10 Best Snowboard Bags 2021

Are you someone who loves to go snowboarding but is tired of carrying all the gear separately that is associated with snowboarding? If you don’t know, they make snowboarding bags that are made to specifically carry your snowboard along with some of your gear such as your boots, gloves, goggles, and helmet.

Snowboarding bags have been around for quite some time, and they truly are a lifesaver when you are traveling around the country to different slopes. I have reviewed my picks of the best snowboard bags on the market to give you a plethora of options. I have reviewed snowboard bags that are padded, wheeled, unpadded, affordable, higher-priced, and some with very cool features. Check out my picks for the best snowboarding bags down below.

Best Snowboard Bags

Burton Wheelie Board Case Snowboard Bag 

The Burton company is another brand that is highly recognized and known among snowboarders. The bag is made of a strong polyester, which is very durable. The bag will actually let you carry up to two-three different snowboards, which is such a great feature. No other snowboard brand has come up with a storage solution for more than one board. There are so many pockets for all of your things when you are traveling. The bag also comes with wheels so if you don’t want to carry it you can glide it around with ease.

Multiple Storage Space for Different Decks

With this carrying bag, there are actually multiple compartments for different snowboards. I have never seen a bag on the market that will hold more than one board without getting them scratched up. The bag is completely padded to keep things on the inside of the bag safe from getting damaged. There is room to hold all of your other gear as well as clothing and accessories.

Easy Wheels for Transport

This bag also comes with wheels to help transport all of your stuff easier. The wheels have great mobility and can glide easily on different terrains. The wheels can move in multiple directions such as back, forth, and sideways.


  • You can choose from a variety of different sizes and a few different color pattern options.
  • This is a fully padded bag with webbing straps to keep your gear in place.
  • Easy handles on the front and sides to carry things easily.
  • There are accessory pockets on the outside of the bag that you can use to store smaller things.
  • It is made from the 600D polyester material that also has TPE backing.


  • The bag does not come with a carrying strap to carry it. It does come with wheels to pull it around though.


I personally think that this is the best snowboard bag that you can buy. This bag is made out of a very strong solid material. The inside comes with all sorts of different pockets to hold all of your stuff. There is padding inside the entire bag to keep everything protected, and there are actually multiple places to hold multiple boards. This bag is more expensive, but the Burton brand is definitely worth it.

Athletico Two-Piece Snowboard and Boot Bag Combo

The Athletico brand is one of the best brands for snowboarding products. They make a lot of different snowboarding bags with distinct features. In this particular bag, it can hold snowboard up to 165cm long. Not only can it store your snowboard, but it can also store your snowboarding shoes, gloves, and googles. This bag is made from a strong 600D polyester that is rip-resistant and water-resistant. This is a great affordable snowboarding bag.

Strong Water-Resistant Material

The material of this bag is made from a strong polyester that has been made to be water-resistant. It will get wet if you drench the material in water, but if some snow melts by your board, the water will not saturate anything. There are Velcro handles that make it easy to carry the bag, as well, as a clip-on shoulder strap. You will also get a smaller bag that can be used to carry a helmet or boots. The regular snowboard bag should have plenty of room to put more of your gear inside.


  • This bag fits most all snowboard that goes up to 165cm.
  • Comes with a carrying handle and shoulder strap to make carrying the snowboard easier.
  • The bag is rip-resistant and water-resistant.
  • Great working double locking zippers.
  • Extra storage bag to carry a helmet or boots.


  • There is no padding inside the bag, so you need to be careful of things scratching up your board inside.


This is a very affordable bag to carry your snowboard inside. I personally like that it comes with a separate bag for gear storage. I wish the bags were padded because then I could put other gear with my snowboard without having to worry about it getting scratched. I love that the bag is water-resistant because it keeps my stuff dry in the snow. This is a great budget-friendly best snowboard bag.

Athletico Maverick Padded Snowboard Bag 

This is another great snowboard bag by the brand Athletico. This is basically the more expensive but still budget-friendly upgraded version.  This is a 108 cm in length snowboard storage bag. The material is the same 600D rip and water-resistant polyester material that the first snowboarding bag used. The biggest difference in this bag than the first one is that this one is completely padded on all sides with 10 mm of foam.

Added Compression Straps

Compression straps have been added on this board bag into the inside so you can clip your snowboard securely in them. This will make your snowboard and certain gear to not move around while you are carrying it. There is padding along all the sides of the board that will help keep your gear from getting ruined.


  • This bag is padded on all sides of the bag with 10mm of foam padding.
  • The bag can fit snowboards up to 180 cm in length.
  • Two outside pockets for storage, you can use this for boots, gloves, or goggles.
  • It is made from a strong 600D polyester that is water and rip-resistant.
  • Comes with very nice compression straps.
  • Additional storage compartments on the inside of the bag.


  • Once the snowboard and all the gear are in the bag, the bag feels very heavy. It would be nice to have a padded carrying strap.


This is definitely a better option if you can afford the higher price tag. I love that the bag is padded because it truly does help protect your gear. I also really like the compression straps to hold your snowboard in place, so it doesn’t slide around. I just wish the carrying strap was higher quality to take some of the weight off your shoulders because those snowboard bags get very heavy.

Athletico Padded Two-Piece Snowboard and Boot Bag Combo

This product is very similar to the first Athletico product we reviewed. You are still going to get both 600D polyester bags that are rip and water-resistant. This means the snow that is melting will not get the things wet that are inside your bag. The biggest difference between the first Athletico product and this one is that this one is padded with 5mm of foam padding. All the other features of this bag are exactly the same as the first one. The price of this bag is more because of the padding.

Two Padded Bags

This kit is great because not only do you get a snowboarding bag that will fit other things besides just the snowboard but it can also fit your boots, gloves, goggles, and even clothing. The second bag that is included is specifically designed for a snowboarding helmet or even another pair of shoes. There is a lot of gear that comes with the snowboarding sport, so it is nice to be able to get some good quality bags that you know are going to protect all of your stuff.


  • Comes with both a snowboard bag and a bag for your snowboarding shoes.
  • Both bags are padded with 5mm foam around all the corners of the bag.
  • The snowboard bag can fit boards up to 165cm in length.
  • Both bags come with easy to use handles and carrying straps.
  • A very lightweight bag that is great for traveling.


  • I wish there was padding.


So basically, you are paying a little more for this set for the added padded protection. You need to decide if that is worth it for you. If it is, then I suggest getting this one because the padding keeps your equipment safe, especially if you are traveling. There are extra pockets for storage inside the back, which is a nice touch. This snowboarding bag kit is still very affordable and budget-friendly. It is a great product and will fit the storage need that you are looking for.

Athletico Conquest Padded Snowboard Bag with Wheels

This is the last product that we are reviewing from the Athletico brand. This snowboarding bag is unique because this one has convenient glide roller wheels that will make it easier to carry all of your snowboarding gear wherever you are going. You are still getting that great 600D polyester material that will not rip or get wet. This bag can hold a snowboard up to 175cm in length in place because of the compression strap. The bag is padded throughout to keep your belongings safe, and there are multiple pockets in and out of the bag to store things.

Extra Protection

The back comes with some extra protection features. There is an adjustable compression strap that will hold the snowboard into place while it is in the bag. So, if you are moving the bag around while traveling your snowboard should not get scratched or damaged while it’s moving. The padding that is around the entire bag will keep your belongings safe. There is 10 mm of padding to keep all of your stuff secure and safe from the outside elements.

Roller Wheels

Snowboarding gear can get very heavy and bulky. With all of the stuff that will be going inside these snowboarding bags, it would sure be great to have a wheel to roll it on. Well, now you can, this product by Athletico has EZ glide roller wheels that are on the side of the snowboard bag. They will help you to move your bag easily while traveling or even if you are just hanging around the slopes.


  • Made from water-resistant polyester.
  • This bag can fit snowboards up to 175cm in length.
  • This bag has built-in wheels which will allow you to easily roll your snowboard while traveling.
  • This bag is made with the high-quality 600D polyester that withstands rips and water.
  • There are compression straps to keep your gear in place.


  • The zipper on the bag seems a little cheap. I wish it had a smoother glide zipping the bag up.


This is another very nice bag made by the Athletico company. I do really like the wheels on the bag because if you travel to different states to hit the slopes, you want to be able to get through the airport easily. I love the padding and compression strap because I know that all of my stuff is safe inside the bag. The price is higher on this particular bag, but it is still affordable if you factor all the great upgrades and features you are getting.

Dakine Unisex Low Roller Snowboard Bag 

This is another snowboard bag made by the company Dakine. This is a sleek snowboard bag in which you can choose up to multiple different colors and design options.  It can fit up to two snowboards as well as some of your other gear. There is a special compartment for your snowboarding shoes. The entire bag has been padded to keep all of your stuff safe. There are two zippers on the bag that can be used to open and close the bag. There are also easy-glide wheels to make it easier to travel.

Easy to Travel

This snowboarding bag makes traveling so much easier because of the wheels on the bottom of the bag. These are high-quality wheels that work great on most terrains. This bag is easy to travel with in the airport because you can just glide the bag on the wheels to check it in. The bag is also fully padded so you won’t have to worry about anything inside your bag getting damaged.

Separate Storage Compartment for Shoes

Inside of this snowboarding bag is a lot of different compartments. You will be able to fit at least two snowboards as well as accessories. There is a special compartment made for your snowboarding shoes. Then there are separate smaller compartments that you can use for clothing, gloves, goggles, and much more.


  • This bag can hold up to two snowboards.
  • The bag is padded on all sides of the bag.
  • There is a convenient handle for carrying as well as roll wheels for easy traveling.
  • There are many different color and design options for you to choose from.
  • There are a variety of different color and design options.


  • Higher priced snowboarding bag.


I really like snowboarding products made by the Dakine brand. They are always made with the most quality fabrics and padding. The only issue with these bags is the price. If you are looking for something extremely affordable, then you may not want to consider this one. If you can afford it, then this bag will last you many years because of the great quality that was put into making this bag.

Dakine Freestyle Snowboard Bag

The Freestyle snowboard bag by the Dakine brand is truly a great bag, and that is why it had to be put on our list of the best snowboard bags. It is the most affordable bag offered by the Dakine brand. Just because the bag is affordable doesn’t mean it lacks in the top-notch quality that the Dakine brand brings into their snowboard bags.

This bag can come in a few different sizes and color options. The bag is made from that great 600D polyester material that keeps the construction of the bag high quality. The bag has a high-quality, full-length zipper, and the inside is padded. There is also a tarp lining on the bottom of the bag to keep out moisture when your bag is on the snow or ice. There are multiple pockets to store all your gear, and the bag itself is very lightweight.

High-Quality Construction

As I have mentioned before in my other Dakine brand reviews, the quality of the materials and the construction of their snowboarding bags are superb. From the material of the bag, all the way down to the zipper on the made is made with high-quality materials. The bag is made of a 600D polyester that will stay great for a long time. On the bottom of the bag, there is a tarp lining that keeps out moisture. Also, around the bag, you will find multiple pockets that can be used to store equipment.

Very Affordable

This snowboard bag is very affordable. You may not be getting a wheel feature or a suspension strap, but you are still getting a well-made, high-quality bag. If you are on a budget or just looking for something cheaper, then this is a great option for you. You will love this brand.


  • This bag comes with different color options.
  • You can also choose between a few different sizes to fit your snowboard.
  • There is a removable strap that can be used when carrying your gear.
  • The bag has been fully padded, and the bottom has been tarp lined to keep things from getting damaged.
  • This is the more affordable Dakine brand snowboarding bag.


  • It doesn’t come with wheels for easy traveling.
  • Not the best bag choice for air travel.


I like the bag because of the price. Everything revolves around price, right? I also like that the bag is padded and still made from that nice 600D polyester. The zipper on the bag Is very nice, and you can tell its not a cheap material. I like the pockets that come with the bag to store your gear, it would be better if they were bigger, but for this affordable price, I think this bag is really great.

Axiboard Kids Snowboard Bag

Does your child enjoy going snowboarding just like you? Well, what I have here for you is a snowboard bag that will fit a child’s snowboard. The bag will hold a board up to 55 inches long. The bag is lightweight and has a full-sized zipper to open and close the bag. The inside of the bag is big enough to hold a few pieces of your child’s gear along with their snowboard. There is a convenient carrying handle with a strap on the bag as well.


  • This is a bag for smaller snowboards such as a child’s snowboard.
  • The bag is 55inches long, so board as big or smaller than that size will fit.
  • This bag is lightweight and has padded carrying handles.
  • This bag is great to store your child’s snowboard as well as traveling with it.


  • The bag is not padded.
  • There are no wheels on the board that would make it easier for children to handle


If you are looking for a basic, affordable kid snowboard bag, then this is the perfect one for you. This bag is lightweight and easy for a child to handle. The bag is made from a good quality polyester material. The bag will provide your child’s board with basic protection, like keeping it free from scratches and dents.

Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard Bag

The Burton brand is another extremally popular snowboard bag brand. This snowboard bag is fully padded and made of that strong 600D polyester. This bag has wheels as well so it will be easy to travel in an airport with. The zippers and locks on the snowboard bag are TSA approved. These snowboard bags come in a wide range of different sizes as well as different color options.


The main feature of this snowboarding bag is the wheels that are attached underneath. These will really help when you are traveling. If you are traveling in an airport, especially because then you can just roll the bag from each terminal. If you do not feel like using the wheels, then there is a padded shoulder strap that can be used to carry the bag.


  • Super strong 600D polyester material.
  • The bag is fully padded all around to protect your board and gear.
  • The shoulder carrying strap is padded.
  • There are straps on the inside of the board to hold multiple boards in place.
  • There are wheels that will give you a smooth glide.
  • The zipper and locks are TSA approved, which means this can be used when you are going on a flight.


  • I wish there were more inside compartments.


This is another great option from the Burton brand. Their reputation really stands up, and they truly do make great quality snowboard bags. I like the fact that it has wheels so it will be easy to use. I also like that the bag can hold up to more than one snowboard.

Element Equipment Snowboard Bag with Shoulder Strap

Here is another budget-friendly option for you to consider. This bag is made with a strong double stitched 600D polyester. This strong polyester makes the bag water-resistant, and the material is very strong. There are two different sizing options that you can choose between. The bag has a very minimalistic design, which makes the bag look very classy. This is another great option for a snowboarding bag.


  • Made from a 600D polyester that Is water-resistant and rip-proof.
  • The snowboarding bag is made with double stitching to prolong the life of the snowboarding bag.
  • Very minimalistic design.
  • Two different sizing options – 148cm long or 157cm long.
  • Very affordable price point.


  • The bag itself is not padded.
  • It doesn’t come with wheels for traveling.


This is another very affordable snowboarding bag. If you are on a budget and need something that will work and not a piece of junk, then you have found the right snowboarding bag. The bag has a very minimalistic design, which is very popular right now. There is a carrying strap that is included with the bag. The polyester material is also double stitched to make it stronger. This is a good board, but it is not my favorite.

How to Choose the Best Snowboard Bag?

How to Choose the Best Snowboard Bag?When you are thinking about purchasing a snowboarding bag, it is important that you know all of the factors that go into buying one. I have made a quick shopping guide with quick points for you to think about. This will help you decide which features are most important to you when buying a snowboarding bag.


This is a huge factor to consider when purchasing a snowboarding bag, do you want one that is padded or un-padded? A padded snowboarding bag will have foam that has been sown inside the snowboarding bag. The foam will protect your gear from outside elements such as scratches and dents. If you are going to be traveling in a plane, I highly suggest you get a padded snowboard bag because if your bag gets thrown around while in transit the padding will protect your gear.

The un-padded snowboarding bags are still nice and made with great materials, but you will have more of a risk of your gear getting damaged while you are traveling. The un-padded bags are more cost-effective, but if they end up damaging your gear, did it really save you money? If you are traveling by car, then the unpadded bags work very well. I do suggest spending a little more and getting a padded bag.


Wheels snowboard bags are so great, and I will tell you why. They make traveling so easy, traveling with a snowboarding bag on your shoulder can get very heavy, especially when you have all your gear inside. The great thing about the wheeled versions is that you can glide it effortlessly along the floor without it feeling straining on you. Another great feature is that usually with the wheeled models, you can carry more than one snowboard inside the bag.

Size and Weight of Snowboard Bags

When you are shopping for a snowboarding bag, you need to know the correct size that you need to purchase. You will need to measure your snowboard, and depending on the size, you need to get a bag that is just slightly bigger. I will give you an example; if you have a snowboard measuring 154cm long, then you will need to get a snowboarding bag that is 157cm long. It needs to be able to fit inside without you have to stretch the bag over your board.

Now when we are talking about weight, we are talking about the weight of the snowboarding bag. This is something huge to consider if you plan on traveling on a plane. Just remember this as a rule of thumb the bigger the snowboarding bag, the heavier it will be. You will still have to follow your specific airline’s weight regulations as well as keeping the weight comfortable enough for you to handle.

Materials the Bag is Made Of

If you read my reviews above, then you will notice that all of them were made with a polyester material. This material is man-made and is used on snowboarding bags because it is actually very strong. The higher number of polyester deniers will make the bag stronger. On all of the bags, I have reviewed above that all have 600 denier, which is very strong for a snowboarding bag. You should have no issues with rips or tears unless you are really trying to make that happen with your bag.

Price Point

Price is another factor to consider when purchasing anything. I have reviewed bags at some low-price points and some at high price points. Typically, when the price starts climbing higher in a snowboarding bag, that means it is either been fully padded, or it has wheels that can be used when traveling. If you want a very affordable snowboarding bag, then it most likely will not be padded.

Snowboard Bag FAQ

Who Makes the Best Padded Snowboard Bag?

My personal favorite is the Burton Wheelie Board Case Snowboard Bag because it has everything you could truly need and want in a snowboarding bag. It has plenty of storage for all your gear. It also has a compression strap to keep multiple snowboards secure. The best thing about it is the high-quality easy-glide wheels that you can use to transport your bag all over while traveling. This is my favorite snowboarding bag, and I use it still to this day. I highly recommend this product.

How to Choose Snowboard Bag Size?

The size of a snowboard bag depends on the size of your snowboard. Depending on how long the snowboard is in length will determine what size snowboard bag you need. You will want to get a snowboard bag that is just slightly larger than your board that way it will fit in perfectly without it being too tight.

What Goes into a Snowboard Bag?

There is always a lot of gear that comes along with snowboarding. The best thing about a snowboarding bag is that it can fit all of your snowboarding gear inside. Let’s talk about some of the basic things that would be in your snowboarding bag. You have your snowboard, snow boots, the snowboard bindings, goggles, a helmet, gloves, and clothing like a warm jacket, snowboarding pants, long socks, long johns, and a face mask. You should have plenty of room to add a few extra accessories.

Why Buy A Snowboard Bag?

How are you planning on carrying all of your snowboarding equipment? If you want something that is going to be durable and easy to use to carry your snowboarding gear, then I suggest you purchase one of the best snowboarding bags on my list.

Snowboarding bags were made to protect your equipment from outside elements such as snow, wind, or any other elements that could damage your board. Snowboarding bag are typically made to fit your snowboard as well as other equipment. Some bags have padding around all the sides to protect gear, and a lot of the bags have multiple pockets to hold all different types of gear and accessories. Snowboarding equipment is very expensive, so if you can purchase a protecting carrying case to hold your things at an affordable price, it is definitely worth it.

Do You Need to Put Your Snowboard in a Bag When Checking It?

You cannot check in a snowboard or snowboarding equipment without a bag. They won’t just send your snowboard through with a baggage sticker. Also, you don’t want them to do that even if they could because your board could get damaged in transit or really scratched up. If you are going to be traveling by airplane, you will need to purchase a snowboard bag that will keep your equipment safe while you are traveling to your destination.

Depending on what airline you are flying with will affect the price of checking in your snowboarding bag. Some airlines do not charge, and some do. It will be your job to do that extra research on what the airline’s policies are.

How to Pack a Snowboard Bag for Air Travel?

Now the first thing you need is a good quality snowboarding bag to pack everything inside. Depending on what type of board bag you choose, you might have one with padding. The padding will protect the board and your other accessories. Try and fit everything in your snowboarding bag if possible. You don’t want to have to check in another bag if you don’t have to. If you are worried about clothes getting wrinkled, you can put shirts over the tip of the snowboard to help press the clothes down. If you do not do that a lot of your clothes will get wrinkled in the bag. If you do not have all the equipment, you need, you can always rent at the slopes.

How to Clean a Snowboard Bag?

Snowboarding bags cannot go in the washing machine. If your specific snowboarding bag says that it can go in the washing machine, then that is fine, but I would strongly advise against it. The quality and the material of the snowboard bag will get ruined in the washing machine. The padding inside the snowboard bag will get ruined by a washing machine.

The best way to clean your snowboarding bag is to spot clean it with hot soapy water with a rag. Spot clean the spots that are just looking dirty to you. Do not completely submerge the bag in soap or water because this will run the material the bag is made out of. Once you have spot cleaned your snowboarding bag, let it air dry.

How Much Does a Snowboard Bag Weigh?

The snowboarding bag actually doesn’t weigh much at all. Its when you put all of your gear inside is what really makes the carrying bags heavy. There is a wide range when talking about the weight of a snowboard. Some can be as light as eight pounds, and others can weight up to seventeen pounds. Once you add in your accessories like the gloves, goggles, helmet, boots, clothing, and any other accessories you need riding the slopes, the weight will start to add up. The best snowboard bags I have talked about above are very durable and will be able to hold everything you want to bring with you to the slopes.


As you can see, snowboarding bags are very important and can make your life so much easier when you are traveling to new snowboarding slopes. I hope you found your best snowboard bag on my list above. All of my reviews are completely honest, and I reviewed a wide range of different quality bags and different price points. If you have any questions about one of the best snowboard bags, leave them down below, and I will get right back to you.