and dry.

By pressing the power button, the VentureHeat Battery Heated Base Layer is activated in three heating zones that provide soothing warmth throughout the material. The three heating zones in the VentureHeat Battery Heated Base Layer keep you toasty even on the coldest days. There is a heating coil located on each knee/thigh area and one heating zone that rests at the waist.

Each power zone has three temperature settings for total control of the intensity of heat applied to your legs and waist. With the factory battery, the base layer can deliver almost six hours of high heat. On the low setting, wearers can expect to get close to 11 hours of comforting warmth.

Once you hit the power button on the VentureHeat Battery Heated Base Layer, the battery will kick the high setting on for five minutes to rapidly heat the pants making sure they are cozy and warm when you first place them on your lower body. After those initial five minutes, the pants drop back down to a low setting to maintain the heat within the garment.

The company boasts that the VentureHeat Battery Heated Base Layer has an Xtreme Comfort Technology heating system that utilizes micro-thin carbon fibers to heat the pants. These fibers are undetectable to the naked eye but provide amazing comfort when engaged via the power system.

The temperature controller on the VentureHeat Battery Heated Base Layer is encased in a digital controller flap that allows the individual to wear the controller on the outside of your exterior pants/layer for easy access to turning the heat up or down based on your preference. The indicator on the controller makes it simple to see what heating level your pants are maintaining during your workday.

With an elastic waistband making it great for individuals of all sizes, the VentureHeat Battery Heated Base Layer is a high-performing interior pant that delivers exceptional performance regardless of the weather conditions.

Heilsa Rechargeable Heated Pants

For those looking for the complete package from their heated pants, then the Heilsa Rechargeable Heated Pants are an exceptional choice. Made with a unique blend of cotton velvet and an advanced carbon fiber heating sheet, these pants are an affordable powerhouse providing hours of warmth.

These pants come with three temperature setting that helps with a lower level of comforting warmth but also can turn up the heat when you need it most in frozen conditions. Temperatures in the Heilsa Rechargeable Heated Pants can reach anywhere from 86-degrees Fahrenheit on the low setting to 113-degrees on the high end of the temp scale.

The exterior shell material on the Heilsa Rechargeable Heated Pants is very tough yet breathable making them perfect for moderately cool weather as well. If you are a fan of long bike rides, for example, then these pants can accompany your journey by either insulating your lower body without heat or providing a little kick on a cold day.

Not only does the exterior shell work well with the natural movement of your lower body but the material is also completely waterproof. You won’t have to worry about moisture getting beyond the exterior of the pants, which is comforting to the body, especially when you are hiking through snow and other wet weather.

Inside these heated pants, the lining is made from a cotton blend that is optimal for keeping the heat from escaping. As a result, the wearer can even cut off the power and still feel warm for an extended period of time. This is a great shortcut if you want to save battery as well.

What’s revolutionary about the Heilsa Rechargeable Heated Pants is that the carbon fiber coils within the lining of the pants have a unique design that makes them foldable without worrying about long-term damage.

Focusing on three critical areas, the Heilsa Rechargeable Heated Pants delivers heat to the waist and both the knee and thigh areas. This assures that the heat stays even over the skin and keeps you warm during your outdoor time.

The Heilsa Rechargeable Heated Pants are machine washable. All you need to do is remove the battery, and the pants are ready for the wash. After washing, you can simply hang the heated pants to dry, and within hours, they’ll be prepared to go on your next outdoor adventure.

Even with the battery installed the Heilsa Rechargeable Heated Pants weigh less than three pounds, making them one of the lightest pants available. Having lightweight pants is vital if you are used to typically wearing multiple layers when going outdoors. By finding a comfortable pair of heated pants, you can significantly reduce the amount of clothing you are wearing to stay warm.

Due to their comfort and three temperature settings, the Heilsa Rechargeable Heated Pants are an affordable option for those looking for a complete performance from their heated pants.

KINGWOLFOX Electric Heated Base Layer Pants

The KINGWOLFOX Electric Heated Base Layer comes with a few conditions but is overall a great way to stay warm while reducing the amount of clothing you wear. These are base layer heated pants, so you’ll want to find a durable and waterproof exterior to couple with this warming interior layer. But that shouldn’t stop you from giving these heated base layer pants a look because they are high-quality and perform quite admirably throughout an extended day outside.

The material used to create the KINGWOLFOX Electric Heated Base Layer is a cotton-spandex blend that moves well with your body through any movements whether sitting or walking.

The exterior of the KINGWOLFOX Electric Heated Base Layer has been treated with waterproofing so you can rest assured that if moisture someone penetrates your outer layer that your skin will stay dry. Utilizing the polyester-spandex blend on the interior lining of the pants, KINGWOLFOX has made sure that you’ll also remain incredibly comfortable when you are using the battery to heat the inside of the garment.

The KINGWOLFOX Electric Heated Base Layer is very lightweight, weighing less than two pounds. Finding heated pants this light is an advantage because it assists in keeping you mobile which aids in circulation to combat the cold weather.

The KINGWOLFOX Electric Heated Base Layer is charged via power bank, and the company has added a 5-volt power bank that has a large capacity providing hours of heating. When the base layer is set on the high setting, the wearer can expect roughly 6-8 hours of continuous warmth. Once the pants are moved down to the medium setting, individuals can expect a whopping 8-10 hours of usage. And finally, if the pants are set at low power, then a full battery can deliver anywhere from 10-12 hours of heat.

Wearers will find that temperatures on each setting of the base layer range anywhere from a low of 77-degrees Fahrenheit to a high of 113-degrees. On the medium temperature setting, the KINGWOLFOX Electric Heated Base Layer delivers around 95-degrees Fahrenheit of continuous heat.

The KINGWOLFOX Electric Heated Base Layer has three heating areas located in both knees and in the upper waist or belly area of the pants. Once engaged, the power bank will heat the interior of the pants in less than one minute. The company suggests always turning the pants on before putting them on your lower body. This safety measure ensures protection as well as warms the pants for a soothing effect.

For a pleasing experience that doesn’t blast you away with too much heat, then the KINGWOLFOX Electric Heated Base Layer is an excellent choice for those wanting a lightweight heated pant.

How to Choose the Best Heated Pants

Heated Pants & Heated Base Layers

In this section, you will learn how to choose the best heated pants for you. We will discuss features as well as important things to consider in this buying guide.


When you are shopping for any type of heated clothing, you want it to be functional to your lifestyle. You want it to be able to move easily with your body. Heated pants should allow for movement in your legs not restricting any muscles in your legs. You want them to keep you warm efficiently while you are outside in the cold weather. If you need something to pair with your heated pants to help keep you warm try a heated jacket. This will help to warm up the core of your body.

Heating Element

All of the thermal pants we have reviewed use a carbon fiber heating element that has been wired through the fibers of the fabric very efficiently. The heating is usually concentrated on the thighs on top or below the knees. So, the products we have reviewed even have a heating element along the waist to keep you warm there as well. All of the products we have reviewed are highly effective in keeping you warm during the cold.


You want the material of your pants to be breathable. This goes along with the mobility in your pants. If they are breathable, then you will be able to move your legs easier inside the pants. If you find a product that we haven’t reviewed and it isn’t made from either synthetics or polyester materials it might not be as breathable as the ones we have reviewed. Breathability will keep you more comfortable during the cold winter months.


Make sure that you always follow all sizing charts that you see associated with the heated pants. You want to make sure you measure and know your perfect size ahead of time; that way you can get a perfect size. Some of the options we have reviewed for you are more like thermal layers that will feel tighter or snugger against the body. When in doubt follow the sizing chart. If you are right on the line in between two sizes, size up.

The Power

There are two main power source options when it comes to heated pants. The more common and more affordable option is the rechargeable battery power system. This is when you use a rechargeable battery connected to a USB in the pants to power the heating element.

The other way is to be connected right into an electric source like a motorcycle. So, you need to pay attention to this when you are doing your shopping. You don’t want to purchase one that needs to be connected to an electrical source like a motorcycle if you do not have one.

Wind and Water Resistant

You want to have a good heated pant that is wind and water-resistant this means that if you are wearing these out in harsh winter weather such as snow or slush, the pants will help to keep water from soaking them and wind from penetrating the fabric. Try to purchase the pants that include this feature because it is extremely handy to have and it will actually keep you warmer.

Unisex Design

Some heated pants options come in a unisex design, which means that both men and women can wear the pants. All you have to do Is choose your size carefully to make sure you are getting one that will fit you. Typically, the unisex designed ones look very plain and use neutral colors. If you are not into that pick one of the pants, we have reviewed that aren’t unisex.

Heated Pants FAQ

Q: How do heated pants work?

A: Heated pants work when a power source, whether it be via battery or DC power, is connected to the pants’ power center and, with the press of a button, engages the carbon fiber coils in the lining of the pants to warm the skin that is touching the garment.

There are multiple types of heated pants. From inside liners that heat the interior of an outer shell pant that is waterproof to complete pants that heat the inside while connected material protects the outer layer, there are numerous styles and functions to meet your needs.

Q: What size do you purchase for heated pants?

A: When shopping for anything regarding clothing, you need to follow the sizing guide that comes with the product. All products are made and sized differently. Make sure you measure your body for the pants and follow the sizing chart to get an accurate size for your body.

Q: Can you wash heated pants?

A: Yes, most heated pants brands allow you to wash them in the washing machine. You need to place your heated pants in a washing machine bag, and you need to always remove the battery before washing. With my heated gear items, I always hand wash them or spot wash them with a damp cloth. This is just my personal preference because I don’t want them to get ruined.

Q: How long will my heated pants last?

A: This really depends on the brand you are using as well as how hard you wear them. Are you wearing your heated pants daily during the winter? Are you wearing them during extreme winter activities? All of these things will impact how long your heated pants will last. Try to keep them clean and check on the stitching of the pants regularly to avoid ripping.


Regardless of the activity, heated pants are a terrific addition to any outdoor wardrobe collection. By focusing the heat on specific areas of the lower body, heated pants do a fantastic job of keeping the wearer warm while also making sure that the moisture stays out.

When multiple styles and responsibilities, heated pants are a great way to cut the cold and make sure that your next day in miserable weather is a little more tolerable and a lot warmer.

The best heated pants are made from high-quality materials that move with the body whether at work or play. Whether portable battery or more conventional methods power them, heated pants serve a great purpose that offers flexibility and premium performance.