16 Best Tennis Racquets 2021

Looking to improve your tennis game? If that’s the case you may be interested in one of the best tennis racquets.

There’s a few things you should consider before making your purchase, though, and I’ll show you what’s most important – after you’ll see my top picks for the year.

By the time you’re done reading I’m sure you’ll see a racquet that you want to serve with.


How To Choose A Tennis Racquet

Here’s a video that’ll help out in this department:

Not too bad, right?

I personally think the following is the most important:

  • Decide between a power/game improvement racquet, control or in between
  • Head size
  • Smaller features (length, weight, grip, etc.)

First thing you need to consider is your own needs and your skill level – this will determine the type of racquet you get. There’s three to choose from and they are:

  • Power/Game Improvement: These products are designed more for beginners and anyone with a slower, shorter swing.They tend to come with an over sized head, are longer and are lightweight.
  • In Between: These racquets are made for intermediate to more advanced players and is a middle ground between the previous type and the type coming up. These products usually give a boost in maneuverability.
  • Control: Control racquets are made for the best tennis players. Because these players are strong they don’t need a product for power. Control racquets help ensure these elite level talents have pin point accuracy.

After you have this figured out you need to look at head size. The larger the head, the more forgiveness you get and power. This is good for beginners and people that are weaker.

More skilled players can choose a smaller head because they won’t need the extra power.

Lastly, you need to focus on all the smaller features that make up the racquet like length, weight and grip. The first two, length and weight, usually come down to which type of racquet you choose. Most of the products on this list come in several different grip sizes too.

If you want to learn more about selecting a tennis racquet, click here.

Now that you know what to look for, let’s take a look at my top picks now.

ProKennex Ki 10

Company: ProKennex

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.9/5

The ProKeenex Ki 10 is known as an arm friendly racquet and this means it’s good for people with tennis elbow and other arm issues. If your’e someone that suffers from these problems I would highly suggest considering this product. It’ll work for people looking to prevent those issues too.

Another thing I really like about this product is it’s extremely lightweight. You’ll be able to really rip the Ki 10 through the zone and smash shots. This also improves maneuverability and allows you to be as mobile as ever on the court.

Some other top features include:

  • Quad focused design makes this product very stable and you’ll be able to hit your shots more smoothly and accurately.
  • Large sweet spot so even if you don’t hit it perfectly you’ll get nice shots.
  • Spiral carbon technology provides a good amount of dampening. This means you’ll get less vibrations when the racquet meets the ball.
  • Perfect for intermediate tennis players and gives you the perfect blend of power and accuracy.

The price is right where you’d expect it to be for this type of product too. It’s not as inexpensive as racquets made purely for beginners but it’s not as expensive for advanced and elite level athletes. It’s priced perfectly in my opinion and I think you’ll come to the same conclusion if you decide on the ProKennex Ki.

Head MXG 3

Company: Head

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

The Head MXG 3 is a tennis racquet that anyone can play with and one that any player would be lucky to own. This product ensures you get the sweetest shots and serves possible and you’ll love the way tennis balls pop off the strings.

One thing you’ll really appreciate is the injected Magnesium Bridge. This bridge gives this racquet ultimate stability without being too heavy. This goes a long way in terms of maneuverability.

Some other aspects you’ll like includes:

  • Extremely comfortable to swing and feels very natural in your hands.
  • Provides a ton of power and you’ll really be able to blast shots. You’ll sacrifice a little control for this, however.
  • A large sweet spot makes sure you get smooth hits more often and less misplaced shots.
  • Graphene Technology lets you swing this product as fast as possible and does so without sacrificing stability.
  • Multiple different grip sizes so you get the exact grip that’s suitable for your own unique hand size and preferences.

The only group of people that should look elsewhere is players that want a player’s racquet. Anyone else will really like playing with the MXG 3.

In terms of price, this product is expensive and one of the most expensive on this list. I think it’s worth every penny, though, and if you want to see how much it’s going to cost you, click below:

Babolat Boost Aero

Company: Babolar

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

If you’re someone that’s a beginner to tennis or maybe looking to take the leap to intermediate from beginner, the Babolat Boost Aero is a product that’ll you’ll like to volley with – if you’re more advanced you’ll probably want to look elsewhere.

If you’re in the first group, though, you’ll appreciate how lightweight the Boost Aero is. You’ll feel especially mobile while using this racquet and be able to get around the court with good speed.

If that’s not enough you’ll like that this racquet:

  • Has a good feel to it and improves your control – you’ll be able to have pretty accurate shots because of this.
  • Very responsive because of the time tested Woofer grommet system.
  • Open string pattern makes spin easier so you get the best shots possible.
  • Very fast to swing which means it’s especially useful around the net.
  • Several different grip sizes ensures everyone can get a size that works for them.

What’s really great here is the Babolat Boost Aero is ultra affordable and one of the more cost effective products on this list. If you’re a recreational player or novice this racquet is one that you definitely should consider.

Tecnifibre TF300DC TFight 300

Company: Tecnifiber

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

The last racquet you saw was made for beginners and people looking to take the leap to intermediate. The Tecnifibre TF300DC TFight 300 is not for the same class of people. This product is made for advanced level players looking to take their game to the next level – this racquet gives tour level performance.

So if your’e someone that loves tennis and spends your free time on the courts, you’ll really want to consider this product. You’ll love the way this racquet performs.

Some top features include:

  • Horse Back strips makes sure your strings get the most life possible.
  • Dynacore technology gives you the most stability possible and you’ll feel very confident with this product in your hands.
  • Lightweight design ensures you’re very mobile and move laterally and forward/back with ease.
  • This product is one of Technifibre’s Pro Prepared models and this means you’ll get less vibrations on your shots, so you can focus completely on your game.
  • 16X16 string patter allows for better spin and more crafty shots.
  • Different grip sizes for all kinds of players and hand sizes.

Because this is such a top of the line racquet it’s going to come with a top of the line price (this is another reason beginners should stay away). If you love tennis, though, you won’t mind paying extra for the TFight 300. Once you step onto the court with it in your hands you’ll know you made the right decision.

Wilson Burn 100

Company: Wilson

Price: $$

Rating: 4.7/5

The Wilson Burn 100 is another racquet that’s tailor made for recreational and beginner players. Everything about this product ensures that these types of players play at their absolute best and help them improve their skills.

One thing it does well is increases the power of your shots. This does come at the expense of some accuracy but pin point shots isn’t what beginners are looking for. When you improve your game you should worry about control – when you’re starting out you want to focus more on power.

Some additional factors you’ll enjoy includes:

  • Countervail technology makes use of carbon materials in the frame. This makes this product less fatiguing to play with and means you’re less likely to injure yourself.
  • Design DNA gets rid of all the superficial bells and whistles and leaves a racquet that just performs.
  • Parallel drilling ensures you get the most forgiveness and the largest sweet spot possible. This will keep your shots in bounds.
  • Longer than average handle gives you more leverage and improves your two handed shots.
  • Multiple grip sizes ensures both men and women of all sizes can use this racquet.

Because this product is designed more for beginners, it’s going to be pretty affordable. I wouldn’t say it’s cheap but it’s certainly not expensive. There’s a few positive reviews regarding the Wilson Burn 100 and if you want to see what these customers are saying, click below:

Wilson XP1

Company: Wilson

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

The Wilson XP1 is a lot like the Wilson racquet you just saw but also different in some ways too. First off, it can be used by the same class of players (beginners and intermediates) and is good for people looking to advance their game.

The major difference is the XPI costs about 3 times more than the Burn. Do you absolutely need this racquet if you’re just starting out? That’s up to you to decide. You should definitely know you like tennis, though, before you make this kind of of an investment.

Some other benefits you’ll like includes:

  • One of the most powerful products on the market and greatly helps players lacking in this department.
  • Extremely lightweight at only 10 ounces and you’ll really be able to move around with this piece of equipment in your hands.
  • Larger than average head means you’ll get maximum forgiveness and this should keep your shots in bounds.
  • Power Profile Frame Geometry makes sure you get the fastest swing speed as possible.
  • Carbon Fiber Layup improves energy return and is especially handy with volleys.
  • It helps out in the spin department and this allows you to get some crafty shots.
  • Multiple grips so you get the perfect one for yourself.

So if you know you’re going to stick to tennis and want a racquet you’re going to enjoy for years to come, I would certainly give this one a consideration. You’ll have a hard time finding one better that’s geared towards novices and intermediates.

Prince Textreme 100T

Company: Prince

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

Here we have a racquet that’s made for someone that’s past being a beginner but not quite ready to consider themselves advanced – the Prince Textreme 100T is perfect for all intermediate players and blends control and power very well.

Another aspect that you’re going to love is how lightweight this racquet feels (it only weighs 11 ounces). You’ll be able to move around better than ever if you decide to purchase this product.

Some other features that make the 100T worth it includes:

  • Textreme technology in the shaft adds strength and stability.
  • Low flex point ensures this product is arm friendly and you’ll have less of a chance of developing issues over time because of this.
  • Very fast racquet comes in handy when you’re close to the net and involved in an intense volley.
  • 5 different grip sizes is perfect for people of all sizes and genders.

The price of the Textreme 100T is definitely a plus too and this product won’t completely break the bank to purchase. This is a great racquet and will work for a lot of different players. I definitely think this is one almost every person should think about buying.

Head Liquidmetal 4 

Company: Head

Price: $$

Rating: 4.7/5

The Head Liquidmetal 4 is a product that many tennis players will like and is made more for the intermediate athlete – someone who’s past being a beginner but isn’t quite ready to put themselves in the advance category.

The Liquidmetal 4 is a true tweener racquet and one that balances control and power well. You’ll get enough zip to blast serves and enough accuracy to drop a shot exactly where you want. This is why it’s perfect for intermediate players.

Some other cool aspects include:

  • TwinTube technology provides a dampening effect and really improves the overall feel of this racquet.
  • Very large sweet spot ensures you’ll get nice shots even if you don’t hit it perfectly.
  • Total Sweetspot Construction makes this product extremely stable.
  • Very lightweight and you’ll be able to get to sideline to sideline faster than ever with this racquet in your hands.
  • Multiple different grips so any person, no matter the size of their hands or needs, can use.

What’s really awesome is this racquet is ultra affordable. That’s a great deal for what you’re getting and is perfect for anyone on a tight budget this year. You get to save a few dollars without giving you much in the performance department!

Yonex Astrel 105

Company: Yonex

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.8/5

Like the product you just saw, the Yonex Astrel 105 is specifically made for intermediates. The only difference is this one is quite a bit more expensive (more than 3 times the cost) and is higher quality. This is the kind of racquet that you’ll adore and absolutely love playing with.

One things the Astrel 105 does well is it balances power, control and maneuverability perfectly. You’ll be able to serve your hardest, quickly get to the net for a return shot and pin point shots to the backline with this racquet.

If that’s not enough you’ll like that this product comes with:

  • Large head size is why this racquet is so powerful and this ensures you have a very large sweet spot. You’ll get good shots even if you don’t hit your shot squarely.
  • Lightweight enough that you’ll feel very mobile with the Astrel 105
  • Vibslayer Carbon reduces vibrations and improves the overall dampening of this piece of equipment.
  • Shock absorbing handle and this is because of the Quake Shut Gel + technology.
  • 16 X 18 string pattern maximizes spin so you can get crafty shots and keep your opponent on their toes.

If you’re looking to up your game this is a racquet that you should consider. The only group that should look else where is advanced players and people not looking to spend a ton. If you fall into one of these groups there’s other products on this list that’ll work for you.

Volkl V Sense 5

Company: Volkl

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

Here we have another racquet that’s designed more for recreational players and beginners. The reason for this is the Volkl V Sense 5 is extremely lightweight (only weighs 10 ounces) and will help less skillful players swing as fast as possible. That’ll give you more power and quicker shots.

Even though it’s a power racquet it still does pretty well with control and accuracy too. If you purchase this product you won’t have to worry about constantly missing your target and sending your shots out of bounds all the time.

Some other awesome aspects include:

  • Precise Power Beam is why you get so much control and it improves the overall responsiveness of this product.
  • Super Grommet System enhances the overall feel of this racquet and gives you a boost in power.
  • VSENSOR Handle makes the V Sense 5 very smooth.
  • 16 X 18 string pattern allows you to put a good amount of spin with each shot and this will make you tough to play against.
  • 6 different grip sizes makes this a very versatile racquet and you’ll find one that works perfectly for you.

The price isn’t bad either and I’d describe it as not cheap but not expensive, which is good for many people. You may not want to pay an arm and a leg for a racquet but you don’t want to cheap out either – that’ll just lead to frustration.

Dunlop Srixon Revo CV 3.0

Company: Dunlop

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.8/5

The Dunlop Srixon Revo CV 3.0 is a product that does an excellent job balancing power and control. Because of this the Revo CV 3.0 is perfect for intermediates and any person that wants to take the leap from beginner to intermediate.

Another aspect that you’re going to really like is how lightweight this racquet is – it only weighs 10. ounces. This means you’ll feel very mobile and this is good for anyone thats game is built on speed. You’ll be able to fly to the net and side to side as quickly as possible.

Some other top features include:

  • Sonic core gives you a top of the line feel and each swing will feel really smooth.
  • Army friendly is perfect for any person dealing with tennis elbow or wants to prevent tennis elbow from developing.
  • 16 X 19 string pattern ensures you get spin on your shots and this improves how crafty you can be when playing.
  • 3 different grip sizes makes it useful for a wide ranging amount of people.

This isn’t a cheap racquet, however, and if you want to play with the Revo CV 3.0, you’re going to have to pay a little extra. Do I think it’s worth its high cost? I do and I think you’ll come to the same conclusion if you decide on this product.

Babolat Drive Lite

Company: Babolat

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

The Babolat Drive Lite isn’t a racquet you’ll see professional tennis players owning or playing with – it’s best suited for people that like to play for fun or is maybe just learning. If you fall into that category you’ll really like what you get here.

One of the top aspects is the Woofer Technology that’s built into this racquet. What this technology does is makes this product extremely dampening and reduces vibrations. When you reduce vibrations you’ll be able to focus more on your game and you won’t be distracted.

Some other top features include:

  • Very comfortable racquet and this piece of equipment is very smooth to swing.
  • Very lightweight and this ensures you’ll be able to swing as fast as possible. Also, you’ll be able to to move around as quickly as possible.
  • Provides a good amount of power and this is good for less powerful players.
  • Several grip sizes means that all kinds of players can enjoy the Babolat Drive Lite.

This is another product that I would say isn’t too expensive or cheap – it’s right in the middle, which is good for a lot of people. If you’re looking to save a little cash without giving up much in the performance department, you should think about this racquet.

Head Graphene Extreme MP

Company: Head

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

This is the third head racquet on this list and that’s for good reason – this is a great company and they make top of the line equipment for many different sports. Their Graphene Extreme MP is a product that’s designed more for juniors and people just starting out.

The reason I say this is it’s designed for power and helps put a little more strength behind each shot. Beginners tend to need help in this department and that’s why this racquet excels for novices.

Some top aspects include:

  • Large sweet spot ensures you get good shots even if you don’t hit it perfectly.
  • Lightweight and you’ll fell extra mobile while playing with this product. You’ll be able to get good volleys going, that’s for sure.
  • This racquet also makes sure you can swing extra fast.
  • 16 X 19 string pattern lets you put a little extra spin on you your shots. This will definitely make you harder to play against.
  • Multiple grip sizes is good if you have an extra small or large hand.

This is a moderately priced racquet too and won’t break the bank. So if you’re in the market for an affordable product to start out with, the Head Graphene Extreme MP will work for you.

Wilson Blade Team 99 Lite

Company: Wilson

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

With a name like Blade Team 99 Lite you can bet this racquet from Wilson is going to be lightweight. With a lightweight racquet, like this one, you’ll be able to fly around the court quicker than ever. You’ll get to the baseline, sideline and to the net in record time.

Because of this, the Team 99 Lite is the perfect product for intermediates. It’ll also work for strong beginners that are looking to take the leap to the next level. If you’re either one of those types of players you’ll appreciate this racquet.

Some additional features that you’ll like includes:

  • Very responsiveness and consistent. You’ll be able to find your sweet spot and groove and keep it going.
  • 16 X 18 string pattern helps out in the spin department. You’ll be able to keep your opponent guessing because of this.
  • Pretty decent power and you’ll be able to smash serves and shots.
  • Large head is very forgiving so you get good shots even if you don’t hit it perfectly.
  • Many different grips and this means you’ll get the perfect size.

This is another racquet that has a very fair price. It’s important to have a quality racquet if you play tennis a lot or plan to play a lot. This product is certainly quality and one that’ll really help you improve.

Wilson Triad XP3

Company: Wilson

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

You already saw the Wilson XP1 and now it’s time to see the XP3. There’s a lot of similarities between the two and one thing they share is the class of players they cater too – beginners, recreational people and intermediates.

The XP3 is a high end product too and is one for people looking to get every advantage they can get. If you decide on this racquet you’ll notice it’s very comfortable to play with and provides a smooth swing. Also, it’s very arm friendly and will prevent tennis elbow and other arm issues.

If this sounds attractive to you, you’ll also like that it comes with:

  • An oversized head and this ensures you’ll be able to get good shots even if you don’t hit the ball squarely.
  • Extremely lightweight will help with your mobility and movement.
  • Power Profile Geometry technology allows you to swing as fast as possible.
  • 16 X 19 string pattern provides additional spin on your shots so you can get a little crafty out there.
  • Shock reducing and won’t distract your attention away from your game.

Because this is such a high quality and well made product, the XP3 is going to cost a little extra to own. In fact, it’s one of the pricier racquets on this list. Do I think it’s worth it? I do if you plan on playing a lot. You won’t need it if you just plan on letting it collect dust.

Prince Lightning 100

Company: Prince

Price: $$

Rating: 4.7/5

If the last product was a little out of your price range, the Prince Lightning 100 is a racquet that’s just for you. Even though this is one of the cheaper pieces of equipment on this list it’s actually imade for intermediates and provides a lot of performance.

This is another racquet that’s ultra lightweight too and you’ll feel quick with the Lightning 100 in your hands. If you want to focus more on mobility this is a product you should consider.

Some other aspects that you’ll like includes:

  • Triple Threat technology improves the overall stability of this racquet and adds a bit of power too. You’ll be able to smoke shots because of this.
  • Firm, tapered string makes this product feel very lively and the ball explodes off the strings because of this.
  • Sweetspot Expansion System means you’ll get good shots even if you don’t hit it just right.
  • Gommet technology reduces vibrations and absorbs shock. This allows you to keep your attention on the volley and not on your racquet.
  • 16 X 19 string enables you to put a little spin on your shots.

You also get different grip sizes. It won’t matter if you have small hands, large hands, medium sized hands, man, women or junior – you’ll be able to find a Lightning 100 that fits you perfectly.

Tennis Racquet FAQ’S

1) What is a game improvement racquet? 

Answer: A game improvement racquet, also known as a power racquet, is specifically designed for people that are new to tennis or don’t have too much strength.

When you’ree starting out you just need a product that’s going to help you put a little zip on the ball, not pin point shots on the sidelines or backline.

That’s what you’ll get with a game improvement racquet. This racquet provides a little extra power for those that desperately need it.

2) What is an in between racquet? 

Answer: As you get better, you’ll be able to create your own power and won’t need a racquet that’s specifically designed for power. You still can’t pin point your shots but you’re getting better at being able to do so. Also, you find yourself moving a round more and need a product that’s going to help out in this department.

This is when you’ll want to purcahse an in between racquet and these products are a step above game improvement but a step behind control/player’s racquet. They’re perfect for intermediates and people looking to take the next step in their game.

3) What is a control racquet? 

Answer: A control racquet, also known as a player’s racquet, is a product designed for people that are quite skilled at tennis – either pros, people trying to become pro, or any other high performing tennis players.

These racquets are low power because the athletes that use them are quite strong and create enough power on their own. What these products excel in is control. They can help people place a tennis ball anywhere on the court and tend to be a little heavier than the average racquets.

4) How large should the head be?

Answer: The size of the head you get is directly related to your skill level – head size correlates with power. The larger the head, the more power you get.

Because of this, beginners will want to get the largest head possible, intermediates will want something in the middle and very skilled players will want one that’s smaller.

5) How long should I get?

Answer: To be tournament legal, a racquet must be between 27 to 29 inches and you’ll find most products within this range.

There isn’t too much of a difference between a 27 and 29 inch racquet and most people won’t have too much of a problem transitioning from one to the other. A longer racquet does give you more reach and overall you get a little more power.

When getting a longer racquet you want to make sure weight is reduced, however. When you reduce the weight you get maneuverability and more control. If you get a longer racquet without reducing weight you’ll find your shots are a little errant and you’ll lose a little accuracy.

6) What’s the difference in string patterns?

Answer: There’s a couple different string patterns and this is an often overlooked aspect to think about. The first string pattern is open and this means the strings are farther away from each other.

This kind of pattern gives you a lot of rebound and helps you get more spin. The only downside is the string will wear out quicker because they tend to be a little loose.

If you’re someone more interested in control and want the most durability in the strings, you’ll want to take a look at denser strings.

7) How do I maintain my racquet? 

Answer: If you spend a few hundred dollars on your racquet, you’ll want to keep it in good condition. There’s a couple things you can do and here’s the most important:

  • Only hit tennis balls with your racquet. This may seem obvious but you shouldn’t use your new racquet for any other activity. The strings, the handle and the materials are made specifically for a tennis ball.
  • Don’t just leave your racquet in you trunk when you’re not using it. If you do, the racquet will bounce around and hit your car and hit everything else that you have in there. When this happens you can crack the handle or any other part of the product. You can even break the strings. Even if you’re just driving to the tennis court I would keep this piece of equipment in the front seat or back seat. Just keep your racquet in your closet or in your room or anywhere else when you’re not using it.
  • Get a good tennis bag. A good bag and product for storage and transportation will keep your racquet in tip top shape and prevent it from breaking.
  • Make sure to replace the grip. A worn out grip can cause you issues and can make playing uncomfortable. Tennis requires complete comfort and having your attention distracted with a bad grip can hurt your game. You should replace your grip 1 or 2 times a year, depending on how much you play.
  • Restring your racquet. I’ll go more into this in the next section.

8) How often should I restring my racquet?

Answer: Your strings are very important to how well you play and if your strings have lost their power, you’ll find your game lacking. There really isn’t one answer to how often you should restring your racquet but there is a rule of thumb you can follow – for every hour a week you play, that’s how often you should change your strings a year.

So if you play 5 hours a week, you should restring your racquet 5 times a year. If you do it less often you’ll run into times when your racquet feels dead and you’ll have less pop.

9) How do I restring a tennis racquet?

Answer: You can’t restring a tennis racquet by hand and you’ll either need to see a specialist so they can do it for you or you’ll have to buy a string machine – this will take a little time to learn the exact method to do so.

It’s a pretty long process and if you want to know exactly how to do this, click here. Tennis string machines can cost anywhere from $200 to $3000, so you should be sure you love tennis before you make the purchase.

If you want to take it to a specialist it’ll cost between $20 to $30. It’s up to you to decide which one you want to do. You’ll eventually save money by buying a string machine but the process can be a little arduous.

10) What are the most popular brands? 

Answer: There’s plenty of top brands and you’ll see many different companies represented in any store you go to and by many different professionals.

Some popular brands include:

  • Wilson
  • Head
  • Babolat
  • Yonex
  • Tecnifibre
  • Prince
  • Dunlop
  • Pro Kennex

and more. Anytime you purchase from one of these companies you know you’re going to get top of the line quality and top of the line performance. If you’re serious about your game, I would purchase a racquet from one of them.

If you go with another brand you might run into issues. The grip could wear out quickly, you might not get enough power and your control might be off. Any person that loves tennis should treat themselves to one of the better racquets.

11) How do I add more power to my serve? 

Answer: The first thing you need to do to get more power is to get the right racquet. I’ve already went over this and you’ll want a game improvement or power racquet if you want more zip to your shots/serves. These racquets are designed to help out in this department and are perfect for beginners and weaker people.

After that there’s a few things you can do with your swing to produce good results. Here’s a few tips to help out:

  • Toss the ball a little forward and to the right if you right handed or to the left if you’re left handed: When you toss the ball a little forward you let your body move into the ball and you get more momentum. Don’t throw it too far ahead of you, though. If you do you’ll lunge forward too much and you won’t get any strength into it.
  • Get enough coil when you toss the ball up. You have to twist as far as possible and ideally you’ll coil enough that your back shows to your opponent on the opposite side of the court. You want a good amount of twist in your knees too. Obviously, the more athletic and flexible you are the more you’ll be able to do this.
  • Bring you racquet as far back as possible. Again, this depends on your fitness level and the more flexible you are, the farther you’ll be able to bring it back. Don’t go farther back than what’s comfortable for you, however.
  • You want to perfect the kinetic chain and this is basically how to properly coil and uncoil your body when serving. There’s a lot of moving parts and here’s a video that explains it perfectly:

Not too bad, right?

12) What is tennis elbow and how can I prevent it? 

Answer: Tennis elbow happens when the tendons in your forearm become inflamed through overuse. Obviously, when you’re playing tennis you’re using your forearm muscles over and over. This repeated motion eventually just strains your elbow.

There’s a few things you can do to prevent this issue and they are:

  • Make sure to properly warm up your muscles before you play. Warmed up muscles are always harder to injure than cold muscles. A great way to get your blood pumping is to go for a short jog – it doesn’t have to be exhausting or anything like that, either. Just enough to get a sweat going.
  • Strengthen the muscles of your forearm and arm. There’s plenty of easy exercises you can do to do this and here’s an article that’ll help in that department. It helps to just be in good shape too and you may want to adopt an exercise program into your life if you haven’t already.
  • Use the proper form. Tennis elbow might develop if you’re relying too much on your forearm and forearm muscles. A good shot and serve takes your whole body to perform.

13) How do I treat tennis elbow? 

Answer: Let’s say you didn’t take the right steps to prevent tennis elbow from developing and now you need tips on healing it. The good news is this usually isn’t a big deal and can almost always be fixed at home, without going to the doctor.

The most important thing you can do is to just rest it until the pain goes away. Any injury is always made worst when you just keep going on it and this is the same with tennis elbow. If you’re in the beginning stages and rest it right away, it may only take a few days or a week to heal.

But if you push it too much and the pain gets worst and the tendons become more inflamed, it may take several weeks and months to fix.

You’ll want to make sure you ice it a ton too and this will reduce the swelling. Wrap the ice pack in a thin cloth and put on for 15 minutes at a time, several times a day. Taking an aspirin or something like that can help too.

If the pain doesn’t get any better then you’ll have to think about seeing a doctor. It’s rare but this issue can require physical therapy and even surgery.

14) What other tennis gear do you think is necessary? 

Answer: Obviously the tennis racquet is the most important aspect of your game. Get a good racquet and you’ll be in good shape. But there’s a few things you should think about purchasing too.

You’ll want a good pair of shoes that work well with the court you’re playing on, athletic clothing, a nice pair of socks, and a visor if you plan on playing in the sun. Sweat bands for your head and wrists do a good job from letting sweat get into your eyes and onto your hand, respectively.

If you do well in all of these departments, you’ll do well out there.

Play With The Best Racquet Possible

Tennis is an invigorating and challenging sport – don’t make it any more difficult by playing with a low quality racquet. If you want to play at your absolute best you’ll need a well made and performing tennis racquet. If you don’t get one you’ll just end up getting frustrated.

No matter your needs or budget you’ll find a product on this list that suits you perfectly.

If you have questions you can comment below and I’ll make sure to respond as quickly as possible. You can search around the tennis section under individual sports for more tips and gear reviews too.

Are you excited to try out your new racquet?