Best Snowboard Wax

Have you been snowboarding or skiing recently and noticed yourself just stuck in the snow, not moving anywhere? If you said yes to that question then let me tell you about snowboard wax. Snowboarding wax is something that is applied to your snowboard to easily help make the board glide easier, ride smoother, and it makes the board more durable.

Below I have reviewed what I think to be the best snowboard wax that you can buy. Each wax has its own features and uniqueness about it. Also, make sure you read the bottom of the article to learn more about the different types of snowboard wax out there. Let me teach you an easy way to take care of your board.

Demon Hyper X Wax 

This big 1-pound block of wax will be the perfect complement to your snowboard or skis. It can be used at all temperatures. It melts very easily to be applied to your snowboard. You have to be quick when it is applied because it melts and hardens fast, so to get a sooth wax melt, you need to move quickly. It smells very nice and almost sweet.

This wax is made by a small California company that has been producing this wax since 1991. The blend of wax used is made with a proprietary blend that ensures that your board will go down the slopes faster than other boards.

  • This is a 1.06-pound block of wax.
  • This is a wax that can be used at any temperature from cold to super cold.
  • A local Southern California company makes this wax and has been making it since 1991.
  • This proprietary blend of wax will help you become the fastest down the mountain.
  • Nicely scented wax.

Overall, this is the best value for your dollar. You are getting an entire pound of wax for a fraction of the cost of regular wax. This wax works great on the board, but you will have to work fast when applying it.

Maxiglide XC Quick Wax

This wax works great if you are planning on skiing or snowboarding when the snow conditions are very wet and sticky. Check the night before you are going to go on the slopes how the weather conditions are going to be, then you can go ahead and apply the wax ahead of time.

The wax is about 5.6 ounces, and it comes with a sponge to help you apply the wax onto your gear.  You can use this wax during all temperature ranges, and it works great in all weather conditions. The wax is meant to be used when the weather is very wet, and the snow is sticky. When you are done applying the wax buff it up, and you will be ready to go.

  • Perfect for waxless skis and snowboards.
  • It helps you slide and glide faster on wet snow.
  • Takes away snow buildup on your skis.
  • Perfect for all weather conditions and temperatures from mildly cold to extreme cold.
  • After you apply the wax buff it out to your desired look and watch the magic happen on the slopes.
  • Perfect for Nordic ski types.
  • It comes with a sponge to easily help you apply the wax.

This is still an affordable option for ski or snowboard wax, but keep in mind that it is only 5.6 ounces, so depending on how much you will be hitting the slopes this season will affect how much wax you use.

ZUMWax RUB ON Wax Ski/Snowboard

The ZUMWax company is sold and made right here in the United States. They sell directly to consumer which ensures us to always get the best cheapest price. This is an all-around temperature wax, which means it can be used during mildly cold weather and frigid freezing weather.

You will be getting five ounces of wax, which equals out to about 70 grams. You do not need to iron on this wax it can just be rubbed on, which makes it fast and easy. The wax also comes with a small piece of cork that can be used to buff the wax after it has been applied.

  • This is a rub-on wax for your snowboard or skis, and it is perfect to use on any temperature.
  • Two step application process: rub it on to the base of the board and then buff it with the cork included with the wax.
  • Made right in the united states.
  • Green color wax.
  • It is 5 ounces of wax inside the container.
  • Easy pushup container to give you more wax.
  • It has a vanilla smelling scent.

Overall, this product is great and easy to use. Even beginners can easily follow the process of using this wax on their board. The cork buff makes it easy to get everything down in less time possible. It does have a scent to the wax, so if you want fragrance free, then you will need to try a different brand. these are just some of the reasons why this wax had to go on our best snowboard wax list.

Hertel Wax, All Temperature Ski, and Snowboard

The Hertel “hot sauce” wax has been around since 1971. This company has been around a long time, and they have truly perfected their wax recipe to give us the perfect piece of wax for snowboarding.

This wax is an all temperature wax, which means it can be a warmer cold outside or a bitter cold outside, and your wax will still work great. They use a special formula inside their wax that makes them stand out from competitors. They have said that their wax will improve the grip your board has, reduce friction, and even increase your safety when out on the slopes.

  • This wax is an all in one temperature wax that can be sued in hot or cold weather.
  • You will get 340 grams of wax, which all equals up to ¾ of a pound of wax.
  • The formula that this brand uses guarantees you to have extra speed, rider control, and better safety when riding the slopes.
  • You can apply it either by iron or the rub on method; the choice is yours.
  • The company suggest for best results to use the iron method.
  • Made right in the United States.

Overall, if you are looking for an extremely popular trusted brand then I would go with this one. In my personal option, this is the best snowboard wax out on the market this year. They are affordable, give you a great amount of wax to work with, and the wax works in ever temperature range.

Purl Ski/Snowboard Wax All temp 1Lb Block

The Purl brand has been developed by experienced snowboard and ski riders because they know how hard it is to find a reliable product to help keep your snowboard in great condition. In this company’s formula, you will find microcrystalline which will help you increase the acceleration down the snow as well as the durability of your board.

You will need to be between five and thirty-five degrees Fahrenheit to use this wax. The wax is very easy to apply, follow the same steps you would with other waxes. The bar is big and will last a very long time. If you plan on going riding a lot this year than this one-pound bar would be a great option for you,

  • All-temperature wax good to be used at 5 degrees Fahrenheit up to 35 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Huge one-pound block of wax.
  • Blend of wax made from ski wax, and microcrystalline. This product is PFC free.
  • It comes with a buffing pad to smooth up the board after the waxing process.
  • Made right in the United States in Colorado.
  • Affordable price for a one-pound block of wax.

Don’t get overcharged by the ski and snowboard resorts this year. This is a very affordable way to wax up the entire family’s board this year. This is a great high-quality product and for those reasons it made it to our best snowboard wax list.

Types of Snowboard Wax

Snowboard Wax TypesThere are two main types of snowboard and ski wax that we are going to talk about today. There is rub on wax and iron on wax; we are going to discuss both of them in depths below. The type of wax that you use on your board will impact the performance of how the board works on the slopes.

Iron on Wax

Iron on wax is also known as hot wax has to be applied with the heat from an iron. You can purchase a wax iron to do this or get a regular cheap iron to do this for you. He’s is a snowboard iron that I recommend purchasing the WSD Ski and Snowboard Wax Iron. Just know that once you use an iron-on wax, it cannot be used on clothing. This is the most common type of wax used on snowboards and skis.

Typically, this type of wax is a solid bar, and you will physically push it up against the hot iron. As the hot iron melts, it, walk the iron around the board or skis to let the wax drip on. Try to make a few lines up and down. Once this is done you will take the iron to the board, and the heat will start to smooth out the wax. Don’t keep the iron on the board for long periods of time. The trick is to keep moving it around.

Rub on Wax

The other type of wax used on snowboards and skis is rubbed on wax. Rub on wax is described just like the name suggests. It is rubbed on the board until you cover the entire base. It is very quick and easy to do. It makes sense for beginners because the hot waxing process can be challenging.

It is perfect for when you are out at the slopes, and you need to make a few touch-ups to your board. After you rub on the wax, you will still want to buff it out with something. Some products I reviewed above come with something for you to use to buff out the board.

Different Wax Temperatures

This may surprise you, but wax can perform at different temperatures wither in cold or warm weather. There is also a universal temperature wax that we are going to talk about. If you end up purchasing the wrong wax for the temperature you are in, it will not work on your skis or snowboard.

Temperature Specific Wax

Some wax has to be used in certain temperatures to work properly. We are not discussing the temperature outside but the temperature of the snow. You may be thinking, how do I get the temperature of the snow? If you look at the air temperature when looking up the weather, that will be a close indicator of how cold the snow will be.

Check your wax to see if this temperature works for that wax. If not, you can’t use it on this day. Temperature specific isn’t as popular as the all-around temperature ones because it can ruin your skiing days just because it’s not the right temperature.

All around Temperature Wax

The all-around temperature wax is great because it literally works anytime and at any temperature. It can come in an iron-on wax or even a rub-on wax. All of the products I have reviewed above are an all-around temperature wax. I feel that it is just easier to apply as well as it is more convenient for the consumer.

Snowboard Wax FAQ

Best Snowboard WaxQ: What does Snowboard Wax Do?

A: You do not need to actually wax your snowboard or skis, but if you choose this route you will feel like you are making a huge mistake. Wax will help give you a better, smoother, and softer ride down the snowy slopes. The wax will also help to keep snow buildup off your board. Without wax your board will go down the slopes slower, and it will wear out the board more quickly.  Get yourself some snowboard wax because it will save you money in the long run by not having to purchase new boards all the time.

Q: What is Snowboard Wax Made of?

A: The wax used to coat snowboards and skis are made from hydrocarbon wax. Hydrocarbon wax is made up of a few types of chemicals and wax, such as paraffin, microcrystalline, and synthetic wax. When all of this is combined together it creates what we are used to as snowboarding wax. They are soft, and they rub on the boards smooth. They allow your board to slide easily down a slope of snow or ice.

Q: How to Apply Snowboard Wax?

A: Depending on if you have iron-on or rub-on wax, the process is fairly easy. With rub on wax you do exactly what it sounds like, which is rub the wax onto the board or skis. After you apply it, you need to buff it. Its that simple with rub-on wax.

The iron on wax has to be applied to the board from the heat from the iron. Move the iron above the board to get a good even coat of wax. After you apply the wax you want to put the iron on the board and start moving it around. This will help to apply the wax to the board evenly.  Keep moving the iron that way, you don’t heat the board up too much.  Then you will begin the scraping and buffing step. It as simple as that, then you will be all set to hit the slopes.

Q: How long does Snowboard Wax Last?

A: Typically, the wax that has been applied to the board should last up to six days. That is if you aren’t riding it as much. Based upon different riding factors, weather, and climate could impact how long the wax truly stays on. If you are on the slopes all day long, you may need to reapply more wax when you are done riding.

How Often do you have to Wax your Snowboard?

A: Again, this will truly all depend on how long you are riding, how hard the ride is, and the elemental factors outside, such as the weather and temperature. If I give you a rough estimate, I would say you should wax your board every three days, but if you aren’t planning on riding for a few weeks or months then you can wait until before your ride to properly prepare your board. If you are looking for a new snowboard make sure you check out the best ones on the market this year.

Q: How to Scrape Snowboard Wax?

A: After you have put the wax on the board, you will need to use a scraper and scrape it off. You want your scraper to be sharp, and you will push it at an angle against the board. It should easily remove the wax. Removing the wax is important because it helps you to get a better slide down the slope outside. If you can’t get all of the wax off the edges of the board it is okay because once you get outside, the snow will help to rub some of it off.

Q: How long should I wait after Waxing to use my Board?

A: After you apply the wax, especially if it is the ironed-on wax, you need to let your board completely cool down before using it. Let the room temperature air bring the board back down to room temperature. This can take anywhere between thirty minutes and an hour. You never want to rush the cooling process because it can damage your board or skis. Even when using the rub on wax, while you buff the wax, you will create friction and warm the board up. Let the board cool before using it.


With anything, you have to be prepared before doing any type of winter sports. Snowboard is not an exception; if you are ready to hit the slopes you need to get yourself one of these best snowboard waxes above to ensure that you will have a smooth ride, durable board, and long-lasting fun!

A good quality wax will not only help you go faster down the slopes, but it will also help maintain the life of your board that way, you don’t have to spend a ton of money getting the board repaired!