14 Best Ski And Snowboard Helmets 2021: Men And Women

Head injuries are no joke.

In fact, a blow to the head could potentially be fatal. In order to reduce your risk of injury you’ll want one of the best ski and snowboard helmets.

In this post I’ll show you everything you need to know when making your selection and you’ll see my top picks for both men and women.

By the time you’re done I’m sure you’ll see a product you’ll want to rock this year.


How To Choose A Ski And Snowboard Helmet

There’s a couple things you should consider when purchasing your headgear and the most important is:

  • Getting the right size
  • Shell materials and construction
  • Smaller features (vents, liner, MIPS, goggle compatibility, and etc.

The first thing you need to get correct is getting the right size. If you go too small the helmet will be tight and uncomfortable to wear, and if you go too large the helmet can slide over your eyes or shift around on your head.

Here’s a video that explains how to measure your head correctly:

Pretty simple, right?

After you have that figured out, you’ll want to look at the outer shell materials and helmet construction. Most helmets are made from ABS high impact plastic and this helps absorb impacts and blows. It also disperses the energy from blows through out the outershell and this protects your head.

Also, there’s two kinds of constructions and they are:

  • In Mold Helmets: In these types of helmets the shell and the inner protective foam is attached. These products are sleek looking and lightweight.
  • Injection Molded: In these helmets the inner foam isn’t connected to the outershell and instead to a separate inner shell. These products are little heavier but are more protective and durable.

Lastly, you need to consider all the small features of the helmet you’re thinking about. You want a product that has vents to keep air moving and to prevent over sweating, a comfortable liner that provides warmth, and goggle compatibility (this makes life much easier).

There’s also helmets that come with MIPS technology. There’s debate on how much of a difference MIPS makes but it prevents against rotational force impacts. This means when you hit the ground the helmet moves with your head and doesn’t remain stiff.

If you want to learn more about the helmet selection process, click here.

Now that you know exactly what to look for let’s take a look at my top picks for men now – my top picks for women are directly after.

Best Ski And Snowboard Helmets For Men

Smith MIPS Vantage *Top 3 Pick*

Company: Smith Optics

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

Smith is a fantastic company and they’re well known for their helmets – they make high quality mountain bike helmets, road bike helmets, and of course ski and snowboard helmets.

Their MIPS Advantage is one of the best products you can get and is extremely protective. It has MIPS technology and this adds a bit more safety for your head.

Some other features you’ll like include:

  • Airvac ventilation system: This gives you 21 vents which means you won’t sweat like crazy. This helmet will be very comfortable to wear and the vents are adjustable too.
  • Aerocore construction: This construction features Koroyd materials that absorbs impacts and is lighter than traditional foams. It protects better too.
  • Boa fit system: The Boa system ensures you’ll get the perfect fit every time. If you need to tighten or loosen this product, it’s as easy as turning a dial.
  • Snapfit S12: The Snapfit s12 means you get removable ear pads. When it’s a warm spring day you can pop them out so you don’t get too hot.  
  • Hybrid SL Shell Construction: The Hybrid Sl shell construction combines two lightweight shells for added safety.

Because this product is such high quality, it’s pretty expensive. It does come with a lifetime warranty, however, and this means you’ll never need another helmet again.

You get an unlimited amount of colors and designs to choose from too. You won’t have a hard time finding one that you’ll want to wear.

So if you’re serious about protecting your head this winter, I would definitely consider the Smith Vantage.

Giro Seam

Company: Giro

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

Giro is another company that you can trust. You’ll see their gear like goggles and helmets all over the slopes this year. Their Seam isn’t quite the quality of the product you just saw but is still worth thinking about – it’ll protect most people just fine.

One thing I like about the Seam is the 12 different vents you get. You can control these vents with a single thermostat and it helps you regulate the temperature of your head. When you feel your head overheat you can open up the vents to improve air flow and to feel more comfortable.

This helmet also comes with:

  • In Mold Construction: An in mold construction lessens the overall weight of this product without sacrificing much in the protection department.
  • In Form Fit System: This system gives you a precise fit and can be tuned with a dial. This dial is very easy to use and can be turned with your gloves on.
  • Stack Vents: Stack vents align with the center vent of your googles. What this does is limit the fogging and it keeps your field of view clear.
  • X-Static Lining: This lining helps regulate temperature and prevents you from oversweating. Also, it reduces bad smells.
  • Giro Goggle Compatibility: The Seam will work with all goggles but works especially well with Giro goggles. You can check out my top picks for goggles, which include Giro goggles, by clicking here.
  • Multiple Colors: There’s 16 different colors to choose from too. If you want a helmet to match to your jacket, skis, snowboard or any other gear, you’ll easily be able to do that.

The price of this helmet is affordable too. You get a one year warranty and I’m sure you’ll get more than that.

There’s a ton of positive reviews as well. If you’d like to check out what other customers are saying about this product, click below:

POC Fornix *Top 3 Pick*

Company: POC

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

The POC Fornix is a product that’s lightweight and has a minimalist design. Don’t let this fool you, though, you still get a good amount of protection here.

This helmet comes with a strong venting system, just like the last two products you saw. You get 10 vents in all and they’re strategically placed through out the helmet to cool you off quickly by evaporating moisture instantly.

Some other cool features include:

  • Aramid Bridge Shell Construction: This combines the shell with high impact absorbing foam. If you get a blow to the head with the Fornix on, you should walk away without any injuries.
  • Aramid Strings: These strings help disperse the impacts and spread them through out the shell of the helmet. This means you’ll be very safe with this helmet on your head.
  • Size Adjustment System: This sizing system is run by twisting a dial and lets you easily get the fit you desire. No matter what your head size is you’ll get a comfortable fit because of this.
  • Easy To Adjust Straps: The buckle that goes around your chin is easy to clip and you can adjust it without much stress.
  • Goggle Clip: You’ll be able to wear your goggles with the Fornix without any problems.

The price is right where you’d expect it to be. I personally believe this is fair and I’m sure you’ll come to the same conclusion if you decide on this helmet.

Anon Talan

Company: Burton

Price: $$

Rating: 4.7/5

Burton is another company that knows the slopes well and you’ll see their products littered all over the mountains. They’re especially known for their snowboard gear and I know they make great snowboards, snowboard boots, goggles and snowboard jackets.

I personally don’t think their Anon Talon is the best helmet on this list and it’s made more for intermediate and beginner riders. If you’re someone that skis and snowboards in advanced terrain you may want to look else where.

Everyone else will like that the Talon’s come with:

  • Endura-Shell ABS Construction: This construction is injection molded and this means it offers a good amount of protection and is long lasting.
  • 10 Vents: This isn’t the most vents on this list but they’ll ensure you won’t overheat. They aren’t adjustable, however.
  • Boa Powered Fit System: This is an effective fitting system and works with a turn of a dial. If you have a larger than average head or a smaller than average head, you’ll get a fit that works well for you.
  • StrapStash: StrapStash allows you to put your goggle strap under your helmet. This improves comfort and ensures your goggles will work seamlessly with the Talon.

This product is very affordable too. This is a price that’s good for basically everyone and perfect for people on a budget.

Like I said before, though, it’s made more for anyone that doesn’t push their limits.

Smith Maze

Company: Smith

Price: $$

Rating: 4.7/5

Here we have another Smith product and this one, the Maze, is a much more affordable option than the one you saw earlier – the first one is a better product, however.

This doesn’t mean the Maze is a bad helmet, it’s just not the same quality. It’s a little more basic, doesn’t have all the bells and whistles and isn’t as protective as the Vantage.

Some aspects you’ll enjoy include:

  • In Mold Construction: This construction is extremely lightweight and in fact, this product is one of the lightest on this list at just 12 ounces.
  • Lifestyle Fit System: This system ensures you get a good fit. When you need it a little tighter or looser, you’ll easily be able to do that.
  • AirEvac 2 Ventilation: This ventilation system puts 9 vents strategically across the helmet for maximum airflow.
  • Snapfit SL2 Ear pads: These ear pads are removable and this is good for when it’s warmer out. You can quickly take them out so you don’t get too hot.

How much is the Maze going to cost you? Not too much. This is a budget friendly price that everyone should be able to afford.

What really makes this price so good is this product comes with a lifetime warranty too. Only having to pay $60 for a lifetime of head protection isn’t bad.

Giro Range MIPS *Top 3 Pick*

Company: Giro

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

The Giro Range MIPS is one of my favorite products on this list for a lot of reasons. One reason I like it so much is because of the MIPS technology built into it. This means it protects against rotational forces and ensures you’re safe no matter the angle the impact comes from.

Because of this the Range can be worn by high performers and by people that like to push things a bit. If you’re someone that likes to go off trail, ski and snowboard tough terrain or go through the park, this is a product you’ll appreciate.

That’s because it has:

  • Conform Fit System: This system is controlled by a dial and means you can get an exact, custom fit by the turn of a dial. Having a good fit is very important and the more comfortable you are, the better off you’ll be.
  • Thermostat Control Adjustable Venting: This gives you complete control over the airflow to your head. When you’re feeling too hot you just hit the button on the side to open the vents up.
  • Stack Ventilation: Stack ventilation aligns with the center vent on your goggles to prevent fogging. The last thing you want is your vision to be impaired and stack ventilation keeps that from happening.
  • POV Camerca Mount Included: This is good for anyone that has a Go-Pro or likes to record their time on the slopes.
  • Fidlock Magnetic Buckle Closure: These magnets mean you can buckle and unbuckle your chin strap easily and with one hand.
  • XT2 Anti-Odor Protection: The last thing you want is a foul smelling helmet and this ensures that won’t happen – the odor protection is woven into the fabrics on the inside.

These are also compatible with goggles and works especially well with Giro goggles.

The Range isn’t cheap but it’s not overly expensive either. You get 19 colors to choose from too, ranging from blue to red, to black to green and much, much more.

POC Receptor Bug

Company: POC

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

Here we have another POC helmet and this one, the Receptor Bug, is a very good product. The Receptor Bug is a helmet that’ll work for everyone. The only group that I would say would need more is a very advanced rider.

If you’re someone that likes to ski or snowboard on the most difficult trails or call the backcountry home, you may want something a little more protective. This helmet will protect but those types of athletes need the absolute best protection.

If that’s not you, you’ll appreciate this product comes with:

  • Ventilated Double Shell: This feature allows air to flow through the two shells and this provides a ton of breathability without limiting protection. The vents can be closed if the weather is very cold and you don’t want air getting in.
  • EPS Liner: This liner is non-intrusive and won’t be distracting. This is important so you can focus primarily on the slopes. Also, this liner absorbs impacts and keeps your noggin’ safe.
  • ABS Hardshell: This hardshell is another reason why this helmet is protective and prevents head injuries. This hardshell is connected to an inner polycarbonate shell for extra strength and less weight.
  • Adjustable Straps: Adjustable straps are important because it gives you the fit you need. You won’t have to worry about the Receptor being too tight or too loose.

The price is definitely fair. It comes with a 1 year warranty too and I’m positive you’ll get much more than.

Lastly, you get a ton of choices in terms of color and you’ll be able to match this helmet to whatever gear you need to.

Best Ski And Snowboard Helmets For Women

Giro Sheer

Company: Giro

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

The first helmet up for women is the Giro Sheer. This product is very sleek looking and one that will look good while you’re wearing it – it’s not bulky or unflattering.

The most important thing, though, is whether it protects or not, right? You’ll be happy to know that not only does this helmet look good but it protects as well. If you take a spill and hit the ground, the Sheer will make sure you get back up without an injury.

Some features I know you’ll like include:

  • In Mold Construction: This construction combines a strong polycarbonate outer shell with a foam liner that absorbs all kinds of impacts.
  • Stack Ventilation: Stack ventilation aligns a vent with the middle vent on your goggles. This prevents goggle fogging and ensures you’ll have a clear field of vision all day long. This is very important for safety.
  • Super Cool Vents: There’s more vents through out the entire helmet and this does a good job keeping your head cool. You won’t have to worry about being drenched in sweat.
  • In Form Fit System: This means you’ll get a perfect fit with the turn of a dial. The last thing you want is an ill fitting helmet and this prevents that from happening.
  • Compatible With Goggles: You need a product that works well with goggles and you’ll get that here. The Sheer works especially well with Giro goggles.

This helmet isn’t cheap but it’s not overly expensive either. Do I think it’s worth that? Definitely! Especially when you factor in the lifetime warranty.

You also get a ton of choices between colors and you’ll easily be able to find one that matches well with your jacket, goggles, pants, or anything else.

POC Skull Orbic Comp *Top 3 Pick*

Company: POC

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.9/5

The POC Skull Orbic is a helmet that’s designed for a specific type of rider, particularly one that races and skis/snowboards at fast speeds. It’s made to absorbs violent crashes and strong impacts – it’ll even protect if you hit the gate when competing.

Because it’s made for people that race, it gives up a little in the comfort department to ensure safety. First instance, there’s no vents in this product. If you’re just an average rider, you’ll probably want to look else where for a helmet with venting. You run the risk of overheating if you don’t.

But a racer isn’t too concerned with that problem. If that’s you, you’ll also like that the skull Orbic has:

  • ABS Outershell: The ABS Outershell is highly protective and thick. This is perfect for someone that’s going quite fast.
  • Multi-Impact EPP: This is another feature that comes in handy for crashes at high speeds. If you take a tumble and hit the ground hard you’ll be covered.
  • LD Foam Lining: The LD Foam lining is quite comfortable and makes this helmet easy to wear. Also, you can remove the lining to clean so it won’t smell.
  • Meets All Safety Standards: There’s various rules and standards a helmet must reach to be deemed safe for racing and this one meets them all.

Again, this is a product that most people won’t or really shouldn’t purchase. Recreational skiers will want something a little more comfortable.

A racer needs protection, however, and you’ll get that here. The type of skier or snowboarder that needs this type of equipment won’t mind paying extra and is probably used to doing that at this point.

Bogner Vision

Company: Bogner

Price: $$$$$

Rating: 5/5

Bogner is a company known for their high end ski and snowboard gear. They make stylish and quality ski pants, ski jackets and more. Their Vision lives up to the high standards they’ve created for themselves and is a product any women would be lucky to wear.

I know how a helmet looks isn’t too important but the Vision is ultra fashionable and should get you some compliments with it on. You’ll be happy to know this product will protect your head well too.

Some features you’ll like include:

  • Three Air Chamber: The Three Air Chamber system keeps air flow moving and ensures you can regulate the temperature without overheating or getting too cold.
  • Disk Fit System: Having a helmet that fits right is a necessity and the Dark Fit System helps you out here. All you have to do is turn a dial and the fit instantly gets tighter or looser.
  • Cool Max Padding: The padding is skin friendly and adds a bunch comfort. Also, it wicks away moisture and sweat and this is something you’ll enjoy.
  • Polycarbonate Shell: This shell is tough and can absorb large impacts. If you happen to crash your head will be nice and safe. Also, polycarbonate materials are lightweight and cut back on bulk.
  • Passes Safety Standards: You want a helmet that’s certified by certain organizations and the Vision is certified in every department.

This product is expensive, however. I’ve seen Bogner jackets that were over $2,000, so it’s not that surprising to me their helmets cost extra too.

Do I think you absolutely need this piece of equipment? No. To me it’s more of luxury. Anyone that can’t afford that price can find other helmets on this list that’ll work fine.

Smith Optics Women’s MIPS Vantage *Top 3 Pick*

Company: Smith Optics

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.9/5

Earlier you saw the Vantage for men and now it’s time to look at the Vantage for women. Just like for the men, this one earns a top 3 pick for women. That’s because this helmet does will in every department – it offers good protection, looks stylish and is comfortable to wear.

This product takes advantage of MIPS technology and this helps in case you fall. MIPS means the inner shell moves with the fall and won’t remain rigid – this protects against rotational forces.

Some other aspects that makes me like the Vantage is:

  • Hybrid SL Shell: The Hybrid SL Shell ensures every part of your head is covered and it does this without being too heavy. You actually won’t mind having this helmet on your head because of this.
  • Adjustable Climate Control: This product comes with over 21 vents and you can open and close them. You won’t have to suffer from being too cold or too hot because of this.
  • Boa Fit System: You want to make sure you helmet is going to have a perfect fit and this dial will give you that.
  • Nanosilver Performance Lining: The Nanosilver Performance Lining gives you more comfort and this is needed to enjoy yourself on the slopes. This lining prevents foul smells from developing too.
  • Koroyd Material: Koroyd resists impacts better than most foams and is lightweight.

The price is pretty fair in my opinion. This is a good helmet and it won’t break the bank. I would definitely consider this product if you want high end protection this year.

Giro Strata MIPS *Top 3 Pick*

Company: Giro

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

The Giro Strata is another product that comes with MIPS technology. Some people think this feature is more important than others but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have – you’ll get a little extra protection from forces coming at all angles.

There’s a lot more that makes this helmet worth it too. One thing I know you’ll like is how lightweight the Strata is. The last thing you want is a bulky helmet that’s uncomfortable to wear and the lightweight in mold construction prevents that from happening.

You’ll also like that this product has:

  • Low Profile Design: A low profile design means you won’t be distracted and you can keep your attention on the slopes.
  • In Form Fit 2 System: The In Form Fit 2 System makes use of a dial and this ensures that you get the perfect fit.
  • Thermostat Control: This handy little feature gives you control over the venting. When you’re feeling warm you can open the vents up and if you’re feeling cold you can close the vents.
  • Fidlock Buckle Closure: I like this kind of closure because it lets you adjust everything with your gloves on. You won’t need to make changes with cold hands.
  • Audio Compatible: The Strata doesn’t come with a built in audio system but it has the ability to be integrated with one.

This helmet is priced right where you’d expect it to be. For everything you’re getting this more than fair. Plus, it’s pretty fashionable looking and you won’t mind being seen with it on.

Anon Aera

Company: Anon

Price: $$

Rating: 4.7/5

If you’re on a budget or just don’t want to spend a ton of cash, the Anon Aera is a product that you should think about.

It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some of the other helmets on this list, like an adjustable fit feature, but it still holds its own. It looks pretty sleek looking and does a good job keeping your head safe.

Other positive aspects include:

  • Adjustable Ventilation: This is something you’ll like and it gives you the ability to control the temperate of your head. You won’t have to be too hot or too cold.
  • Long Haired Fleece: This fleece adds a bit of comfort and ensures you’ll be toasty all day long. It also has the ability to wick away moisture which is good for warmer days.
  • Audio Compatible: Like the last product you saw, this one doesn’t have a built in audio system but can be paired with one. There’s nothing better than listening to your favorite music on the slopes.
  • Endura Shell ABS Construction: This type of shell is very strong and one that can last a long time.

Like I said earlier this product is pretty cheap. If you’re someone that’s a high performer and plan on facing tough terrain, you may want something else.

Everyone else will enjoy what the Aera offers.

Smith Optics MIPS Allure

Company: Smith Optics

Price: $$

Rating: 4.7/5

The last product on the list is another affordable option for anyone looking to save a few bucks. Some products that are on the cheaper end shouldn’t be worn by advanced riders but that’s not the case here.

That’s because this product has MIPS technology. I’ve talked about this feature a few times already and it helps against rotational forces. Every little bit matters when protecting your head and you’ll get that little extra here.

You’ll also enjoy that it comes with:

  • In Mold Construction: In Mold Construction ensures that you’re protected without adding too much weight.
  • Removable Liner: When it’s the dead of winter you can keep the liner in for more warmth and during the spring you can remove the liner to prevent overheating.
  • Airflow Climate Control: You get 9 different vents on this helmet and they’re fixed. This means you won’t get to adjust them for more or less air flow.
  • Self Adjusting Fit System: This fit system is automatic and it adjusts to the unique shape of your head.

Like I said this product is pretty inexpensive. I like the Allure at this price and I think you will too.

Protect Your Head This Winter!

I love skiing and I’ve been doing it my whole life. I never gave too much thought into safety until I saw my friend get concussed while snowboarding. I watched his body go limp and slide down the trail, leaving behind a bloody trail.

Ever since that moment I’ve taken safety more seriously and I think everyone should. No matter your needs or budget, there’s a product on this list to ensure your head is protected.

If you have any questions you can leave a comment below and I’ll answer as fast as possible. If you’re interested in a helmet for your kid, click below:

Take A Look At My Top Picks For Ski And Snowboard Helmets For Kids

Are you excited to hit the slopes this year with your new helmet?