Best Ski Mask: Balaclavas for Skiing & Snowboarding

Best Ski Mask Balaclavas for Skiing & SnowboardingSkiing and snowboard are so much fun as long as you have the proper gear on your face to protect your skin from the outside elements. Today I am going to be going over with you the best ski masks on the market. These ski balaclavas make it easy to keep your face warm while skiing down the slopes.

You don’t have to be into skiing to use a ski mask; they provide excellent warmth to the skin during other winter activities such as hiking, camping, motorcycle riding, hunting, and much more. Check out all the things I love about ski masks below!

Ergodyne N-Ferno 6823 Winter Balaclava Ski Mask

One of the best ski masks you can purchase is the Ergodyne mask because it is very inexpensive, but it also covers your entire face besides your eyes. The material around the mouth has a breathable mesh attached that allows you to easily breathe through.

The synthetic material is coated with a wind-resistant material. This is great if you are skiing high on a mountain because the wind will not be able to penetrate the fabric. The material overall is very lightweight and comfortable. You can wear this balaclava with a helmet or even a hat. You can pair your new ski mask nicely with a pair of ski goggles this winter skiing season.

  • The ski balaclava is made from a synthetic material.
  • The fabric paneling located in certain areas of the ski mask are windproof, which will help to keep the wind from penetrating through the fabric.
  • The mesh on the mouth area allows for easy breathing when wearing the mask.
  • The balaclava covers the mouth, nose, face, and neck while you are doing your outdoor activity.
  • Very lightweight construction allows it to easily be worn under a helmet or even a hat.
  • Five different color options to choose from, and the size is a one size fits most.

This is a very affordable option to keep you warm during all types of winter activities. Mainly it is used for skiing or snowboarding, but you can also use this winter balaclava for outside work, winter hiking, camping, and even hunting.

This is a one size fits most so almost everyone feels comfortable wearing it. It is also suitable for children to wear, but it can be a little bit big on them. There are five different fun color options to choose from as well.

Tough Headwear Windproof Ski Mask for Skiing, Snowboarding, Motorcycling & Winter Sports

The Tough Headwear brand makes really great high-quality products that not only look cool but also provide great performance during all types of weather and activity situations. The ski mask is made from 89% polyester and 11% spandex, which allows the mask to be soft and comfortable as well at stretchy and elastic.

The balaclava covers everything except your eyes that way; you can pair it with a pair of goggles or even a ski helmet. The mesh in front of the mouth gives your great breathability and also has an anti-fogging effect that won’t mess with goggles or glasses.

Another great feature that has been added to this ski balaclava is the reflective logos. This allows other skiers, snowboarders, or just other people to be able to see you from the reflective logos. Don’t worry about getting hit by a snowboarder, car, or even biker when wearing this product.

  • This balaclava can be used in a variety of different activities, from snowboarding, skiing, shoveling snow, hiking, camping, hunting, and riding an ATV through intense dusty or sandy conditions.
  • Cold, wind, and dust resistant material to keep your face free from the elements.
  • The mesh over the mouth area allows you to easily breathe, but it also eliminates the condensation from your breath from handing on to your goggles.
  • If you are caught outside at night, there are small reflective logos that will reflect to other people so they can see you.
  • It comes in a one size fits all and the color black, which gives the product a sleek classic look.

The company succeeded in keeping the high quality of the product without the ridiculous price. This is a very affordable option, and it is also a very versatile product. You can use this for many things besides just skiing, and that is why it has made it to our list of the best ski masks because of these great reasons.

Self Pro Balaclava – Windproof Ski Mask

This ski mask made by the brand Self Pro has totally upgraded and remodeled the traditional ski mask. They have added more fabric to have the mask come down longer on the neck and face. This essentially will keep your warmer, keep out the cold, and protect you from the wind.

The inside of the mask has a Coolmax combined with polar fleece. This essentially is a very soft material that not only keeps you warm and comfortable, but it acts as an insulator to help generate heat around your face and neck.

The moisture-wicking technology helps to keep your face from not being too hot that it gets sweaty. If you do start to feel hot, the fabric will wick away any moisture on you. Even though the fabric is well insulated, it is still breathable. It lets you breathe air in and out without letting cold air into it keeping you cold.

  • This ski mask contains a lot of great features like moisture-wicking technology, abrasion resistance, hi-tech soft polar fleece, and so much more.
  • The mask comes in a unisex design that allows men, women, and even children able to wear it. The one size fit all option allows everyone to be able to wear this product comfortably.
  • This product contains more material on the neck, which will protect you from the wind and cold better than a traditional ski mask.
  • There are many options when it comes to wearability, you can wear it open, closed, or even as a hat.
  • The fabric used in the making of this is hypo-allergenic as well as it has a four-way stretch, which will allow for better movement in your face and neck.
  • It can be worn during many different activities and in many different temperatures of weather such as freezing rain, snow, sleet, and even during hot sandy, dusty days.
  • The fabric also contains a UV protectant, which will help you from the harmful rays from the sun.

Overall, the new design of this mask really helps people who plan on being outside for many hours at a time. The inside of the material is soft to the touch, and it doesn’t feel scratchy when on the skin. Another big thing is that the material is hypoallergenic. This is very important to me because I am someone who has very bad allergies, so I appreciate a product that thinks of this.

The price is extremely reasonable, and most people can afford this price point. The quality truly outweighs the price. I think they could ask a lot more for their product, but they choose to keep it affordable for everyone.

Aegend Balaclava Windproof Ski Face Mask

One of the things I really admire about this ski mask is the ant-rip and tear the fabric. You will not have to worry about the fabric wearing out to tearing during extreme winter sports activities such as snowboarding or skiing. The seams have been extra stitched to perfection to keep the mask very long-lasting.

The design is very simple and can easily be worn with a number of different outfits. The material is a one size fits all size which will be great for men, women, and even children. There are also four different color options. This will allow you to truly match the color to your personality.

The material of the mask is also resistant to UV rays. Even though it is cold outside the suns, strong UV rays can still harm your skin. This balaclava will keep your face and neck protected from the rays. The material is also resistant from weather, wind, snow, dust, and even mosquito bites.

  • The material used to make this mask is 88% polyester and 12% spandex blend that allows for breathability, moisture-wicking, no pilling in the fabric, and anti-static and anti-abrasion.
  • The mask has been stitched so well that it is very hard to actually rip the fabric or get tears in it.
  • The material is soft to the feel, and it doesn’t feel scratchy when on your face or skin.
  • This ski balaclava is multifunctional, which means it can be worn in many different ways, the most popular being full face, just as a hat, as a scarf, or even as a ninja hoodie. The lightweight design allows you to easily wear a helmet, goggles, or even heavyweight jackets over it.
  • Four cool and sleek color options – black, grey, pink, and white.
  • One size fits all is the sizing for this mask. Your children can ever wear them if they need a good winter mask for skiing, snowboarding, or other winter activities.

This is the cheapest, most affordable option for the best ski mask. It may not be as expensive as other brands, but it still will provide you with excellent warmth and protection from the outside elements. Have fun out on the slopes this winter while wearing your Aegend ski mask.

Self Pro Balaclava Thermal Fleece Hood, Wind-Resistant Ski Mask

This is another great option for you from the brand Self Pro. We reviewed one of their products above and had to try another one because the quality was just so great. Again, for this product, it does not lack in quality at all. You will still get a high quality made warm ski mask when purchasing this product.

The design has been improved to provide you with extra protection on your face and neck. You can wear this ski mask in many different ways. It is multifunction and also unisex, so everyone in the entire family can use this mask easily.

The polar fleece on the inside is such a nice touch. It keeps your head and face warm without the inside feeling too hot. It’s a soft plush feeling that doesn’t leave your skin feeling itchy or scratchy.

  • Essentially the look of this ski mask looks like part of a hoodie cut off to protect your head, face, and neck.
  • This product is unisex so that it can be used for women, children, and men.
  • There are many different ways to wear this mask – full face, just as a hat, just as a scarf, or you can even move the mouth area when needed.
  • The hi-tech soft fleece is located on the inside of the balaclava to provide extra insulation and warmth.
  • The material of the fabric is wind, dust, and UV resistant.
  • This product has recently been improved, giving you more protection around your neck and face from the outside elements.
  • Perfect for all types of winter activities as well as outside winter work.

The real difference from the first Self Pro product we reviewed, and this one is basically just the design. They both consist of the same features and material, but based on your preference of design; you might like this one better over that one.

The price is again, very reasonable, just like the other brands out on the market. I do think that this brand puts more time in effort into making their products almost near perfect.

Joyoldelf Winter Balaclava Ski Mask

This ski mask from the brand Joyoldelf has a very simple design. That can be very pleasing to many people. Just keep it simple to get the job done of warming up your face and neck while you are skiing. This is also a one size fits all so everyone can wear this mask comfortably.

One of the things I really enjoy about this design on this ski mask is the area where the nose is there is a harder piece of fabric that creates a space for your nostrils to breathe easily. This also helps reduce the water vapor from your breath that would essentially fog up ski goggles.

  • The inside of this ski mask is made from a fleece material, and the outsider uses a breathable mesh in certain areas to make the mask breathable and lightweight on the body.
  • This product is windproof and dustproof, which makes it great for winter activities such as hiking, camping, hunting, skiing, and even snowboarding.
  • There is something placed inside the area where the nostril is that makes it breathable, and it helps to reduce the water vapor around that could leave goggles fogged up.
  • This is a one size fits all, which means it will work mostly everyone who wants to wear it.
  • Very affordable price point.

Lastly, this is a very basic and affordable ski mask. You can get this at an amazing price. When you compare the fabric from this product and others I have reviewed, then you must know that this one is not my favorite. However, it still made my list of the best ski masks because it does blow other competitors out of the water with the price and quality.

Cool Ski Masks

Cool Ski Mask Santa Claus

Beardski Ski Mask

How fun would it be for you to pull up next to your friends at the sloop with a full beard? This is a fun way to get some laughs out of people, all while still staying warm while skiing, snowboarding, or doing other winter activities.

There is an adjustable closure that will allow you to adjust the mask to your perfect size. The mask has mesh opening by the nose and mouth to make it easy to breathe when you are wearing the product. The inside has a silk-lined back, which will keep your face comfortably, and it won’t irritate the skin when you are wearing it.

With over fifteen different color and design options, you can truly have fun picking out which bread to wear to match your personality. Have fun while hitting the slopes by staying warm and looking cool while doing it.

  • This novelty ski mask is made out of 50% cotton and 50% polyester.
  • Fun beard design makes you look like a dwarf or mountain man when on the slopes.
  • Over 15 different colors and design options for this novelty beard mask.
  • It has a hook and loop closure on the back of it.
  • It is still a one size fits all, but it can be adjusted in the back to fit smaller heads or wider heads.
  • Hand wash only; washing in the washing machine will ruin the beard hair look.
  • The other side is lined with silk for comfort around your face.

What a fun way to stay warm this winter. This can be used not only for winter time but for fun while riding your motorcycle, going to work, or even you can wear this with a Halloween costume. The price point is higher than other ski masks, but you are paying for the fun of it.

Winter Ninja Balaclava Mask Windproof Fleece Ski Mask

With this fun ninja balaclava, you can not only stay warm, but you can also look really cool doing whatever it is that you want to do. The entire mask is covered with material, and you can choose how you want to wear it. Completely covered, or just with the hood and mouth open, you can have a versatile mask.

The mask has been double stitched which makes it rip and tear-resistant. It doesn’t matter how hard you pull or tug on the fabric it will not rip apart. The material of the fabric Is also wind, water, and weather resistant. The outside protects you from the elements while the inside keeps you warm and is soft on the skin.

  • This mask is made of a blend of cotton and polyester.
  • The mask is 100% covered on all angles and around the entire 360-degree mask.
  • The entire material that makes up the mask is windproof, water-resistant, wrinkle-free, anti-static, and so much more.
  • The fabric has been double stitched to prevent the fabric from tearing and ripping.
  • These masks can be used to keep yourself warm during activities such as motorcycle riding, hiking, biking, skiing, and it can even be worn as a Halloween ninja costume.
  • This is a simple ninja unisex design that can be worn by men and women.
  • Seven color options to choose from for both men and women.

Overall the thing I like best about this ski mask is the face that the entire 360 degrees around the mask is coverd with fabric. You will not feel the wind hitting your face when wearing this mask. The mask comes in a one size fits most, and it is unisex. The seven different color options allow you to customize it to your personality.

WTACTFUL 3D Animal Funny Balaclava Face Mask

This product made by the brand Wtactful is truly one of a kind. This is the first ski mask product I have seen with fun animal designs. Transform your face into something fun and exciting when you are hitting the ski slopes or even just doing your thing outside in the cold.

This polyester mask is completely covered down to the neck except around the eyes. That is a great feature because you can wear ski or snowboarding goggles easily without having the area around your eyes to feel irritated.

  • Very fun different types of animal designs
  • The material of the mask is made from 100% polyester.
  • You can wear this ski mask open or closed, and it can even be worn as a scarf or even just as a hat.
  • The area where the eyes are is completely open. This allows for better visibility, and it allows for you to wear goggles without being irritated.
  • The color on the masks are made with an anti-fade technology; that way the sun will not fade the coloring of your cool mask.
  • This mask is a multipurpose mask that can be used for many different things, costumes, Halloween parties, skiing, winter sports, winter activities, and much more.
  • Twenty-five different animal designs to choose from!

Overall this is an extremely fun and very affordable option. This makes a perfect for anyone in the family. Who wouldn’t love to turn their face into a cat or a silly dog with its tongue out? The price is so affordable, and for the price you pay, you are getting a fabulous made product. It is not as thick as some of the other masks I have reviewed, but it is still a top contender.

Balaclava Clown Mask

This is a very unique ski mask. This product uses different clown designs to make their product unique. There are five different clown options to choose from. This ski mask comes in a one size fits all people, so whether you are a woman, a man, or even a child, you can wear and enjoy this mask.

The BLCOOL technology in the fabric keeps it lightweight but also very absorbent. So, if you are someone who sweats a lot then the fabric will wick away moisture from that area, keeping you dry.  The fabric is also breathable when worn, color resistant, and UV rays resistant.

  • This balaclava is digitally printed with different clown designs.
  • It comes in a one size fits all and can be used by women, men, or even children.
  • The masks are multifunctional; just like most we have reviewed, you can wear it in many different styles or ways.
  • Amazing BLCOOl fabric keeps the mask very breathable and lightweight when on your skin. It also is very absorbent and moisture-wicking to help if you are a sweaty person.
  • It can be used for customer purposes, winter activities/sports, motorcycle riding, and so much more.
  • Five different design options of clowns.

This is a very cool and affordable way to spice up your ski mask. It is multifunctional, so it doesn’t have to be just worn for skinning. You can wear this for fun, a Halloween costume, motorcycle riding, to a concert, and so much more the possibilities are endless.

How to Choose a Ski Mask

How To Choose a Ski MaskThere are things that you should consider before purchasing your next ski mask. Check out our how to choose guide below to help you decide what you want in a balaclava.

Material or Fabric

With any sort of clothing purchase, you will need to consider what it is made out of and what type of fabrics that have been used. When it comes down to a ski mask, they can be made from an array of fabrics. Some of these would include cotton, polyester, spandex, fleece, nylon, and even synthetics.

The most common blend you will see is a cotton and polyester combined. This will help to keep the inside of the mask warm while the outside almost acts like a shell to keep wind, water, and weather out. The inside will usually be soft and contain a fleece material. This will help to keep you warm while you are hitting the slopes. The novelty ski masks typically do not have a fleece lining, so just keep that in mind if you are planning on using it for a winter activity or just for fun.


Size is another important feature when it comes to clothing. With ski masks most of the time, they come in a one size fits all or most. This means that most everyone should be able to wear their mask comfortably. If for some reason it doesn’t fit you good, then it’s a good thing that these ski masks are very inexpensive. Try another brand and see if they offer their ski mask in a bigger one size fits all.


Coverage is another great thing to think about especially if you are skiing or snowboarding you want to be fully covered to protect yourself from the elements.  The ski masks I have reviewed above do a great job with the amount of coverage that they offer. Some brands do it better than others, but it is important to have your face and neck covered.

There should be an opening for your eyes that way; you do not lose visibility. There should also be a softer fabric or mesh around the mouth and by the nose that way you can breathe easy when the mask is on. The more covered your face is when you are on the slopes, the warmer you will be.


When you are planning a trip to go skiing, or even snowboarding more than likely you will be on the slopes most of the day; you will want a ski mask that is comfortable to wear on your face for long periods of time.

The outside of the mask doesn’t matter as much; it’s the inside material that you will be feeling against your skin.  Some masks have a fleece ling on the inside that is soft to the touch. This will keep your skin from being irritated as well as warm. Some other synthetic materials in the novelty masks and be scratchy and cause irritation to the skin. Make sure before purchasing any product that you check out what the inside material is made of.


Another option that I want to consider to you is the functionality of the ski mask. You want a ski mask that is multi-functional. This will allow you to wear it in many different ways, such as a fully covered mask, just as a scarf, just as a hat, ninja style, half face or half mask, and even more styles to choose from. Try to buy a ski mask that will allow you to use it in many ways. It will not only keep you warm, but it can be used for different occasions and not just skiing or snowboarding.


Design is another huge factor when discussing anything. Design is what allows us to pick things based on what we life and our personality. Some of the brands above offer different unique colors to choose from. It’s always nice to have options besides just black.

The novelty ski masks take design to a whole different level. You can really personalize the mask to your personality. The novelty mask makes it fun to have something different on. It will surprise people to see a clown on the slopes or even a cat from one of the cat masks above. Have fun with it and pick out a balaclava that really speaks to you.


The price will be the final thing we talk about in our buying guide. Price determines everything, and with a good price on a product, you will feel comfortable with your purchase. The ski masks that I have reviewed above are extremely affordable. They are inexpensive, but they do not lack in quality. That is very important because some products you buy are cheap but the quality is also cheap. That is not the case with the inexpensive ski masks I have reviewed. If you are looking for one of the best ski masks on the market you need to check out my list above at the top of this article. The novelty masks can actually get more expensive than the regular ski balaclavas

What is a ski balaclava?

Best Ski Mask FAQ

Q: What is a Ski Mask / Balaclava?

A: A ski mask is something you wear to protect your face from the cold and wind when you are skiing or snowboarding. A balaclava is the most popular type of ski mask. Typically, this type covers the entire face leaving a big opening for your eyes to see and either an open area for your lips/nose or a covered but breathable area there. You can wear a balaclava in a multi-functional way that has it very versatile for many different activities.  It is a very affordable way to keep your face warm from the cold outside elements.

Q: Where did Balaclava Come from?

A: The balaclava originated in Ukraine. This is because when the soldiers were fighting in a war over there the winters were very harsh, and they needed something warm and effective to cover their faces. This is how the idea came about and eventually, they were made out of all sorts of fabrics and sold. They work really well are just keep the outside elements from bothering your face.

Q: What are Ski Masks used for?

A: Ski masks are used for just what the word suggests, skiing. You can also use these masks for many different things such as snowboarding, winter activities, camping, hunting, hiking, motorcycle riding, and the list can just go on and on. Pretty much any winter activity can be made better from wearing a ski balaclava.

Q: What is the Best Ski Mask?

A: All of the ski masks above in my list are truly the best ones on the market but if you want my personal option on which one, I liked the best, then you should go with the Self Pro Balaclava – Windproof Ski Mask. I really like this one because I think it was made exceptionally. I love all the features that the mask offers, and I also enjoy the price.

Q: How to Clean a Ski Mask?

A: Some ski mask can be washed inside the washing machine and dried in the dryer, but not all brands allow you to that. So, allow you to wash it in the washing machine and air dry and some only let you hand wash the mask. Always make sure you follow the manufacturers cleaning instructions that come with your ski mask. This will help prolong the like of the mask if you are following the correct instructions.

When it comes to any of my ski gear, I always spot clean and let my items air dry. I do the same thing for my ski mask. So, if you are worried about it getting ruined, you can always spot clean as necessary.


To keep yourself warm this winter I hope you take my advice to purchase one of the best ski masks above.  It’s a great way to keep your skin out of the wind, weather, and water. With the low prices of these ski balaclavas, you can’t go wrong this winter. If you need other information on skiing gear, you can find everything about skiing under the ski tab.