20 Best Ski Boots For Men And Women 2021

The ski season is approaching and if you plan on hitting the slopes this winter you’ll want one of the best ski boots for 2018-2019.

In this guide I’ll show you what to look for when making your selection – this way you’ll pick the perfect product for your feet.

After, you’ll see my top picks for both men and women (there’s something for all skill levels and budgets too).

Sound good!?

How To Choose The Perfect Ski Boot

When I was younger I had a terrible pair of ski boots; they were painful to wear and impossible to put on and take off. To avoid this you should consider the following when making your selection:

  • Pick the right boot for your skill level/flex
  • Make sure it’s right for your foot shape and size
  • Look at smaller features (how well it keeps snow out, how easy it is to put on, insulation, etc.)

The first thing you need to think about when purchasing your new boots is your own skill level. This is important because it reflects the “flex” rating you’ll want. The flex of a ski boot is how stiff it is – the more stiff it is, the more advanced of a skier you should be.

Here’s which flex male skiers should choose depending on their ability

  • Beginner flex is between 50 to 70
  • Intermediate flex is between 70 to 90
  • Advanced flex is between 90 to 110
  • Expert flex is between 100 to 130

For a female skier:

  • Beginner flex is between 40 to 60
  • Intermediate flex is between 60 to 70
  • Advanced flex is between 70 to 90
  • Expert flex is between 90 to 110

Don’t stress yourself out too much here. If you’re an intermediate skier and choose a boot that’s in the advanced-intermediate range you’ll be fine. Beginners should stay away from advanced flexes, however.

Next, you’ll want to make sure the boots you select fit for your feet. The first thing you’ll want to look at is the “last” of the boot – the last measures the width. Here’s the following “lasts” for different foots sizes:

You’ll definitely want the right size in terms of length too. Ski boots are measured by Mondo Point and this just refers to how long your foot is in centimeters.

Here’s a good video that explains how to properly fit your boot:

Pretty simple, right?

Lastly, you’ll want to look at the smaller features of your ski boot and make sure all aspects are quality. A good ski boot has a well made liner that’s comfortable to wear, has multiple buckles to fasten you in snugly and is easy to put on and take off. It should keep snow out, this way your feet stay nice and dry. A warm liner is a life saver on cold days too.

All the products on this list excel in those departments.

If you’d like to know more about choosing a ski boot, click here.

Let’s get into my top picks for men now, and directly after that you’ll see my top picks for women.

Best Ski Boots For Men:

Full Tilt Descendant 8

Company: Full Tilt

Price: $$$$

Flex: 8 Flex Tongue

Rating: 4.9/5

The Full Tilt Descendant 8 is a unique product because it doesn’t have a set flex. Instead, its stiffness is adjustable and you can fine tune it to meet your exact personal specifications – the flex can suit the needs of intermediates all the way to advanced/expert level skiers.

Because of this, this boot is especially good for skiers looking to advance their skills. As you get better you won’t need to go out and purchase a new product; you can just tighten it up a bit as you progress. People who are looking for a high quality boot will also like that the Descendant 8 has:

  • 103mm last which is good for medium and slightly wide width feet. This means it’s pretty much good for anyone.
  • Well made buckle system so you’re safely locked in place. You’ll be able to push yourself out there in complete comfort and safety because of this.
  • Shock absorbing boot layer ensures you have a comfortable and smooth experience all the time. When you’re going down some moguls or hitting a jump you’ll have soft landings.
  • Quick Fit liner gives you a boost in performance and provides extra comfort. If your boots are uncomfortable you’ll be miserable out there (I know this from experience) and the Descendant 8’s ensures you have a good day.
  • Heat adjustable so you get the exact fit for your foot and calf. No matter what the shape or size of your foot you’ll get the right sizing.

These boots aren’t cheap but they’re not overly expensive either. For the craftsmanship and the performance you’re getting that’s more than a fair price.

Atomic Hawx Magna 110

Company: Atomic Hawx

Price: $$$$

Flex: 110

Rating: 4.9/5

The Atomic Hawx Magna is a ski boot that beginners and lower intermediates should stay away from. With a flex of 110 this boot is made to perform and should only be worn by skiers that can handle it – in the advanced-intermediate to expert range.

If green circle and blue square trails don’t interest you, you should consider purchasing the Magna’s. This product utilizes Memory Fit Technology which allows certified dealers to heat the shell and liner so it molds perfectly to your feet. This customization features adds to comfort and gives the best skiing experience possible.

Some other top features include:

  • Power Shift Adjustment so you get a fit that’s right for your ankle and calf (you can adjust the forward lean because of this too). Youwantt boots that are tailored to leg shape and you’ll get that here.
  • 3m Thinsulate Insulation provides superior warmth and will keep your toes nice and toasty. You won’t have to worry about the inconvenience of being cold out there.
  • Aluminum buckles that are long lasting and very durable. The last thing you want is a buckle to break half way through your day.
  • Medium last is perfect for the average foot and calf. This means almost anyone can rock the Magna’s this year.
  • One year warranty so you know it’s well made. You’ll honestly get much more than that too.

Because this boot is high performing and uses all the latest technologies, it isn’t cheap. I wouldn’t say it’s overly expensive either, though. If you consider yourself a strong skier, and want to push things this year, the price shouldn’t scare you off.

Rossignol Alias 90

Company: Rossignol

Price: $$$

Flex: 90

Rating: 4.8/5

Rossignol is a well known company and you’ll see their gear all over the slopes. Their Alias 90’s is the perfect boot for intermediate skiers and works for a lot of different skiers.

The last is wide so it’ll always be easy to put on and can accommodate larger feet. This product is also extremely comfortable to wear and comes with a Molded PU Soft Liner that’s soft to the touch. It forms to your specific leg shape after a few days of wearing which is a convenient feature. Some other aspects you’ll like include:

  • Provides an upright stance which is less exhausting for your body. This means you’ll be able to go longer into the day and push yourself a little extra.
  • Simple to put on and take off. If you’ve ever had to struggle to put on ski boots you know how valuable of a features this is.
  • 1 year warranty ensures you’re getting a quality boot. I’m positive you’ll get multiple seasons out of this product too.
  • Sleek design will have you looking good while carving through the powder. I know style isn’t the most important thing on earth but it’s nice to have sleek gear.
  • Replaceable toe and heel pads mean you can wear these boots for a long time.

The Alias 90’s won’t break the bank and they’re one of the best values on this list. These are definitely worth that price and if you decide on these boots you’ll be very happy you did.

Salomon X Pro 100

Company: Salomon

Price: $$$$

Flex: 100

Rating: 4.9/5

The Salomon X Pro is the type of ski boot that suits a large range of skiers – the 100 flex makes it good for skiers from strong intermediates to expert level. If you’re a beginner or a lower level intermediate you’ll want a different product.

Like a few of the boots on this list it has the ability to be customized to your foot by an authorized dealer through the use of an oven and heat. This gives you maximum comfort because it’ll fit perfectly to your foot and calf shape. Other features skies will like include:

  • Lightweight Twinframe 2 Construction improves energy transfer and responsiveness. This is good for people that like to push things in terms of speed and skiers that’ll face tough terrain.
  • Adjustable flex so you get the exact stiffness you desire. An adjustable flex means people of various skills can use and it’s good for people that are versatile – certain flexes are better on certain trails.
  • A medium last that works well with most foot sizes. Unless your foot is extra wide or extra narrow these boots will fit just fine.
  • Adjustable strap to lock your leg in place. If you plan on going fast this year you don’t want your shin and leg shifting around when you make a carve/turn.
  • Extremely comfortable and you won’t mind wearing them all day long. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable boot.

This is another ski boot that blends performance and comfort really well. You’ll be able to cruise down the mountain at fast speeds without any painful distraction.

This product isn’t necessary cheap. The old saying you get what you pay for rings true here and in this case you’re paying for high quality.

Salomon Quest Access 70

Company: Salomon

Price: $$$

Flex: 70

Rating: 4.8/5

The two previous boots you saw are geared towards intermediate to advanced skiers. This product, the Salomon Quest Access, is a ski boot that’s best suited for beginners – it doesn’t have the flex or transfer of energy advanced skiers need and desire.

This boot has a wide last of 104mm and works well for skiers looking for a comfortable ski experience, not a high performing one. I really like that the Salomon Quest Access comes with a ski and hike feature. This makes life easier when you’re not strapped into your skis. Some other aspects I think you’ll enjoy include:

  • The My Custom Fit Liner that’s a delight to wear. You’ll be in comfort all day long with this feature.
  • Woolmetal insulation keeps your feet warm and fights off cold toes. I have a hard time keeping my toes warm and this definitely helps. If this is a serious problem for you, you may also be interested in a ski boot heater or heated socks.
  • Easy Entry Overlap technology makes taking your boot on and off simple. I’ve had boots that were nearly impossible to put on and that really made life difficult – you won’t get that here.

Plus it has an easy to use buckle system and durable strap that’ll ensure you’re in your boots safely. The price is really fair here too.

If you’re a beginner or an intermediate that likes to take things slow this is a boot you should think about. You’ll have a hard time finding a product that’s better suited for your needs in this price range. If, however, you like to push the limits and ski you’re absolute hardest, you should look elsewhere.

Tecnica Cochise Pro 130 

Company: Tecnica

Price: $$$$$

Flex: 130

Rating: 5/5

The Technica Cochise Pro 130’s are the highest performing ski boots on this list and should only be worn by experts and very advanced level skiers. If you’re a beginner or intermediate you shouldn’t even consider this product – you’ll have a hard time with the the energy transfer the Cochise Pro 130’s provides.

Because this boot is made to cruise it has a narrow last; this gives you quicker turns and sharper carves. This product is extremely lightweight which maximizes speeds too (the shell is 30% thinner than the average ski boots). Other features expert level skiers will enjoy include:

  • Mobility Cuff makes hiking around in the back country much simpler with its 42 degree range of motion. If you love off trail skiing this is a benefit you’ll love.
  • Compatible with many different bindings including Dynafit and Alpine Touring. This is perfect for someone that likes to ski multiple terrains.
  • Can be worn for resort skiing and backcountry skiing. Again, this is a plus for a versatile skier and someone that mixes things up.
  • Aqua Water Stop Technology will keep water and moisture from soaking your socks and feet. This is a key feature because having wet feet while cold is enough to ruin your day.
  • Removable aluminum buckles are durable and long lasting. This gives you peace of mind and ensures you’ll have these boots for a long time.

Besides being the highest performing, these boots are also the most expensive. If you live and breath powder and want a product you can wear in the most extreme conditions, this is a boot you’ll want to think about, even at such a high price.

Atomic Hawx Ultra 110 

Company: Atomic

Price: $$$$

Flex: 110

Rating: 4.9/5

This is the second Atomic Hawx ski boot on this list and this one, the Ultra 110, is every bit as high quality as the one you already saw – it’s made for the same level of skier too (strong intermediate to advanced skier).

This boot has a narrow last at 98mm and this improves it’s performance/speed; you’ll be a blur on the slopes with the Ultra’s on your feet. This is another product that can be molded to your leg and foot with heat and comes with a:

  • Very lightweight design and this is good for performance. You won’t feel yourself being weighed down and this means you can push yourself more.
  • 3m Thinsulate Insulation is a high quality synthetic insulation system that keeps your feet and toes nice and warm, even on the coldest days.
  • Strong and durable aluminum buckles won’t break anytime soon. This feature ensures you’ll be able to ski aggressively, without having to worry about the buckles breaking.
  • 2 year warranty shows the quality of this boot. Most ski boots only come with 1 year and it’s refreshing to see one that comes with a multiple year guarantee.
  • Adjustable forward lean enables you to boost performance when needed. This is good for people that like to go on various terrains and trails.

This is the type of boot you can go anywhere on the mountain with. Like most high end ski boots this one isn’t cheap. It’s price is very fair, though, and I know you’ll agree if you get a chance to ski with them (not if you’re beginner, though!).

Lange SX 100

Company: Lange

Price: $$$

Flex: 100

Rating: 4.8/5

The Lange SX is a popular ski boot for strong intermediate to advanced skiers. These skill levels like the energy transfer these boots provide and how easy it is to carve with them on their feet.

The last of this boot is 102mm which means it fits a normal to slightly wide foot very comfortably – this last means you’ll get a good mix of performance and feel too. Some other top features you’ll like include:

  • 4 adjustable aluminum buckles that are designed to withstand year after year of tough skiing. They’re also large in size so you can buckle and unbuckle easily
  • Thermo Fit RL2 Liner is pleasing to wear and improves foot hold. Comfort is something you definitely want when skiing and you’ll get that here.
  • Power Wedge Tongue minimizes any space between your shin and the boot – this will give you more control and reduce movement
  • Enables a natural skiing stance which lessens fatigue and ensures you can ski longer into the day. You’ll feel fresh even into the late afternoon.

The design of the SX 100’s is sharp too and you’ll be proud to show these off this winter. The price is what you’d expect and similar to some of the other high quality boots on this list.

As long as you’re a strong skier, and can handle the performance provided by this boot, you should definitely consider purchasing them.

Rossignol AllSpeed Pro 100

Company: Rossignol

Price: $$$$

Flex: 110

Rating: 4.9/5

Last on the list is a ski boot that is best suited for strong intermediates to expert level skiers. The Rossignol AllSpeed Pro is a product anyone looking to maximize speed and performance will love.

The last is 100mm which means it’s good for a medium width foot (a slightly narrow foot will work here). The Allspeed is known for being ultra responsive and this comes from the Sensor Blade Technology which makes it lightweight. Other features you’ll enjoy include:

  • Easy Entry insert makes putting on and taking off simple. It’s a good feeling knowing you won’t have to struggle to cram your foot in.
  • Optisensor Liner utilizes molded padding that’s comfortable to wear and the fit can be customized with heat. You can get the Allspeed Pro to fit like a glove.
  • Synthetic Thinsualte Insulation will provide a high level of warmth and keeps your toes from freezing. Even if it’s very cold out you’ll be protected.
  • Breaks in quickly and forms to your foot almost immediately. Anyone that’s had to break in a ski boot before will appreciate this.

Because of all of this, the Allspeed is one of the pricier products on this list. A beginner wouldn’t want to pay this much for a ski boot (a beginner shouldn’t be wearing these anyway) but a skilled skier won’t mind. These people recognize the importance of quality gear and realize the difference a well made boot can make.

Nordica N-Move 100

Company: Nordica

Price: $$$

Flex: 100

Rating: 4.9/5

The Nordica N-Move is the type of ski boot that almost any skier can wear – if you’re an absolute beginner or an expert skier you may want something different. If you consider yourself more of an intermediate (or advanced intermediate) this product will work fine for you.

This boot fits most foot sizes too and caters to medium width and medium calf size. One of my favorite features include the PFP comfort liner which makes the Nordica N-Move extremely comfortable to wear. Some other features you’ll like include:

  • Primaloft insulation keeps your feet nice and toasty all day long. Having cold feet can ruin your day and you won’t have to worry about that with these boots.
  • 45mm strap locks your shin in place so it doesn’t shift around when you’re skiing. This ensures you can perform your absolute highest out there.
  • Ski/Walk system is handy when you’re not clicked into your skis. When it’s time to get lunch you won’t have to take your boots off.
  • Slip proofing on the sole so you don’t fall down stairs. This is another feature that lets you keep the N-Moves on when you’re walking around.
  • Nordica Weather Shield prevents moisture from penetrating and getting your socks and feet wet. The last thing you want is cold, wet feet and this prevents that from happening.

This is the type of ski boot that you’ll love wearing; it balances performance and comfort expertly. The price isn’t horrible either. When you consider some boots cost up to $800 you realize what an awesome value that is.

So if you’re a skier that’s sure of your ability, this is a product you definitely need to consider.

Best Ski Boots For Women:

K2 B.F.C 80

Company: K2

Price: $$$

Flex: 80

Rating: 4.9/5

The first women’s ski boot on this list comes from a very reputable company and one I’m very familiar with – K2. Their B.F.C. is a product that’s designed for skillful skiers, in the intermediate to advanced range.

The B.F.C is suited for people with an average sized foot to slightly wide and an average sized calf. It’s also extremely comfortable; B.F.C. actually stands for “built for comfort.” If you purchase this ski boot you know it’s going to feel good to wear all day long. Some of my favorite features include:

  • Allows for a natural stance which lessens exhaustion and lets you ski longer into the day. You won’t have that exhausted feeling when it’s around 3 P.M. or 4 P.M.
  • Hands free entry means this boot slides on and off your foot with ease. No more straining or stomping to get your boot on.
  • Apres Mode makes walking around simple. When it’s time to grab a bite or to grab something from your bag, you won’t have to take the B.F.C.’s off.
  • Modern and sleek design will have you looking good as your cruise down the mountain. This doesn’t really help your performance but it gives a little boost in confidence.

The price is what you’d expect for a quality boot. When you factor in the 1 year warranty you’ll recognize what a good deal this is.

Also, the Toe Box is designed with a little extra room so your foot isn’t crammed in. This is just another reason this product is built for comfort.

Atomic Live Fit 90

Company: Atomic

Price: $$$$

Flex: 90

Rating: 4.9/5

The Atomic Live Fit 90 is a ski boot that beginners should avoid – it’ll be too hard to handle for novices. If, however, you’re a skillful skier, looking for a boost in your ski experience, you should consider this product.

The Live Fit is designed for a specific kind of foot and leg. While it caters to a normal foot width, it’s also designed for people with high arches and wider calves. If that’s you, you’ll also like that it comes with an:

  • Upper cuff buckle so you can customize the fit around calf. This means you’ll be strapped in and ready to cruise down the slopes.
  • High quality 3m Thinsulate Insulation will provide superior warmth for your toes and feet. Even when the weather is frigid you won’t feel uncomfortably cold.
  • Oversized buckles are very easy to adjust. You won’t have to dig your fingertips into the buckles to tighten or loosen.
  • 35mm velcro strap secures your leg for added safety. This is another feature that ensures safety and let’s you push things a little harder.
  • 1 year warranty demonstrates how well made this boot is. You’ll definitely get more than 1 season out them too.
  • Live Fit Panels that expands with your foot without causing pain or cramping. This is good if your feet are a little wider.
  • Rubber pieces fights cold off and is another way this boot keeps you warm. You’ll be very comfortable with this product on your foot.

The price isn’t cheap but not overly expensive either. If you expect to ski a lot that price should be perfectly fine for you. Once you feel the performance and comfort the Live Fit gives you, you’ll be happy you spent a little extra.

Nordica Cruise 55W

Company: Nordica

Price: $$

Flex: 55

Rating: 4.8/5

The last two boots you’ve seen are ski boots that intermediate and advanced skiers will love to wear. This one, the Nordica Cruise 55W, is product that’s best suited for novices or people that like to ski at a slow, comfortable pace.

This ski boot also has a wide width which is another feature that caters to recreational skiing. If you crave speed and performance you should avoid this boot (there’s plenty on this list that’ll work for you!).

Beginner skiers will like that the Nordica Cruise:

  • Provides a natural stance which leads to longer ski days and less exhaustion. You can also push things a little harder and not have to worry about getting too tired.
  • PFP Performance Liner is soft to the touch and is very comfortable. This is another feature that ensures you’ll ski longer into the day.
  • An adjustable upper cuff lets you get the exact fit you desire. Having the right fit is essential to enjoying your day.
  • 1 year warranty gives you a little peace of mind. I’m confident you’ll get more than that too.

The price is reasonable too. Add this to the fact that it’s well designed and has durable aluminum buckles, you can see why this is such a good product for women learning to ski – it won’t break the bank, it’ll last multiple seasons and is very comfortable.

Any person learning with the Nordica Cruise 55’s is very lucky and in a better position than most skiers.

Rossignol Kiara 70 

Company: Rossignol

Price: $$$

Flex: 70

Rating: 4.8/5

I mentioned before that Rossignol is one of my favorite brands. That’s because their gear is high quality, comfortable and high performing – when you purchase from them you get an awesome piece of equipment and peace of mind.

This is true for their Kiara 70’s and this boot is one my favorites for women. If you’re an expert level skier and like to push your boundaries you may want a different boot. If, however, you consider yourself a solid intermediate or trying to reach that level, the Kiara’s will work for you.

Besides offering a wide foot bed for a comfortable skiing experience, these boots comes with a:

  • Profile Cuff leaves plenty of room for a variety of calf shapes including thicker ones. You won’t have to cram your leg into a boot that’s too narrow because of this.
  • Polar Fleece Insulation combined with PU Liner will ensure you’re warm on the coldest days. There’s nothing worst than cold feet and this keeps that from happening.
  • Easy to use buckles and upper strap makes life a lot simpler. You won’t have to struggle to get the fit that’s best for you.

I consider this ski boot a middle of the road product – it’s not the highest performing but it’s certainly not low quality either. This makes it very attractive for many skiers, especially when you consider its reasonable price

Here’s a video that explains a little more:

Salomon Quest Pro 80

Company: Salomon

Price: $$$

Flex: 80

Rating: 4.8/5

The Salomon Quest Pro 80 is another ski boot that suits a wide range of skill levels. I personally think it’s best for a strong intermediate to advanced skier. These people will get the most out of the energy transfer and the performance the Quest Pro provides.

I personally like the ski/walk feature that comes with this product. When you don’t have your boots locked into your skis and can easily walk around I know you’ll appreciate this feature too. You’ll also like that it has a:

  • 104mm footbed accommodates wider feet and allows for maximum comfort. You won’t have to cram your foot into these.
  • Easy entry design so you won’t struggle to put this boot on or take off. I’ve mentioned this a few times already but this makes life a lot easier.
  • Form fitting foam will fit your foot perfectly. This is another feature that ensures you won’t be in pain out there.
  • Wool and polyester fibers trap warmth inside the boot and helps fight off cold. If you’ve ever had problems keeping your feet warm you’ll like this.
  • Large buckles are easy to adjust and use. It won’t be a pain to tighten or loosen the fit because of this.

The price isn’t too bad either. I know if you decide on the Quest Pro’s you’ll be happy you did. It’s well made and every aspect is good quality.

The only type of skier I would absolutely advice against this ski boot is expert level talent. Any one under that level will appreciate wearing these.

Rossignol Pure Pro 100

Company: Rossignol

Price: $$$$

Flex: 100

Rating: 4.9/5

If you read all the way through the last ski boot description, you’ll see that I said expert level skiers should avoid. The Rossginol Pure Pro 100 is the complete opposite – extremely strong skiers should consider this boot while less skillful people should avoid at all costs. Beginners and lower level intermediates just won’t be able to handle the performance of the Pure Pro 100.

If you can handle yourself on the slopes in complete confidence and want a product on your feet that’ll help you push things to the next level, this Rossignol boot is for you. Some top features include:

  • Lightweight shell that won’t slow or weigh you down. This is essential for people that crave speed and plan on skiing tough terrain.
  • 100mm last is perfect for normal width feet. As long as your foot isn’t un-ordinarily wide or narrow this last will fit your foot.
  • Heat moldable liner so you can get a custom fit for maximum comfort and performance. You’ll get a glove like fit with this.
  • Wool liner that both resists foul odors and is a delight to wear. Wool is a good insulator too and you’ll get a good amount of warmth from this liner.
  • 4 adjustable buckles and 40mm strap to lock your leg in place. This adds a bit of safety and is great for high performers.

Despite its high quality and performance this ski boot isn’t overly expensive either. When you factor everything in, the reasonable price makes the Pure Pro a really excellent value.

Tecnica Cochise 85W

Company: Tecnica

Price: $$$$

Flex: 85

Rating: 4.9/5

The Tecnica Cochise 85W is one of the most expensive women’s ski boots on this list and there’s good reason for that – it’s one of the best. This is another product that novices should avoid and is reserved for people comfortable on the slopes.

The footbed is on the narrow side so it can fit more slender feet and adds a little speed. The Cochise 85W is a piece of equipment that comes with a convenient ski/walk function. This is a feature you’ll love when it’s time to walk around for lunch or the end of the day. It also has:

  • Marino Wool and Ultra Fit Liner that’s both comfortable and warm. You’ll love the way these feel on your feet.
  • Very lightweight and won’t unnecessarily weigh you down. This is good for people that value mobility and want to ski on many different terrains.
  • 1 year warranty let’s you know it’s a durable and well made product. You’ll definitely get more than that too.
  • Women’s Profile Cuff fits many different types of legs and adjusts easily. This is another way the Cochise 85 adds comfort.

Like I said this is one of the pricier boots on this list. It really is a high performing boot, though, and you’ll always have to pay extra for that.

So if price isn’t a concern and you want a top of the line boot, the Cochise is one you should definitely consider.

Nordica Cruise 85W

Company: Nordica

Price: $$$$

Flex: 85

Rating: 4.9/5

Earlier you saw the Nordica Cruise 55W and that boot is a product that people starting out skiing should consider. The Cruise 85W, however, is a boot that talented skiers will love.

This product caters to a wide foot and thicker, fuller calves. I know a lot of women that struggle to find a ski boot with those dimensions and if that’s you, you’ll like how the Cruise’s fit. Some top features include:

  • Adjustable Cuff Profile let’s you get a custom and perfect fit around your calf. A good fit is essential to comfort and performance and you’ll get that here.
  • Allows for a natural stance which makes energy transfer easier and reduces how tired you get on the slopes. You can ski more aggressively, for longer, and not be as tired because of this.
  • Performance Fit Liner is not only comfortable but does a good job keeping your foot warm. You won’t have to worry about cold toes or anything like that.
  • 4 aluminum buckles are durable and easy to adjust. This means you’ll have these boots for a long time and they won’t break down on you.

This is another boot that some people may consider a little pricey. Again, you get what you pay for. If you cheap out in this department you’ll notice it while you’re skiing.

When you pay a little extra and get good quality, like the Cruise 85W is, your day on the slopes will be much more enjoyable.

Full Tilt Plush 4

Company: Full Tilt

Price: $$$

Flex: Soft

Rating: 4.8/5

In terms of looks and design I think the Full Tilt Plush 4 is the coolest on this list; something about it is very unique and different. Looks only matter so much, however, and what’s really important is whether the Plush 4 performs. You’ll be happy to know it does.

This product is known as one of the most comfortable on the market too. Everything about it is designed to make sure you’re pain free when skiing. This boot does this by:

  • Having a footbed on the slightly wider side so you’re not cramming your toes in. This is good for people that have feet that are larger than normal.
  • Quick Fit Intuition Liner provides an excellent amount of warmth. I’ve already stressed the importance of preventing cold feet and this liner will do that.
  • Adjustable flex allows you to determine the amount of stiffness you’ll need at any given time. If you consider yourself a versatile skier and like to ride on different terrains, this is a feature you’ll like.
  • Adjustable forward lean enables you to transfer energy better. Any woman that has a need for speed will enjoy this.
  • 1 year warranty gives you peace of mind in terms of durability concerns. You’ll get more seasons than that out these boots but you’re guaranteed for 1 full year.

Despite all these features this product won’t cost a ton. All high level skiers may want to look elsewhere but strong intermediates and down will enjoy what the Plush 4 offers. You’ll be able to cruise around all day long in complete comfort with these on your feet.

Salomon X-Max 90W

Company: Salomon

Price: $$$$

Flex: 90

Rating: 4.9/5

Last on the list is a boot that seasoned skiers will enjoy. The Salomon X-Max 90W is a visually pleasing piece of equipment with performance to match.

This product can be customized to fit your unique leg shape too. It comes with an upper cuff adjustment system that caters to multiple calf sizes and the fit can be customized with heat. Some other awesome features include:

  • 3D Performance Women’s liner has a plush feel to it and keeps your lower extremities nice and toasty. Comfort is essential to enjoying your day and that’s exactly what you’ll get here.
  • Adjustable width that’ll accommodate narrow feet all the way to wide feet. No matter your unique foot shape you’ll find a setting that suits you perfectly.
  • TwinFrame construction gives you more control. More control equals more safety and this is needed for high performers.
  • Easy to adjust buckles makes life a lot easier.
  • 2 year warranty is one of the best you’ll find. I always like guarantees like this because it shows the company believes in their product.

The X-Max’s are pricey. Any skilled skier should happily be willing to pay this, though, especially when you know you’re getting a good return. In this case, the return is an exceptional skiing experience.

Anyone One Of These Ski Boots Can Work For You!

Skiing is an activity that relies on having good equipment and quality gear. If you go low quality you can expect to have a miserable day out on the slopes – this is especially true for your boots.

The right pair will give you comfort, warmth and performance; the wrong will leave you in pain with cold toes.

No matter your needs there’s a product for you on this list. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, have a wide foot, normal foot or narrow foot, there’s a boot here for you.

Just make sure to pick the right boot for your skill level!

If you have any questions you can comment below and I’ll make sure to respond as fast as possible. You can search around the ski area up top for more gear reviews and helpful skiing hints.

Also, if you want a good pair of skis to match with your boots, click below:

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Are you ready to hit the slopes this year with your new boots?

Ski Boot FAQ’S

1) Question: How Much Do Ski Boots Cost?

Answer: One of the first questions asked when it comes to ski boots is how much do they cost. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer. There are different brands as well as different types, and both of these factors will play a role in the price.

Typically, you can expect to pay around $300 to $500, although if you shop around you may find some for under $200. Custom ski boots, on the other hand, can set you back anywhere from around $800 and up.

A good idea is to shop close to the end of ski season when a lot of boots are on sale. This is an affordable way to get your hands on a really good pair without breaking the bank.

Whatever your budget is, you need to remember that ski boots will be one of your most important purchases, so we suggest you get the very best pair you can afford.

2) Question: How To Size Ski Boots?

Answer: Most sports and hobbies have their own lingo, and skiing is no different. While you might wear a size 9 shoe, for example, you won’t necessarily buy the same size ski boot. Also, the size of your ski boot will be determined by your skill level, how regularly you ski and the kind of terrain you ski on.

When you size your boot, you use a system known as Mondopoint, which is basically your foot’s length in centimeters. But that isn’t where it ends; there is a Comfort Fit and a Performance Fit.
Comfort Fit is best for people just starting out as well as those who ski a few times a year, while Performance Fit is suitable for intermediate skiers and pros who ski regularly in various conditions and on different terrains.

We suggest you wear a thin sock when you are trying on ski boots. Although most people think thicker socks will keep your feet warm, the liner and plastic foam in the boot will provide you with insulation.

3) Question: How To Break In Ski Boots?

Answer: Ski boots at best can be uncomfortable, so we recommend you spend some time breaking them in before you hit the slopes. You want the heel pockets to get deeper for more space, and you want the lining to have time to mold to your feet.

One of the easiest ways to break them in is to wear them at home while you prepare dinner, watch some TV or even read a book. Otherwise, you could just stand with them on, wriggling your toes around and flexing your feet up and down.

Never, and we mean never, go skiing without having done this. It’s a sure-fire way of ruining your entire ski vacation.

4) Question: How to Store Ski Boots?

Answer: If you want your ski boots to last longer than one season, it is imperative that you store them correctly.

Start off by wiping or washing off any dirt and mud. Also, remove the boots’ liners and hand-wash them using a mild soap. Before you pack them away, ensure the liners and boots are completely dry.

Don’t forget to buckle your ski boots and use boot trees. This might not seem like a big deal, but doing so will ensure they keep their correct shape while in storage. A nifty little tip is to place a dryer sheet inside the boot. It is a simple and effective way to keep them smelling fresh.

And whatever you do, don’t store them in your garage, or attic. The insulation provides critters with a cozy little place to call home, which will ultimately destroy your boots.

We recommend you store them in a ski boot bag, with your other gear including helmets, goggles, and gloves.

5) Question: How To Dry Ski Boots?

Answer: To keep your boots in good condition, it is important that you dry them after every skiing session. Even if you don’t think they are particularly wet from the snow, the sweat from your feet will cause the liners to disintegrate over time.

Always bring your boots in. If you leave them outside, not only will the liners stay wet, the plastic shells become stiff, which means they will be more difficult to get into. They will also be uncomfortable to ski in, and your toes will be freezing.

There are two ways to dry your ski boots. You can air-dry them at room temperature or use a boot dryer. This is a handy piece of equipment, as it works quickly and you don’t have to remove the liners. As tempting as it may be, don’t use a fire or heater to try and dry the liners.

6) Question: What Are Ski Boots Made Of?

Answer: In the ‘old days,’ or at least before 1960, ski boots were made of leather. Today, however, they are made using a combination of plastic for the shell, and foam for the liners.

The shell of the boot is made of polymer plastics including Polyether or Polyurethane. Different densities of plastic are usually used in a shell to improve and enhance the key features of the boot, such as flex, strength, and of course, comfort.

The inner boot, or liner, is essential in that it protects the foot from the hard plastic shell. It is usually made using leather, textiles like cork and foam as well as injected plastic parts.

How you use your ski boots will determine how much padding there is. For example, a racing boot will have very little padding, while recreational skiers will go for a boot with a cushioned liner.

Expect to see more and more hybrid ski boots that have rubber on the soles for improved traction.

7) Question: How Long Do Ski Boots Last?

Answer: This is going to depend on how often you use them. According to those in the know, ski boots will begin to start to show signs of wear and tear after approximately 150 days of skiing. But if you ski up to eight hours a day throughout the season, they will lose their structural integrity sooner.

Also, think about how many days you ski. You can expect your boots to last for around five seasons if you only ski 30 days in a year. But if you ski more than 100 days, you will probably need to replace them every season.

How long your ski boots last also depends on how well you look after them and store them when the season is over.

It is imperative you replace your ski boots, not only from a comfort point of view but from a safety one too. Worn out boots lose their stiffness, which means your legs and the rest of your body are no longer supported, and you have less control on your skis.

8) Question: What To Do With Old Ski Boots?

Answer: Unfortunately, municipalities around the country don’t accept hard plastic items, and this includes ski boots. So what can you do with your old pair?

You could, if they are still in good condition, donate them to a local charity store that can sell them on and make money to feed or home those in need. This is an excellent way for you to give back to your community.

Another option is to get in touch with one of The North Face stores. They have a great program that recycles your old boots, and you earn a reward that can be used to put toward your new gear.
We can guarantee you that any youth ski program will be more than happy to take your old equipment off your hands as long as it is in good condition.

Finally, if you are feeling particularly crafty, you could turn them into a planter for around the house.

9) Question: What Are The Best Brands Of Ski Boots?

Answer: This is a tough one, as there are some really great brands out there, and depending on who you ask, you are going to get different answers.
However, if you are asking us based on experience, we would have to say our top brands include Nordica, Salomon, Rossignol, and Tecnica. Nordica is rated by ski experts and enthusiasts, and is regularly featured as the “editor’s pick.” Not only do they offer skiers quality boots at affordable prices, their all-mountain range includes some of the best features you would expect to find on a ski boot.

We suggest you ask around, check different forums, and try on as many pairs as it takes to find the right brand for you.

Again, depending on your needs, it is best to choose an all-mountain ski boot if you are just starting out. Once you are hooked, and you will be, you can select the right pair to suit your needs.

10) Question: Where To Buy Ski Boots?

Answer: We, like you, love the convenience of shopping from the comfort of a sofa, but buying ski boots off the shelf or via an online store isn’t going to work.

The web is an excellent source for research, so check out the different buying guides as well as recommendations of the best brands available, but don’t buy ski boots without having tried on a few pairs.

By all means, use the web for buying guides and recommendations on the best brands available, but don’t buy online without having first visited a specialist store.

The fit of your boot is critical, you will need to put in the time and effort, which means going to a retail outlet that has trained and knowledgeable staff.

To make sure you have a wide range to choose from, it is a good idea to start shopping before the ski season starts. And you definitely want to avoid trying boots on at their busiest times, like Saturdays.