7 Best Heated Scarves

Heated scarves are lovely accessories for the holiday fanatic in your family. Made from high-quality materials such as wool and cotton, the best battery heated scarves are durable and long lasting. Even if you have a problem with the rechargeable battery that powers these garments, all you have to do is pop it out and place a new one inside the pocket to get the scarf back in shape.

Heated scarves are safe to use and are designed to utilize advanced carbon fiber technology to warm the outer layers of the scarf. Most batteries will last several hours before they run out of power, so you can feel secure that your heated scarf will keep you warm as long as you are outside.

Heated scarves readily available to the public are made primarily with fleece that packs in the heat when wrapped around your neck. The fleece is incredibly soft and assists in making the heated scarf experience one that you will enjoy for a very long time.

Individuals who suffer from prolonged pain the neck and higher spine areas love heated scarves because they transfer heat to their most affected areas. With the scarf being form-fitting, the fleece stays against the skin, keeping the heat directly on the areas you need it most.

A Battery heated scarf is a dream to wear by providing soothing warmth. They make a delightful holiday gift for family and friends. Here’s a detailed breakdown of seven of the best heated scarves available on the market today.

Best Battery Heated Scarves

Venture Rechargeable Heated Scarf

Another of the best heated scarves available is the Venture Rechargeable Heated Scarf. Another heated scarf that works well for either men or women, this scarf is another long, fleece lined model that gives the wearer multiple options when using during their day out in winter weather.

Available in either black or gray, the Venture Rechargeable Heated Scarf is long enough to wrap around your neck multiple times for additional layers that help keep the heat inside the garment.

The battery inside the Venture Rechargeable Heated Scarf has three settings. When left on high, the scarf will provide around 3 hours of continuous warmth. A medium setting delivers approximately 4.5 hours of mid-temperature heat, while the low setting stays warm for close to 6 hours. If the low setting is warm enough for you, then this scarf is great for long hunting or fishing days.

The rechargeable battery does need AC power to recharge, so if you are interested in a USB adaptable battery pack in your heated scarf, this may not be the model for you. But don’t entirely discount the Venture Rechargeable Heated Scarf because of the need for an AC outlet because the battery charges extremely fast as a result.

A well-designed feature is the flexible heating panel located directly in the center of the plush scarf. It is remarkably simple to move the panel to other areas of the neck so that you can help heat muscles are stiff and in need of comfort.

The unisex design is not too feminine, so if you are giving the scarf as a gift to a man, you don’t have to be worried that he’ll be turned off by the look of the Venture Rechargeable Heated Scarf.

Because of the long-lasting battery and excellent portability, we love this scarf for anyone needing a soft scarf. With a great look and cozy feel, the Venture Rechargeable Heated Scarf is a first-rate garment to help you tolerate a day in the chill.

Tesuivra Unisex Heated Scarf

The Tesuivra Unisex Heated Scarf is one of the softest heated scarves on our list. With a fleece interior, this heated scarf comforts your neck while applying subtle heat to help warm your skin. Not only is the Tesuivra Unisex Heated Scarf cozy, but it also has a stylish knit exterior.

The scarf is made from premium wool and stays toasty while keeping the cold weather off your neck. With the burgundy-colored knit exterior, you don’t have to worry about the scarf not matching your clothing or clashing with your coat.

What makes the Tesuivra Unisex Heated Scarf unique is that it comes with a 5000 mAH power bank. In essence, a power bank is a large portable battery that helps charge the battery used to deliver power to the scarf. A small USB port connects to the power bank to charge the scarf and then tucks away within the material of the garment so others won’t see the port and small cord.

The scarf utilizes a heating pad that features carbon fiber coils to warm the skin safely. Once the scarf is powered on, the Tesuivra Unisex Heated Scarf heats immediately. A great plan of action is to turn the scarf on several minutes before you enter the chilly weather, to make sure that the scarf will be warm when you need it to be.

Why we like the Tesuivra Unisex Heated Scarf is simple. This is a high performing heated scarf that lays onto the skin without feeling scratchy or heavy. The rechargeable battery charges quickly and isn’t bulky or cumbersome by weighing down the scarf. Also, the included powerbank is a great addition that also can charge other portable devices like a phone or tablet.

Another feature that most people don’t consider with a scarf, like the Tesuivra Unisex Heated Scarf, is how it helps with heating stiff muscles. The scarf is excellent if you slept poorly and woke up with a hurt neck.

With an inspired design and a stylish look, the Tesuivra Unisex Heated Scarf is an excellent option for those in the market for a scarf that makes sure the heat doesn’t leave your skin, even in the harshest conditions.

Volt Rechargeable Heated Scarf

The Volt Rechargeable Heated Scarf has a distinct yet traditional look for versatile wearing during the chilly months. With the patented Zero Layer Heat System boosted by a long-lasting battery, wearers of the Volt Rechargeable Heated Scarf will have total control where they decide to center the heat.

The Volt Rechargeable Heated Scarf is machine washable and made from soft fleece material. Coming in a stylish grey, this scarf has a wraparound look that differs from other scarves that simply lock around the neck.

The scarf works by first charging the internal battery within the fabric. The lightweight battery is encased in dual-lining material to provide safety and support. You won’t feel the battery while you walk around, making the Volt Rechargeable Heated Scarf one of the most comfortable scarves available. Also, the high-capacity internal battery provides long-lasting performance for hours of calming warmth.

Fueling the Volt Rechargeable Heated Scarf is a 5v powerbank that charges the scarf through a USB connection. The powerbank is incredibly handy by also doubling as a power source for charging your portable electronics. When you don’t need to charge the scarf, the powerbank can give your phone or tablet’s battery a boost.

Wearers can adjust this scarf with three levels of heat. The lowest setting can deliver over seven hours of subtle warmness. If you need a higher temperature, the medium setting can provide 4.5 hours of heat. And finally, the highest setting will give you 3 hours of concentrated heat.

The highlight of the Volt Rechargeable Heated Scarf is the Zero Layer Heat System. This system places the coils that heat the scarf on the rear of the scarf, along the back of the neck. The focused heat can be shifted to concentrate the warmth elsewhere, so if you are experiencing stiffness in your muscles, the heat can relax and loosen the affected area.

With a distinct style that boasts one of the longest lasting batteries we’ve seen in a scarf, the Volt Rechargeable Heated Scarf is an absolute winner that will provide hours of warmth as you watch the snow fall.

AWOEZ USB Heated Neck Scarf with Warm Pocket

The AWOEZ USB Heated Neck Scarf is a bit more simplistic than other heated scarves, but with a comfortable feel and stylish look, this is a scarf that you should give a closer look. Measuring close to five feet in length, this soft scarf comes equipped with three pockets making it easy to carry your phone or keys.

With a single carbon fiber coil embedded into the fabric of the AWOEZ USB Heated Neck Scarf, the scarf gets up to 113-degrees Fahrenheit. That maximum temperature doesn’t reach the heights of other scarves that soar into the 140-degree range, but it does provide a steady and subtle flow of heat that will knock out the chill.

If there is a knock on the AWOEZ USB Heated Neck Scarf is that it has to be connected to power for it to warm. Now that may look difficult from the outside, but the scarf has made accommodations to make sure that you won’t struggle to keep it powered.

First, to power the AWOEZ USB Heated Neck Scarf you’ll need a powerbank. This powerbank needs to be slim and small so that it can easily fit into the zippered pocket on the scarf. You can also use your phone’s power connector and adapt it to fit the attached USB cord, but that will drain your phone’s battery so it should be avoided.

One of the distinct features of the AWOEZ USB Heated Neck Scarf is that there are two pockets on the front of the scarf that can also hold your powerbank or phone will undoubtedly aid in helping you power the garment.

Unlike scarves with rechargeable batteries, the AWOEZ USB Heated Neck Scarf will stay powered and warm as long as you have battery power in your phone or powerbank.

Once you figure out how to keep it consistently powered, the AWOEZ USB Heated Neck Scarf is a useful heated scarf that provides a solid layer of warmth when dealing with a strong wind. With the dual front-facing pockets, you can feel free to carry along lightweight accessories like lipstick or perhaps a light snack. Even with a few hitches, the AWOEZ USB Heated Neck Scarf is very affordable and worth a hard look.

Warmawear Battery Operated Heated Scarf

The Warmawear Battery Operated Heated Scarf is a dependable and well-designed heated scarf. Not only is it great for staying warm on the coldest days but it can help soothe stiff and sore muscles along the neck. Made from soft and cozy fleece, the Warmawear Battery Operated Heated Scarf will keep the chill out and the heat in.

An advanced, high-quality carbon fiber coil is the power center of the Warmawear Battery Operated Heated Scarf. It can be placed wherever you need it to focus heat onto the areas of your neck that need to diminish general pain.

The Warmawear Battery Operated Heated Scarf does utilize a battery, powered by AA batteries, to keep you on the go. For quick trips out in the elements, this heated scarf will focus the heat to your exposed skin and keep you toasty as you run your errands.

If there is a complaint about the Warmawear Battery Operated Heated Scarf, it is that the batteries only work for 3 hours before they’re drained. So, you’ll need to keep some AA batteries handy if you need to replace them while you are out in the bad weather.

The battery is held in a discreet zippered compartment that holds the battery safe and keeps your skin safer because the lining acts as a barrier. A well placed on/off switch on the battery keeps the power on without worrying that you’ll accidentally turn it off.

Even with the battery pack, the Warmawear Battery Operated Heated Scarf stays lightweight and easy on your shoulders. The fleece measures almost 5 feet in length and has plenty of material to wrap around your neck a couple of times.

The Warmawear Battery Operated Heated Scarf does have its problems, for example, if you are looking for a long-lasting rechargeable battery to take out on extended activities such as hunting and fishing trips, then this may not be the scarf for you. However, if your schedule mainly consists of quick trips out to run the usual errands, then the Warmawear Battery Operated Heated Scarf is a great, lightweight choice.

Thermogear Rechargeable Heated Scarf

Perfect for either the man or woman in your life looking for an affordable and modern heated scarf, the Thermogear Rechargeable Heated Scarf is a terrific find. It is very comfortable around the neck and does a beautiful job of keeping your body heat high even in the most frigid of temperatures.

Starting with the material, the Thermogear Rechargeable Heated Scarf uses a very cozy fleece fabric that does an admirable job and keeping the heat against your skin.
Another great feature of this heated scarf is that it is very pliable, so you are not fixed to one shape with the scarf. You can easily loop this scarf around your shoulders and neck for additional layers of warmth.

Even though most heated scarves are tailored to the female consumer, the Thermogear Rechargeable Heated Scarf is designed as a unisex garment. That’s right, both men and women can wear this scarf and easily integrate it with your attire.

Another aspect of the Thermogear Rechargeable Heated Scarf is how it has been designed to help relieve your neck fatigue and stiffness. During cold weather, our muscle aches and pains are multiplied.

Most of us reach for a warm heating pad to help carry away the tension, but those pads can’t use portable batteries as the Thermogear Rechargeable Heated Scarf can. With a durable three-hour rechargeable battery, the scarf can help take care of those sore muscles while you carry out the chores of the day.

Designed to use with its custom pocket, the scarf’s battery is small enough to hide away giving you safe and lightweight power. Connected via USB, the battery quickly recharges for future uses.

We’re happy to report that the Thermogear Rechargeable Heated Scarf is machine washable and stays soft even after tens of wash cycles. When ready to wash, all you have to do is pop out the lipstick-sized battery and then it is ready for your washer.

Because of its smooth fleece exterior, we recommend the Thermogear Rechargeable Heated Scarf as a great garment for helping you keep the cold away from your skin.

Best Hand Warmer Heated Scarf

Techniche ThermaFur Heating Scarf

If you are looking for a no-frills heated scarf that gets the job done then look no further than the Techniche ThermaFur Heating Scarf. Without the use of batteries, the Techniche ThermaFur Heating Scarf utilizes their patented Technique Air Activated Body Warmers by placing them in three pockets on the scarf to warm the wearer’s neck and chest.

Once activated the Technique Air Activated Body Warmers last just over 24 hours. So it is vital to activate the warmers moments before you wear the scarf. That said, you can stop the heat activation of the warmers by placing them in an air-tight container. The warmers will stay fresh while locked away so that they can regenerate at a later time.

The scarf is long yet incredibly soft and pliable to move around your upper body when the cold is attacking you. Made from a poly-fleece blend, the Techniche ThermaFur Heating Scarf is durable and stays locked in place via the cotton-polyester blend trim.

Coming in either black or khaki, the Techniche ThermaFur Heating Scarf isn’t the most stylish scarf in our review, but it is incredibly affordable and does a great job of pinpointing areas of your upper body that needs to be warmed during outdoor activities.

The simplicity of the Techniche ThermaFur Heating Scarf both helps and hurts the overall product. What is hassling about owning this heated scarf is the constant reloading of Technique Air Activated Body Warmers into the pockets of the scarf. Even after you seal up a used warmer, you will have the nagging suspicion that the pads aren’t warming like before.

The Techniche ThermaFur Heating Scarf won us over with its versatility and high performance. In windy and chilly conditions, the scarf held itself in place, and the pockets kept the warmers close to our clothing. You may suspect that the heat put out by the Technique Air Activated Body Warmers won’t be warm enough, but we can assure you that’s not the case.

Doubts aside, the Techniche ThermaFur Heating Scarf does a great job at being an affordable scarf with plenty of upper body coverage.

How do Battery Heated Scarves Work?

Heated scarves have their power button easily accessible to make it simple to start the heating process. Using either rechargeable batteries or AC power, heated scarves stimulate the carbon fiber coils installed in the lining of the scarf. Once activated, scarves can heat up quickly, reaching temperatures over 150-degrees Fahrenheit.

The scarves typically have a velcro connection or buttons to secure the scarf around the neck. These fasteners aren’t too tight and keep the scarf locked along the neck. However, some scarves come designed to hang along the neck loosely.

Most users turn on their scarf several minutes before they place it around their neck to make sure that it is already warm. When the heated scarf becomes low with power, all it takes is a quick plug in using a USB adapter or an AC wall plug to recharge the battery.


Made from cotton and fleece, heated scarves are great for beating the cold. The high-quality material makes these scarves a great gift because they are affordable and work exceptionally well. For individuals having a tough time with their pain management for their neck, heated scarves offer a safe alternative to pain alleviating drugs.

Manufacturers have gone to great lengths to make sure that battery heated scarves are safe for adults of any age. The rechargeable batteries used to power the scarves are protected with a dual lining that makes sure that the coils never get too warm against your skin. Because of their durability and great performance, the best heated scarves are a dynamite way to stay cozy during the winter.