8 Best Wool Gloves for Men & Women

Wool has been around for thousands and thousands of years. Wool is very important to the clothing industry. Tons of clothing use wool and these wool gloves have a lot of benefits. They keep your hands warm in the winter; they feel very soft and cozy to the touch, and they are perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, and fishing.

I have taken the time to review the best wool gloves that our market has to offer. I did the research that way you don’t have to spend countless hours researching. Have a look below at the best wool gloves and let me know what you think in the comments.

Bruceriver Men’s Pure Wool Knitted Gloves with Thinsulate Lining

These popular men’s gloves are made from 100% wool, fleece, and a Thinsulate material that will keep the inside of the glove’s way warmer than if you were wearing a regular pair of gloves. The gloves go up to your wrist and have an attractive wrist cuff. These gloves provide so much warmth that they are great for everyday outdoor winter activities. They are extremely affordable and feel cozy and comfy on your hands.

Thinsulate and Fleece Lining

100% wool surrounds the exterior of the gloves. Wool is a great tightly knitted fabric from yarn that will help keep cold out. The inside of the gloves are lined with fleece and have 40 grams of Thinsulate inside the gloves. Thinsulate is an insulating material that will provide you with so much more warmth than regular gloves in the winter. With all of these materials combined, you have a cozy, warm, and durable pair of winter gloves.

Very affordable

These gloves offer great value because they are very affordable and 100% wool. Most products that are 100% wool cost a lot of money, but these gloves are very affordable for everyone. The quality of the material is very nice as well. You would think with them being so affordable that the quality would lack, but that is not the case. There are six different color options to choose from, so you can find the perfect color to match your outfits and personality.


  • Made of 100% high-quality wool on the outer shell.
  • The inside contains and fleece lining and forty grams of Thinsulate insulation.
  • Classic glove looking style for the winter.
  • The gloves stop by your wrist and have a knitted cuff.
  • There are a few styles you can choose from that have special touch screen applicable fingers.
  • Six different color options to choose from.


  • The gloves are not waterproof.
  • The really should be hand washed not to ruin the wool material.


I really like these gloves because they provide a great deal of warmth to the hands when outside. They are the perfect gloves if you plan on going camping, hiking, or walking outside in the winter. I like that they are 100% wool. That can be very hard to find at this very affordable price. I also like the touch screen option that you can get on the thumb and index finger.

Bruceriver Ladie’s Pure Wool Knit Gloves with Thinsulate Lining and Cable design

This is basically the same product as the Bruceriver product we just reviewed, but instead, this one is for ladies. These gloves have a cable knit design on the outside, which makes them look very feminine. The inside is lined with fleece and Thinsulate to keep hands very warm outside in the winter. The outside again is 100% wool, which has moisture-wicking and anti-fungal properties. These gloves are very affordable and a great addition to your winter wardrobe.

Soft Warm Gloves

These gloves are very comfy cozy when they are on. They are lined with fleece and Thinsulate which will keep your hands warm and insulated during very cold weather. The outside is protected by 100% wool. Wool is naturally moisture-wicking and anti-fungal. These gloves are great for outdoor winter activities as well as wearing them indoors to warm up.

Touchscreen Option

These gloves offer an option where you can purchase the same gloves with touchscreen technology. If you choose this option, you will have a different material on the thumb and index finger of the gloves. This will allow you to be able to use your smartphone device, whether it’s a phone, tablet, or touch screen computer.


  • These gloves are made from 100% wool.
  • The insides of the gloves are lined with fleece and Thinsulate.
  • Cute cable knit design on the gloves.
  • The gloves stop at the wrist and can be cuffed.
  • You can choose between regular gloves or ones with the thumb, and index finger has touchscreen capabilities.
  • Seven different color options to choose from.


  • The gloves are not waterproof or water-resistant.


These are very affordable gloves, and the design on the gloves make them look special and feminine. I like the touch screen technology because nowadays everyone is using their smartphone devices. The color options are really cute because you can match them to your personality. These gloves are so affordable that they make perfect Christmas, birthday, and surprise gifts.

Öjbro Swedish made 100% Merino Wool Soft Thick & Extremely Warm

These gloves are very well insulated to keep you warm on the very cold days of winter. These gloves have been knitted tightly with a special passed down generation Scandinavian knitting. These gloves have been knitted together with 100% merino wool. The gloves provide extra warmth around the wrist to keep wind and cold air out. The palm of the gloves has a very special suede that will allow you to easily grip items as well as using smartphone devices. These best wool gloves are perfect for hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting.

Insulated for Warmth

These gloves are insulated on the inside in key areas to keep your hands warmer. The cuff is thick and covered with insulation to insulate your wrist. This will prevent air and cold from coming in through the spaces. It’s not too tight and provides a gentle insulation that way you will still feel very comfortable. These gloves are made think to keep you warm in very extreme cold weather. These are perfect for someone who must work outside in the winter.

Strong Merino Wool

Merino wool is made on sheep, and the wool is very soft. Merino wool can be long in size, and it has strong fibers which make it perfect for making clothing pieces. This high-quality wool makes strong clothing when it is knitted together, so these gloves are indeed very strong but still soft to the touch. Even in extremely cold weather, the gloves will keep your hands warm because of the tightly knitted fibers.


  • 100% merino wool gloves that have been imported from Sweden.
  • Unique Scandinavian knitting and design in these gloves.
  • Extra thick gloves that have extra insulation on the wrist area.
  • Suede pads attached that way you can grip things easily and use electronic devices.
  • Thick insulated dry wool gloves.


  • Expensive wool gloves.


I love the quality of these wool gloves. Since the quality is so superb, it made it to my list of the best wool gloves. The color is stylish, and the gloves are very warm. They are almost to warm. The only thing that is a con for this product is the price. It is very expensive, but if you plan on being outdoors in the winter a lot, it would be a good investment.

Dachstein Woolwear 100% Austrian Boiled Wool Alpine Gloves

This company in Austria has perfected the way they take wool and form it into clothing garments. They use a method where they boil the wool and it essential fuses the wool fibers together to make them strong. It also gives the wool water-resistant properties, which is important if you are in snowy weather. These gloves are very strong but still have a soft, comfortable feeling to them. They are made with 100% organic wool and come at a very affordable price.

Boiled Wool

When you knit wool together, there could be gaps where you have knitted. Boiling wool takes all the gaps out of the knitted gloves by fusing the wool together. This is done by putting the gloves in a pot of boiling freshwater, and the fibers of the wool begin to shrink, causing them to fuse together. This will make the material very dense and strong. You will still get a breathable, warm, soft glove after the process is complete.

Warm Long Gloves

These gloves have cuffs that are actually rather long. The cuffs go up to your forearm, which is a very wonderful feature because it will warm more of your arm up as well as your hands. These gloves also have waterproof capabilities. This means if you are out somewhere where it is snowing the gloves will not get saturated from wet snow. These gloves have been through such an amazing process with their quality that they will last you years upon years.


  • Made of 100% boiled wool from Austria.
  • This wool can absorb 30% of its weight in water and has great insulating properties.
  • Made in small batched to keep high-quality standards.
  • This is 100% organic wool.


  • Hand wash only, do not put in the washing machine or dryer.


These gloves are absolutely amazing. This is my favorite pair of gloves out of all the ones I have reviewed. I love the story and the process it takes to make these fantastic wool gloves. I like the color options to choose from. I also like that the cuffs go up longer on your arm; it keeps you warmer when you are outside. I think the gloves are priced well for the quality. You may think they are expensive, but I think that is the perfect price for such a high-quality pair of 100% organic wool gloves. These gloves will definitely be on my list of the best wool gloves for a long time.

PossumDown Lightweight Brushtail Possum Merino Wool Blend Gloves

These gloves are loved by many people because of the incredible warmth and moisture-wicking and waterproof features these gloves offer, they are made from both merino wool and possum fur making these gloves more lightweight, durable, and soft. These gloves have their own pocket of air between the possum fibers that act as insulators. It’s basically a barrier from the brutal outside cold. These gloves are guaranteed to keep you feeling warm on very cold days.

Possum and Wool Blend

These gloves are made from a blend of possum fur and merino lamb fur. The possum is very great for cold weather because each fiber is hollow. The hollow fiber has air in each which makes the gloves to self-insulate almost like an armor. It’s like a force field against the cold so you won’t feel the cold wind or air coming in through the gloves.  The wool makes the gloves soft and durable. This gives the gloves water-resistant properties that won’t get saturated in snowy cold weather.

Very Lightweight

Since these gloves have a wool and possum blend it actually makes them lighter. Merino wool is pretty lightweight, but sometimes people just feel that they are too dense. When you add the possum fibers, it makes them very lightweight and easy to handle.  The possum fur also gives the gloves great water-proof abilities and moisture-wicking properties. Wool does this as well, but the possum fur does it better. That is why so many people are picking these gloves over other brands.


  • Made from a blend of possum fur and merino lamb wool.
  • Made in a small factory in New Zealand.
  • Ten different color options to choose from.
  • Lightweight gloves that are perfect for outdoor winter activities.
  • Each fiber is hollow, which means they insulate incredibly well.
  • Waterproof properties.


  • Not the best gloves for gripping things.


These gloves are very unique. I have never heard of gloves using possum fur. These gloves are surprisingly very warm. I love that they just look like simple classic gloves. The price is very affordable, and you are getting a high-quality product from New Zealand.

Icebreaker Merino Sierra Gloves, Merino Wool

Here is another pair of wool gloves with a few twists. These gloves are very stylish and don’t look like traditional wool gloves. They have a breathable fleece lining that makes them feel soft and cozy. The palm of the hand features grippers and touchscreen technology, that way, you can grab a hold of things easily and still use your smartphone devices. These gloves come in a wide variety of sizes as well.

Corespun Yarn

The combination of fleece and wool has been corespun together to reinforce the yearns together. This will make the core of the gloves stronger and more durable. These gloves trap in heat to give you more warmth in the wintertime. They are also lightweight, and they don’t feel bulky.

Silicone Grippers

The gloves have little dots of silicone on the palm. These dots are grippers that will help grab things when wearing the gloves. If you have ever worn a regular pair of gloves, you know how difficult it can be to hold onto things. These grippers will help you do that. The thumb and index finger also have touchscreen technology so you can use your smartphone device when wearing the gloves.


  • These gloves are made right in the United States.
  • They use corespun fabric that enhances the durability of the fabric.
  • The gloves have touchscreen smartphone technology that will let you use your devices.
  • The palm of the hand has a lot of silicone grippers.
  • There is a clip on the outer side of the gloves that clip together to store them.
  • These gloves are made from 88% wool, 9% nylon, and 2% elastane.


  • Not made from 100% wool.


There are good gloves. They don’t really feel like the classic wool gloves. If you are looking for gloves that are for more hiking, fishing, or camping aspects, then these would be a good match. They are very stylish, and the grippers work great if you are driving. They are affordably priced gloves.

RefrigiWear Fleece Lined Thinsulate Insulated Ragg Wool Gloves

These warm gloves feature 100% rag wool that will keep you very warm on cold days. The inside is lined with a fleece and a Thinsulate to keep the gloves well insulated from the outside wind and cold. These gloves are unisex and only come in the color green. There are different sizes to choose from. These are great for fall and winter. You can always add another pair of gloves on top for additional warmth.

Unisex Design

These gloves sport a unisex design. They only come in the color green, but they are available in different sizes, so they work for both genders. The double cuffed wrist will provide you with extra warm on very windy cold days. The Thinsulate in the inside blocks the outside elements and insulates your hand. This will keep your hands warm during outdoor winter activities.


  • These wool gloves contain forty grams of Thinsulate that will keep your hands toasty warm.
  • These gloves use 100% rag wool of the exterior of the gloves. The inside is a fleece-lined Thinsulate
  • The cuff on the wrist has a double layer of knit to keep the gloves in place as well as keeping your wrist warm.
  • Made and produced in the United States.


  • The wool can rip easily if punctures by sharp rocks or sticks.


These are very affordable gloves. They are not my favorite, but they still offer a lot of features that people look for in wool gloves. I like that they are unisex and fit you based on your size. I wish they had more colors to choose from. Overall, these are good basic wool gloves.

Melton Baby Wool Gloves

These itch-free gloves made by the Melton brand are great for every child. They are made with wool and other fiber to keep the fibers of the wool tight. This will make sure that the gloves do not allow cold air to come through the fibers, making them cold. The cuff is double knitted to keep your wrist warm and to create a barrier from the cold weather.

For Children

These wool gloves are meant for children. They have three different sizes that correspond to your child’s age range. These are perfect for children to have during the fall and winter months because they get cold too just like us. One of the best things you can use these gloves for is waiting at the bus stop when it is cold outside. These gloves will keep your children’s hands warm.


  • This is a pair of wool gloves made specifically for children.
  • Made of 60% wool, 28% polyester, and 12% elastane.
  • These gloves are made with high-quality wool that is itch-free.
  • This wool will keep you warm in fall weather and mild winter weather.
  • Wool is naturally moisture-wicking so that it will leave your hand’s moisture-free.


  • Small size so adults cannot wear unless they have very small hands.


These gloves are very affordable. They work great for children and people with smaller hands. They are insulated well and work good enough on mildly cold days. If you plan on using them on really cold days, you might feel some of the cold air coming through the gloves. There are seven colors to choose from, which is nice. They are very affordable, so if you have multiple children, you can get them all a pair.

Features to Look for in Wool Gloves

There are things to think about when you are getting ready to purchase wool gloves. All of these features can be a good thing for you, or they could be a deal-breaker. Check out these features below.

100% Wool

When you see wool gloves say that they are made from 100% wool, that means you are getting one of the highest quality wool gloves you can get. You can still get a nice pair of gloves if they aren’t 100% wool, but the best options are the ones that are. Wool fibers are strong and practically last forever as long as you keep them maintained.


It is not recommended to wash your gloves in the washing machine. Wool is a very sensitive fabric. If it is washed and dried, it can shrink and warp the way the wool has been stitched to fit your hand. If you must clean your wool gloves, then you need to hand wash them gently in the sink. Do not wring or twist the water out of the gloves to dry them. Just lay them flat to dry. You need to be very careful with this process because you could potentially ruin your wool gloves.


Wool is naturally moisture-wicking, which mean that if they get a little wet, the gloves will keep your hands dry. This also works if you are sweating, the gloves will wick away that moisture coming from your hands, keeping them dry. This is a really great benefit of wool gloves.


Wool is also naturally anti-fungal, which means that they don’t hold on to bacteria. So, unless your wool gloves are visibly dirty, there is no need to wash them. The wool keeps bacteria away from the hands and has anti-fungal properties inside the wool.


Price is another factor to think about. You will want to know what your budget is before purchasing wool gloves. Wool gloves can range from low to high prices. It really depends on the type of wool and the quality of the wool you are purchasing. This is what will ultimately affect the price. So set a budget of what you are willing to spend and then check out our best wool gloves list above to make your decision.

Wool Gloves FAQ

Question: How Warm are Wool Gloves?

Answer: Wool is a natural insulator, and it works perfectly to keep your hands warm during cold winter days. Wool also has the natural ability to be moisture-wicking and anti-fungal.  The moisture-wicking helps to keep the hands dry and free of water or sweat. The anti-fungal properties help to remove bacteria keeping your hands clean and pure. These gloves are warm and are used for a lot of different winter activities.

Question: How to Wash Wool Gloves?

Answer: It is not recommended to wash wool gloves in a washing machine. Once the gloves have been washed and then dried in the dryer, they will shrink and lose some of the wool’s tight-knit fibers. It is vitally important to hand wash your wool gloves or try not to wash then hardly at all. If you do wash them, use the sink filled up with water and a drop of gentle soap. Allow the wool to soak for a few minutes and then drain the water. Let the wool gloves air dry flat against the sink. Do not wring the wool gloves because it will change their shape when wet.

Question: How to Dry Wool Gloves?

Answer: It is best to dry wool gloves on a flat surface. If you wring them our or twist the gloves, it will mess up the shape of the gloves and begin to warp them. Do not put wool gloves in a drying machine because it will alter the wool and make is shrink.

Question: How to Shrink Wool Gloves?

Answer: It is easy enough to shrink a pair of wool gloves, stick them inside the dryer. If you don’t want to do that you can wash the gloves in the sink after the gloves have been washed, rinse them with cold water. The cold water will contract the fibers. Then start to twist and squeeze the water out of the gloves. Try on the gloves and see if they fit more snugly. If not, you can repeat that process over again until you have the perfect size for your hand.

Question: How to Stretch Wool Gloves?

Answer: If you need to stretch out your gloves, you can use a method called water stretching. This is a water process of washing and pulling the wool to stretch it out. Let the wool soak in a sink of water with a drop of conditioner inside. Once you soak it for a few minutes, remove the wool from the sink and roll it in a towel. Start by stretching the wool in sections by pulling on sections. Once you have made it around the entire glove lay it down flat to completely dry. Once dry, try it on and see if it is your desired fit if it is not, then you can repeat the process.


Wool gloves are an essential wardrobe piece. They will keep your hands warm and toasty during the cold winter months. They have great properties that will keep your hands dry and warm during winter activities. I hope you found a great pair from my best wool gloves list. I spent the time reviewing the best ones to hopefully make your life easier when it comes to your decision. If you have any questions, please leave them down below.