Callaway X-20 Irons Review

Callaway has produced quality golf equipment for decades, and the tradition continues with the X-20 Irons. For the beginner looking for a set of super-game improvement irons, the Callaway X-20 covers all the bases with clubs ranging from a 4-iron to a sand wedge.

A redesign from Callaway has moved the center of gravity lower in the club head of the X-20 set to boost ball height and maximize distance. The X-20 also features newly configured grooves in the club face that improves backspin. This significant change from Callaway allows the golfer the ability to create ball-stopping magic on the greens.


The new features on the Callaway X-20 irons begin with Extreme Notch Weighting. This is a sophisticated way of saying that Callaway has redistributed the weight in the club heads of the X-20 irons. The weight has been moved lower in the clubhead and added to the backside of the toe and heel. Relocating the weight gives the X-20’s more forgiveness and focuses more energy directly to the golf ball.

Coupled with the Extreme Notch Weighting is a 180-degree Undercut Channel that Callaway has cut into the backside of these cavity backed irons. The channel helps stabilize the perimeter weighting in the club head for the low center of gravity that Callaway wants to assist the beginning golfer.

The next feature created by Callaway for the X-20 set is VFT technology. Short for Variable Face Technology, VFT is all about power. The point of VFT is to create the biggest sweet spot possible on the club face of the X-20 irons. A larger sweet spot means that off-center strikes will continue to go straight with minimal side spin. Less off-center hits via VFT also means increased ball speed off the clubface for more distance.

With longer irons such as the 4, 5, and 6-iron, VFT maximizes shot length but also helps the beginning golfer get the ball into the air with ease. The ability to quickly launch the ball high allows the amateur to focus on making solid contact. Most beginners try to help the ball get upward, a mistake that causes the dreaded topping of the ball from the fairway.

Shorter irons and wedges also benefit from VFT due to the lower center of gravity in the clubhead. Balls come off the clubface of these lofted irons high and soft with tremendous backspin for eye-opening stopping power on the green.

Finally, Callaway has also introduced their S2H2 technology to the X-20 iron set. The Short, Straight, Hollow hosel technology boosts the discretionary weight in the club head by taking it away from the hosel. The hosel is the area where the shaft and club head meet. By removing the weight from that junction and adding it to the perimeter of the clubhead, Callaway has added more stability to the ball striking of the X-20 irons.

Club Breakdown

The iron set begins with a 4-iron that measures in at 38.25 inches and has a loft angle of 24 degrees. As you’ll see, the X-20 set descends in height with each club in the set. The reason for the drop in length is because of the each club’s increasing loft. Shorter irons such as wedges have higher lofts due to the backspin needed from the distances that the golfer is using them.

However, long irons, such as the 4-iron, are designed for distance. The loft on the face of long irons is more upright, and when coupled with the longer shaft length the golfer creates a longer swing arc. Longer irons need to generate higher swing speeds to accommodate the necessary distance that’s required from these type of irons.

The 5-iron is lofted at 27 degrees and has a length of 37.75 inches. The 6-iron clocks in with a length of 37.25 inches and a loft of 30 degrees. The shorter irons begin with the 36.75 inch 7-iron that is lofted at 33 degrees. Next in line is the 36-degree 8-iron that stretches to just 36.25 inches.  The last short iron is the 9-iron that measures in at 35.75 inches and has a loft of 41 degrees.

The X-20 set is unique in that it includes a sand wedge. Most iron sets stop at the pitching wedge. For the Callaway X-20 set, the pitching wedge is lofted at 45 degrees and measures 35.25 inches. The rare sand wedge is 35 inches and lays at a 55-degree loft.

The X-20 set is also made from high-quality stainless steel which is essential for the beginner looking for a set of irons that will last until they make that next step in their skill level.


The Callaway X-20 set is a terrific option for the beginner looking for an excellent, high-quality set of irons to begin their golfing journey. With solid construction and features that aid in getting the ball into the air and down the fairway, the X-20 irons are the real deal.