Best Waterproof Socks

The best waterproof socks keep your feet dry during wet outdoor conditions. Whether you are hunting, hiking or needing socks to run a race on an outdoor trail, waterproof socks do a great job of protecting your feet.

Created with a micro-bacterial barrier to help move the odor away from your feet so that they stay fresh, waterproof socks are a terrific option for outdoor activities. The best waterproof socks are phenomenal at preventing blisters and comforting your feet over long periods of wear.

Here are six in-depth reviews of the best waterproof socks available on the market today.

RANDY SUN 100% Waterproof Breathable Socks

The RANDY SUN 100% Waterproof Breathable Socks have three-layer protection making them one of the best waterproof socks available for keeping your feet dry. Made from a combination of nylon, lycra, and elastane, these socks will have to be hand washed to keep their protection, but that’s a small price to pay for a high-performing pair of waterproof socks.

There is one caveat with these socks, and that is the waterproofing protection coupled with the multiple layers of fabric make them thick. Now you’ll want that additional protection when you are outdoors in wet weather, but they can cause an issue if your shoes are tighter against your feet. So if you are pairing the RANDY SUN 100% Waterproof Breathable Socks with new shoes, it might be wise to find shoes that are a half-size larger than the size you typically wear.

If you need specialized socks for outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, and golf, then the RANDY SUN 100% Waterproof Breathable Socks are a great option.

RANDY SUN Unisex Knee Length Waterproof Socks

Designed for military use but absolutely ideal for miserable weather conditions where you might find yourself in high snow or a water crossing measuring around 12-18 inches high, the RANDY SUN Unisex Knee Length Waterproof Socks work well when dealing with those elements.

With three layers of material to keep the water away from the skin of your feet and calves, the RANDY SUN Unisex Knee Length Waterproof Socks are breathable and lightweight. If you love to run in ultra-marathons that cover all types of terrain, then these socks are comfortable on your feet and help you avoid blisters from friction.

The RANDY SUN Unisex Knee Length Waterproof Socks have been designed with an elasticated ankle and in-step so that the sock moves with your feet naturally. Some socks are tough to adjust with your feet, but with these RANDY SUN socks, you can rest assured that you won’t have that issue.

Durable and perfect for an assortment of high-octane activities, the RANDY SUN Unisex Knee Length Waterproof Socks are heaven for your feet.

SEALSKINZ 100% Waterproof Sock

From SEALSKINZ, this calf-level waterproof sock is for the outdoorsman who doesn’t want a thick sock that is too cumbersome but rather one that has versatility. The SEALSKINZ 100% Waterproof Sock is primarily made from Merino wool and boasts extreme durability as well as a comfortable fit.

The SEALSKINZ 100% Waterproof Sock is designed by using the company’s proprietary material Stretchdry to integrate the wool to provide an experience that helps regulate your skin’s temperature and wick away unwanted moisture. This technology allows your foot to stay free from wetness and avoid nasty blisters.

High-quality waterproof socks also must be able to move with your foot when walking or running. The SEALSKINZ 100% Waterproof Sock does a great job of giving the wearer protection without restricting the foot during activities. The SEALSKINZ 100% Waterproof Sock also provides shock absorption and support along the arch of the foot.

For great waterproof footwear that delivers the goods, the SEALSKINZ 100% Waterproof Sock is an all-around exceptional performer.

DexShell Ultralite Bamboo Waterproof Socks

One of the more colorful options in waterproof socks comes from DexShell. The DexShell Ultralite Bamboo Waterproof Socks are very lightweight but also perform at a high level regardless of the task. Coming in pink or gray, these socks are entirely waterproof making them ideal for those casual fun activities like hiking or golf.

The inner layer of the DexShell Ultralite Bamboo Waterproof Socks utilizes a nylon and bamboo rayon blend. The unique combination keeps your skin breathing throughout wearing providing a performance that is seldom matched among their peers.

A common misnomer about waterproof socks is that you can completely submerge them and your foot will stay dry. This is not true because water can still enter the interior of the sock because the upper cuff that holds the sock up, does not completely rest against the skin. That said, be aware that this problem could arise in the DexShell Ultralite Bamboo Waterproof Socks because they are lower cut than mid-calf or knee-high options.

For dependability with a little flair, the DexShell Ultralite Bamboo Waterproof Socks is a wonderfully made piece of footwear.

WETSOX Explore More Waterproof Thermal Socks

A waterproof sock that has a more traditional outdoors look is the WETSOX Explore More Waterproof Thermal Socks. Great for wearing when you have a long day of work around the house, these socks provide exceptional durability and water-repelling capabilities. But don’t be fooled by their look, these socks are also versatile enough to carry you dry through a long hike or run easily.

With three layers, the WETSOX Explore More Waterproof Thermal Socks have a nylon-spandex exterior that hugs your foot without restricting its movement. The middle layer is breathable yet keeps the water away from your foot. And finally, the inner layer is made from wool, nylon, and spandex to retain heat as well to keep your foot comfortable.

By being well constructed these socks passed a lot of our most rigorous tests. Therefore, we believe the WETSOX Explore More Waterproof Thermal Socks go the distance in helping you stay dry and reducing your foot fatigue after a long day in the woods.

NRS HydroSkin Socks

The most distinct waterproof sock on our list is the NRS HydroSkin Socks. Made from neoprene, these socks are great at keeping the water off your feet. Great for use as the inner layer to an exterior sock, these versatile pieces of footwear do an excellent job at keeping your feet dry, no matter what the outdoor event. Constructed with the company’s 4-way stretching Hydroskin technology, the NRS HydroSkin Socks are fine by themselves or as a base layer for your feet.

The interior of the socks is made with a ThermalPlush lining. This lining by NRS is made to boost insulation, repel water and dry quickly. An added coating of Titanium laminate assists in retaining heat to your skin while the company’s DWR technology, which stands for durable water repellent, forces water to roll away from the exterior of your socks.

With elasticity and premium waterproof protection, the NRS HydroSkin Socks are an absolute winner.

FAQ Section

1) Question: What are waterproof socks?

Answer: Waterproof socks are created with multiple layers of fabric and at least one waterproof-treated layer resides within the sock to keep feet dry in wet conditions. These socks can vary in height and size and are tailored to the outdoor experience you are planning to enjoy. From ankle-high for runners to mid-calf and knee-high for those walking through snow or low water crossings, waterproof socks will stay dry as long as they are not submerged.

2) Question: What are waterproof socks made of?

Answer: Waterproof socks typically are made from three different materials: nylon, lycra, and elastane. The three materials are used to create a breathable and stretchable waterproof sock.

The outer layer is made from a porous fabric that is durable and has the elasticity to work with the natural movement of your foot. The middle layer is a thin membrane that is also breathable but repels water. This waterproof layer is what keeps your feet dry. The inner layer of the sock is soft on your skin yet is elastic enough to stay in place while you walk.

Waterproof socks do usually come with a padded heel that is reinforced to handle the wear and tear of walking.

3) Question: How to wash waterproof socks?

Answer: Waterproof socks are far more delicate than your standard pair of socks. The most important thing about waterproof socks is the membrane that works as the waterproof middle layer of the material. Damaging the membrane will basically make your waterproof socks, a regular pair of socks.

To protect the membrane layer, it’s best to hand wash the socks on their own. Starting with a bowl of soapy medium temperature water, you turn the socks inside out and gently wash the inner layer. After finishing washing that side of the sock, you flip the sock back to its original state and then wash the outer layer.

You should never place waterproof socks in a dryer to dry them but instead, hang them in a cool place and allow them to dry on their own.

4) Question: What is the point of waterproof socks?

Answer: The point of waterproof socks is to keep your feet dry throughout wet rigorous outdoor activities. Waterproof socks work as a barrier between the elements and your bare feet. The best waterproof socks works well in repelling water, keeping your feet warm and dry.

5) Question: Who invented waterproof socks?

Answer: John Logie Baird created waterproof socks as a way to combat “trench foot” that would inflict soldiers during World War I. When soldiers would spend long amounts of time in trenches filled with water, their feet would suffer the ill effects of exposure. As a prolific inventor, Baird’s best addition to waterproof socks was sprinkling the socks with Borax, an anti-fungal powder that prevented mold-related infections.

Baird incorporated an absorbent layer that wicked away sweat from the foot to keep it clean and comfortable. He would later go on to be known as the inventor of television, but before then Baird created the template for waterproof socks that we all know today.

6) Question: How to make waterproof socks?

Answer: While it is always advised to purchase waterproof socks due to their advanced technologies and superior performance, it is possible to add a waterproofing spray to your socks to help repel moisture.

There are several things to know before you start this process, however. The first is that not all waterproofing sprays are the same. Some are designed explicitly for canvas-based outdoor equipment such as tents, backpacks and other outdoor products such as foldable chairs. If you spray this type of waterproofing solution onto socks, they will be ruined because they’ll harden the soft fabric.

Instead, you want to find a spray that is designed for clothing. When you do, take your socks and find an open outdoor area to apply the spray. You don’t want to do this in an enclosed indoor area. Get outside, so you make this process safer.

Next, you’ll evenly spray the solution onto your socks from a distance of about six inches. If you routinely have feet that sweat, you may want to avoid spraying the sole of the sock so that the fabric can wick away moisture. But be forewarned, by doing this if your shoe fill with water, the bottom of your feet will become soaked.

After applying the spray, you may want to do it again but we aware of how stiff the sock is getting in the process. Once they are dry, feel free to wear them.

7) Question: How much do waterproof socks help in winter?

Answer: Waterproof socks help tremendously well during the winter months. Since waterproof socks are made with multiple layers of material, there is thick insulation that helps the sock retain heat as it leaves the skin.

We all know that it is common during the winter months to have a decent amount of precipitation in the form of either rain or snow. With regular non-waterproof socks, you can expect to have wet feet when walking through moisture. As a result, your feet will stay wet as long as the socks are on your feet.

Waterproof socks can work well to keep your feet dry and warm during the winter due to their advanced water-repelling technology.


The best waterproof socks offer comfort, durability and the opportunity to go anywhere and play in any wet condition. Perfect for the outdoorsman who loves to hunt or fish, the runner who loves taking to the muddy trails for their endurance workouts or the golfer who never wants the season to end, waterproof socks allow your feet to stay dry and your enjoyment level high throughout your adventure.