Bushnell Pro X2 Review

Company: Bushnell

Rating: 5/5

Overview: The Bushnell Pro X2 is one of the best rangefinders on the market and one all serious golfers should consider.

There’s so many top of the line features like Slope Switch Technology, Pinkseeker with Jolt, 3,000 yard accuracy readings and 450 accuracy reading to the flag, Fast Focus and more.

This product is a sure thing and will be a trusted aid for you for years to come.

Video Review

Here’s a video that explains all the great features of this rangefinder:

As you can see this product is well worth its investment!

This Rangefinder Is Really Easy To Use

To begin, what sets the Bushnell Pro X2 rangefinder apart from its competition on the golf course is its ease of use. It begins by being as simple as hitting the power button to turn it on, locking in on the target and pressing again for the distance.

Where other rangefinders often require long menus to get to other features of the device, the Pro X2 simplifies the ease of use with the ability to toggle the slope mode on and off quickly on the side of the device without having to go through a series of menus.

The same ease of transition of display colors is also a feature of the device. When a user of the Pro X2 scrolls through the menu, Bushnell has simplified the process by allowing users to adjust brightness easily, switch distances measured from yards to meters quickly and the ability to change the reading to tenths of a decimal place.

The Display System Is High Quality

When looking through the Bushnell Pro X2 rangefinder, the golfer gets a great display when looking at reads for their distances on the golf course. A clear, bright display shows well to the player’s eye and makes the pin easy to find.

The rangefinder also features a mode button where the user can switch between either a red or black display of pin finding crosshairs and distance measurements on the display. This ability to switch colors will be beneficial to the user in different lighting conditions and to the personal preference of the user as well.

Also to be noted in the Pro X2 is the 6x magnification when looking through the lens, bringing the target that much closer to the eye when checking the range.

Slope Switch Technology Is A Golfer’s Best Friend

The Bushnell Pro X2 rangefinder features the awesome slope switch technology to pair along with its slope compensation feature. This feature of the rangefinder accurately factors in the slope of the upcoming shoot in relation to the pin and factors that slope into the measured yardage that it reads on the rangefinder.

What this means for the golfer is that distances are accurately measured, no matter if the shot is to an uphill green, elevated green or severely downhill to the pin. The Pro X2 slope switch technology can also be turned on or off with a toggle switch.

This makes the rangefinder legal for USGA tournament play with the changing of USGA rule 14-3, permitting distance only range finding devices. The rule does not permit devices that factor in slope or other measures.

Pinkseeker With Jolt technology Is Key

With many other rangefinders available on the market, golfers often lack knowing for sure that the distance measurement is locked on the pin. This doubt is completely erased for the golfer with the Bushnell Pro X2’s pinseeker with jolt technology.

As the user locks in on the pin, the jolt technology puts out short, vibrating pulses letting the golfer know that the rangefinder is locked onto the pin. Removing this doubt will give the golfer the ultimate confidence in the distance for the shot they are about to hit.

You Can’t Hit Farther Than This Product Measures

The Bushnell Pro X2 rangefinder really excels from its competition with the total range in this unit. The total range reading is out to 1,300 yards, well beyond any hole a golfer will ever play. But, this may come in handy to see just how far away the beer cart is away when it is three holes over on your league night.

The range of the pinseeking technology reaches out to 450 yards as well, much farther than the competitions to the Pro X2. Most of the big dogs out there in the golfing world will love to measure the distance exactly to the pin on the 435-yard par four first hole, dreaming of drawing their driver perfectly onto the green.

On top of the range, the Bushnell Pro X2 boasts overall accuracy within one yard each and every time the unit is put to use.

Always Know How Much Battery You Have Left

The Bushnell Pro X2 rangefinder is powered by a 3-volt lithium ion battery, which will provide a long lasting life to the unit. What sets this unit apart for a lot of golfers is the fact that the Pro X2 has a battery life indicator on the display.

A major frustration among golfers with rangefinders in the past was not having this battery life indicator, then finding themselves to be stuck in the middle of a round with a device that has a dead battery and not having the ability to read distances for the remainder of the round.

This is eliminated in the Pro X2 with the ability to check battery life after a round and replace the battery off the course if needed.

It Just Looks Great Too

The final, important piece to look at in any range finding unit on the golf course is the aesthetics of the unit. With the Bushnell Pro X2 rangefinder, the looks and feel really shine in this unit externally.

When in the hand, the unit features Bushnell’s Stabi-grip technology sits nicely in the hand of the user and aids in preventing any slipping of the hands when placed around the unit. The unit itself also comes fully wrapped in a rubber armored metal housing protecting it from any of the potential elements found on the golf course, including being fully waterproof.

Golfer won’t hesitate to pull this out of the bag when overlooking their shot in the rain or standing next to a pond. In the end, the unit is housed in an awesome case that features two enclosure systems.

The first being a zipper for added security and the second being an elastic band for quickly pulling the unit out of the case. Lastly, the case features a hook that can secure directly to one of the out straps on your golf bag.

You’ll Have A Hard Time Finding Better!

The Bushnell Pro X2 is a product that all serious golfers must consider. It delivers in every way possible and will help you get your lowest rounds possible.

If you’re interested in purchasing or just want to check it out a little closer, click below:

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