11 Best Ice Hockey Skates 2021

If you want to play at your best on the ice this year, you’ll need the right equipment.

It’s essential to have one of the best ice hockey skates and I’ll show you what to think about when making your decision – you’ll see my top picks for the year after.

I’m sure you’ll see a product you love by the time you’re done reading.


How To Choose Hockey Skates

There’s a few things you should consider when selecting a new pair of skates and this video sums up the process well:

Pretty simple!

I personally believe the most important factors are:

  • Getting the right size
  • Getting the right width
  • Knowing your skill level and how you intend to use the skates

First off, you need to make sure the skates fit you properly. The products on this list are meant for senior players and here’s a chart that’ll help you in this department:

Once you have that figured out you should think about the width of your foot. If you’ve never had problems wearing regular width shoes you’ll want a D or R width skate. If you know for sure you have a wider than average foot you’ll want either E, EE, or W width skates.

Lastly, you need to consider your own skill level and how you intend on using the skates. If you’re a high performing athlete you’ll want to spend a little extra. A high end skate is made from lightweight yet durable materials and will help you in all facets of your game – speed, cuts, acceleration, stopping, ankle support, padding and more. There’s products on this list that are perfect for these types of players.

If you’re playing in a men’s league or just for fun, you won’t need to spend as much. Skates for these athletes aren’t on the same level as some of the higher end one’s but they’re still safe and comfortable to use – they’re way less expensive also. There’s plenty of options for these types of players here too.

Now that you know what to look for, let’s look at my top picks now.

CCM Super Tacks

Company: CCM

Price: $$$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

Here we have another skate from CCM (you’ll be seeing a lot of their products on this list) and the Super Tacks are just as high quality as the one you saw already – and as expensive.

Like the FT1’s the Super Tacks’ are made for high performing hockey players and are reserved for the best of the best. If you’re serious about hockey this is a piece of equipment that’ll help you in every way imaginable.

Some top features include:

  • Monoframe 360 design wraps to the exact shape of your heel and provides 360 degree fit – this means more control and sharper cuts.
  • Heat moldable so you get a custom fit and have zero empty space to mess up the feel of the skate
  • TotalDri Liner wicks away all moisture and sweat – you’ll be less distracted by sweat and be able to focus more on the ice.
  • Comfort padding adds a bit of comfort and protection.
  • Abrasion patches ensure these skates last and you get more use out of them.
  • Ultra lightweight and because of this you’ll be flying around the ice.
  • Blades are oxide treated and this allows for the edge to hold onto its sharpness for longer.

So how much is this skate going to cost you? A lot. Do I think it’s worth it? Definitely and especially if you can afford it. If not there’s more affordable skates made for skilled hockey players on this list.

Bauer Supreme S150

Company: Bauer

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.7/5

Bauer is a monster in the hockey world and you’ll see their gear all over hockey rinks – they make high quality skates, sticks, pants, helmets, gloves, shin pads – you name it.

Their Bauer Supreme S150’s aren’t the best skate they offer but they work for a lot of people and are affordable. The class of hockey player that should consider the S150’s are men’s league players and people that like to play every once in a while for fun – they’re not meant for very serious athletes.

If you’re the former, you’ll like that they come with:

  • Zero negative space through out the skate means you’ll get smooth energy transfer which leads to better cuts.
  • Light memory foam distributed through out the skate is comfortable and forms to the natural shape of your leg.
  • 3-D Trueform tech PU can be heat molded to the exact shape of your foot – this gives you a comfortable and custom fit.
  • 2 piece tongue provides a good amount of protection and comfort too.

Like I said up top, these skates are affordable. This is a price that almost every one can afford. Also, they have a few very positive reviews and if you’d like to check out what others are saying about this product, click below:

CCM Tacks 4092

Company: CCM

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

The CCM Tacks 4092’s may not be the best skate for people looking for a college scholarship or anyone in pro leagues but the 4092’s are still a good skate.

If you want a dependable skate, that’s not going to break the bank, this product might be for you. It has enough going for it that it still performs pretty well and will allow you to fly around out there.

That’s because is it comes with:

  • Nice stiff design means you’ll get better energy transfer and faster cuts.
  • Two-tone brushed micro-fiber extends the life of this product and prevents it from tearing.
  • Felt tongue is ultra comfortable and it provides a good level of protection.
  • Speedblade 4.0 gives you a better attack angle and ensures you can turn into your cuts with a lot of force.
  • Speedblade Stainless makes sure the blade holds its edge for a long time.

As you can see this skate actually has a lot of the same features as the two high end CCM products listed up top. The 4092 isn’t on the same level as the FT1’s or Super Tacks but not everyone needs that.

Also, this skate is a lot cheaper. For what you’re getting that makes this piece of equipment an excellent value.

Bauer Nexus N6000

Company: Bauer

Price: $$

Rating: 4.7/5

You’ve seen quite a few products on this list so far and most have been for either extremely high performers or at least pretty competitive hockey players.

The Bauer Nexus N6000 is not a skate you’ll find or should find on elite level talent. This piece of equipment is solely for beginners and people that like to play recreationally – in men’s leagues, playing pond hockey and things like that.

Some additional features include:

  • Lightweight and you won’t be slowed down by bulky/heavy materials.
  • Deep-V means this product is anatomically molded for an exact fit.
  • Felt tongue is comfortable and will protect against slap shots to the shin.
  • Molded EVA Footbed adds even more comfort and this means this skate will be a joy to wear all day long.
  • TUUK stainless steel blade holder is durable and will last a long time.

As you can see there’s still a lot going for it. The best part? It won’t cost a ton to buy. If you’re looking to get onto the ice a bit this winter and don’t want to empty your bank account for a new skate, the Nexus N6000 could work for you.

CCM Ribcor 70K

Company: CCM

Price: $$$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

Here we are with another high end skate from CCM and the Ribcor 70K can be found on the feet of elite level talent.

As a matter of fact, CCM claims this product was developed with the help of biomechanics and with the feedback of NHL players. It’s pretty safe to assume with this type of input you’re going to get a good skate.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, you’ll also like the top features which include:

  • FlexFrame technology gives you the most lateral stability possible and ensures a high range of forward flexion – this means stronger strides.
  • TotalDri Liner that you’ve seen on a few CCM skates already. This liner ensures your feet stay as dry as possible and it wicks away sweat and moisture build up.
  • Tritech tongue is very comfortable and protects you – you’ll avoid injuries because of this.
  • Dual density foam strategically placed throughout this product is another reason it’s so comfortable.
  • Extra stiff design means you get the most performance possible and you get effortless transfer of energy – you’ll get quick cuts and more power because of this.
  • SpeedBlade 4.0 holder that’s very popular and long lasting.

Although this product won’t cost as much as the FT1’s or the Super Tacks, it’s still pretty expensive.

This is a skate you’ll love, though, and any person that gets to hit the ice with these laced on their feet is extremely lucky.

CCM Tacks 6092

Company: CCM

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.8/5

The CCM Tacks 6092 is another skate that very good hockey players should consider. It’s the kind of product I would recommend to high level high school athletes and people that play in pro leagues.

You could even wear these if you’re competitive in men’s leagues or recreational leagues. One thing I really like about the 6092’s is they’re ready to go right out of the box – it won’t take long to break them in.

Some other features I like include:

  • Reinforcements through out the skate ensures this product is very supportive and will allow you to skate at your absolute most aggressive.
  • Attack Frame core boosts performance and is lightweight. This helps in speed and explosiveness.
  • Material through out the skate eliminates sweat and all moisture build up.
  • Soft pad collar makes this skate extremely comfortable and provides a good amount of ankle support.
  • Comfort pads also make this one of the most comfortable skates available.
  • Nice and stiff design means you’ll get good energy transfer and fast cuts.
  • SpeedBlade 4.0 is durable and will keep this product from breaking down.
  • CCM Fit System means you’ll get a custom fit and this eliminates any distractions so you can focus on the ice.

The price actually isn’t that bad. If you want an elite level product without completely breaking the bank, this is a piece of equipment you should think about.

Bauer Vapor X800

Company: Bauer

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.8/5

The Bauer Vapor X800 is one of the best Bauer skates on the market and is specifically made for normal width feet. If you have an extra wide foot you’ll have to look elsewhere (there’s plenty of skates on this list that provide an option for wide feet).

This is another product that can work for basically everyone. High performers and recreational hockey players alike will enjoy the performance they get here.

Some aspects that make this skate worth it, includes:

  • OD1N technology provides structural support and gives you more explosiveness out of cuts
  • X-rib Pattern locks down your heel and ankle which has proven to allow for tighter turns and more precision.
  • Lightweight materials ensure you’ll be flying around out there.
  • 3D lasted design gives you a true 360 degree fit and you’ll be completely supported through out the skate.
  • Hydra Mex Liner is ultra durable and breathable – this is good for comfort and prevents sweat from building up too much.
  • Form Fit Tongue is lightweight, a pleasure to wear and is protective.

This is a pretty pricey skate but I personally think it’s worth that price. Bauer is probably the most well known hockey company on earth and this is one of their best skates.

This product is one you’ll love and one that’ll help you play at your highest.

CCM Ribcor 64K

Company: CCM

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

I know there’s been a lot of CCM skates on this list that have been pretty expensive – there’s a few that cost almost $1000. If you want CCM quality without breaking the bank the Ribcor 64K might just be what you’re looking for.

Do I think this skate should be on the feet of elite level hockey players? Probably not. This class of athlete will probably want something a little more high performing.

This product is more geared toward someone that plays for fun or maybe on a club team.

If that sounds like you, you’ll like that they come with:

  • Quarter package injected with composite skin. This skin makes these skates stiff and durable.
  • Micro liner is both heavy duty and comfortable to wear.
  • Felt tongue features reinforcements which protect vulnerable parts of your leg.
  • CCM anatomical footbed forms to the natural shape of your foot and is extremely supportive.
  • Speedblade 4.0 is ultra durable and provides a good angle for you to explode into your attacks with.

I mentioned up top this product is affordable. This is a very good price and means the Ribcor 64K’s are an excellent value.

As long as you’re not looking for a D1 scholarship these skates will work well for you.

Bauer Supreme 140

Company: Bauer

Price: $

Rating: 4.6/5

The Bauer Supreme 140’s are one of the cheapest pair of skates on this list and really should only be worn by absolute beginners and people just messing around. Even if you play in a competitive men’s league you might want more than this product can give you.

But they’re more than suitable for novices. They’re forgiving enough that you won’t feel out of control and quality enough to ensure you learn the right way.

If you’re just starting out, you’ll like that the 140’s come with:

  • TUUK Super Stainless runners are durable and will last a long time
  • 3D Trueform Tech Pu provides a good amount of support and you’ll feel nice and sturdy wearing them.
  • Fit foam through out the skate makes sure this skate is ultra comfortable and they’ll be something you won’t mind wearing all day long.
  • 2 piece felt tongue provides a lot of comfort and protects areas of your legs that are vulnerable to slap shots.
  • Microfiber liner is another reason this product is so comfortable and prevents the build up of sweat.

If you’re interested in this piece of equipment you’ll be happy to know they cost little to purchase. They won’t knock your socks off but they’ll help you develop your skills.

CCM Jetspeed FT340

Company: CCM

Price: $

Rating: 4.6/5

Last on the list is another product that’s specifically made for novice hockey players and should be avoided by any one that’s past the absolute beginner stage.

This is a pair skates you wear when you’re teaching your child how to play hockey or if you’re just messing around with your friends. Any competitive hockey player will not get enough support, protection or performance with the CCM Jetspeed FT340

Some top features include:

  • Injected with mesh skin provides a good amount of durability and prevents wear and tear.
  • Felt tongue is ultra comfortable and provides a good amount of protection.
  • Injected outsole helps you get some good cuts
  • CCM footbed is supportive and comfortable.

This product costs as much as you’d expect for a beginner skate. This is a price that almost everyone can afford and is perfect for people just starting out.

CCM Jetspeed FT1

Company: CCM

Price: $$$$$

Rating: 5/5

The CCM Jetspeed FT1’s is reserved only for the highest caliber hockey players – you should be extremely skilled to wear these and most likely have some sort of future in hockey or are at least striving towards a future in hockey.

If you’re one of those athletes and are looking to play at your absolute best this year, you should consider the FT1’s – they truly are a premium skate.

Some features I know you’ll like include:

  • Extremely lightweight and gives you a 360 degree fit
  • 1 piece boot frame ensures you hit fast speeds and allows for seamless energy transfer on cuts and stopping.
  • Heat moldable means you can get a custom fit to your foot and there will be no empty spaces.
  • TotalDri Liner is ultra breathable and removes any moisture or sweat build up in the skate. This is essential for performance and comfort.
  • Pro Soft padding around the collar allows for maximum ankle support, protection and comfort.
  • Abrasion patches strategically placed all over this skate to improve durability so you get more out of this product.
  • TriTech Tongue offers a high amount of protection that’s comparable to what pros need.
  • Custom footbed’s with currexSole enhances arch support and provides more foot to skate contact for better energy transfer.
  • SpeedBlade 4.0 holder allows for an additional 4mm of height and this gives you more precise turning and aggressive attacks.

As you can see this skate lives up to the hype. It’s very expensive, though, and will probably be out of most people’s price range.

Do I think you absolutely need this skate to do well this year? No. But if you can afford the FT1’s there worth it. I know you’ll agree if you decide to pull the trigger on them.

Plus, they come with a full 90 day money back guarantee if you don’t like them.

Don’t Hit The Ice With The Wrong Skates! 

Hockey is a sport that relies on explosiveness, protection and support. Get the right skate and you’ll get all three – get the wrongs ones and you won’t.

There’s a skate for all needs and budgets listed here and there’s a product above that I know will work perfectly for you.

If you have any questions you can comment below and I’ll make sure to respond as fast as possible. You can search around the hockey section up top for more tips and gear reviews.

Are you ready to play your hardest this year?