Best Heated Slippers

Made from wonderfully soft materials, heated slippers can be a dream on your feet during those brutally cold mornings, especially if your house has tile or hardwood floors. Either through AC power, usb or rechargeable batteries, heated slippers can provide heated comfort in a variety of ways. Whether it be in a stationary situation or heating your feet as you walk, heated slippers are extremely versatile.

When searching for the right pair of heated slippers for your life, you’ll want first to understand several areas of focus. The first is the quality of the slippers. Most have high-quality rubber soles that are non-stick and can safely walk across hard surfaces without worrying about slipping. The interior of the slippers usually have some type of plush, and insulated material that helps keeps the heat inside the shoe.

Another decision users have to make is finding heated slippers that work best for their need. If you are looking for heated slippers to wear while you watch television or read, then AC-powered slippers are the way to go. You can remove the power and walk freely with these type of slippers, but the heating-side of the slippers will stop. The more portable option that keeps the heat going on your feet as you walk is the slippers that have a rechargeable battery installed within the fabric of the shoes.

Regardless of the type of heated slippers you choose, the product will deliver long-lasting warmth and comfort safely to your feet. Below are reviews of five exceptional heated slippers that provide a relaxing experience that will make you sad when the weather gets warm.

How do Heated Slippers Work?

Heated slippers work by having power, either through AC delivery or battery, sent to coils that are installed within the lining of the shoes. Insulation and lining keep the coils safely away from the skin but allow heat to fill the interior of the slippers and keep the feet warm.

Although the slippers can be worn freely at all times, only battery powered slippers can deliver heat while walking. AC-powered and usb heated slippers must be worn while plugged in, making them only for stationary use.

Best Battery Heated Slippers

VOLT Battery Heated Slippers

If you are suffering from constantly cold toes, the VOLT Battery Heated Slippers offer a terrific option for individuals looking for continual heat while you walk, work or rest. These heated slippers by VOLT come with rechargeable battery packs that have been installed for consistent heat with portability not found with AC-powered slippers that must stay plugged in.

The battery has four settings that allow heating from over 3 hours to a whopping maximum of ten hours. At 100% strength, the VOLT Battery Heated Slippers will last just over 3 hours. At 75% strength, you can expect to receive 4.5 hours of power. At 50%, the battery packs will deliver close to 6 hours of constant heat to your feet. And finally, at 25% power, you can expect that the VOLT Battery Heated Slippers will provide heat for a jaw-dropping ten hours.

The VOLT Battery Heated Slippers have two durable 3.7V rechargeable lithium batteries that are powered by a dual charger that cuts down the recharging time by simultaneously powering both shoes. The VOLT slippers also come with a wireless remote control that assists in finding the right heating level for your feet.

The exterior shell of the VOLT Battery Heated Slippers is made from nylon and have a fleece lining that repels the cold. A memory foam cushion lines the interior base of the slippers providing exceptional comfort to the soles of your feet that makes the VOLT Battery Heated Slippers a dream to walk in around the house.

The sole of the VOLT Battery Heated Slippers is made from lightweight rubber that is very durable but also supple enough to move with the foot’s natural motion. The interior of the shoe utilizes high-quality Thinsulate insulation that helps traps the heat inside the slipper to keep you warm.

The VOLT Battery Heated Slippers are one of the best battery-powered heated slippers on the market today. For the money, these slippers are a great choice that won’t leave you disappointed.

Best 12V Heated Slippers

ObboMed MF-2620M 12V Carbon Fiber Heated Warming Booties

One of the best USB-powered slippers available, the ObboMed 12V Carbon Fiber Heated Warming Booties delivers a great experience for the individual looking for upper-tier slippers.
What makes these heated slippers unique is that it has a zipper on the inside of the ankle area of the bootie.

These slippers can heat up to 140-degrees Fahrenheit, and although that may be far too much heat for slippers that force you to be stationary, you’ll be happy if you decide to heat these booties and walk around the house. By heating the ObboMed 12V Carbon Fiber Heated Warming Booties to their maximum temperature, you assure that they’ll stay heated longer once you unplug.

Powered by advanced carbon fiber technology, the ObboMed 12V Carbon Fiber Heated Warming Booties has two levels to warm the slippers. An attached indicator has two levels that can heat the slippers quickly or with a slower rise.

These booties are not machine-washable but can be spot cleaned if you should get them dirty along the way. They come in two sizes, medium and large. The medium slipper fits men up to size 7.5 and women to a size 9. The large version of the ObboMed 12V Carbon Fiber Heated Warming Booties goes to a size 11.5 for men and 13 for women.

The slippers come with a power cable that stretches 63 inches in length, and this allows the user to power the booties with plenty of room to relax while the interior warms. Also, ObboMed suggests that you don’t take the booties outside as they are constructed to handle the wear and tear.

For a heavy-duty slipper, the ObboMed 12V Carbon Fiber Heated Warming Booties is an excellent choice that will keep your feet wrapped in soothing warmth.

Best USB Heated Slippers

SMOKO Adorable Plush Unicorn Heated Slippers

Another cute addition to the heated slippers market is the SMOKO Plush Unicorn Heated Slippers. A great gift option for children (over the age of six) and loved ones who have a childlike sensibility, the SMOKO Plush Unicorn Heated Slippers are a blast to wear.

Made from a mix of cotton and polyester, the SMOKO Plush Unicorn Heated Slippers are very lightweight and will fit a woman’s foot up to the size of 12.

Unlike other SMOKO heated slippers, there is only one version of these Unicorn slippers available, and that is a USB version. To warm the foot, the slipper must be connected to a USB outlet on a computer or plugged into a USB wall adapter. The slipper has a 57-inch cord that connects to deliver power to the slipper so the interior can be warmed.

When you plug in the SMOKO Plush Unicorn Heated Slippers, you’ll notice that your feet begin to warm within a couple of minutes. Once you unplug the slippers, the interior will stay warm for over 30 minutes.

The exterior of these slippers are made from a soft polyester that are easy to clean after you’ve worn them for an extended period and gained a few stains. The interior of the slipper utilizes cotton to create an appealing environment for your feet. There are two color options available as the SMOKO Plush Unicorn Heated Slippers come in both pink and purple.

The SMOKO Plush Unicorn Heated Slippers are a blast to wear around the house. Not only are they soft and pleasing to your feet, but the unique design of these slippers also make them a conversation starter among your friends. Great for a slumber party or a pajama day over the holidays, the SMOKO Plush Unicorn Heated Slippers is a fun alternative to the traditional heated slipper.

SMOKO Heated Corgi Slippers

The SMOKO Heated Corgi Slippers are perfect for children (over the age of six) or playful adult in your family. Shaped as two Corgi dogs, these heated slippers come in two versions: USB and wireless battery. Fitting feet up to a women’s size 12, the SMOKO Heated Corgi Slippers weigh less than five ounces and is made from a combination of cotton and polyester.

So there are two different versions of the SMOKO Heated Corgi Slippers to choose from. The USB version of the slippers only warm while plugged into the computer or wall adapter. The length of the cord on the USB slippers is just under five feet, so there’s plenty of slack to freely position the computer or wall adapter around your positioning.

The battery-powered version is the more mobile version of the SMOKO Heated Corgi Slippers. The process of charging the battery-powered edition is simple. Just plug the slippers into a computer or wall adapter and allow the slippers to charge for a few hours. Once charged, the SMOKO Heated Corgi Slippers will provide 3-4 hours of heat to the interior of your shoes.

The interior of the slippers is created from a mixture of cotton and polyester. The material is breathable and won’t suffocate your feet when the slippers are warming through battery power. Also, you’ll find the slippers are well-cushioned, and when you decide to roam, your feet will be surrounded by comfort.

Of course, the appeal of the SMOKO Heated Corgi Slippers is the adorable design. But we found as an added bonus, however, that the slippers are very cozy and enjoyable to wear. If you are searching for a stylish and playful heated slipper, then give a hard look at the SMOKO Heated Corgi Slippers.

ValueRays USB Heated Slippers

ValueRays is a relatively new company in the heated slippers market, but the company’s youth shouldn’t have you doubting their affordable and highly inventive ValueRays USB Heated Slippers. Using a USB connection that you typically find on a computer, these heated slippers don’t contain a battery but still provide the straightforward comfort you’d expect from a heated slipper.

Now, it is important to know that the ValueRays USB Heated Slippers are a stationary slipper. The only way they work is when they are plugged into a USB powered connection. Whether it be through a USB wall plug or a computer, these slippers will not receive power until that connection is accomplished.

As a result of this design, the ValueRays USB Heated Slippers are not made for walking while they are being heated. Instead, their primary function is to warm your feet while you relax. Whether it be in front of the TV or lounging by the fire, these USB-enabled heated slippers must stay plugged in for you to enjoy them. Be advised; you’ll need USB ports or adapters to power up both slippers.

With that out of the way, the ValueRays USB Heated Slippers come in two sizes, small and large. The company suggests that anyone who wears less than a woman’s 7.5 is ideal for the small size. The large slipper, however, does have a limit as the company suggests that only individuals who can fit in a men’s size 10 or under, wear the larger slipper.

Even when powered, the slippers will only get warm, never hot, so you can rest assured that these slippers won’t harm you. Also, these ValueRays USB Heated Slippers are soft and do have a non-slip sole for when you are ready to unplug and walk around.

The ValueRays USB Heated Slippers are a very affordable heated slipper that sadly does come with a few hitches but, in the end, is well worth the hassle.


The best-heated slippers available are built with premium fabrics and pleasing cushioning. These two factors make sure that your feet are surrounded by warmth and keep the cold away from your skin.

The heated slippers on our list are not only affordable but offer terrific performance. Whether you decide that battery-powered or AC-anchored slippers are the right choice for your feet, neither will prevent you from receiving a soft and soothing experience.