7 Best Snow Tubes

Snow tubing is a very fun activity that people participate in the wintertime. It is extremely fun, and everyone should experience it once in their life. If you are going to go snow tubing, you need to get one of the best snow tubes down below from our review. Any one of these products will make your snow tubing adventure even more fun.

After you check out our best snow tube reviews, make sure you scroll down to see our buying guide, which helps narrow down the choices, as well as our frequently asked question section to learn more.

Bradley Commercial Snow Tube for Adults and Kids 50”

To start out our reviews of the best snow tubes, I want to talk about the Bradley commercial snow tube. This is an inflatable heavy-duty snow tube that can be used for play, going down a slope, etc. This snow tube is made from a strong rubber. The top layer has a super strong 600 Denier canvas, which is a softer material on top of the rubber.

This snow tube also has something called RapidGlide, which allows the snow tube actually to glide easier on the snow or ice. It allows for better movement, and it reduces the friction created so it will not cause as much wear and tear on the snow tube.

The Bradley brand prides itself on the quality and construction of their snow tubes. All the products as designed and created by people who have a passion for winter sports and winter fun. Also, in case that doesn’t wow you enough, they also make all their products right here in the United States.

  • This is a commercial grade thick rubber inner tube.
  • There is a six-foot-long leash that can be used for pulling.
  • The entire tube is 50 inches in diameter, which will hold most children and even adults up to 200 pounds.
  • All the Bradley products are made right here in the United States, and they offer six different color options.
  • Very easy to inflate.
  • Not very heavy at all.

Overall, this is such a fun snow tube because it glides and works exceptionally well on the snow, better than the cheap brands you can find on the market. They have six different colors to choose from, and it also has an attached leash that you can use to pull the tube up a hill. This is one of the more expensive options but truly one of the best snow tubes you can buy.

A-DUDU Snow Tube Super Big 47 Inch

The A-DUDU snow tube has been constructed out a of a strong PVC material that has been stitched together. When the materials are stitched together, it makes the entire tube much stronger, and it prevents it from leaking air or ripping. This snow tube can tolerate cold temperatures down in below -25 degrees.

Their snow tube can be inflated and deflated. The valve is double locking, which ensures an airtight seal after it has been inflated. The company also gives you a waterproof storage bag that you can use to store your snow tube when it is not in use.

This tube can be used by both children and adults. The tube spans 47 inches in diameter, and it is 0.6mm thick. The bottom has been made with a very durable material to protect it from getting scratches. There are two handles that have been double reinforced, which won’t pull off with strong force.

  • This snow tube spans 47 inches, which works for both children and adults.
  • You have the option to choose from the blue or black design.
  • This tube has a large inflation valve that inflates super quickly as well as deflates fast.
  • The bottom of the snow tube is very durable and scratch as well as tear-resistant.
  • It comes with a storage bag that is actually waterproof.

There are two color options when it comes to this product. You can choose from either the black or blue option. The price is extremely affordable, and we love that it can be used with children and adults.

GoFloats Winter Snow Tube Inflatable Sled for Kids and Adults

The snow tube options from GoFloats is one of our favorite because you get to pick one of the fun animal designs for your float. You have the choice of a flamingo, penguin, polar bear, unicorn, or my personal favorite, the ice dragon.

Inflating this snow tube is even easier with the unique exclusive GoFloats valve. This valve was designed to inflate rapidly fast, so there will be no waiting around for minutes until you can use it. The valve also creates a great seal not to let any air escape.

The seat is completely closed, so you will be dry sledding and won’t get your butt wet while sliding down a slope in the snow. The diameter of the snow tube spans 45 inches. This is plenty of room to accompany a couple of children or one adult. The tube also has a 260-pound weight limit.

  • Perfect inflatable snow tube for snowy days.
  • The material has been treated for use in freezing weather to make it durable.
  • The 45-inch diameter can fit both children as well as adults.
  • It comes with a repair patch in case it is needed for emergencies.
  • Five different themed animals to choose from.
  • This tube has a weight limit of 260 pounds.

Overall, you will not have to worry about the quality of the construction of the snow tube. The material has been treated to work well in frigid winter weather. The company even gives you a repair patch just in case the inflatable gets punctured.

QPAU Snow Tube, Larger 50 Inch Inflatable Snow Sled

This is another inflatable snow tube that is bigger than the other brands we have seen. This inflatable spans over 50 inches in diameter and can hold up to 500 pounds in weight. This can be used by many children as well as adults.

The tube is made from a strong PVC material that has been double stitched so it will not be tearing or ripping while it is being used. The bottom part of the tube is made with a 0.7mm thick PVC material. The inflation valve has been made to work five times faster than traditional inflation systems.

There are handles that are attached to the tube, and they have been improved and made bigger to allow room to fit hands with gloves on. The handles have also been stitched on the reduce the chance of them being pulled off.

The snow tube has a covered bottom, so you won’t have to worry about wet snow sliding. Your butt will be completely dry when riding down the slope on this snow tube. When you need to head back up the hill, you can use the convenient hand tow strap that makes it easier for children and adults to haul the snow tube.

  • This is a 50 inch in diameter snow tube that can hold up to 500 pounds.
  • Can be used by multiple children and adults.
  • The tube is 0.7mm thick off the ground.
  • This snow tube can be used in temperatures as low as -40 degrees.
  • There is a speed safety value that helps inflate the tube five times faster than traditional valves.
  • Made from a strong, durable PVC material.

This is one of the biggest snow tubes we have reviewed. Being 50 inches in diameter, it allows for multiple children riders and more fun to be had on the slopes. The construction is very durable, and the design is very simple.

48 Inch Snow Tube Military Grade Material

This snow tube is not made from a PVC material; however, it is made out of a strong military-grade plastic. The bottom of the tube is layers of this special material and is 0.8mm thick. When the material is thicker is actually helps you to sled down slopes faster too.

There are two handles, which are typically standard with all snow tubes. Again, the handles have been put on securely to make them sturdier and resistant to lots of pulling and grabbing. The inflation valve has three parts to it make it super easy to inflate and deflate.

This is a 48-inch snow tube, and it can actually hold 650 pounds of weight. That is a ton of weight and far more weight capacity than some of the other snow tubes we have seen.

  • This is a 48 inch in diameter snow tube.
  • It can withstand 650 pounds of weight.
  • A double-locking value will ensure that no air comes out of the inflated tube.
  • The material is made from non-toxic BPA-free plastic.
  • Reinforced handles that have been upgraded to avoid being torn.
  • Made from a strong, durable military grade material.

This is another very affordable option for a high-quality snow tube that many children and adults can use since the weight limit is so high. They do not offer any other color options, so you will just have to stick with the one they offer.

BigMouth Inc. Peppermint Snow Tube

One unique snow tube is the peppermint option created by BigMouth. This is a three-foot-wide cute looking snow tube that has been made out of a strong PVC vinyl. The seems have then be welded shut to make sure they are secure and tight. This is a very nice feature because the welding acts like a super strong glue.

This snow tube also features a closed design, which means no part of your body will touch the wet snow or ice while you are sledding down on it. This is perfect for children as well as adults of all ages. It can easily inflate and deflate when you are done using it.

  • This is a fun themed peppermint themed snow tube that really captures the spirit of the season.
  • The diameter of the snow tube spans three feet wide.
  • The snow tube is made from a PVC vinyl, and the seems are sealed with a welder.
  • Two handles are available on the snow tube that can be used to grip onto while riding on it.
  • Easy to clean; simply wipe it off.
  • Perfect gift for the holiday season.

Overall, this is another very inexpensive option for snow tubing or sledding this season. If you want a much bigger option, then I suggest going with one of the other options we have recommended. Otherwise, if you want something with a cute, whimsical design for your children, then this is a great one.

FindUWill Inflatable Dinosaur Snow Tube

This snow tube has a lot of the same features as the other snow tubes in this review. It is made from a K80 PVC material that is very strong a durable. The bottom is constructed with two layers, which helps maintain the durability and also helps it to sled smoother and faster down the snow.

There are two handles to hold onto while you are playing. The product can be inflated and deflated as stored when not in use. The best part of this inflatable snow tube is the dinosaur design on it. Perfect for everyone, from children to adults and can be sued by both boys and girls.

  • Fun and cute dinosaur design that is perfect for boys, girls, children, and even adults.
  • The diameter of this snow tube spans 43.2 inches.
  • This product comes with a two-layer bottom to maintain optimal durability.
  • Made from K80 PVC material.
  • Sturdy handles to hold onto.

Overall, this product is very similar to the peppermint option above, with just a few differences. The selling point for this product is the super cute dinosaur theme. You will be one of the coolest people on the slopes with this fun dinosaur.

Best Snow Tubes

How to Choose the Best Snow Tube

Below is our buying guide, which lists everything you need to consider before making your purchase. This will help you narrow down our best snow tubes on our list to find the perfect one for you.


Not all snow tubes are the same size. Some can be smaller or larger than others. Most of the time, snow tubes will be large enough to accommodate one or two children and then at least one adult. You will find a variety of different sizes from three feet, 43 inches, and up to 50 inches in my reviews. You will even find different sizes in-between.

The larger the snow tube, the more room you may have to distribute your weight evenly. Also, it will help you slide down the snow slopes faster and easier. So, check out the different sizes above.


The material that the snow tube is made out of is also very important. Most often, you will notice a lot of the best snow tubes are made out of PVC material. That is the most commonly used material because of the amazing durability that PVC has. There are also grades of PVC material; the higher grade will be more expensive due to the higher quality.

There are other materials used too; they just aren’t as common. One of the products we reviewed uses a military grade material, and there is another that uses a BPA free plastic. Check out my reviews to see which one you prefer.


Most all snow tubes have handles that come with it. The way the handles are connected to the snow tube is the most important part. The handles need to be reinforced to make sure they don’t rip off the inflated tube.

Some companies do this in very different ways. Some double stitch the handles onto the inflated material, which is the most common way I have seen. There are some that get welded on. There are many ways to do this but trust me when I say that all the above companies have taken care of this and made sure that their handles will not be torn off when in use.

Weight Capacity

Just like with other things that people ride on, there is usually a weight limit associated with the product. That is certainly the case when it comes to snow tubes. You will find a wide range of different weight limits, and I want to say that most of them are very high.

You will not have to worry about this very much because all of these snow tubes can support both children and adults. You will easily be able to have a few children, as well as adults, ride together.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is also important. You want to be able to inflate and deflate the snow tube easily without a whole lot of fuss. Many of the products offer a three in one inflation process that makes it easy to inflate quickly and much quicker than a traditional inflation system.

Also, ease of use can mean the easiness of just being able to get right on the snow tube and having fun. You want a snow tube that is simple and easy to use. This is also very important.


Price is another factor that needs to be considered. Thankfully some of the best quality snow tubes are very affordable. Go ahead and set a budget and a number of how much money you are willing to spend. Once you have that budget number, go through my reviews, which range in different prices, to find out which one you like the best.


The style of the snow tube is the fun part. Some snow tubes look more traditional with a few different color options to choose from, while others have some very cool and fun designs. I have included a few fun options in my review above.

It is always fun to be able to express your personality in the objects you use. Everyone will look and admire your snow tube if it has fun colors or a cool design. Shop around to see which snow tube fits your personality most.

Kids on Snow Tube

Best Snow Tubes FAQ

Below you will common questions and answers to all things snow tubes. Check them out to get a better knowledge of what it is and the products.

Q: How does snow tubing work?

A: Well, as you may already know, snow tubing is an outdoor wintertime activity that involves you, a snow tube, and some sort of man-made slope or hill. All you do is sit on a tube that has been designed for the snow and ride it down the slope or hill.

Q: What is the Best Snow Tube?

A: In my personal opinion, the best snow tube is the Bradley Commercial Snow Tube. This is the largest snow tube that I reviewed, and it also is almost made of a super strong material that is not going to rip or tear on you. This snow tube inflates quickly and even has a tow handle that you can use to help you bring it back up the hill.

The quality that this snow tube has compares to the ones they use at resorts that offer snow tubing. That is why this company says they are a commercial snow tube.

Q: Can a 3-Year-Old Go Snow Tubing?

A: The simplest answer is yes, but this is typically set by the parent of the child. You will have to remember while snow tubing is safe, you can still get hurt. So, most snow tubing places leave this up to parental discretion. My recommendation is to have someone ride with the three-year-old child; that way, they will not be going by themselves.

Q: What do You Wear Tubing?

A: When tubing, you want to make sure you are dressed in multiple layers because it will be very cold outside, and any time you are doing an activity with snow, you want to stay warm. Typically, you want to have some snow pants, boots, jacket, a hat, scarf, gloves, and then some sort of base layer.

Q: Should You Wear a Helmet Snow Tubing?

A: It is not intended that you need to wear a helmet, but you certainly can wear one if you feel safer with one. You will most likely be wearing some sort of winter hat when snow tubing, so keep that in mind because your helmet may not fit with a hat on.

Q: How Fast do Snow Tubes Go?

A: The snow tube’s fastness will ultimately depend on the hill and just how steep it is. Also, the persons’ weight and the overall design of the snow tube will affect the snow tube’s ability to go fast. If the slope or hill is covered with more ice, it will ultimately go faster. You will need to be careful because when you go fast, you can get hurt if you fall off.

Q: Who goes Faster on a Snow Tube Child or Adult?

A: Children will most likely go faster down a slope because they weigh a lot less than adults. Adults can still go very fast, but the more weight you add, the less speed you will get. Sometimes it is not always the best to have a fast snow tube, but better to have a safe snow tube.

Q: How to Make a Snow Tube Go Faster?

A: There really isn’t a specific way to make your snow tube go faster than it already is. The only thing that may help you go slightly faster is if you have someone give you a big push while sitting on the tube; otherwise, it is kind of left up to the person’s weight and the shape of the slope or hill.

Q: Snow Tube What Size?

A: This will truly be up to you and just how big you want your snow tube to be. In my buying guide, I mentioned all the different size snow tubes you can get. The bigger the snow tube, the more people it can accommodate as well as the bigger the weight limit.

Q: How to Inflate a Snow Tube?

A: All inflatable snow tubes have a valve that is on the tube that allows you to inflate and deflate it. You will need to get a pump that will pump air into the tube. Some companies provide one for you, and so do not. It is very simple to get the air inside. Once it is inflated, many companies have made their valves very durable that there is usually a double locking mechanism to ensure no air will leak out.

Q: Are Snow Tubes Safe?

A: Yes, snow tubing is a wonderful family fun winter activity. Many people every year bring out the snow tubes when the ground has been blanketed by winter snow. Many brands have made safety their number one priority when it comes to the safety of their products.

The use of handles on snow tubes are also a safety feature, believe It or not. The handles are very convenient for children because as they slide down the slope, they have something to hold onto, keeping them more stable.

The sunken seat is also a nice feature for children because it kind of keeps them in place when riding on a snow tube.

Q: Can You Get Hurt Snow Tubing?

A: Yes, you can get hurt snow tubing, but it is rare. Most people do not fall or flip out of their snow tube. It has happened to some people, but it is very rare. As long as children are not trying to fall out on purpose, there will not be any accidents.


Best Snow Tube for KidsI hope you found this comprehensive article very useful in picking out the best snow tube for your next wintertime adventure. This is such a fun activity that many people wait all year for. I hope the best snow tube review helped you pick out the perfect product for you. Let us know which one you choose.