12 Best Sunday Golf Bags 2021

Sunday golf bags are growing in popularity due to their lightweight and streamlined design. Golf manufacturers have explored increasing the functionality of the Sunday bag by adding pockets and dividers while keeping the small profile consistent with what most golfers expect from this product.

Sunday golf bags are perfect for the golfer who wants to enjoy a pleasant walk along the course without worrying about the effects that carrying a 50-pound golf bag might have on the body. Sunday golf bags rarely get over 20 pounds in weight when fully loaded, and the golfer can always reduce weight by not taking seldom-used clubs or too many accessories, such as additional golf balls.

How to choose a Sunday bag?

A Sunday bag has grown in popularity in recent memory due to the push for adults to exercise more in their daily lives. Especially for older golfers, walking nine holes can account for a majority of their weekly suggested exercise. But no walking golfer wants to walk around with their usual cart bag that can weigh over 40 pounds when loaded down with clubs and golf balls.

Instead, these golfers can use a lightweight Sunday bag that reduces the burden on their body to a minimum. But what do you need to know before purchasing a Sunday bag? Here are a few areas of interest that will help find the right lightweight golf bag for you.

The first area of concern is the opening of the bag. Most Sunday bags will have openings that reach a width of 4-6 inches. The rule of thumb here is that the wider the opening, the more room you’ll have for clubs. Most bags can hold 6-8 clubs comfortably, but wider bags can carry almost a full set.

Next, you’ll need to take inventory of the pockets on the Sunday bag. Most small bags will have no more than 2-3 pockets. More expensive Sunday bags may include a valuables pouch for phones and wallets. These pockets won’t be able to carry more than 3-6 balls so you’ll need to feel confident that the limited accessories you can take onto the course will sustain you throughout a round.

A new trend among Sunday bags forces the golfer to choose whether or not they want a stand. A chief complaint about the Sunday bag is that when it is laid in the grass, it could become wet making it difficult to carry. Some manufacturers have installed waterproof bellies on their Sunday bag to keep the clubs clean. Others have given the bags small manual stands no more than 6-12 inches in length. Other bags can have full-size stands that allow for easier access and less bending down for the clubs.

Best Sunday Golf Bags

Here are a dozen reviews of my picks for the best Sunday golf bags available to the amateur with a variety of features that will undoubtedly pique the interest of anyone looking to incorporate walking into their next 18 holes.

Orlimar Pitch and Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag

Ideal for a quick nine holes or a trip to the local par 3 course, the Orlimar Pitch and Putt carry bag is a very affordable option for the golfer looking to make a move to a Sunday bag. With two compartments for clubs, the Orlimar carry bag can handle a half-set without a problem.

The Orlimar Pitch and Putt carry bag have just one pocket for your accessories, so that can cause an issue if you plan on using the bag for 18 holes. The bag does have a strong and durable handle for easy lifting when you need to move the bag short distances.

A long stand keeps the Orlimar Pitch, and Putt carry bag upright for quick and easy access to your clubs. Weighing less than two pounds, the Orlimar Pitch and Putt carry bag is one of the lightest Sunday bags on our list.

Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite 1 Pencil Sunday Bag

Another high-performing bag that is perfect for the golfer looking to get some exercise on their next round is the Callaway Hyper-Lite 1 Sunday bag. Weighing less than 3 pounds, the Hyper-Lite 1 bag comes in a variety of colors and is made from the same high-quality materials that Callaway uses in their high-dollar cart bags.

One of the best features of the Hyper-Lite 1 Sunday bag is the short stand that keeps the bag off of the ground. One of the chief complaints among golfers who use Sunday bags is that they can’t keep their clubs dry when they have to lay their clubs on the ground, especially when they play in the morning.

The Hyper-Lite 1 has a three-way top with full-length club dividers as well as 3 zippered pockets with an exclusive apparel pocket. For a host of solid features, the Callaway Hyper-Lite 1 Sunday bag is an absolute delight.

JEF WORLD OF GOLF JR1256 Pitch & Putt Sunday Bag with Stand & Handle

The JEF Pitch & Putt Sunday bag can hold up to eight clubs and is a perfect bag for a quick nine holes or a focused trip to the driving range. Weighing just two pounds, this Sunday bag has a top that measures just over four inches wide.

The adjustable shoulder strap is comfortable, and with the moderate amount of clubs the bag can carry, the golfer is always at ease when walking the course. If you need to move the bag just a small distance, the JEF Pitch & Putt Sunday bag has a durable handle that can handle the weight of the bag.

Two significant features of the Sunday bag is a corded bottle holder and a velcro glove strip. With a long stand that keeps the bag tall and easily accessible for quick golf club swaps, the JEF Pitch & Putt Sunday bag is a terrific choice for the golfer looking to add a little more exercise to their week.

CaddyDaddy Ranger Carry Sunday Range Travel Bag Golf

A Sunday bag that features a waterproof cover and can be used for travel is the CaddyDaddy Ranger Sunday golf bag. The multi-functional bag can carry up to nine clubs comfortably while the cover extends the coverage of the bag to protect even the longest clubs in your bag.

A five-inch opening on the bag does limit the number of clubs one can take in the CaddyDaddy Ranger Sunday golf bag, but the padded top does protect the delicate shafts in your clubs. A padded shoulder strap makes the bag relatively easy to carry around the course.

Made from durable nylon, the CaddyDaddy Ranger Sunday golf bag does a great job of protecting your clubs while also keeping them handy for any shot the course may throw at you. Although it doesn’t have a stand, the CaddyDaddy Ranger Sunday golf bag is the perfect lightweight bag for your next quick round.

Titleist Sunday Golf Carry Bag

One of the best Sunday golf bags available to the walking golfer is the Titleist Sunday Golf Carry Bag. With a simple design, the carry bag has a 2-way top that offers plenty of space for a handful of clubs in each division. Three zippered pockets give the golfer plenty of room for balls and tees.

The Titleist Sunday golf bag does not have a stand to keep your clubs off of the ground, so there is the potential for your clubs to get damp in wet conditions. However, the dual shoulder strap helps keep the weight of the bag and clubs evenly distributed along the back.

With the high-quality construction, the Titleist Sunday golf bag stands apart from other pencil bags with a Velour-lined valuables pocket that has a water-resistant zipper to keep your valuables dry. With the dual-strap system, the Titleist Sunday golf bag is a terrific option for the walking golfer.

RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag

With five full-length dividers, the RJ Sports Typhoon Sunday bag weighs a little more than the smallest Sunday bags but packs a storage punch that gives the golfer an upper-tier option for their weekend round. The six-inch opening on the bag when coupled with the five dividers allows the golfer to carry more than ten clubs without issue.

The RJ Sports Typhoon Sunday bag has a dual harness strap that provides comfort and reduces the typical strain of carrying your clubs. The tall stand helps keeps your clubs dry while four pockets allow plenty of storage for your golf balls, tees, and towels.

The bag comes with a rain hood that keeps water off the clubs during wet weather. Other features include a water bottle pocket as well as a ring to hold a towel that keeps your clubs clean during your round. The RJ Sports Typhoon Sunday bag is an exceptional choice for a Sunday bag that has a host of features.

Ping Moonlite Carry Bag

The Ping Moonlite carry bag is one of the most capable Sunday bags on our list with the capacity to hold a full count of 14 clubs. A durable two-way top divided by a long rigid sleeve keeps the clubs protected throughout a round.

Another great feature of the Moonlite carry bag is the dual strap system. Ping has made the strap always at the ready for simple pickup as well as the ability to convert the dual strap to a single with quick efficiency. As a result, the Ping Moonlite carry bag is an uncomplicated way to carry your clubs around the course.

Because the bag doesn’t have a stand, Ping has installed a waterproof belly on the bag protecting clubs from wet grass. Weighing less than 2.5 pounds, the Ping Moonlite carry bag is a sturdy and dependable option that may cost a bit more than other Sunday bags but provides a high-quality experience.

Scotty Cameron 2018 Titleist Sunday Carry Golf Bag

One of the most stylish Sunday golf bags on the market is from Titleist, the Scotty Cameron Sunday golf bag. Extremely lightweight yet constructed with durable material, the Scotty Cameron bag is ideal for walking the course and carrying your clubs without burdening the rest of your body.

The Scotty Cameron Sunday golf bag has room for all 14 of your clubs and even a space reserved for an umbrella. Multiple pockets along the bag will keep your valuables safe as well as keep your accessories handy. Not only is the bag well constructed, but it also has dual straps for keeping your Sunday bag level throughout your walk.

The Titleist Scotty Cameron Sunday golf bag has a black body and is trimmed with lime green for an eye-popping appearance that will have your playing partners wondering where they can get their own Scotty Cameron bag.

Sun Mountain 2018 Leather Collection Sunday Golf Bag

If you are looking for a Sunday bag that is not only well made but luxurious then the Leather Collection Sunday golf bag from Sun Mountain is an excellent choice. Made with premium Yak leather, this Sunday bag has a nine-inch opening wrapped with leather to protect club shafts.

The Leather Collection Sunday golf bag has four full-length dividers that stop clubs from tangling. Another terrific feature on the bag is three pockets including a velour-lined pouch that protects your valuables. An adjustable shoulder strap rounds out the features of this upper-tier bag.

Weighing just four pounds, the Sun Mountain Leather Collection Sunday golf bag offers exceptional protection for your clubs and is highly durable for a long life. The leather exterior gives the bag a unique look that will stand out at the club. Even though it is pricey, the Leather Collection Sunday golf bag is worth the money due to its extraordinary value.

CaddyTek Deluxe Sunday Carry Bag with Stand

Weighing less than 3.5 pounds, the CaddyTek Deluxe Sunday bag is a lightweight option for the weekend warrior that is looking to find a Sunday bag to accompany their weekly round. With a 6.5-inch opening on the bag, the golfer will find plenty of room for their clubs with four dividers to keeps all clubs separated.

A large valuables pouch keeps your phone and wallet safe while four other pockets provide a haven for your golf balls, tees, gloves, and other accessories. A heavy-duty handle rests next to the opening for easy carrying access when adjusting the bag’s location.

A tall stand helps keep the clubs upright for easy access as well as off the ground to keep them dry. For a Sunday bag with a stand that can hold the majority of a set of golf clubs, the CaddyTek Deluxe Sunday bag is a great alternative.

A99 Golf C4 Range Sunday Pencil Carry Practice Golf Bag w/ Stand

Weighing less than five pounds, the A99 C4 Sunday bag is an excellent option for the golfer looking for a bag that has a long stand. With a five-inch top and two-way divider, the C4 Sunday bag can hold 6-7 clubs comfortably. The bag also contains two zipper pockets with an additional mesh pocket for easy access to extra golf balls.

A neat feature of this Sunday bag is a club cover that keeps your clubs protected in rainy weather. With a single strap, the A99 C4 Sunday bag can become a little heavy if you take too many clubs.

The A99 C4 Sunday golf bag comes with a full stand so you won’t have to reach all the way down to pick up the bag. Even with the cover on the bag, clubs come out quickly via the long zipper. Light and with a large amount of storage, the A99 C4 Sunday golf bag is an excellent option for the golfer who wants to keep their clubs dry.

RJ Sports 6″ Sunday Golf Bag

An enjoyable Sunday bag that has a wide opening allowing for holding more clubs than a typical pencil bag is the RJ Sports Sunday golf bag. What is unique about the RJ Sports Sunday golf bag is that it is constructed out of a collapsible material that makes storage off the course easy and simple.

Even though golfers may be scared away by a bag from a collapsible material, they shouldn’t be because the RJ Sports Sunday golf bag is well made. There are enough pockets to handle all of the necessities such as balls, tees, and gloves as well a sturdy strap that makes carrying the bag a joy.

If you do plan on taking the RJ Sports Sunday golf bag in a cart, the strap ring can also be used to hook the bag in the club section of the cart. Unique and a breeze to maintain, the RJ Sports Sunday golf bag is an excellent option for walking golfer.

What is a Sunday carry golf bag?

A Sunday carry golf bag is a small and narrow lightweight golf bag that does not have many pockets and is constructed to hold a minimal number of golf clubs. Sunday golf bags are ideal for the walking golfer who does not want the excessive weight associated with a cart or stand bags.

There are a few features that are standard in the best Sunday golf bags available to the weekend warrior. The best Sunday golf bags on the market usually have a durable shoulder strap that will last over time, a few dividers to keep clubs off of one another over a long round, a stand that will keep the bag off the ground, therefore keeping the clubs dry, as well as a few pockets for tees and golf balls.

Sunday golf bags are specially made for the golfer who wants the exercise associated with walking the course but not the excessive strain that a heavy golf bag could place upon the back.

Why is it called a Sunday golf bag?

Several decades ago before the prevalence of golf carts, when the world commonly recognized Sunday as a day of religious observance and rest, golf courses did not have caddies to carry golf bags on the first day of the week. So, if golfers wanted to play a round, they would have to carry the bag themselves. Back then, since most golf bags were hefty and composed primarily of leather, Sunday golfers wanted a lighter option that allowed them to play a quick round without the burden of a heavy golf bag. So, the Sunday golf bag was invented out of this pure necessity.

How many clubs fit in a Sunday golf bag?

Sunday golf bags on average can carry roughly six-to-eight golf clubs comfortably, although many golfers fit at least ten clubs in their bag. One of the features most golfers need to know before they purchase a Sunday golf bag is how many dividers the bag has in the opening. Many of the newer models are coming out with four to five dividers whereas older bags typically have two-to-three dividers for clubs. Most golfers are worried about the bottom of their Sunday bag laying on the ground and getting their clubs wet, that is why the combination of dividers plus a stand can help keep the clubs clean as well as easy to carry.


Sunday golf bags are a great choice for the weekend golfer looking to pick up some exercise while finding a lightweight alternative for carrying their clubs. Sunday bags from a variety of the top golf equipment companies have standard features such as zippered and valuables pockets as well as stands to keep your golf clubs clean and dry. The best Sunday golf bags are not only affordable but also serve a great purpose in improving your health.