10 Best Winter Gloves for Men & Women 2021

If you want to stay warm this year you will need to prepare and have all the necessary gear to keep you warm. Gloves are one easy way to warm up your body during cold frigid days. When your hands are exposed you can lose an immense amount of heat; when you cover them with gloves you retain that heat back into your body.

We have researched many different products to come up with a top ten list of the best winter gloves. All of these gloves have proven to be the best based on their features, warmth, durability, and price. Check them out and let me know which one you will be getting this winter.

MCTi Waterproof Mens Ski Gloves

MCTi makes one of the best winter gloves for men because of the great insulation, sleek design, incredible warmth, and much more. They use a combination of cotton and Thinsulate to keep the inside nice and toasty. There are many features on the outside of the gloves, such as a convenient pocket, rubber finger grips, soft Nuback palm, and an adjustable wrist strap. These winter gloves for men will make the perfect gift for the person in your life who loves to snowboard, ski, camp, or even hunt.

Design and Functionality

These winter gloves have a great functionality to them. There are so many different components working together to make the perfect pair of winter gloves.  The outside shell is waterproof and windproof, giving you extra protection. The palm of the hands are covered in that soft Nuback, and the reinforced fingertips have a strong rubber on them. You will also notice the sleek design of the gloves as well as the pocket on the top side of the hand. Super useful to stick some cash, keys, or even a credit card in there for your on the go activities.

Insulated Inside

The inside is covered with 40 grams of 3m Thinsulate. Accompanying the Thinsulate is a warm cotton comprised of over 140 grams. The goal of the Thinsulate and the cotton is to keep the heat trapped inside. The gloves still allow breathability and moisture to be released, but it will not let wind or water penetrate through. They insulate quickly to make you feel already warm once you put them on.


  • They use 40 grams of Thinsulate and 140 grams of warm cotton on the inside.
  • These are waterproof winter gloves as well as windproof winter gloves.
  • The waterproof TPU membrane is inserted into the inside to keep moisture out.
  • These are great for winter activities and sports such as snowboarding, skiing, and winter camping.
  • They contain a fully covered Nuback palm and the fingers on the gloves are reinforced with rubber to keep the grip strong.
  • Convenient pocket located on the top of the hand to fit small valuables.
  • There is also an adjustable wrist strap to make the winter gloves tight to your hands.
  • Comes in two colors, black, and grey.


  • If you are prone to sweaty hands, it can take longer for the inside to dry if wet or exposed to excess sweat.


These have made it to my list of the best winter gloves because they check off so many important features that I find important. They warm up your hands quickly, even in very freezing weather. The wind proofing and waterproofing really makes a difference because it doesn’t allow any water from snow or freezing wind to enter the inside. To top all of that off, these are extremely affordable.

Velazzio Ski Waterproof Breathable Snowboard Gloves

These are one of the best winter gloves for skiing. These gloves feature a waterproof and windproof exterior followed by tiny rubber dots on the palms to easily help you grip ski poles and other gear. There is an adjustable wrist strap as well as a drawstring to adjust the level of tightness. The tighter you have the straps, the less of a chance of cold air seeping inside. The inside is made from a high-quality blend of Thinsulate and cotton. These are great for both men and women doing all sorts of winter activities.

Easy Fitting

These come pre-curved, which means they have essentially been broken it to give the gloves a more ergonomic fit. This will increase the dexterity that the gloves will allow your finger to have. The cuff located on the wrist comes with an adjustable strap and drawstring closure. This allows you to adjust the wrist strap to your custom fix and comfortability. You can make them tighter to keep out cold air and wind from coming inside.

Very Warm

The inside of the gloves are insulated with 40 grams of Thinsulate and 140 grams of cotton. This will keep your hands very warm on extremely cold winter days. These work great for people who enjoy wintertime skiing. The PU nonslip palms help to hold onto ski poles and gear easily because of the powerful grips.


  • They also use 3m Thinsulate on the inside to keep the heat trapped inside the gloves.
  • Moisture-wicking technology to keep sweat off your hands and keeping the gloves breathable.
  • Convenient zipper pocket located by the cuffs will allow you to hold important small items.
  • PU palms that have rubber dots to provide you with a better grip during winter activities.
  • The wrist strap is adjustable to give yourself a tighter or loose fit based on your preference.
  • Comes in two color options, black and red.
  • These winter gloves can be used for both men and women.


  • It can be difficult to get the perfect comfort level when adjusting the wrist straps and drawstring.


This is a very affordable way to own a great pair of winter gloves this year. These gloves are incredibly warm and soft on the inside. They are mostly known for their use for people who ski, but they can also be used for other activities such as snowboarding, hiking, camping, and even just to wear outside when it’s cold. I like that there is a cool red color option. I also like that the gloves can be used for both men and women.

SANKUU Men’s Winter Black Gloves Leather

These PU leather gloves are not only to keep you warm, but there are also for looks. The sleek look and design of these leather gloves make them perfect for any occasion. You can take a drive wearing these, take them for a night on the town, and even wear them while walking the dog. The possibilities are endless, and you will have no problem keeping those hands warm with these on.

Snap Closure Design

The snap closure design makes it very simple to adjust the wrist size to your desired comfort. You can easily snap it tighter or looser. Just remember that the tighter you have the closure, the colder the air the gloves will be able to keep out. The cotton-soft cuff also does a good job of keeping the wrist well insulated during cold days.

Easy to Clean

These polyurethane leather winter gloves are very easy to clean. The leather surface is naturally water-resistant, so if light water falls onto it, the water will drip right off. You can also easily take a damp towel to the gloves to spot clean them as necessary.


  • The inside contains a soft fleece lining.
  • The sleek leather design gives you a classic look that can be worn on all different occasions.
  • Very cool snap closure will help you tighten and close the gloves to your hand and wrist easier.
  • These gloves are made from a fleece lining inside and a polyurethane leather.
  • Very budget-friendly and affordable price range.
  • Comes in four different sizing options.


  • Stay true to your normal size; the sizing chart can make you think you need a smaller size.


This is an extremely budget-friendly and affordable way to stay warm this winter. They come in four different sizes that can be used for both men and women. I really like the elegant look of these gloves. They look great for special events as well as a fashion piece to wear with an outfit on a chilly night. Overall, great construction and warm, soft inside.

OZERO Thermal Snow Work Ski Glove

These unisex winter gloves work exceptionally well to keep cold hands warm during cold days. With the combinations of five layers of fabrics and materials, the Ozero brand has created a thermal barrier layer that keeps heat trapped inside. The cotton cuff also helps tremendously at not letting any cold air seep inside and no warm air of seeping outside. The gloves are slightly water-resistant, and they are 100% windproof. These gloves are very comfortable and can be worn in any winter situation such as snow, sleek, or icy, windy days.

The Layers of Warmth

These gloves come with five layers of linings to keep you warm. We start with the polar fleece outermost layer that has great thermal retention. Then we move on to the water-resistant TPU layer. This layer helps to keep your hands free from slight water and sweat. Then the firm sponge layer helps keep the gloves wind resistant because the wind has a harder time penetrating a spongy texture. The Heatlok thermal cotton layer is a patented process of the way the cotton fibers are fused together to keep great insulation. The final layer is a TR thermal cotton which is intended to keep your hands warm and soft.

Patented Heatlok Cotton

The Ozero brand uses a patented system that essentially traps the warmth inside the gloves and creates a thermal barrier around the gloves. This layer actually infuses its own fibers with others to keep the heat and insulation to generate heat back to your hands. Even in the most extreme cold weather outside, your hands should still feel warm and toasty.


  • These gloves are made from a combination of deerskin suede leather and polar fleece. The inside is made from insulated cotton.
  • Patented Heatlok technology that is put inside every pair of gloves.
  • Moisture-wicking properties help to wick away sweat and moisture from the hands.
  • Comes with a knitted cuff to add extra warmth up your arm as well as to trap the heat inside the gloves.
  • Water-resistant materials from the TPU that is between the heatlok and the fleece lining layer.
  • Unisex design that can be used for both men and women.
  • Comes in three color choices which are, denim-black, grey-black, and tan-black.


  • Not 100% waterproof so they can get soaked if wet.


This is one of the best budget-friendly winter glove options on the market. The price you are paying is a steal compared to all the high-tech patented fabric technology you are getting. The outside is soft and sleek from the deerskin suede and the polar fleece. I love the three-color options because it really gives you an option to express yourself. If you are in the market for ski gloves, you can find ski winter gloves here.

Bruceriver Men’s Pure Wool Knitted Gloves with Thinsulate Lining

If you are looking for a great pair of wool gloves then look no further than the Bruceriver’s men’s winter gloves made from 100% wool. These are made from a wool outer shell, and a fleece and Thinsulate inside that will keep you warm this winter season. They come in a few different sizing options and color options. You also have the choice of getting these with the touchscreen compatible fingers as well. You can’t beat these warm winter wool gloves.

Touchscreen or No Touchscreen

There is an option to choose from a regular pair of the Bruceriver wool gloves or to choose the option of touchscreen on the index finger and thumb.  This will allow you to use smartphone devices without taking off your gloves. The last thing you want to do is have to take off your gloves in the cold just to answer a phone call.

Thinsulate and Fleece

The inside of these is a combination of fleece and something called Thinsulate. Thinsulate is a heavy-duty insulating material that will block out the cold from the outside and keep your hands warm on the inside. The inside of contains forty grams of Thinsulate that will act as a barrier from the outside cold. The exterior of the gloves are made with 100% wool that has been tightly knitted together to create no gaps in between the threads.


  • They are made from 100% wool.
  • The outer shell of the gloves are made of wool, and the inside is made of fleece with forty grams of Thinsulate added.
  • The knit cuff provides extra warmth for your wrist area.
  • There are two varieties of these gloves to choose from the classic wool look, and the wool look with a touch screen applicable finger.
  • There are six different colors to choose from to match your personality.
  • These are designed for men.


  • Cannot be machine washed because it will ruin the wool fibers.


This is the best wool winter glove option if you like wool. These are made out of 100% wool which is what I like. If I am going to purchase a pair of wool gloves, I want it to be 100% wool. I love that there are so many color options to choose from. I also love how cozy the inside feels with the Thinsulate and fleece combined to keep you warm.

Harssidanzar Mens Luxury Italian Sheepskin Leather Gloves

These Italian leather winter gloves are made from a premium sheepskin. The sheepskin makes the gloves flexible, water-resistant, and it contours to your hand. You can choose to have wool-lined on the inside or cashmere lined on the inside. You also get the option to choose between eight different colors.  You can use these for a variety of seasonal activities as well as just a compliment to a nice outfit.

Very Fashionable

These gloves will not only keep you warm this holiday season, but they will also add some fashion to your wardrobe. Are you looking for something to spice up your wardrobe, then look no further than these Italian leather sheepskin gloves! They look elegant and sleek and make a nice addition to casual outfit as well as a business casual outfit. Pair them with a lovely coat and you are set for style this winter.


  • They are made from genuine sheep leather
  • The leather in the gloves are soft and flexible, allowing them to conform to your hand.
  • Very fashionable design to pair with an elegant outfit or just a regular casual outfit you will still look good.
  • Water-resistant leather makes them easy to wipe off, and they are okay if some water gets on them.
  • You can choose to have the inside cashmere lined, wool lined, or wool lined and with touchscreen technology.
  • Eight different colors to choose from.


  • The finger length can be a bit longer if you have smaller hands.


These range at different prices based upon what size you are and what lining you choose. I do love that these are so customizable. You can pick out what color, size, and what lining which is a great way to really personalize your gloves. The look and feel when they are on your hand is so nice and you get that cozy, secure feeling.

Achiou Winter Knit Gloves Touchscreen Warm Thermal

The Achiou brand works both for men and women, and they are the perfect complement to fall and winter weather. They will keep your hands warm by keeping generated heat trapped inside. The gloves also come with the touchscreen technology that way; you can continue to use devices without taking them off. They come in a wide variety of colors and look great with fall and winter outfits. This is an extremely affordable way to stay warm and look good this winter.

Find Ease in your Activities

These are very versatile when it comes to wearing them during fall and winter activities. These are designed to keep you toasty while doing the things that you love. You can wear these while driving, walking the dog, camping with friends, fishing, and so much more. These gloves suit all lifestyles and can accommodate everyone.

Silicone Palms

The gloves have little silicone dots on the palm. These silicone dots allow you to grip onto things easily such as smartphone devices, a steering wheel, ski poles, snowboarding gear, and so much more. The grips also provide a non-slip surface, so things are staying in a place not slipping out of your hands. They also have the built-in touchscreen technology which will allow you to answer calls, texts, and emails without having to take off your winter gloves.


  • They are made from high quality stitched acrylic fibers.
  • They are touchscreen compatible and come with three fingers that get the touch fabrics, the index finger, thumb, and middle finger.
  • The palm of the hand has rubber grippers on them that will allow you to easily hold on to things such a phone, keys, steering wheel, or even your ski gear.
  • You can choose your exact size, but the gloves also stretch nicely to fit your hand perfectly.
  • Ten different color options to choose from.


  • These are not windproof so you can feel some wind on a windy day.


These gloves are very affordable, and you have an option to choose between regular thickness and super thick. This is such a great option because if you live somewhere colder, you can get a thicker pair. There are silicone triangles on them help you grip things as well as not allowing things to slip out of your hands. Unisex design so both men and women can use these.

Gravity Threads Unisex Warm Half Finger Stretchy Knit Gloves

These fingerless gloves are made of acrylic fibers and elastane. These come in a one size fits all, and there are twelve color options to choose from. They come in a unisex design that allows both men and women to wear these. The best thing about these fingerless mittens is the increased mobility that your hands will have while wearing these. They allow you to easily to do simple tasks without having to have your fingers stuck in tight.

Great for Fall

Now these fingerless gloves are not the perfect option for the winter season. Depending on where you live, this may be all you need for the wintertime, but for most people, these are great for fall. Great for fall hiking, fishing, camping, walking the dog, going to the bus stop, and even driving your car. There are endless possibilities on when you can wear these, but they will help to keep the palm and the wrist of your hand warm.

Very Functional

The gloves work very well for different functionalities. The fingerless design helps to keep your hands at full mobility. You will be able to use smartphone devices easily, grab and use daily items, drive a car, and so much more. Gloves with full fingers make it much harder to do things, unlike this fingerless design you will be able to do everything with ease. This is a great option for someone who wants to wear these around the house to keep them warm.


  • These are made from 95% soft acrylic fibers and 5% elastane.
  • These fingerless gloves are made to be unisex so both men and women can use them.
  • They come in twelve different color options that you can really personalize to your style.
  • Very affordable option to keep the palms and wrist of your hand warm during the fall season.
  • They have a great stretch to fit almost anyone.
  • They come in a one size fits all.


  • These are quite thin and should be paired with something else during extremely cold days.


If you want a simple pair of fingerless gloves, then look no further. These are affordable, comes in a variety of colors, one size fits all, unisex, and allows complete mobility in your fingers. You will not find a better pair of fingerless gloves. These are great for fall activities.

Knolee Women’s Screen Gloves Warm Lined

These gloves made especially for women are made with 100% polyester. They have a thick, soft plush lining on the inside to keep your hands and fingers warm and toasty. You can wear these for different types of fall and winter activities. They can also be worn as a fashion statement because the gloves themselves are so beautiful and elegant. The best thing about it is the amazing price.

Plush Inside

The inside of the gloves has a super soft plush lining. The plush will warm your hands when it is cold outside. The plush is also so soft against your hand inside the glove. These gloves can be worn in the house as well as outside. You will feel so comfy and cozy due to the plush lining.

Affordable Price

These gloves are a very affordable way to keep your hands warm this holiday season. You will be getting an incredible value. Not only can the gloves be worn to warm you up, but they can also be worn as a fashion piece. The classic elegant look of these will elevate any outfit. The versatility of these gloves will provide so much value to you.


  • These women’s winter gloves are made from 100% polyester.
  • Touch screen technology applied to the index finger and thumb.
  • Comes in five color choices.
  • One size fits all style.
  • Makes a great gift for birthdays or Christmas to the women in your life.
  • Very fashionable design to have you looking fabulous on cold days.
  • They are warm and soft on the inside


  • If you have petite hands then the fingers will be longer on you because this is a one size fits all.


This will make a perfect gift for the women in your life. This pair of winter gloves come at a very affordable price and value. You are getting such a soft pair of gloves as well as a fashion statement. The touchscreen fingers make the gloves useful to use smartphone devices. The women in your life will love these gloves. These are the best winter gloves for women.

Aegend Lightweight Running Gloves Warm Gloves

These gloves from the brand Aegend are very lightweight and can be worn by themselves or as a glove liner. These gloves are made out of a very soft polyester that will feel soft to the touch. On the palm of the hand you will notice the grippers to help you hold onto things as well as it won’t let devices slip. Another great feature is the touchscreen technology on the thumb and index finger. Lastly, they are also compression gloves, so they will make your joints and muscles feel good in the tightness of the compression.

Compression Technology

These have compression technology that means the will help conform to your hand and bring compression to them. The compression will help heal sore muscles and joints. Compression has also been known to help people who have arthritis, Reynolds syndrome, slow blood circulation, and much more. You will love this compression glove.

Breathable Material

Polyester is a very breathable material and these have great stretch and breathability. These gloves have also been designed as unisex, so depending on what size you are you will get some stretch from the gloves. They have a moisture-wicking ability that will help wipe away sweat away from your hands. These feel soft, breathable. Strong, durable, and warm. You will not be disappointed.


  • These compression winter gloves are made from 94% polyester and 6% spandex.
  • The palm of the hand is covered with silicone, so it is anti-slip as well it will easily help you grab things.
  • Touchscreen thumb and index finger.
  • Moisture-wicking feature as well as an anti-static feature.
  • These gloves have compression in them, so they help to soothe joints as well as help conditions like arthritis and Reynolds syndrome.
  • Comes in three size choices as well as five color options.
  • This glove can be used as a stand along glover or also as a liner for other bigger gloves.


  • These winter gloves are a bit thin.


If you are looking for a pair of winter gloves at a great value, then you should check out these. You are getting so many of the amazing features that we find important when shopping for winter gloves at an incredible price. This is a very affordable to stay warm and comfortable while also having cool features to keep your hands feeling good. These make a great gift, Christmas present, and even stocking stuffer.

Types of Winter Gloves

Gloves For WinterGloves

You have your traditional looking gloves that have the finger spaces. These gloves are very versatile because you can use them to keep warm, but they will still allow you to have mobility in your fingers to zip-up jackets, play winter sports, or even to drive your car. Gloves can be made out of all different types of fabrics such as polyester, fleece, and leather.


If you have ever seen mittens, then you will already notice that the fingers are not isolated, but they are all together in a warm sack. The thumb is isolated by itself, but the other fingers are together. Mittens are usually warmer than gloves, but they are harder to use if you need to move your fingers around a lot. You can get really warm pairs of mittens based upon what type of materials are used to keep you warm.

Heated Gloves

You can also purchase battery operated heated gloves for winter. These are great because you can charge the battery and then once you put the gloves on, they will keep your hands warm during super cold winter days. These are perfect for anyone who just wants to stay warm in the winter but if you are someone who plays sports outside, works outside, or just need to be outside for longer periods of time, then I highly suggest you check out heated gloves on our best heated gloves page.

Performance Gloves

You should use a performance pair of gloves when you are outside in extreme winter conditions or participating in extreme winter sports. These gloves are usually used for long periods of time outside doing intense work or sports such as skiing, snowboarding, camping, hiking, and hunting. These winter gloves usually come with a lot of great features such as moisture wicking, windproof, weather, and waterproof. They are usually heavy-duty pairs of gloves with grippers and anti-slip technology. These gloves will be more expensive but worth it if you are outside almost every day for long periods of time in the winter.

Leather or Suede Gloves

This is one of the most popular materials used to make winter gloves. They keep you really warm in the winter, and they add a look of style to your hands. Leather and suede gloves, you a bonus as a fashion piece because it can be pair with any outfit making you look fabulous.  Now leather gloves are not meant to be worn all day long outside on cold days. They are supposed to be used for more practical winter things like driving the car, taking the dog for a walk, evening out, and so on. If you plan on being outside all day long you will want a thicker, more durable pair of winter gloves.

Things to Look for When Choosing Winter Gloves

How To Choose Winter GlovesI am going to discuss features that some winter gloves or winter mittens have. These are things that you need to think about when choosing the perfect pair. I hope this will answer all of your questions if it doesn’t leave me a comment down below. Remember to check our picks for the best winter gloves above to find a pair for you.


It is important to have a pair of gloves with good insulation. There are different types of insulation in winter gloves. Some gloves have heavier insulation, and some have lighter. If you want a lightweight pair of gloves but warm you can find those gloves having goose down. There is something called Primaloft insulation that can be used if you have naturally really sweaty hands. This insulation helps wick moisture away. The last most common pair of insulated gloves are fleece gloves. These are great because they dry quickly when they are wet and provide extreme comfort and warmth.


Obviously, gloves or mittens come in different sizes depending on how much extra room you want to have. You can get long or short gloves; it is really up to personal preference when it comes to how far up you want your gloves to be. If you just need a pair of gloves to go outside in the cold, then shorter gloves that end at the wrist might not bother you as much. If you do a lot of stuff with winter sports, then you most likely will want a longer pair of gloves that go up higher without getting your arms cold.


There are some winter gloves that you can purchase that are waterproof. This is done by either have the gloves covered in something that is waterproof or something inside the fabric is fused together that makes the gloves waterproof. You need to understand that just because something says waterproof doesn’t mean it is fully waterproof. If you submerge the gloves into water then, of course, the waterproof is not going to withstand all of that water. Make sure you understand that waterproof gloves or mittens can also be more expensive.

Touch Screen Compatible

You may know that regular gloves and mittens do not allow you to do things on a touch screen device. This can get very frustrating if you need to answer your phone. Nowadays you can purchase gloves that have a special material on the thumb and fingers that will work with your electronic devices. You can find this feature on more lightweight gloves. This feature can range in price depending on the brand of gloves it is on, but you can find very affordable pairs of gloves with this touch screen technology.

Closure on the Gloves

Another important thing to think about when it comes to winter gloves is the closure system. Are you going to be able to get your hand into the gloves fast? Will you be able to close the gloves tightly? Different types of winter gloves come with different closure systems.

Some have a pull string that will allow you to pull the gloves close around your wrist. Other gloves use zippers of straps to secure the gloves to your hand. Figure out what way you like best. In my personal opinion, the wrist strap usually provides a better seal around your wrist as well as a better tightness. You will find this feature in multiple pairs above in our best winter gloves list.


The wind is going to happen whether you like it or not but you can prevent wind chills by wearing a really good pair of winter gloves. Some gloves have special fabrics on the outer shells of the gloves that will essentially block the wind.  If you plan on being outside for many hours, you will want to invest in a pair of winter gloves that state that they are windproof. You will be warmer and be able to move your hands more because they won’t be in a freeze from the wind.

Moisture Wicking

Do you have naturally sweaty hands? If the answer to that question is yes, have you ever heard of moisture-wicking? Moisture-wicking is when the fabric of the glove has the natural ability to keep your hands moisture-free. If you start to sweat the fabric will wick away moisture from your hands. I know there are special cases of people who sweat profusely, but this feature will definitely help to stop you from sweating for longer. The natural materials that do this are typically wool. This is an excellent feature to have again if you plan on wearing your winter gloves for long hours each day.

Extra Grippers

Another great feature that not all winter gloves have is the grippers. The grippers are usually located on the palm of the gloves, and they can be made out of silicone or rubber. This will help you to grip a hold of things easier without losing control of what you’re carrying. This is great for gripping a steering wheel, gear, smartphone devices, and much more. The grippers also make whatever you are holding anti-slip which means nothing should slide in and out of your hands. This is a very common feature that can be found in very affordable budget-friendly pairs of winter gloves.


Make sure depending on what type of material of winter gloves you are purchasing, that you have the right size. Some materials like spandex, polyester, and acrylic fibers can stretch easily and can give you more movement. Fabrics such as wool, leather, and hard-shell materials don’t give a lot of leeway when it comes to size. If you get the wrong size, you won’t be able to wear these materials because they don’t stretch easily.

Make sure you always follow each brand’s sizing policies to get your exact fit. You would hate to order a pair of winter gloves, and they come to you at the wrong size. Always check and measure your hand for exact measurements.  There are also different lengths of winter gloves. Some stop at the wrist and others go up the forearm. Make sure you decide what type you like better and would want to purchase.


Price is another thing that always has to be considered before making any type of purchase. How much are you willing to spend? Do you have a budget? Winter gloves can range from really inexpensive to hundreds of dollars. It really depends on what features you are looking for, the style, the material or fabric, and if you will be wearing them casually or for intense sports.

Once you figure out the answer to all of those question and you narrow down a budget, you can check out our top picks for the best winter gloves above. The comprehensive guide I made will list all the features and what is best about each pair. This will truly help you to decide what you want in a winter glove and don’t want.

Best Winter Gloves

Winter Gloves F&Q

Here we answer all the common questions associated with the best winter gloves. If we skipped a question you have, leave it down in the comments below.

Q: Best Winter Gloves for Extreme Cold?

A: If you plan on being outside for long periods of time doing extensive winter activities such as skiing, hiking, snowboarding, and much more; than may I suggest purchasing the Velazzio Ski Gloves Waterproof Breathable Snowboard Gloves. These gloves are waterproof, windproof, and they have that insulated inside to keep your hands very warm. They are meant to hold up during long periods of time outside, and the Thinsulate on the inside helps to keep cold air our and hot air in. These are very affordable gloves, and they won’t disappoint you.

Q: How should Winter Gloves Fit?

A: You want your brand-new winter gloves to have a snug fit. You don’t want them to be too tight that you don’t have great mobility and you don’t want them to be to lose that they are letting cold air seep in. When you wear your correct size in winter gloves you will reduce the risk of a circulation problem, sweating, and joint soreness. You will know you have the right size in your winter gloves as long as you can move your fingers open and close easily.

Q: Best Gloves for Winter?

A: All of the gloves I have reviewed above are truly great, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. If I had to pick one winter glove that stands out from the rest that would be the OZERO Winter Gloves Thermal Snow Work Ski Gloves. They are unisex so both men and women can enjoy these. They are soft on the outside as well as the inside. The palm of the hands are leather, so they are easy to grip things with. They are wind and water-resistant. The cuff keeps the warm heat inside the thermal layers of the gloves. This is a great all-around option. Good for anything you need to do for a moderate amount of time outside.

Q: How to Measure for Winter Gloves?

A: Different glove materials will affect the way you size your hand for winter gloves. Start on the inches side and measure horizontally across your palm of your hand.  Once you know the circumference of your hand in inches you will be able to choose the right size when you purchase your gloves. Keep in mind that the unisex design on gloves might make the finger area longer. So, if you have smaller hands, you might need a smaller unisex size.

Q: What are Winter Gloves Made Of?

A: Winter gloves are made from all sorts of materials from leather, acrylic, suede, sheepskin, plush, wool, fleece, spandex, and much more. Each glove has a purpose and what material they use will affect how good the gloves are at keeping out cold air. Some gloves even have extra stuff added into the inside to insulate the gloves better; these materials are usually called Thinsulate or Primaloft.

Q: What is the Best Material for Winter Gloves?

A: The best material for winter gloves is the soft polar fleece combined with a deerskin leather. This can be found in the OZERO Winter Gloves Thermal Snow Work Ski Gloves. This is a very warm combination. The inside fibers have meshed together to provide heat and keep you well insulated. These gloves are perfect for whatever winter activity you want to do.

Q: What is the Warmest Material for Gloves?

A: The warmest material for gloves is typically a material with a hard outer shell with a plush cotton and insulation on the inside. I really like the Thinsulate material because it helps to keep your hands extremely warm during extremely cold days. The cotton on the inside helps to keep the heat in the gloves. You want gloves that have thick materials because the thicker the material, the warmer it will be. An example of this material on a winter glove is the MCTi Waterproof Mens Ski Gloves Winter Warm Gloves.

Q: How Tight should Winter Gloves be?

A: Winter gloves shouldn’t be to tight that you can have mobility in your finger. They should feel just right that you are able to move your finger without struggle. They should feel snug and secure. You also don’t want your winter gloves to lose wither because then the cold air will start to seep in. Try to get a pair of winter gloves with the wrist strap or the pull string. This will help you get your gloves to the right secureness without them being too tight.

Q: How to Break in Winter Gloves?

A: The best way to break in a new pair of gloves is by wearing them. Some gloves already come pre-curved or ergonomic which means they will easily feel already broken in. If you do not have this feature on your winter gloves, then I suggest wearing them as much as possible until they feel like they are broken in enough.

After a few times wearing your gloves you should start to notice them feel more broken in. Now if this does not happen after three or four times wearing your gloves, then there is a possibility that your gloves are the wrong size. You don’t want them to feel too tight. Make sure you measure the palm of your hand again to make sure you bought the correct size.

Q: Do Winter Gloves Stretch?

A: Some materials of winter gloves will stretch naturally and mold to your hand. Acrylic, polyester, and spandex are all naturally stretchy materials so they will be able to give a little more to your hand’s movement wise. They will be able to stretch easily in case your size is a little too small. Other materials, such as hard outer shell fabrics, leather, and wool, do not easily stretch. You will have to essentially break them in to have them mold to your hand. Make sure you are always following size charts to help you pick the right size.

Q: How to Wash Winter Gloves?

A: This can be tricky because I don’t know what material your winter gloves are made out of. Most of the time, the materials such as wool, thick outer shell, and leather have to be hand wash or washed with a damp cloth. You do not want to ruin yours by washing them on the wrong setting or even washing them period. Other materials such as soft plush, fleece, acrylics, and knitted fabrics can be washed in the washing machine.

I recommend always hand washing your gloves because they are delicate and you can easily spot clean them or hand wash them and set them out to dry. Always follow the washing instructions that come with your winter gloves before sticking them into the washing machine.

Q: How to Dry Winter Gloves?

Best Winter Gloves for Men & WomenA: Since the material that makes winter gloves varies, it is important first for you to know what material of gloves you have. Depending on the material they can either be dried in the dryer or air-dried.  Most of the time, you should let your glove air dry; that way they do not shrink in the dryer. Most winter glove materials will get ruined if put in the dryer. So, for extra precaution lay them out to air dry and then wear them once they are fully dry.

Q: Can you Put Gloves in the Dryer?

A: Some brand of winter gloves allows them to go in the dryer but keep in mind to really prolong the life of your gloves you should air dry them. I always air dry mine just to keep the stitching full intact, reduce shrinkage, and to reduce lint and static. Follow the washing and drying guidelines on the tag of your winter gloves for best results or you can always hand wash and air dry them.

Q: How to Clean Leather Winter Gloves?

A: Leather gloves need to be spot cleaned. They should not be put into a washer machine or washing in the sink by hand.

  • Get a rag and put a small amount of oil-based soap on the rag with a little bit of water.
  • Start working in a circular motion on the are that you want to be clean.
  • Wipe clean to pull soap residue left on-off and begin to let them air dry.
  • You can polish the outside with a microfiber cloth if that is what you desire to do.
  • If you want to quickly disinfect the leather or suede, spray a rubbing alcohol mist on the inside to kill germs.

Q: How to Clean Suede Winter Gloves?

A: Suede gloves should really be cleaned by a professional dry-cleaning service. When suede gets wet it typically gets ruined. If your suede gloves are not water-resistant or waterproof you will want to buy a protective spray that will make the gloves resistant to water droplets. I do not recommend cleaning your suede at home, but if you really want to, you will want to follow the same guidelines as cleaning leather above.

Q: How to Store Winter Gloves?

A: They can be stored in a lot of different ways. You can keep them in a dresser all year long if it is your go-to pair of gloves. You can also keep them stored in a storage container with special plastic wrap around them to preserve them from dust, bugs, etc. make sure you store your gloves any way that you want because there truly is no wrong way to store an item. If it is special to you store it in a nice keepsake box. The possibilities are endless. Do what makes you happy.

Q: Do Leather Gloves Keep Hands Warm?

A: Leather does keep people warm for a certain amount of time. If you are planning on being outside all day long then you will not want to have a pair of leather gloves. If you are planning on being outside for a short period of time or doing light winter activities such as walking the dog, taking the trash out, driving to work, etc., then leather gloves will work great for that. Most men and women who purchase leather do so as a fashion statement. They go great with so many outfits and can take a typical outfit and really elevate it with the leather gloves.

Q: Can you Wear Leather Gloves in the Snow?

A: There is a certain type of leather glove that should be worn in the snow. Deerskin leather works great out in snowy conditions. They can get mildly wet from the snow without drench the gloves entirely. They repel water too which makes them easy to wipe clean. This type of leather glove can be worn when shoveling your driveway, chopping firewood, walking the dog, and they can be worn doing so much more in the snow.

Q: Can you Waterproof your own Gloves?

How To Waterproof Winter GlovesA: Most often you can get a pair of waterproof or water-resistant winter gloves at a very reasonable price. If for some reason you have a pair of winter gloves that are not waterproof there are some sprays that you can purchase on the market to help make them waterproof. This is typically done for leather or suede to make them more water-resistant. Check out this waterproofing spray to help you waterproof your winter gloves that are not waterproof yet.


Don’t suffer from cold crampy hands this winter. Spoil yourself and get a new pair of winter gloves. Don’t let yourself be cold. Did you find a pair from our best winter gloves list above? There were so many to choose from, but each one is special in its own way. I hope this article really helped you to understand more about winter gloves and some of the features that could be helpful for you.