Best Shuffleboard Table

Whether you are an avid shuffleboard player or just looking for a new game to add to your basement, you will want to check out the best shuffleboard tables. These tables have been sized down from the traditional 22-foot table to more recreational sizes of 9 feet. These tables will provide you with a tremendous amount of fun to you are your opponent.

You can find our picks below of the best shuffleboard tables on the market. Make sure you keep scrolling down to our buying guide to help you narrow down our choices to the one that is right for you.

Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table

Playcraft is another major brand that creates fabulous quality shuffleboard tables. They offer high-quality tables but still at an affordable price. You have the option to choose from different sizes ranging from 9, 12, 14, and even a 16-foot option.

The board that you play on is made from a butcher block that has been sanded smooth and then coated with polyurethane layers. This makes the top very smooth to create a beautiful well-working playing area. The legs are in a pedestal form; they work to keep the table stable easily. There are reinforced metal leg leavers that also help to stabilize the table even more. There is even a door connected to the legs that act as a storage area for pucks and puck powder.

  • 75-inch butcher block playing field made of hardwood.
  • The butcher block has multiple coats of the glossy smooth polyurethane.
  • Comes with reinforced pedestal legs to keep the shuffleboard table supported.
  • Four different sizing options ranging from 9,12,14, or 16 feet long.
  • The table has a storage area under the table.
  • Three different colors of wood to choose from.
  • Comes with eight pucks, speed wax, and point tracking abacuses.

Like I have said up above, this shuffleboard table can come in a few different sizes; you also have the option to choose from a few different types of woods. You get all the necessary accessories when you purchase this table from Playcraft. They have excellent craftsmanship, and the table is super easy to see and score. Bring the life and party to your house with your new shuffleboard table.

Barrington Collection Shuffleboard Table

The Barrington company makes a variety of fun game tables from shuffleboards to even billiards. The shuffleboards are made from a high-quality wood material that keeps the table sturdy but also elegant. The shuffleboard measures nine feet long, and it comes with everything you need to play shuffleboard. You will get the pucks, table, powder, and two-point tracking abacuses.

The table is held up with A-style legs, which can easily support the table’s entire weight. The table can even hold up the weight when players lean on it to play. The sturdy construction of the shuffleboard is superb and even has leg levelers that are hidden under the feet.

This shuffleboard has been designed for use for indoors only. The UV coating on the board will actually keep the long life of the board. The coating is scratch-resistant and should get scratched by the pucks. The shuffleboard powder that comes with the board allows you to use it to make the puck speed faster.

  • This is a nine-foot shuffleboard table that is made from high-quality pieces of wood.
  • The board is UV coated to make the pucks move fast across it.
  • You won’t scratch the surface while playing.
  • A-style leg construction for a durable standing table.
  • The kit comes with everything you need to get started such as pucks, powder, and two abacuses.
  • Three different color options to choose from.

The company also offers a 90-day warranty, which is an amazing feature if you happen to receive the product, not in its perfect condition. The price is rather affordable compared to other shuffleboard table brands out on the market. The table allows you to have a ton of fun while still keeping a lot of space in your home as this table only spans nine feet. One of the best shuffleboard table options on the market.

Playcraft Georgetown Shuffleboard Table

Here we have another fabulous product from the company Playcraft. As I have said before, they make wonderful and beautifully crafted shuffleboard tables. This is another option they have called the Georgetown shuffleboard. This one is similar to the previous one with a few changes.

The wood of this shuffleboard table has been stained to give the wood an expresso color. This will allow you to place the shuffleboard in a room and add that pop of color with this gorgeous expresso color. The table’s gutters and rails have been carpeted to reduce noise when the pucks fall into it.

The table is comprised of a 1.75-inch-thick butcher board table that has been coated with ten layers of polyurethane. This creates a really smooth playing surface. The point system is labeled clearly on the table, and there are even abacuses included to keep track of the score.

The bottom of the shuffleboard table has very durable pedestal legs that have been reinforced with metal feet to keep it sturdy. Even when you lean over the table and apply weight or pressure, it will hold up no problem.

  • Climate adjusters.
  • 75-inch butcher block that is really sturdy and has a solid construction.
  • The butcher block has been coated with ten layers of polyurethane.
  • Double pained pedestal legs that are extremely durable and sturdy.
  • The walls and the gutters have added carpet.
  • Storage compartment under the shuffleboard table.

This 12-foot shuffleboard table will be a great addition to your gaming room. This elegantly crafted table will stand up for many years. The color that the wood has been stained with is truly elegant. This is an excellent option, and you truly can’t go wrong with the Playcraft company.

Barrington Urban Collection Shuffleboard Table

As you know from above, we have already reviewed one of Barrington’s shuffleboards, and this is another one we have to add to our list of the best shuffleboard tables. You have the option to choose from a few different wood options, but the birchwood option with the concrete legs is one of our favorites.

This shuffleboard measure nine feet long, and it weighs around 254 pounds. The board has a UV coating on it to keep the board in pristine condition. The coating makes the board scratch resistant as well as smooth to make gameplay better.  The legs are extremely sturdy due to the faux cement that they are made out of. The legs are so sturdy that it will be fine if you lean on the table while playing.

The modern look of this table will add beauty to any home. If you like clean lines with a minimalist feel, then you will love the wood and faux cement look of this shuffleboard table.

  • This is a nine-foot shuffleboard table that has three different wood options to choose from.
  • The board is coated with a UV resistant material.
  • The surface is extremely smooth, making the pucks fly down the board smoothly and fast.
  • The urban design makes the legs out of strong concrete that lets you know it will not buckle under pressure.
  • The table comes with everything you need to play a game with included pucks, shuffleboard powder, and two abacuses to keep your score.

The nine-foot size of this table makes it way more manageable to move around. You can position it in many places in the home to add more fun to your life. This table is also the suitable size for competition games. One of the best beginner shuffleboard tables due to the size and the affordable price point.

Fairview Game Rooms Signature Shuffleboard Table

This is certainly another great option if you are looking for a high-quality table that can be used to play casually to competitive games. This table spans 12 feet long as it comes in either a chestnut or mahogany wood option. The table is coated with Polyurethane to make the playing surface last longer. Even though the table is coated, it is not recommended for outdoor use as it can get warped and ruined.

The table is supported by chrome leg levers that keep the table flat and stable without climate adjusters’ help. The legs give the board a sturdiness that it needs; that way, when you’re playing, you don’t have to worry about knocking the table over or it falling down when you lean on it.

This shuffleboard table has a lot of the same features as the other ones on this review. The wood has darker color tones so that it may match your existing wood already in your home better. The price is higher, but it is also a bigger table. All in all, it will hold up very nicely.

  • Long 12-foot shuffleboard table with two different colors of wood options chestnut or mahogany.
  • Chrome leg levers that keep the shuffleboard table stable.
  • Easy to assemble when it arrives.
  • The surface of the shuffleboard is coated with the Polyurethane.
  • Built-in storage cabinet to store pucks and powder when not in use.

Since this is a rather large table, you will need enough space in your home to accommodate this table and room to stand while playing. So, you will probably need a total of 16-feet of space to accommodate this. So, this is a great choice if you have all the room; if not, then you should purchase one of the smaller ones on this review.

Atomic Platinum Shuffleboard Table

This modern style shuffleboard had a very sleek design. The exterior of the table is black with pops of sliver throughout the table. The table spans nine feet long and comes with two pedestal style legs. These legs have reinforced feet to keep the entire table flat and stable.

The surface gameplay area is covered in multiple layers of Polyurethane. This makes the surface area smoother, and it even makes the surface better for playing with when it’s super smooth. The outlines of the playing board are lined with a cloth material in the color black. This makes no sound when pucks fly into the gutter.

There is a store area under the table that can store many things that you have for your table. This table does come with all the pucks and even some shuffleboard wax that you can use to improve the slide during your game.

  • This is a nine-foot shuffleboard table.
  • The table’s surface is coated with a Polyurethane, making the table smooth and making the puck go faster.
  • The legs are a pedestal type that has levers that help provide the perfect amount of stability.
  • The board comes with eight pucks, both red and blue, shuffleboard wax, and an abacus for scoring.
  • Very affordable price point.

Overall, this is our final pick for the best shuffleboard table. It is a very affordable option as well as its sleek modern design is very nice. The nine-foot length is very nice because that amount of length can fit in most homes. You may need some help with assembly, but overall, another option to choose from.

How to Choose the Best Shuffleboard Table

Below is our how to choose guide. In this section of the article, I give you additional knowledge about shuffleboards. This information is designed to help you narrow down our review choices to the one you want to purchase.


Size is one of the most important considerations when it comes to picking out a shuffleboard table. You want to make sure you are going to have enough room for your shuffleboard. Most professional playing tables span 22-feet long. This is obviously too big to fit somewhere in your home. They make the ones for homes between 9 and 18 feet in length.

If you do not have a lot of space, then the 9-foot version would be better for you than a larger table. Remember to account for space in your home where the players will stand when playing as well. You will also want to measure the doorway of whatever room you plan on putting this table in. when picking out the table that is right for you, make sure you look at the dimensions.

Material of Table

The table’s material is another important consideration because you want a table that will not fall apart while you are using it or buckle under pressure while you are leaning on it. The type of wood that the shuffleboard table is made out of is important. Some woods hold up so much better than others, such as maple or other types of hardwood. Usually, the cheaper options are the ones that are made from cheaper materials that break easily.

The table’s surface is usually made with a butcher block, and the block can be made out of different types of wood such as maple or birch. If the butcher block is made of these materials, it will be more resistant to wear and tear and scratches.


The finish is something that has been applied to the board to protect the wood. It is very easy to scratch or even ruin the shuffleboard if there is no finish applied to it.

The most common finish is Polyurethane. This is basically an epoxy resin that is smooth across the playing surface. Many layers are added, making the pucks slide faster and easier across the table. The finish will prolong the life of your shuffleboard table.


The thickness is important because it gives you an idea of how stable the table will be. You will typically find a standard thickness of about 3 inches thick with most shuffleboard tables. Those three depend on the thickness of the wood and not the Polyurethane finish. Some companies put a lot of layers of Polyurethane, and that makes it thicker, and they use thinner pieces of wood, which is something you will want to stay away from. Just look at the product descriptions to find more exact details regarding this.

Climatic Adjusters

Climatic adjusters are used to realign or stop the wood shuffleboard from expanding due to the weather or humidity levels where you live. Wood can expand and constantly shirk due to the environment we live in.

These climatic adjusters are metal bars located under the table that will correct the concaveness or misalignment your shuffleboard table may be experiencing. This is a very nice feature because it allows your shuffleboard table to stay in perfect condition for a very long time.


Most all tables come with some sort of accessories to use with them, such as pucks, powders, and scoring tools. To get the most bang for your buck, you will want a shuffleboard table that has everything included to play the game. You don’t want to have to purchase all of these things separately.

Power should be added before every game. It prolongs the life of your table and allows the pucks to slide much smoother over the surface of the board. A lot of brands will add in one can of play powder, but this will be a recurring purchase to play the game properly.

The pucks, also known as weights to some people, should also come with your new shuffleboard table. Most brands give you eight pucks, which will consist of four red and four blue.

Scoring can take place with the two abacuses located on the frame of the shuffleboard. There are marks on the board that tell you the score, and you can use the abacus to keep track. All of the brands I have reviewed above provide a scoring system for you.

One of the last accessories you may notice on a few of the brands above is a storage cabinet located under the table near the legs. This can be used to store the pucks and powder when you are done playing a game. Not all brands have this feature, but it is a handy one.


Of course, price is another consideration as you may already know shuffleboard tables are not cheap as they are relatively expensive. You can still find a good quality shuffleboard table for cheaper, but it may lack some of the extra features and could be made from a lower grade of wood than the more expensive options.

You will find a few budget-friendly options in my review, as well as a few more expensive options. Make sure you set a budget you are realistically okay with spending.

Best Shuffleboard Table

Shuffleboard Table FAQ’s

This is where I answer questions all about shuffleboards and about the products above.

Q: What is On a Shuffleboard Table?

A: A shuffleboard table traditionally has an end zone or score zone that you will slide your puck down to. This will determine how many points you have received. You will see these lines of the end zone carved into the wood. The shuffleboard table will usually have an abacus on it to help keep track of points. You will receive eight pucks, four red and four blue ones.

Q: What is the Best Shuffleboard Table?

A: There are so many great brands on the market that make great shuffleboard tables. If I had to pick only one, it would be the Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table. I truly believe this brand goes above and beyond with the quality of wood their tables are made out of. The board is coated in the UV resistant and scratch-resistant polyurethane. They have various sizes and styles and will make the perfect addition to any game room.

Q: How Long is a Shuffleboard Table?

A: The game regulation models span 22 feet long. While most people clearly do not have enough room in their home for this size of shuffleboard table, they make smaller versions. The recreational models for practice or just for fun can range from 9 feet to 16 feet. Most people usually only have enough extra space for the 9-foot model.

Q: What Size Shuffleboard Table Should I get?

A: This will all depend on just how much space you have in your home. Do you have a designated area that can house your new shuffleboard? Most people put their shuffleboard table in their basement as that is the biggest space people tend to have in their homes.

There are a few different sizes to choose from 9, 12, 14, and even 16 feet long tables. You will also need to consider gameplay space for you to stand while you are playing too.

Q: What is the Regulation Size Shuffleboard Table?

A: The regulation size shuffleboard for tournaments and competitions spans 22-feet. Sometimes bars can have this size of table as well as recreational facilities.

Q: How to Wax a Shuffleboard Table?

A: Most shuffleboard brands give you a few different accessories when you purchase one of their tables, one of them being wax or also known as powder. This powder substance is made from cornmeal and a silicone substance that makes the table not have as much friction. This also helps the pucks fly down the table much faster. This should be applied before every game and taken off after every game.

Q: How to Clean a Shuffleboard Table?

A: When you are done with a shuffleboard game, you will want to wipe it done completely with a silicone spray. You also want to remove all of the shuffleboard powder on the table and wipe it down completely clean, as well as the pucks. When you are ready to start a new game, make sure you apply new powder.

Q: When you Bowl on Shuffleboard Table, do you Use a Puck or a Ball?

A: you use a puck, often called a weight. This is designed to be slide across your shuffleboard table into the scoring zone. The trick here is to get the puck in the perfect position to get the most amount of points. Your opponent does have an opportunity to push you out of the scoring zone.

Q: How Do you Score in Table Shuffleboard?

A: The way you determine your point value is what score zone your puck lands on. You want to get your pucks into the scoring zone, and then, based on the number, you will use that and add it to the other numbers. The person you are playing against does have an opportunity to kit you out of the scoring zone so add up your points in the end.


You can only determine the best shuffleboard table. We gave you some excellent options to choose from as these are the best brands out there right now. Each one comes with its own unique wood and features. Let us know which one you decided to go with to start your shuffleboard playing adventure.