Best Ski Poles

Best Ski PolesPeople often forget how important a ski pole is when shopping for their skis. Ski poles can be used for w variety of activities such as skiing, hiking, trail walking, and much more. Having a good pair of ski poles can help you make smooth turns and twist, and it will help you go faster down the slopes. In this article, we will dive down deep into the best ski poles for the year.

I have chosen the four best ski poles to review with you. Each one has a specific reason why they are on this list, so check them out below. Also scroll down father to read our how to choose guide and where we answer some common ski pole questions.

Salomon Arctic

Are you looking for an all-round good ski pole for this winter ski season? Then look no further than the Salomon artic ski pole. This ski pole comes with a standard strap and standard ski tip to help you navigate your way through the snow. The grip is an all-mountain grip that easily conforms to your hand. This lightweight ski pole is great for professional ski athletes as well as beginner ski riders.

You can choose to get the traditional black color, or you can decide to choose between the other four colors like blue, green, orange, and yellow. There are also six different six=zing options for you to choose from as well. So, pick your size and color, and you are ready to go.

  • The material on the gripper is an all-mountain grip.
  • Lightweight feel to the pole, but it is still very strong.
  • Five different color options to choose between.
  • It comes with a standard ski strap as well as a standard tip.
  • Perfect for professional athletes as well as for someone who just wants to have fun out on the slopes!

Enjoy the outdoors with a ski pole that will easily help you get down the slope. It is not heavy; it is made with lightweight but also durable materials. It is at an affordable price point, depending on what size you need.

Salomon Arctic Lady

Here is another great product from the brand Salomon Artic. This ski pole is specifically made for women. Women typically have smaller hands, so the grips on these ski poles have been designed for the more feminine hand. They are soft, comfortable, and ergonomic when you hold it.

The shaft of the ski pole is made from 100% aluminum and only weighs 220 grams. The pole is lightweight, so it will be easy for you to carry to ski lifts or around the resort. The pole comes with a standard basket, strap, and tip. You can use this one on the slopes, while hiking, or even walking around!

  • Made of aluminum, and the shaft is 16mm.
  • The weight of these ski poles is 210 grams.
  • This is a women’s specific ski pole that should mainly be used by women.
  • The gripper has a more feminine grip.
  • You will get a standard strap, basket, and tip on this ski pole.
  • Very affordable price point.
  • It comes in three different colors black, blue and fig.

The fig color design is one of my favorites for this product. I love that they gave women their own ski pole that is more feminine and not as bulky as a man’s.  This is the best ski pole you can buy on the market for women! There are multiple sizing options to choose from. The affordable price makes it very affordable for everyone!

BLACK DIAMOND Expedition 3 Ski Poles

The Black Diamond company is known for its great ski equipment, and one of the products we love made by them is the Expedition ski pole. This is an easily collapsible ski pole that can be adjusted by the shaft. It comes with an adjustable strap as well as a great all-weather gripper. You can use this ski pole out of all four seasons of the year making it very versatile.

The aluminum body has great durability, and it is strong to power you down the slopes. The pole is still lightweight, only weighing a little over one pound. The company offers a few different sizing options, as well. This company has their ski poles priced higher than some other brands, but they do provide a lot of quality into their poles.

  • This is 100% aluminum made ski pole.
  • The strap is completely adjustable, and the strap is a four-season strap that can be used for every season.
  • The grip is made from foam and is also adjustable and comes with the four-season proof material.
  • The grip is ergonomic and feels good when in your hand.
  • The shaft is also adjustable, which is great from person to person.

These ski poles can be used in regular skiing or during power or trekking skiing.  The pole is made up of 100% aluminum, which I really like. This brand offers some high-quality features like the adjustable shaft and straps. The ergonomic soft grippers that can be used with or without gloves. You can even use these ski poles for walking or hiking. This is a great value for the price!

Salomon Kaloo Junior Alpine Ski Poles

You can’t forget about the children’s ski poles! If you plan on taking you little on out on the slopes this year, they are going to need one of the best ski poles just like you. This is our pick for the best ski pole for children, and we are going to tell you why in this review.

This ski pole is very lightweight, only weighing 150 grams. But the materials that make up the ski poles are very durable and strong. The pole uses an aluminum shaft that is very strong but also lightweight for your children to hold. The ergonomic handle at the top makes it easy for your children to hold in their hands even with kid ski gloves on.

  • This is a kid’s ski pole for skiing.
  • It is made of a strong aluminum shaft.
  • The weight of the pole is only 150 grams.
  • The grip on the tops is made, especially for kid’s hands.
  • You can choose between two different colors, blue or pink.
  • It also comes with a standard ski strap and a pointy end to help get through the snow easily.

Overall, I really like that I found a brand that offers very affordable but yet high-quality ski poles for children. There is a wide range of sizes to choose from. You can also decide if you want blue or pink color for your child. I do wish they came out with a traditional black color for the ski pole, but that is just personal preference.

How To Choose a Ski Pole

How do you choose the Best Ski Pole?

There are things to consider when choosing to purchase a ski pole. There are different materials, sizes, and different features and accessories. In this how to choose guide we will discuss it all and help you find what you like in a ski pole.


Material is what the ski pole will be made of. Based upon what material you have will affect the strength and flexibility that your ski pole has. Aluminum is a very common material used to make ski poles. In fact, all of the best ski poles I reviewed above use aluminum. Aluminum is a very strong and sturdy material. There are different levels of aluminum, some cheaper than others. Most aluminum ski poles are extremely affordable.

Other materials used to make ski poles are carbon and composite. Carbon poles are very strong, but they are more expensive. They are quite lightweight and more flexible than aluminum. Composite ski poles are made out of multiple materials. You never really know what blend you will have or what things your pole might do based on the blend. In my personal recommendation to you, I suggest you purchase an aluminum pole.


You need to know the proper size you need before purchasing your ski pole. If you purchase the wrong size, it can greatly impact the way you ski down the slopes. The perfect length is when your ski pole is around elbow length. Grab the pole under the basket and stand it up on level ground. If you are making a 90-degree angle from your elbow to your hand then you know you have the right size.

There is also an option for an adjustable ski pole as well. An adjustable ski pole is nice because you can adjust it to your perfect height while skiing, but then if you want to use your ski pole for hiking or trekking up mountains, you can adjust the shaft to make it taller.


A strap is another great feature to have on your ski pole. You will want to have a ski pole with straps because the strap keeps you from losing your ski pole If you fall down while skiing. In case your hand slips of the grippers, it is nice to have a strap around your wrist; that way, you don’t lose your pole halfway down the slope. Some ski poles have an adjustable strap that allows you to make it tighter or looser. This is a great feature because when you have your gloves on, you want to have enough room.


The grippers are located on the top of the ski pole. This is where you will be holding the pole while you are skiing down the slope. Grippers are pretty much always made out of either two things, rubber or plastic materials.  Grippers will feel different from person to person, but companies are starting to make their grippers more ergonomic, which means it will feel more comfortable inside your hand.


Price always influences anything you buy. The price on a ski pole can range from very expensive to very budget friendly affordable. Even if you are purchasing an aluminum ski pole, it can still increase the price dramatically based on what type of features you get with it. I reviewed above a few of each, a few budget friendly options as well as a few expensive options. Stick to a budget or price range that you feel comfortable with.

Ski Pole FAQ

Ski PolesWhat Size Ski Pole do I Need?

To determine what size ski pole, you need you will need to follow a few steps to ensure proper measuring. You need to stand on level ground for these steps to work. Flip you pole upside down where the basket and tip are sticking up. Make a fist under the basked and look to see how your arm is bent. Your elbow should be right next to your hip, and when your arm and elbow meet should be a smooth parallel 90-degree surface. If your arm is too bent up, it will actually be harder to pick the pole up to propel yourself forward. Find something that gives you’re a good fluid motion and right near the hip.

Pro Tip: When measuring, make sure you have some of your gear on like your ski boots to get more of an accurate measurement of how it will be on the slopes.

What makes a Ski Pole Good?

Depending on what type of skiing you are doing, there will be different factors to describe how something might be good. If you are a downhill skier you will want a pole that is going to be very strong to make twists and turns in the snow. You will also want the pole to be lightweight; that way, it doesn’t hurt your arms from the weight. If you are a beginner, I suggest starting off with an aluminum pole that is your right size. This will help you learn the basics as well as it is lightweight so it won’t hurt your arms. Any of the above best ski poles will work great for your next skiing adventure.

How to Hold a Ski Pole?

To hold a ski pole properly, you will have the top where the grippers are in your hand. The other side with the tip will be on the ground. Make sure that your ski pole is properly sized, and your elbow and arms are creating that 90-degree angle. Do not grip the grippers to hard; you don’t want to strain your hands. That’s basically it, it is very simple how to use the poles, take your time and practice, and you will get better.


Remember that if you plan on going skiing, you are going to need a good ski pole to get you down the slopes. The ski poles I have reviewed above are all sturdy and strong aluminum poles that will work great as you take tight twists and turns down the slope. I hope my list of the best ski poles helped you pick out one that really speaks to you. Happy skiing!

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