15 Best Mountain Bikes 2021: Men And Women

Looking for one of the best mountain bikes? If so, you came to the right place.

There’s a few things to think about when making your purchase and I’ll show you what’s most important – after you’ll see my top picks for both men and women.

I’m sure you’ll see a product listed here that you love be the time you’re done reading!


How To Choose A Mountain Bike

Here’s a video that quickly sums everything up:

Pretty simple, right?

Here’s what I think is the most important to think about:

  • Choose the right type
  • Select the suspension type
  • Smaller features (brakes, wheel size, gears, materials)

First off, you need to select which type of mountain bike you want. Some options are:

  • Trail Bikes: This is a popular type of mountain bike and is perfect for people that mountain bike recreationally and for fun. If you like to meet up with some friends and enjoy yourself non-competitively, this is the option you’ll want.
  • Cross Country: Cross country bikes are meant to go fast and usually are good climbers. If you’re someone that wants to eventually go competitive or really just have a need for speed, this is the type for you.
  • Fat Bikes: Fat bikes are perfect for beginners because they are very sturdy and forgiving. Also, they give you excellent traction and are especially useful in the snow and sand.
  • All Mountain Bikes: All mountain bikes are made for advanced riders and for people that expect to face narrow paths and steep descents.

After you have this figured out,  you should shift your attention to suspension. Each has their own pros and cons and they are:

  • Full Suspension: Full suspension bikes have a front and a rear fork and this means you’ll get a very forgiving ride – shocks and bumps get absorbed and this smooths things out a bit. The only downside is this can make going up hill a little difficult. To combat this most full suspension bikes allow you to lock the rear fork.
  • Hardtail: Hardtail suspension bikes have a front fork and no rear fork. Because of this they tend to be less expensive than full suspension bikes. These products tend to be very forgiving too.
  • Rigid: Rigid bikes have no suspension and aren’t the most popular. You can find this on fat bikes because the wide tires absorb enough shock on their own.

Lastly, you need to look at the smaller features of the bike like brakes, wheel size, gears and materials.

Most mountain bikes come with either disc or rim brakes – the first gives more stopping power in all conditions but is more expensive to service. The latter is easier to inspect and service but wears down your tire over time.

In terms of tire the larger and wider you go, the rougher the terrain you can tackle. For the rest (gears and and materials) I’ll go more in depth when I describe the bikes coming up.

Now that you know exactly what to look for, let’s take a look at my top picks now.

Mountain Bikes For Men 

Diamondback Hook

Company: Diamondback

Price: $$$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

Diamondback is one of the most well known bike companies on earth and whenever you purchase from them you know you’re getting a quality product – this describes their Hook perfectly. This is the kind of mountain bike that everyone will love and is very thrilling to ride.

One thing I really like is that it’s very stable and this comes from its hardtail, aluminum design. The combination of front fork suspension and the aluminum is very forgiving. It also keeps the center of gravity low and this adds more firmness.

Some other top features include:

  • Plush SR Suntour XCM front suspension fork helps you tackle rough terrain and is especially useful on bumpy trails.
  • 8 speed drivetrain is easy to use and ensures you can easily switch between gears.
  • DR SL – double wall 27.5 inch tires is another reason this product is so stable and helps out if you face bumps.
  • Very powerful Tektro Aries disc brakes make sure you can stop on a dime no matter the conditions.
  • Relatively lightweight at 30 pounds and this makes the Hook easy to transport.
  • Ready ride feature means it arrives to your door partially assembled and this saves you time and energy.

In terms of price, the Hook isn’t too bad either. It’s certainly not cheap by any means but I would say it’s not overpriced either. There’s several different sizes too, so no matter your size you’ll find one that suits you perfectly. To check them all out, click below:

Merax Finiss 26″

Company: Merax

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.6/5

Not everyone needs a bike that’s going to handle extreme terrain or nerve racking descents. Some people just want a bike that they can have fun with and to ride down moderately difficult to easy trails with. If that describes you, you’ll like the Merax Finiss.

This bike is a beginner and causal rider’s dream and delivers for this class of bikers. One thing you’re going to like with this product is the 21 different gears you get. This amount of gears lets you tackle various declines and inclines with ease.

If that’s not enough you’ll like that this bike comes with:

  • Mechanical lock suspension system ensures you’ll get a smooth ride even if you’re exploring a bumpy trail.
  • Front and rear disc brakes help you stay in complete control and you’ll be able to stop exactly when you want.
  • Aluminum frame makes this product extra durable and it’ll be able to stand up to all conditions. It also prevents rust from developing.
  • Magnesium alloy wheels cut some weight and this makes the overall bike lightweight at 34 pounds
  • 26 inch wheels are good for various terrains and gives you a good amount of stability.

Because this an entry level/recreational mountain bike, the price is very excellent. In fact, this is one of the most affordable products on this list. Do I think it’s the same quality as some of the more expensive products on the market? No, I don’t.

Do I think this bike is still worth considering? Definitely! This is especially true if you temper expectations and take it on the right types of trails.

Diamondback Release 1

Company: Diamondback

Price: $$$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

Here we have another product from Diamondback and their Release 1 is a top of the line bike. This is the kind of bike that aggressive riders can enjoy and feel completely safe on.

One reason I say this is because the Release 1 comes with high quality Shimano disc brakes. These brakes ensure you can stop on a dime and be in complete control at all times. This is especially important if you’re riding on advanced terrain with many bumps and descents.

Some other aspects that you’ll like includes:

  • Lightweight and durable aluminum frame will last year after year.
  • Shimano drivetrain gives you 11 different gears. This makes getting up inclines much easier and less exhausting.
  • Full suspension and you’ll get a very smooth ride because of this. The combination of rear and front suspensions soak up all bumps on the trail.
  • 27.5 inch wheels are large enough to take on many different terrains and nimble enough to take through narrower path ways.
  • Ready ride means it ships mostly assembled and you’ll easily be able to put it together with minimal stress.

The Release 1 truly is one the smoothest mountain bikes on the market and because of that it’s going to cost a little extra to purchase. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive products on this list. If you have some skill, though, and expect to push your limits this year, it’s definitely worth its price tag.

BEIOU Carbon Fiber 27.5″

Company: BEIOU

Price: $$$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

The BEIOU Carbon Fiber 27.5″ is a fantastic bike and one that’s universally loved. One thing that really makes this bike stand out is that it’s made from carbon fiber materials, which you won’t find on all mountain bikes.

Carbon fiber is ultra durable and weather resistant. It can take a beating and you won’t have to worry about it rusting. Best of all, though, carbon fiber is extremely lightweight and this product will only weigh around 23 pounds. This makes this bike so easy to transport and is one of the lightest you’ll find.

Some additional features include:

  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes means you can brake when you have to, without any issues.
  • 27.5 inch wheels are large enough to take on basically all trails. You can actually find this product with 29 inch wheels too.
  • Well made air suspension fork smooths out your ride and eats up shocks from bumpy trails.
  • 10 speed makes sure this product is as versatile is possible. You’ll easily be able to find the gear the suits the incline and decline you’re riding on.

This is another bike that’s going to hit your wallet too. You have to pay extra when you want the best and that’s the case here. Don’t believe me? Check out the reviews – almost all are overwhelmingly positive. If you want to see what these customers are saying, click below:

Gravity FSX 1.0 

Company: Gravity

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.7/5

If the last few products were out of your budget, the Gravity FSX 1.0 is a bike that you’ll really appreciate. The FSX 1.0 is a mountain bike that’ll work for a wide range of people too – I’d say anyone from a beginner to intermediate will like the performance yo u get.

The only group that I think should look elsewhere is very advanced riders and anyone that plans on tackling aggressive trails. This class of bikers will want something a little more high performing.

If you plan on riding on regular trails, though, you’ll like that the FSX comes with:

  • Shimano drivetrain and you get 24 different gears. This means you’ll easily be able to switch gears and traverse steeper inclines.
  • Full suspension means you get both a front and a rear fork. Having suspension in both the front and back means you’ll get a less rough ride.
  • Well made disc brakes give you the most stopping power possible.
  • Double wall rim wheels are durable and will be handy on trail with lots of divots and tree roots.
  • Several different colors to choose from and you can get the exact look that you want.

The best part about this bike is how affordable it is and this product is one of the cheapest on this list. Just remember it’s made more for beginners and people just trying mountain biking out.

Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike

Company: Ancheer

Price: $$$$$

Rating: 4.8/5

This bike from Ancheer has one very unique feature that separates it from the others on this list – it has an electric motor that helps with pedaling. Just to be clear this motor isn’t controlled by a throttle like a motorcycle or moped.

Instead, this battery operated motor makes pedaling easier and helps you reach higher speeds with less effort. In fact, you can reach speeds of up to 25 MPH with this feature (you can check out my top picks for electric bikes here).

That’s not all you get either and it comes with:

  • Dual disc brakes help you stay in control at all times and keeps you from crashing.
  • Bright LED lights means you’ll be able to take this bike out in the dark.
  • 21 different speeds. Combine this with the pedal assist feature and you’ll get up inclines with the least amount of strain possible.
  • 26 inch Wanda tires can tackle all kinds of terrain and they’re good when it’s a little slick out.
  • Adjustable seat so people of all heights can ride with ease.

Here’s a video that goes a little further:

As you can see this bike is worth it. It’s worth it even more when you realize it won’t cost an arm and a leg. I wouldn’t say it’s cheap but it probably costs less than you’d expect.

Diamondback Release 5C

Company: Diamondback

Price: $$$$$

Rating: 5/5

When you have a company as good as Diamondback you can expect to see a bunch of their products on this list. Their Release 5C is the best mountain bike on this list and is a product that everyone would be lucky to ride with – if they can afford it.

This is the BY FAR the most expensive bike listed here and will cost too much for most people. How much exactly? It’s priced over $4,000. Unless you know you love to mountain bike and expect to get a lot of use out of this product, you shouldn’t even consider paying that much.

If you do have the skills and cash to afford the Release 5C, you’ll like the top features which include:

  • A unique, patent pending design let’s you climb and get up inclines faster than ever before – and with less effort.
  • Designed to be as sturdy as possible without giving up anything in the agility department. It does this by by being long in the front and short in the back.
  • High quality front and rear fork means you’ll get the smoothest ride possible.
  • 12 speed drivetain works flawlessly and ensures you can tackle a bunch of different terrains.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes are as good as you can find and makes sure you have full control over your stopping and braking.
  • Pretty lightweight at 32 pounds and shouldn’t be too difficult to transport.

Again, this bike is expensive but it’s a sure thing. If you decide on the Release 5C you’re going to love it. It really just comes down to your own needs and whether or not you can afford it.

Northwoods Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Company: Northwoods

Price: $$

Rating: 4.6/5

If the bike you just saw was Ying, the Northwoods full suspension mountain bike is Yang – this product is completely opposite and made for a completely different group of riders (beginners and people that like to take it easy).

If you’re someone that’s just testing the mountain bike waters or know your limits prevent you from going on advanced trails, this Northwood’s bike can work for you.

Some additional features include:

  • Pretty quality pull brakes. They’re not as good as disc brakes but they still do a decent job.
  • 26 and 24 inch tires are large enough to handle a variety of terrains but small enough to be agile.
  • 21 different gears come in handy if you expect to climb and have some hills to conquer.
  • Compact enough that it can easily be transported.

If you don’t have $1500, $1000 or even $500 to spend on a mountain bike, this Northwood’s product will fit into your budget. In fact, it’s the cheapest bike on this list for men.

Eagle Patriot Carbon Mountain Bike

Company: Eagle Bicycles

Price: $$$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

The last product on this list is from Eagle Bicycles and the Patriot is one of the most convenient bikes to order online – it practically comes pre-assembled. All you have to do to get it ready is put the bar and front wheel on and you’ll be ready to go. It doesn’t get much easier then that!

Another aspect that makes this product more than worth it is its carbon frame. Carbon material is high end and makes this product very weatherproof, durable and lightweight. You’ll really appreciate all of this when you’re riding through on your favorite trails.

Some other benefits that you’ll like is:

  • 29 inch wheels means this product is meant to fly and perform. These tires are loved by competitors and aggressive bikers.
  • Extremely forgiving and you’ll be able to smoothly ride over obstacles with ease.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes are extremely functional and you’ll feel nice and safe when it comes to stop.
  • Suspension does a great job absorbing shocks and bumps.

This is another bike that’s going to cost a little extra to buy. When you consider the fact that some mountain bikes cost over $10,000, you realize the Patriot is priced fairly. If you’re looking to rip it without taking out a mortgage on your house, I would definitely think about the Patriot.

Women’s Mountain Bike

Raleigh Eva 2

Company: Raleigh

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

First up for women is the Raleigh Eva 2 and this is a bike that’s made for beginners and people that like to ride casually. If you’re someone that pushes things to the limit and like to fly down trails, you may want to look for a product that’s a little more high performing.

I’m not saying this bike is low quality or anything like that either – it’s just for people that won’t be going down super advanced trails or anything like that.

If that describes you, you’ll like the top features which include:

  • 21 speeds and this will come in handy when you have to go uphill and climb.
  • Pretty lightweight at 30 pounds and this makes it easier to transport.
  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes ensure you have good stopping power and can brake on a dime.
  • Kendra 27.5 inch tires are excellent in rain and when it’s slick out.
  • SR Suntour suspension smooths out bumpy rides and is good on trails with lots of obstacles.
  • A few different colors to chose from so you get the exact look you want.

The best part is this bike is very affordable and should fit into everyone’s budgets. What’s even better is it gets great reviews and if you want to read what other customers are saying about the Eva 2, click below:

Diamondback Women’s Clutch 2

Company: Diamondback

Price: $$$$$

Rating: 5/5

If your skill is beyond what the last bike can handle, the Diamondback Women’s Clutch 2 is a product that you definitely should consider. This is the kind of bike that very advanced riders can not only be satisfied with but will love too.

One of my favorite features about this bike, however, is the ready ride feature. This won’t help you on the trail but it’ll be a life saver when it comes to assembly. When it gets delivered to your house it’s 95% assembled. Anybody will be able to put it together without having to go to a specialist!

As far as on trail features, this is what you’ll get:

  • 11 different speeds come in handy when you have a lot of inclines and declines to face.
  • Aluminum frame has an excellent combination of strength and lightweight design.
  • Level T hydraulic brakes ensure you are completely in control of when you stop.
  • Long and low geometry gives this bike the most stability possible and you’ll feel very confident at high speeds.
  • Very versatile and you can ride this product in any situation and have a blast.

Because the Clutch 2 is a high end bike, it comes with a high end price. Will you need to pay it’s price tag if you’re just starting out or not aggressive? Probably not. But if you’re an experienced mountain biker and want one of the best rides possible, this one is definitely worth thinking about.

Northwoods Pomona 

Company: Northwoods

Price: $

Rating: 4.5/5

The Northwoods Pomona is another bike that’s made specifically for beginners, entry level riders and those that like to take it easy out there. If anyone one of those fits the type of biker you are, you’ll like how the Pomona performs for you.

One thing you’re going to like with this bike is the 7 speed shifter. It’s not the most on this list but you’ll appreciate it when you come across hills and you have to climb – it’ll take less effort to do so.

Some other aspects that you’ll like includes:

  • 26 inch tires can handle a bunch of different terrains and you’ll be able to cruise over bumps.
  • Decent dual suspension is another reason you’ll get a smooth ride on the bumpy trails.
  • Aluminum frame is durable and it won’t rust in the rain. It’ll be able to handle whatever you want to throw at it.
  • Fits a wide range of heights and is good for any person that’s between 5 “3′ to 6 foot.

This is the cheapest bike on the list. In life you get what you pay for and if you expect this bike to perform like a $1000 one, you’ll be disappointed.

Diamondback Lux

Company: Diamondback

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.8/5

Here we have another Diamond bike and while the Lux isn’t quite on the same level as the Clutch 2, it’s still high quality and a bike that many different bikers will love. This is one of the few products on this list that all skill levels can ride.

One reason for this is the Lux comes with durable and rugged 27.5 inch tires. These tires are all terrain and can handle tough terrain. If you expect to bike on trails with many obstacles and bumps, this product is for you.

Some other features that makes this bike worth it includes:

  • Aluminum alloy frame is ultra lightweight and is durable. It can handle tough riding sessions over a long period of time.
  • 9 speed shifter ensures you’ll conquer all hills and you’ll easily be able to change gears.
  • Shimano hydraulic brakes are incredibly strong and makes sure you can brake when you want.
  • Well made suspension system soaks up all bumps and smooths out the ride.
  • Ready ride feature means it ships 95% assembled and it won’t be stressful to put it all together.

Although this is a Diamondback bike, it actually won’t cost a ton to buy. It’s certainly not cheap but it won’t break the bank either. If you want an affordable and high performing mountain bike, this is one you should definitely consider.

Schwinn Women’s High Timber 

Company: Schwinn

Price: $$

Rating: 4.7/5

Schwinn is one of the oldest bike makers in the world and has been around since 1895. Think they’ve learned a thing or two in that time about crafting bikes? If you’re in the market for a recreational mountain bike, the High Timber is a good option.

One thing that separates this product from other beginner ones, is this one comes with 21 different gears. This amount of gears comes in especially handy if you expect to face hills and inclines.

Some other aspects that you’ll like includes:

  • Seat is designed for maximum comfort and you won’t mind riding this bike all day long.
  • Pull brakes aren’t as quality as disc brakes but still do a good job keeping you safe.
  • Steel frame is rust resistant and is very durable – you won’t have to worry about rusting or breaking down.
  • 26 inch tires do a good job absorbing bumps and provides some stability.
  • Front suspension also helps in the shock absorbing department.

This is another bike that’s very affordable too and you won’t have to pay too much to own the High Timber. You know what makes this product’s low price even better? You get a lifetime warranty along with it. Now that’s a good deal!

Raleigh Women’s Ziva

Company: Raleigh

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

Last on the list is the Raleigh Women’s Ziva and this is another bike that works for a lot of different riders. That’s because it’s very durable and can be enjoyed by intermediates all the way to the more advanced.

One aspect that I know you’re going to like is the SR Suntour Raidon XC Air Fork suspension system that ensures you get a smooth ride, even if you take this bike onto a bumpy trail with rocks, roots and other obstacles.

Other top features include:

  • Aluminum frame is lightweight and can stand up to rough riding.
  • Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes are as good as you can get and you’ll feel like you can stop on a dime.
  • Ships 85% assembled and this means you’ll be able to get it put together quickly.
  • Multiple sizes so people of all heights can enjoy.

This bike is on the brink of being expensive but it doesn’t get into that too expensive range. It’s worth it, though, if you really like to get out there and spend a lot if time biking. The Ziva performs in every way imaginable and will help any person enjoy their time riding even more.

Mountain Bike FAQ’S

1) Question: How much do mountain bikes typically cost?

Answer: How much a mountain bike costs largely depends on your needs and the quality of bike you’re looking at. If you’re buying your first mountain bike you won’t need a top of the line product. You want one that’s geared towards novices and is user friendly.

A bike like this won’t cost too much and you can find one under $500 that works well. You can spend more than that but it’s not necessary.

As your skills progress and you become more aggressive, you’ll need a better product. Bikes made for intermediates have better tires, better brakes, and higher quality materials. They’re made to ride fast and they’re nice and durable.

If you want a bike like this you’ll have to pay $1000 to $3000. There’s bikes that cost up to $10,000 but only a certain type of person can or will pay that for their mountain bike.

2) Question: How often should I buy new a mountain bikes? 

Answer: This is another question that comes down to your needs and the quality of the bike you get. If you’re a beginner you may have a bike that’s still in good shape but you’ve out grown its performance. In this case you’ll want a new bike but it won’t be because of wear and tear.

But if you’ve peeked in terms of skill and are just wondering when to replace your bike, I’d say between 1 to 3 years. You can go longer than that but most people try to get a new one in that time period.

Obviously the more well made the product, and the more expensive, the more likely it can last to that 5 year range.

3) Question: Can I buy a mountain bike online? 

Answer: Whenever you’re paying hundreds and thousands of dollars, it’s usually a good idea to buy that product in person. This way you can try it out and see if there’s anything you don’t like about it.

But not everyone lives near a cycle shop and even if you do they might not have the bike that you want or one that matches your needs. As long as you do your research and read plenty of reviews, purchasing a bike online is perfectly acceptable.

There’s plenty of great retailers and you should be able to find whatever bike you want, in the size you want. Plus, these online shops usually come with a money back guarantee too. So if you have any issues or you just decide the bike isn’t right for you, you can always send it back for a refund.

4) Question: What are some popular mountain bike brands? 

Answer: There’s many different mountain bike brands and plenty that can work for you. But again it really comes down to your needs. You can buy a Trek or Santa Cruz bike for $5000 but if you’re just starting out, it’ll be too much to handle – it would be like getting a Ferrari as your first car.

So just because a brand is well known doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

But if you’re a well known biker and can ride pretty much anything, take a look at this list here. It’s a pretty comprehensive list of the best options.

5) Question: What is a trail bike?

Answer: Trail bikes is what I would call a social or recreational mountain bike. These products are designed for people that like to have fun when biking and really do it for exercise and to meet up with friends.

Because of this, trail bikes are probably the most popular. They’re just so versatile and you can really take them everywhere. If you’re a racer or a specialty rider you’ll probably want to look elsewhere. Everyone else will want to consider purchasing this type of mountain bike.

6) Question: What is a cross country bike? 

Answer: Cross country bikes are basically the opposite of a trail bike. Trail bikes are for recreational riders and people that like to bike for fun. Cross country bikes are for people that really like to push things and perform at their absolute highest level.

These bikes tend to be low weight and very efficient. They can weave in and out of tight spots and usually have good climbing ability.

So if you’re looking to get your adrenaline fix in and hit trails other people avoid like the plague, a cross country bike can work for you.

7) Question: What is a fat bike?

Answer: Fat bikes have one very identifiable feature to them and that’s their gigantic tires. Because they’re extremely stable, they’re perfect for beginners and people just starting out. You’ll feel very confident when you sit on these kind of bikes.

Because fat bikes are so forgiving they can handle trails that have a lot of obstacles and can be rode on sand and snow.

8) Question: What is an all mountain bike? 

Answer: An all mountain bike is similar to a trail bike in a lot of ways but it’s made for a different class of rider. A person that would want an all mountain bike is experienced and aggressive. They like to tackle steep trails and like to hit speeds beginners can’t.

So if you’ve been riding for a while now and want a product that’s really going to help you push things and perform at the highest level, an all mountain bike will work for you.

9) Question: What is a rigid suspension? 

Answer: A rigid suspension means no suspension. This kind of mountain bike isn’t too popular because a suspension smooths out a ride and having none can lead to a harsh riding experience. Every bump will be felt and it may cost you some comfort.

The benefit here, though, is these bikes are easy to maintain and usually don’t cost a lot to purchase. You can find a rigid suspension on fat bikes because their giant tires tend to smooth things out on their own.

10) Question: What is a hardtail suspension? 

Answer: A hardtail suspension means you get suspension on the front tire and not on the back. You won’t get the absorbing and forgiveness of a full suspension bike but you still get a smooth ride because of this.

Also, the front suspension can be locked when you’re looking for rigidness.

These bike tend to be easy to take care of and aren’t as expensive as full suspension bikes. You can find this type of suspension on cross country bikes because you can transfer power from the pedals to the back tire to get up hills more easily.

11) Question: What is full suspension? 

Answer: A full suspension bike has suspension on the front fork and the rear fork. Because of this you get the smoothest ride possible and this bike is the most forgiving. If you’re riding over rocks, roots and any other obstacle you won’t feel the harshness on your body as much.

These bikes tend to be a little more expensive than the other two. Technically you lose some energy transfer when you’re going uphill with a full suspension bike but most manufactures remedy this by letting you lock the rear for. This allows you to climb a little easier.

12) Question: What size tires can I get and what’s the pros and cons of each? 

Answer: The type of wheel you get depends largely on your needs and you riding style. There’s a few option you can choose from and they are:

  • 26 Inch: 26 inch wheels used to be the standard but most manufacturers have steered away from them. But you can still find bikes with these tires and there’s definitely situations they work well in. Because they’re the most compact of the three sizes, they are the strongest. This makes them perfect when you’re going downhill and fast. So if you’re a downhill biker, a 26 inch wheel is still worth a consideration.
  • 650B or 27.5 Inch: 650B and 27.5 inch are the same thing and is the most popular wheel size. If you’re a versatile rider and like to switch up the terrain you bike on, this is the wheel that you’ll want. These tires may not roll over obstacles the way a 29 inch tire does but they get over obstacles better than a 26 inch tire. They’re lighter than a 29 inch tire too. Unless you’re a specialty rider, this is the tire you most likely will want.
  • 29 Inch: 29 inch tires, also known as 29ers, do a good job getting over obstacles on the trail like rocks and roots. These tires are meant to go fast and because of that, they’re perfect for cross country riders. They aren’t very nimble, though, and may not be the best option in tight spaces.

13) Question: What are the different frame materials available? 

Answer: There’s many different frame materials and each has their own pros and cons. They are:

  • Aluminum Alloy: This is the most popular frame material and is pretty cost effective. Some companies make a lightweight alloy and this makes those bikes a little more expensive, however.
  • Steel: Steel is a strong material and is very hard to break. If you crash it, it won’t crack or anything like that. Another benefit is steel leads to a forgiving ride and is not very expensive either. The only downside is this material is pretty heavy and this can be a problem when you’re biking.
  • Titanium: Titanium is an excellent frame material because it’s extremely durable and it doesn’t weigh a ton. The only downside is you’ll only find titanium on very high end and expensive bikes. So unless you’re willing to pay top dollar, you probably won’t find a bike with this material.
  • Carbon Fiber: Carbon fiber is another material that’s pretty expensive but is high quality. Carbon fiber is strong and lightweight.

14) Question: What should I know about the gears? 

Answer: Gears can be a little complicated to explain but it basically boils down to the more gears you have, the easier time you’ll have getting up hills. If you expect to face a lot of inclines then you’ll want to get a bike with a high number of gears (like in the 20’s or even higher).

However, if you’re a very fit rider or you only like to bike flat terrain, you won’t need as many gears. I wouldn’t stress too much over this, though. You can always change your gears after you make your purchase. So if you buy a product with a low amount of gears and come to the conclusion you need more, you’ll be able to do that.

15) Question: What are the pros and cons of the different braking systems? 

Answer: There’s basically two types of brakes – disc and rim brakes. Here’s the pros and cons of each:

  • Disc Brakes: Disc brakes, in my opinion, are the better option and gives more stopping power. They’re also better when breaking in slick conditions and when going down hill. They’re also cheaper to replace and maintain.
  • Rim Brakes: Rim brakes have largely been replaced by disc brakes but they still have some benefits. The main benefit is it’s easier to inspect when the brake pads need replacement. The downside is they wear out tires, which makes them expensive to replace. Also, they don’t give you as much stopping power as disc brakes either.

16) Question: How do you size a mountain bike? 

Answer: There’s a few things you need to consider to make sure you get the perfect size. Here’s a video that’ll help you out in this department:

Pretty simple, right?

17) Question: How do I maintain my mountain bike? 

Answer: There’s a million things you can do to make sure your bike is in good condition. If you want to read a really good guide that goes into everything you can do, click here. You’ll find everything you need in that guide.

Ride With The Best This Year!

Mountain biking is an activity that requires precision, a good helmet, and a well made bike. When you have all three you can except to enjoy yourself and to ride to your absolute best. Fail in one of those aspects and you may find yourself in some trouble.

No matter your needs or budget, you’ll find a bike on this list that’ll suit you perfectly too.

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