Best Ski Boot Heaters 2021

If you’re like me you love skiing but have a hard time keeping your feet and toes warm.

A good par of ski boots can help but may not be enough. If this is the case you’re probably looking for one of the best ski boots heaters. In this post I’ll show you everything you need to consider when making your purchase and my top picks for the 2018-2019 ski season.

Sound good?

How To Choose The Right Ski Boot Heater

Selecting a ski boot heater is a pretty straight forward process and you should think about the following when making your purchase:

  • Your needs and where you’ll be skiing
  • Battery life and heat settings
  • Installation and ease of use

The first thing you should consider is your own needs and where/when you’ll be skiing. Someone who likes to get out there every once in a while, to local mountains, won’t need the same product as someone skiing in subzero conditions. There’s many different heaters on this list and you’ll easily be able to find one that suits you and your budget/needs.

Next, you’ll want to think about the battery life and heat settings. Heaters tend to have multiple different heating temperatures and this effects how long the battery will last. On low settings you can get up to 22 hours of life (on low you’ll get between 2 to 4 hours).

Again, your needs will dictate your decision. If you’ll be skiing in frigid temps you’ll want a product that’ll heat at high levels.

Lastly, look at the installation and ease of use of the product. You usually place a heated insole in your boot and mount a battery to the side of your boot to change temperatures. Some heaters come with a remote control so you can easily switch heat settings. There’s even a few products that can sync up to your smart phone.

Here’s a video that explains the installation process:

And here’s another that shows how to install a popular heater, the Hotronic FootWarmer S4 (you’ll see it later on the list):

Pretty simple, right?

Now that you know what to consider when making your purchase, let’s take a look at my top picks.

My Top 2 Best Ski Boot Heaters

Hotronic FootWarmer S4

Therm-ic rc 1600 Smart Pack

Hotronic FootWarmer S4 *Top Pick*

Company: Hotronic

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

The Hotronic FootWarmer S4 is one my top picks for a few reasons. I wouldn’t say it’s the highest quality or the best heater but it’s one of the best values. You’ll see many products on this list that are around $300 and up and that’s not the case here.

What’s really cool about these is they can work with any type of footwear. You can use them in your ski boots, hiking boots, when shoveling snow, etc. Your feet will be warm no matter what you’re doing.

Some other awesome features include:

  • 4 different heat settings with the highest reaching temperatures of up to 173 degrees! No matter how cold it gets this year, you’ll be nice and toasty.
  • Long lasting battery will last over 20 hours on lowest setting and 4 hours on highest. You’ll be toggling the heat and you should easily get through the day without the battery dying (you can always charge up during lunch just to be safe).
  • Highest heating can be used in 3 minute bursts so you don’t over heat or drain the battery. This is good for when you’re feeling a little cold.
  • LED light indicator shows battery strength. You won’t have to guess how much time you have left and this will give you peace of mind.
  • Rechargeable battery lasts season after season without needing to be replaced. This saves you money over the long haul.

This is an awesome product and you’ll really enjoy the warmth it brings you all day long. Here’s a video that goes a little more in depth:

Plus it’s easy to install (see the installation video up top) and is pretty discreet looking. There’s hundreds of positive reviews and if you’d like to see what other customers are saying about the S4, click below.

Therm-ic rc 1600 Smart Pack

Company: Therm-ic

Price: $$$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

The last product you saw may not be for really serious skiers. That’s not the case here. The Therm-ic rc 1600 is a ski boot heater that any skier can enjoy, no matter what temperature it is outside.

One thing I really like is you can get up to 22 hours of heat! You can rest assured your feet will be warm all day long. You also get different heat settings. This way you get the perfect amount of warmth and you can stretch the battery charge out a little longer. The 1600’s comes with:

  • A remote control that makes life easier. You won’t have to bend over or put yourself in any awkward positions to change the heat settings.
  • Charges quickly so you won’t be waiting around all day to hit the slopes. Also, when you sit down for lunch you can recharge the battery to ensure this heater is full strength to the end of the day.
  • Impulse control improves circulation in your feet and this creates natural warmth. This is another reason this product works so well.
  • Global charger works any where in the world. You can hit up the Canadian Rockies, the East Coast of the Untied States, or the Swiss Alps and be able to use this product.
  • Lightweight battery that you won’t even notice strapped to your boots. This limits distractions so you can focus on the slopes.

Because this heater is such high quality it’s pretty pricey. How much will it cost? It’s the most expensive heater on this list. People just looking for a little extra warmth this ski season won’t need to pay this much.

However, if you’re dependent on a heater to have fun skiing, you should think about this one if you can afford it. It probably is the best piece of equipment on this list and is guaranteed to keep you toasty.

Therm-ic SmartPack rc 1200 With Remote 

Company: Therm-ic

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

This is one of my favorite ski boot heaters for a lot of reasons. First off, you can control the heat settings by a remote control and this makes life so much easier. You won’t have to constantly be bending over to get the right temperature – it’s as easy as hitting a button.

This product comes with 3 different heat settings and this allows you to get the exact amount warmth you need. If it’s a really cold day you can pump in high heat and on warmer, spring days you can can pump in less. You’ll also like that it has a:

  • Universal charger allows you to recharge no matter what country you’re in. This is good for people that like to travel around to ski.
  • Battery pack easily clips to your boot tongue. It won’t take a tremendous amount of energy to fasten this product to your boot.
  • Impulse control stimulates blood circulation so you get extra, natural warmth. This is another reason you won’t have to worry about being cold if you decide on this heater.

There’s a catch, though. Your ski boots must have ThermicSoles for these to work. Many ski boots boots from Atomic, Burton, Dalbello, Head, Salomon and more offer these soles with some of their boots. If you don’t have these insoles you can buy them separately. This is true for all Therm-ic heaters

The SmartPark 1200 is a pricey product too. If you’re a fair weather skier and only like to get out there when the temperature is comfortable, you may not need this ski boot heater. If, however, you ski no matter what the temperature is and face challenging terrain, this is a product you should consider. It’ll make sure your feet are nice and warm all day long.

ThermaCell ProFlex

Company: ThermaCell

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

Here we have another product that can work in ski boots, regular boots and and sneakers – the ThermaCell ProFlex is a very versatile heater. It runs on a wireless remote and this adds a lot of convenience. When you feel your toes getting cold just simply hit the button to increase heat. If your feet begin to sweat you can easily lower it too.

The battery is extremely quality too. You can get up to 5 hours on a single charge and you can recharge it 500 times. If you ski 30 times a year that means you’ll have to replace the battery in about 17 years. Now that’s durability.

Some other nice features include:

  • Poron foam surrounds the battery so it’ll be safe even if you crash or fall down. The last thing you want is for the battery to break.
  • Flexible insole can be trimmed down which allows you to get a custom, perfect fit. This ensures you won’t have to cram you foot inside because the insole takes up too much room.
  • Travel bag lets you bring it wherever you’re going. You won’t have to worry about losing this product because of this.
  • 1 year warranty gives you some peace of mind. I’m confident you’ll get more than that but it’s nice to see a guarantee of at least a year.

The price isn’t terrible either and is pretty affordable – this makes them one of the best values on this list.

If you live and breath skiing you may want to go with a different product and one that performs a little higher. Any recreational skier will love these, however.

Hotronic FootWarmer S3 Custom

Company: Hotronic

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

You already saw the Hotronic S4’s and now it’s time to take a look at the Hotronic S3’s. These two products are pretty similar except the battery for the S3 doesn’t quite perform like the S4’s.

It’s still a high quality heater, though, and if you decide on these you’ll be very happy you did. Despite the battery not being as strong as the S4, it’ll give you 17 hours of warmth on the lowest setting (3.5 hours on the highest). Some other nice features include:

  • Can be used for multiple sports including skiing, biking, fishing, hiking and more. This is good for someone that loves to be outdoors.
  • 4 different heat settings allows the perfect amount of warmth possible. If it’s extremely cold out you can pump a lot of heat in and if it’s a warmer day, you can just pump a little in.
  • LED light on the battery shows how much juice you have left. You won’t have to guess when the battery is going to die and you’ll know exactly when to charge up.
  • Easy to use and you can change temperature without any problems. This makes for a smooth day without any frustrations.
  • Compact design isn’t bulky and won’t weigh a ton. You don’t want your heater distracting you from your day skiing and you won’t have to worry about that here.
  • Charger that works in both North America and Europe. Any person that likes to ski in both areas will like this.

The price is right too. Like the S4, the S3 is another excellent value for what you’re getting.

The heating is excellent too and at the highest setting you can get up to 173 degrees of warmth! On the lowest setting you’ll get around 100 degrees. Your toes won’t be feeling cold if you decide on these, that’s for sure.

Therm-ic SmartPack IC 950

Company: Therm-ic

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.8/5

Here we have another Therm-ic heater and this one, the 950, isn’t quite as high performing as the previous two you’ve seen. It’s still quality, though, and one almost any skier, regardless of needs, can use.

This product works for both ski boots and snowboard boots and can give you heat for up to 18 hours. Like many heaters on this list it comes with several different heat settings – the higher the heat, the shorter amount of battery you get. You’ll also like that it has:

  • Impulse control you’ll find on other Therm-ic equipment that stimulates blood flow for additional warmth. Any person that has a really hard time keeping their feet warm will really like this feature.
  • Lightweight battery won’t distract your attention away from the slopes. You honestly won’t even notice it strapped to you boots.
  • Can be trimmed to fit any ski boot. It doesn’t matter if you have a wide foot, narrow foot, long foot or short foot, you’ll get a fit that works well for you.
  • 1 year warranty shows the type of durability you’ll get. I’m positive you’ll get more than that too.

The price is fairly reasonable too. Therm-ic is an awesome company and all their gear is well made. If you select any of their ski boot heaters you’ll be happy and that applies here.

A skier looking for the absolute best should look at the 1600 or 1200, though. The 950 is an excellent product but not as good as those previous two. Any recreational skier, facing normal winter conditions, will get a lot of use out of the 950.

Dry Guy Boot Dryer

Company: Dry Guy

Price: $

Rating: 4.7/5

The Dry Guy boot dryer isn’t like the products you’ve seen on this list so far. This isn’t a heater you strap to your boot and it won’t provide heat while you’re skiing. This is a dryer that you put your boots on to take away moisture and to heat up before you go out and on lunch breaks.

You can use it for all your ski equipment (and any other clothes or apparel too). So if you’ve taken a spill or it’s a slushy day out, you can make sure your gloves, socks, boots, and hat get nice and dry. It also:

  • Reaches a maximum heating temperature of 105 degrees which dries your gear quickly. You won’t be standing around too long waiting for your stuff.
  • Very quiet and won’t disturb the people around you. This is good for ski lodges and other public spaces.
  • Can heat up multiple garments and boots at one time. Again, you won’t have to spend too much time waiting for your gear to be good.
  • Kills the development of different bacteria and foul smells. There’s nothing worst then putting on smelly equipment (or being next to someone with smelly equipment!) and this prevents that from happening.

Plus it’s lightweight and can be transported easily. Because the technology is simple it won’t cost that much either. If you’re not in dire need to have heat all day long you should think about the Dry Guy dryer.

Any person that suffers from cold feet and absolutely needs warmth to have an enjoyable day should look else where. This equipment doesn’t excel in that department.

Therm-ic SmartPack Basic

Company: Therm-ic

Price: $$

Rating: 4.8/5

Like the name suggests, the Therm-ic is an extremely basic ski boot heater and one that recreational skiers, who don’t depend on high heat to have fun should consider.

Unlike most of the heaters on this list this one doesn’t run on a rechargeable battery. Instead, it’s powered by 4 AA batteries. The downside is you’ll constantly have to be buying new batteries  which can get pricey. The upside is you’ll never have to wait for the battery to recharge. When they die out you can just pop new ones in and you’ll be good to go.

Some other features include:

  • Up to 12 hours of heat on the lowest setting and 2 hours on the highest. Even if you don’t get the time to charge during lunch this product should last through out the entire day.
  • Impulse control provides natural warmth by increasing blood flow around your feet and toes. Any person that really suffers from cold feet will love having this.
  • Lightweight design won’t be a distraction. You won’t be irritated with the battery strapped to your boot and you’ll be able to focus on what you want.

This is the least expensive heater on this list (not including the dryers). I personally wouldn’t think about this product if you ski often.

If you ski every weekend you’ll be going through a lot of batteries. This will cost you hundreds over a few seasons if you’re frequently on the slopes. It’s best to get a rechargeable battery if that’s the case. It’ll cost more up front but you’ll save money over time.

Hotronic Snap Dry Boot Warmer

Company: Hotronic

Price: $$

Rating: 4.7/5

Like the Dry Guy product you saw earlier, the Hotronic Snap Dry Boot warmer is not a piece of equipment you wear while skiing – it’s a dryer that you put your boots and various garments on while at lunch or before going out.

One thing I really like about the Snap Dry Boot is it’s lightweight and you can easily take it anywhere. It’s not bulky and can fit into your ski bag too. You’ll also like that it comes with a:

  • Durable motor that’s very quiet and you won’t even notice it on. If you plan on heating your gear up in a crowded lodge or any place like that, you won’t annoy the people around you.
  • Can dry up to 24 hours so you know for a fact your gear will be good to go. You can leave it on through the night, wake up and put you stuff on.
  • Quick clip system means you can extend it to fit right into your boots. Those hard to reach spots will dry up completely.
  • Can both dry or preheat which is good for people looking for warmth out on the slopes. When you come in for lunch you can put your boots, gloves, hat or any other garment on this heater.
  • Kills off bacteria and this keeps your hands and feet healthy. Plus, it’ll limit any bad smells or anything like that from developing.

The price is right too. Like I said with the other dryer, though, if you absolutely need a steady supply of warmth on the slopes, you need one of the heaters that strap to your boot. This dryer will provide warmth but not to the level of one of clip on products.

Therm-ic Super Max Power

Company: Therm-ic

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

Last on the list comes from a familiar brand, Therm-ic. While this one, the Super Max, is a high quality heater, it’s not the best on this list. It’s made more for recreational skiers and people that avoid sub zero days.

If you like to test your limits and won’t back down from the cold you’ll probably want one of the more expensive Therm-ic products. This heater still has a lot going for it, including:

  • 3 different heat settings that provides up to 158 degrees of warmth. This means you’ll be protected even if it’s very cold out.
  • Impulse control that creates natural warmth by stimulating blood flow. I personally like this feature and is good for especially vulnerable people.
  • LED indicator shows you how much battery strength you have left. You’ll know exactly when you need to charge up and when you don’t have to.
  • Lightweight and isn’t too bulky.

The price is pretty affordable. That’s a really good price for all that you’re getting.

You’ll also like that they provide up to 18 hours of warmth. You should keep in mind it takes between 9 to 11 hours to fully charge this item. If you decide on this product you should definitely charge it up the night before and not wait until you get to the mountain to do so.

If you wait for the morning of or try to charge up during your lunch break you may be disappointed.

Don’t Suffer From Cold Feet This Ski Season!

Skiing is one of my favorite activities and I love every second I’ve had on the slopes – when I’m warm. The days where my toes were so cold they hurt weren’t much fun. I learned a while ago to keep my feet warm you have to take proactive steps and a ski boot heater is a good place to start.

These pieces of equipment are extremely effective and will provide warmth all day long. Plus, there’s one for all needs and budgets on this list.

If you have any questions about what you’ve read comment below and I’ll respond as quickly as possible. You can search around the ski section up top for more tips and gear reviews.

If you struggle to keep your hands warm you may be interested in a pair of heated gloves – these products have built in heaters that’ll help a lot. To check them out click below:

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Are you excited to have warm feet and toes this year?