11 Best Ice Hockey Sticks 2021: Seniors, Juniors And Intermediates

Looking to up your skills on the ice this year?

If so, you’ll want one of the best hockey sticks. In this post I’ll show you everything you need to consider when deciding on a product and you’ll see my top picks for the year.

I’m sure you’ll see a stick you want to play with somewhere along the line.

Let’s get into it.

How To Choose A Hockey Stick

There’s a few things to consider when purchasing a stick and the most important factors are:

  • Choose between composite materials or wood
  • Get the right size
  • Get the right flex

First and foremost, you have to make the selection between wood and composite materials. Wood sticks are durable and inexpensive but most serious hockey players want composite – composite sticks allow you to shoot much harder than wood.

Here’s a video that goes a little more in depth about this:

Pretty simple, right? I only put composite sticks on this list and if you’re interested in wood sticks, click here.

Next, you need to get the right size and flex. The size and flex you get depends on your age, height and weight. Here’s a chart that helps here:

If you’re still a little confused, this video should clear things up:

Not too bad!

Most of the sticks I mention on this list come in different sizes, flexes and different versions for seniors, juniors, and intermediates.

Let’s take a look at my top picks now.

CCM Super Tacks 2.0 Grip

Company: CCM

Price: $$$$

Rating: 5/5

If you’re a high performing hockey player or wish to reach that level, the CCM Super Tacks 2.0 is a product that you should consider. It’s one of the best sticks on this list and comes from hockey giant CCM.

The Tacks line of hockey equipment is really well known too and you can find CCM Tacks skates, pants, gloves and more. You know when you go Tacks you’re getting durability, high performance and a good feel.

Some other features that you’ll like include:

  • Sigmatex materials is very strong and ensures you get a lot of use out of this stick. Also, it’s extremely lightweight, which is preferred among skilled hockey players.
  • Dual flex profile gives you a mid kick point and there’s two separate zones for both slap shots and wrist shots.
  • Reinforced Bumper Technology adds even more strength and does this by reinforcing slash zones on the stick.
  • ACU2 Blade is stiff and let’s you rocket shots. It’s durable too.

This stick is not cheap, however, and is one of the more expensive products on this list.

If you’re in a low competition rec league, or just like to play for fun, you not may need this piece of equipment. If you’re serious about your game and want a top of the line stick, the CCM Super Tacks 2.0 is the one for you.

Alkali RPD Zenith 

Company: Alkali

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.9/5

Here we have another quality stick and the Alkali RPD Zenith is a product you’ll find in the hands of very good hockey players.

One thing I really like about the Zenith is it’s very lightweight and still strong. You don’t want a stick that’s heavy to use – this will just slow your shots down. You also don’t want a stick that’s made from flimsy materials, you’ll just end up breaking the shaft.

This stick is able to be both lightweight and durable because of the Hyper Carbon technology found through out the shaft. You’ll like the feel this material gives you too.

Some other aspects you’ll like include:

  • One piece construction means you get a product that won’t break right away and ensures you’ll have the Zenith for a while.
  • Mid kick point is great for all you snipers out there looking to put as much power as possible into all your shots.
  • Rounded sidewalls make sure this stick feels good in your hands and is comfortable to play with

This is another stick that’s pretty pricey. I personally think it’s worth every penny, however, and it’s a product you’ll love if you decide on. It comes with a 6 month warranty too which is pretty rare for hockey sticks.

Here’s a video that goes a little more in depth:

As you can see this is a really well made and slick piece of equipment.

Bauer Supreme 1S Griptac

Company: Bauer

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

Bauer is another hockey giant and you’ll see their gear all over the ice. They make very popular equipment and one of their most well made and quality sticks is the Supreme 1S Griptac.

This is a product that’s reserved for high performers and is not really a stick a recreational hockey player will need – there’s plenty of other cheaper and quality sticks for this class of athletes.

If you’re in that first group, however, you’ll really like that the Supreme 1S’ have:

  • Supreme Power Shaft helps keep the blade squared for more accurate shots – it also helps you shoot harder shots.
  • 1S Tactile grip gives you a good feel and ensures you have complete control over your shots.
  • Power Sense Core 2 makes use of carbon materials that are ultra strong and extra responsiveness. You’ll get a product that lasts because of this and one that let’s you rocket shots.
  • Monocomp Technology reduces weight and this makes for a better experience on the ice
  • Pure Shot Blade Profile reduces the amount blade deflection and improves blade control.

This is another stick that costs a pretty good amount of money. If you don’t have much to spend this year don’t worry. You’ll see plenty more sticks on this list that’ll work for you.

Alkali RPD Visium+

Company: Alkali

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

Here we have another Alkali stick and this one, the PRD Visium+, is a piece of equipment that I really like. It’s made for all skill levels and is a product that’ll you’ll see on very good hockey players all the way down to people who just play for fun.

One thing I like and I know you’ll like is that it features 18k Carbon Fiber materials through out the shaft. This improves the responsiveness of the stick and makes sure it won’t break easily. The last thing you want is to snap it in half without getting a year out of it and that won’t happen here.

Some other features that make this product worth it include:

  • Mid kick point is loved by many hockey players and is perfect for people that like to put their weight into their shots.
  • Ultra lightweight and this stick will feel very balanced in your hands.
  • Blade is reinforced with kevlar and you’ll have a hard time putting a crack in it, that’s for sure.
  • Rounded corners so it’s more comfortable to wear and provides top of the line feel.

This isn’t a cheap stick but it’s not overly expensive either. This is another excellent value and if you decide on the Visium, you will definitely get your money’s worth.

Sherwood Rekker EK365

Company: Sherwood

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

Sherwood is another company well known in the hockey wold and their Rekker EK365 is as high quality as any other stick on this list. This is a product that elite level talent can rock.

If you’re someone who’s chasing a college scholarship, already made it to the pros or want to play your absolute hardest in school (or leagues for younger players) you should consider the EK365.

Some top features include:

  • The lightest stick on the market by about 30 grams. This means you won’t be slowed down and you’ll fly around the ice this year.
  • Uses Blackline Carbon Fiber which is why this product is so light. This carbon fiber material is also ultra strong and responsive – it’s improves durability as well.
  • Dropkick taper ensures you’ll get the quickest releases for all your shots and passes.
  • Graphene materials, which is hundreds of times stronger than steel, in vulnerable parts and prevents breakage/cracks.

Since this stick is such high quality it’s going to cost a little extra. It’s worth it to pay a little extra (especially for serious hockey players) and you’ll notice an improvement in performance if you decide on the EK356.


Company: CCM

Price: $$$$

Rating: 5/5

Here we have another CCM stick and this one is one of the highest quality and well made products they offer. This truly is a piece of equipment that elite level talent should consider.

In fact, if you just play hockey for fun you probably wouldn’t need a stick like this. But if you’re a high performing high school athlete, collegiate or pro, this stick will work well for you (especially if you’re scorer).

Some top features include:

  • FT1 Faceplate means you get extra stiffness for more powerful shots and cuts back on all overall weight – this means you’ll get more maneuverability.
  • Powerhosel 2 means you get a longer shaft tip and you’ll get more responsiveness from this.
  • Technora Reinforcements are layered with durable materials and prevents this product from breaking.
  • Custom kick point puts the flex where the bottom hand is, which is ideal for snipers and shooters.

Like I said this is one of the best sticks from CCM and because of this it’s pretty pricey. Do I think it’s worth that? Definitely and especially for anyone looking to play at their absolute highest this year.

STX Surgeon RX2

Company: STX

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.9/5

STX is another company that’s well made and you can find their gear in all kinds of sports – lacrosse, baseball and of course hockey.

Their Surgeon RX2 is a high end piece of equipment and is another stick that very skilled hockey players love. The RX2 will help you up your game this year and help you improve in all facets. One thing that stands out with this product is how it feels.

This stick was specifically designed so your hands have the most contact possible on the shaft. You’ll get more control because of this and better accuracy.

You’ll like that this stick comes with:

  • 3K and 18K carbon materials through out the stick enhances feel further and provides a good amount of pop.
  • Those carbon materials are lightweight too.
  • Dual weave protects the blade and ensures durability. You’ll get more accuracy because of this and because of the carbon materials in the blade.

Just like all the other high end sticks listed here, the RX2 is pricey. Like with all sticks in this price range too, you should probably hold off it if you’re not very serious – you should go cheaper if that’s the case.

Serious hockey players should definitely think about this product, though.

CCM Tacks 3092

Company: CCM

Price: $

Rating: 4.7/5

You’ve seen a bunch of CCM sticks so far and many of them have been pretty expensive and made for serious hockey players. But what about people that are just starting out or just like to play for fun?

You’ll be happy to know CCM even makes equipment for these people and the Tacks 3092 is perfect for this class of athletes.

If that’s you, you’ll appreciate the top features which include:

  • Mid kick flex that comes in handy for both wrist shots and slap shots.
  • Attackframe blade that’s stiff and durable. You’ll get forceful and accurate passes because of this.
  • You get a nice grip that feels good in your hands and helps you in the control department.
  • This stick is lightweight too and because of this you won’t feel slowed down.

So if you’re looking to learn hockey or play some pond hockey with your friends, the Tacks 3092 can work for you. It’s extremely affordable too.

You should avoid this stick if you’re a high performer, though. You’ll want a piece of equipment that’ll help you shoot, dangle and pass better.

Sherwood Rekker EK325

Company: Sherwood

Price: $$

Rating: 4.8/5

Last on the list is a product that’s good for a lot of players. The only group I would say should look elsewhere are elite level talents – there’s plenty of other sticks on this list that’ll suit this type of of player.

Anyone under the absolute best will get a lot of use out of this product. I’d recommend the Sherwood Rekker EK325 for pond hockey players, men’s league players and people that like to play for fun.

If that’s you, some aspects you’ll like include:

  • Drop kick taper means you can load up and release faster and with good accuracy.
  • Made with both fiberglass and carbon materials. This makes this stick sturdy, strong and ultra durable.
  • 2 piece construction allows you to mix and match blade and shaft for the perfect feel.

The price on the EK325 is fair too. That’s a price that basically everyone can afford. Plus, you’re saving money without giving up too much in the performance department.

Play With The Best This Year! 

Hockey is a game that requires a lot of skill and having the right equipment.

If you plan on plyying your best this year you’ll need the right stick. Get a good one and you’ll deliver precise passes and hard, accurate shots. Get the wrong one and you’ll be frustrated.

No matter your budget or skill level, you’ll find a piece of equipment on this list that suits you perfectly.

If you have any questions you can can comment below and I’ll make sure to respond as fast as possible. You can search around the hockey section up top for more tips and gear reviews.

Are you ready to get onto the ice with your new stick?

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