10 Best Soccer Gifts Review

Do you know someone who is obsessed with soccer? If you said yes, then I would like to help you by giving you a list of the best soccer gifts. In this article, you will find full reviews of the best soccer gifts on the market. Any of the gifts you pick out from this list will truly excite any soccer lover! Check them out!

Kids Night Light Football 3D Optical Illusion

This is a fun and unique gift for the soccer lover in your life. This is a LED light that almost has a 3D look to it when it is on. This light can be used for a variety of different things. You could use it as a night light, hallway light, or even in your child’s bathroom.

The fun thing about this 3D light is that you have sixteen different color options to choose from. It is so fun to be able to change the color to whatever your feeling that day. The color changing can be controlled by the little remote that comes with it.

The light can be used with a USB cord and plugged into an outlet, or you do have the option of added three AAA batteries into it and have it powered that way. If you want to save money with electricity, the battery option is a great option for you then.

  • This is a fun 3D light that makes the image of a soccer ball and can be used as a night light while your child sleeps.
  • It comes with a remote control that can be used to change the color as well as turn the light on and off.
  • There are sixteen different color options to choose from.
  • It can be connected by a USB cord and plugged into an outlet, or you can also add three AAA batteries into the light to power it.
  • These are LED lights, so you know the color will pop as well as it will last a long time.

Overall, this is a very nice simple gift that you won’t have to overthink. Any small child, even up to a teenager, will enjoy this gift. There is certainly a use for a light in almost every home. I really like all the different colors you can switch the light to. This is also an overall very affordable gift.

SKLZ Star-Kick Hands-Free Adjustable Solo Soccer Trainer

The SKLZ hand free soccer trainer helps if your child needs some extra training or practice with some of their soccer skills. You can practice shooting, passing, juggling the ball, and so much more with this string attached trainer.

This is a unique stretchy material that will fit around the entire diameter of the soccer ball. This will fit all soccer balls that are sizes three, four, and five. The cord will then connect to your child’s waist and can stretch over eighteen feet, which equals to about five and a half meters.

  • This is a soccer training that will actually bring the ball back to you automatically to practice your kicks.
  • You can practice shooting, passing, receiving the ball, throw-ins, juggling the ball, and even more with the help of this trainer.
  • This trainer will fit soccer ball sizes 3, 4, and 5. There is no soccer ball included in this product purchase.
  • The cord can stretch up to eighteen feet with is approximately 5.5 meters
  • It is portable and can be taken anywhere.
  • There are five different color options to choose from, as well.

Overall if you know someone who needs to improve in their soccer skills, then this would be a great gift for them. This is especially nice if your child does not have anyone to play or practice soccer with. The string will pull the ball back to your child. This is perfect for little children as well as teenagers.

Kaskey Kids Soccer Guys

This is such a fun toy that both boys and girls can play with. This is a set of twenty-four characters, along with two goals and a felt mat. This is an interactive play mat that will let your child act out and imagine their own soccer game. Your child can play with this independently, or with an adult or friend.

The figures are all boys, but they do have an option to get girl soccer player figures as well. The felt mat that is included can be washed if it happens to get dirty by something.

  • There are tiny soccer theme figures that can be played with to imagine and create your own soccer game.
  • This set comes with two teams that equal 24 different players, two goal nets, plastic pretend soccer ball, a felt field, a storage container, and an instruction/ rule book.
  • This was designed to give kids a toy that they can fully use their imagination for and creativity. This kit is not only for kids but can be used by a teacher as a teaching aid or even a couch to show gameplays.
  • Perfect activity to keep children engaged and in independent play.
  • The green felt mat can be washed if it gets dirty.

This is also another great option if you are a teach or soccer coach because you can use these toys to help teach. This is fun toy that can be gifted for a birthday or Christmas. It is very affordable and comes with a lot of the figures to make a great playset.

WisToyz Kids Toys Hover Soccer Ball Set with 2 Goals

The Toy made by the company WisToyz is so perfect for a child that loves to play soccer. This indoor soccer field with goals takes on a new approach to soccer with a hoverboard soccer ball. This is completely flat soccer ball that works best when on hardwood or completely flat carpet.

This kit comes with two goal nets and frames along with one hover soccer ball. This soccer ball will not scratch up your floors as it has been designed not to. In addition, the hover soccer ball does not contain any toxic materials, and it is completely covered with a bumper guard that will protect anything it bumps into.

  • This is an indoor soccer field that comes with two goals and a hoverboard soccer ball.
  • The hover soccer ball needs to be powered by four double AA batteries.
  • The hover soccer ball also has a LED light built into it; they will change color while you play.
  • You need to make sure you use this hover soccer ball is on a flat surface floor; certain carpets will make the object get stuck
  • The hover ball is made entirely out of non-toxic materials, and it comes with a bummer guard that will prevent the hover ball from scratching up the furniture in your house.
  • Perfect for children ages three to fifteen!

This is a great birthday or Christmas present for children between the ages of three and up. The hover soccer ball will, however, need four double AA batteries to get it to work. Simply set up the goals is a desired place, preferably a living room or a basement with a lot of space and play soccer with your friends!

Ceramic Soccer Ball Design Sports Coffee Tea Mug

Here we have a very cute lookalike soccer mug that will hold 15 ounces of liquid. This mug is made out of ceramic, and then the black and white squares are hand painted on. Then there is a gloss that gets glazed over the cup to protect it. This cup can only be washed by hand; if it gets put into the dishwasher, the paint will start to chip off.

This cup comes in a gift box when you get it, so it is already ready to give as a gift. This is the perfect gift for anyone who likes and enjoys the game of soccer. It can be given to a parent, teacher, or even a soccer coach.

  • Here we have a ceramic black and white hand painted mug.
  • This is the perfect gift for soccer lovers, coaches, or even teachers.
  • This cup holds 15 ounces of liquid. This is; however, a hand wash only cup.
  • The cup comes inside a gift box that is already packed and ready for gifting.

This is a very budget, friendly, inexpensive gift. It already comes in a gift box, so you can gift it just the way it is!

GlowCity Light Up LED Soccer Ball Blazing Red

This size five soccer ball can be used during the day or at night. When it is used at night, that is when the soccer ball will truly shine! The inside of the soccer ball has LED lights which will stay on when the ball is kicked around. The lights will turn off after thirty seconds if the ball is not moving around. The LED lights are powered by a battery, and the company will actually give you batteries for your ball.

No longer will you have to wait until morning to play soccer; your children can now enjoy kicking the ball around at night with the fun lights. This is will be so much fun for your children to all play together with this size five soccer ball.

  • This is a LED light up soccer ball that has very bright that the ball can actually be seen a few hundred yards in the distance.
  • This is the perfect soccer ball to add a little more fun to your game as well as you can use it at night and still see where the ball is.
  • If the ball is not being moved around, the light will shut off after thirty seconds automatically.
  • This soccer ball only comes in one size, which is a size five.
  • The LED lights are located inside the soccer ball, and then the ball is closed up and is very strong and put together with a durable nylon.
  • The LED light is powered with the use of batteries, and they actually give you batteries.

Overall, this soccer ball is made of a great quality durable material. The light does need batteries to work, but they actually give you batteries to start you off with. This is a budget friendly gift, and kids, as well as adults, will all love to play with this light up soccer ball.

Soccer Ball Bath Bombs – 3 pack

One way to relax after a long soccer game is by taking a nice hot bath with a bath bomb. Bath bombs are made with natural ingredients that are designed to relax you as well as moisturize your body. The Sportigift company makes all of their bath bombs in the United States, which is a really nice feature.

The bath bomb is made with Epson salts that work really well to relieve sore muscles, especially after a long soccer game or soccer practice.  These bath bombs can be used on children, women, or even men. What’s nice is this bath bomb is designed to look like the iconic soccer ball.

  • This is a set of three bath bombs that have been created into the shape of a soccer ball.
  • This Sportigift company makes all of their bath bomb products right here in the united states.
  • The bath bombs contain ingredients that are therapeutic and moisturizing and contains things like Epsom salt that helps soothe muscles.
  • Each bath bomb comes individually shrink wrapped so it can be used to gift separately or as a complete gift.
  • This gift can be used by men, women, or children.

Overall, this is a very simple gift that you don’t need to overthink. Many people can use a bath bomb set. This is a very affordable cute soccer ball bath bomb set. It comes with three bath bombs inside that are made with all-natural ingredients. They are also made right here in the United States and a cruelty-free product.

WONGS BEDDING Soccer Throw Blanket Flame Soccer Pattern

People who are just absolutely soccer crazy or captivated by soccer will love to have their very own soccer blanket for their bed. This blanket has a soccer print on the front that is a dye print made from plant-based materials.

The blanket is made from a very soft microfiber material that is so soft and cozy; it is a reversible blanket and can be used on either side. You can use this blanket as part of your bedspread or lay on the couch with it.

The blanket is machine washable, which is great; if your blanket gets dirty, you can just throw it into the washer. Remember that it needs to be aired dried and should not be put into the dryer. The dryer could ruin that super soft feel of the microfiber blanket.

  • Here we have a 100% microfiber blanket that has a fun soccer design on the front.
  • The blanket can be used on either size because it can be reversed, and it has a very soft microfiber fleece feel.
  • The dye used to print the soccer ball image is made from natural dye derived from plants.
  • The blanket can actually be machine washed but not put inside the dryer as it will need to air dry.
  • There are three different blanket sizes to choose from; they go up higher in price if you get a bigger size.

Blankets are such an easy gift to give that can literally please anyone. You can use the blanket in so many ways that many people can appreciate that. There are three different sizes to choose from as well. The bigger the size, the more money it will cost. This is a very soft and cozy blanket that soccer loves will enjoy!

Talkin’ Sports, Hilariously Interactive Toy Soccer Ball with Music and Sound FX

This is a very fun interactive plush toy that will talk as well as play music when you are playing with it. It is suitable for children over the age of two. This ball can be used indoors as well as outdoors, and the ball will actually respond when it notices you kick or pass the ball.

The ball is machine washable, so if it gets very nasty outside, it can easily be put into the washing machine. You can remove the voice box before putting it into the washing machine; that way, it doesn’t get ruined. Let the plush ball air dry instead of putting it in the dryer.

  • This plush soccer ball actually talks and says funny things when you kick or pass it around.
  • This is a toy recommended for kids above the age of two.
  • This plush ball will say over forty different sounds as well as it will play music.
  • The ball is made out of a super soft plush that can actually be put into a washing machine.
  • If you can, try to air dry it instead of putting it into a dryer.
  • It does work by the use of batteries, and it will need three triple A batteries.

What a fun way to introduce your young child to the love of sports with this interactive play that engages the children with sounds. This toy does need batteries to work, so you will need three Triple A batteries. The ball itself is extremely affordable and a perfect starter soccer ball for your child.

T PLAY Plush Soccer Balls Fluffy Stuffed Soccer Ball Plush Pillow

This is a plush soccer toy that is all fluff and made from a very soft cotton material. This plush ball looks just like a real soccer ball. This is the perfect gift for toddlers and preschoolers to start their love of soccer.

The plushy can go inside the washing machine as well as in the dryer. It can be used indoors and outdoors. You can kick, pass, and throw around this plushy ball without it breaking anything.

  • Here we have a cotton plush soccer ball that is safe to play and kick around indoors as well as outdoors.
  • The plush ball can easily put into the washing machine to get cleaned as well into the dryer to get fully dried.
  • Perfect toy for toddlers and preschoolers.
  • Perfect first soccer ball for your young child to play with.
  • Double robust stitching to ensure it won’t fall apart.
  • Affordable and budget friendly toy.

This toy is very budget friendly, and many people can afford to get their child such a fun toy like this. Start your child off with loving sports, and this toy will help.

How to Choose the Best Soccer Gift

Below you will find a buying guide that will help you narrow down these gifts to help you pick the perfect one.

Type of Person

First, you will need to know who exactly you are shopping for. Are you shopping for a child, teenager, or an adult? You will notice throughout this best soccer gift reviews that I have made sure to review a variety of products for kids, older children, teens, and even adults. Make sure you know who you are shopping for and what will be appropriate for their age range.

Interactive Vs. Simple

Do you want to give someone a gift that is more complex, something that requires setting up, etc.? Do you rather gift someone a soccer gift that is simple, easy to understand, and all-around a gift most everyone will enjoy. You will need to decide how unique or simple of a gift you want to purchase.


Price is another factor that will need to be considered before you make your purchase. Giving gifts during the holidays can be stressful, and price can be an added stress. You will need to set a budget amount that you are willing to spend on gifts. You will find a wide range of different priced gifts in my review, from very affordable to more expensive options.


It can be so hard to shop for gifts for other people, especially when you are unsure what to purchase. If the person you are shopping for is a soccer fanatic, you can rest easy knowing that any of the gifts on my best soccer gifts review will be more than exceptional. If there are any soccer gifts that you think I have missed, be sure to let me know!