Golf Push Cart Accessories

Golf push carts are a terrific way to enhance a round of golf. From providing great exercise to handling the burden of carrying your clubs, push carts have soared in popularity for these important reasons.

But push carts can also lack in features that most golfers have come to enjoy with a riding golf cart. From cup holders to coolers to umbrella holders, there are many snap-on accessories that golfers can purchase that will bring the creature comforts of the riding cart to the simplicity of the push cart.

Here are the best golf push cart accessories on the market today.

Clicgear Xl Cup Holder

For golfers who prefer taking their oversize mugs or stainless steel containers to the course, the Clicgear X1 Cup Holder is the perfect accessory for their golf push cart. Fitting most push carts that utilize a 1” piping on their frame, the Cup Holder from Clicgear can handle larger sized drinks easily over the time it takes to play an 18-hole round.

The Clicgear also comes with mounting brackets to provide extra help in securing the cup holder to your cart’s frame. Perfect for canned drinks, the Clicgear X1 Cup Holder is a great accessory that will keep your drinks within arm reach no matter where you find yourself on the course.

Bag Boy Umbrella Holder

From one of the best manufacturers of golf push cart accessories, Bag Boy bring you a top-notch umbrella holder. For keeping your clubs dry when you get caught in the rain, the Bag Boy Umbrella Holder is an adjustable accessory that handles multiple sizes of umbrella handles without a problem.

The Bag Boy holder allows for adjustments to the standing umbrella that takes into account any wind that may be moving the rain at an angle. The holder fastens to the frame of the push cart via the tubing. The Bag Boy holder also accommodates different sizes of tubing to assure a solid fit that will have your umbrella riding securely throughout your round.

Clicgear Push Cart Cooler Bag

For golfers looking to add a lightweight cooler to their golf push cart, one of the best golf push cart accessories on the market is the Clicgear Push Cart Cooler Bag. This bag easily attaches to the frame of the cart and has the capacity for six 12-ounce cans.

The bag will keep cans cold for roughly five hours with the help of some added ice. That length of time should take care of any drinks you may need over a full round. An upper pocket on the Clicgear Push Cart Cooler Bag is perfect for small energy-boosting snacks such as protein bars and crackers.

Affordable and dependable, the Cooler Bag will assist the walking golfer without burdening their push cart with a heavy weight that might disrupt balance and speed.

Clicgear ProActive Rangefinder/Valuables Bag

Designed with an outer shell made from waterproof nylon, Clicgear has created an attachable bag that keeps the water out and your valuables safe and dry. The Clicgear ProActive Rangefinder/Valuables Bag is built for golfers who like to take their GPS rangefinder on the course to determine yardage but don’t want the elements to damage the device.

For the busy golfer who looks to their golf day activities as a way to get some exercise and away from the office, the Valuables Bag allows you to carry your cell phone without worrying that it will get scratched or fall onto the ground as you might in a riding cart.

The bag has zippers and magnetic closures that keep the bag sealed and the valuables free from dirt and water. Made to fit carts that use one-inch tubing, the Clicgear ProActive Rangefinder/Valuables Bag is ideal for golfers who need a small and sealable pouch that is lined to protect their expensive electronics.

Sun Tek WindCheater Umbrella

Coupled with an umbrella holder, the Sun Tek WindCheater Vented Umbrella is a perfect canopy for your golf push cart to protect your clubs from getting saturated in a rainstorm. With a stout SPF 50 UV protection, the exterior of the WindCheater Umbrella is coated with reflective material to keep the sun out and golfer cool.

Weighing less than 2 pounds, the umbrella won’t weigh down your push cart and knock it out of balance. Also helping the umbrella is a Vortec Venting System that prevents the umbrella from folding outward during a high-speed wind gust.

A fiberglass shaft keeps the umbrella light and helps with stability in harsh weather. The fiberglass also provides a safe material in the event of lightning. For the golfer looking to stay out of the rain, the 68” umbrella offers extensive coverage to keep your clubs dry and ready to play once the storm passes on.

Clicgear ProActive Sand Bottle

Another great accessory for the golf push cart is the Clicgear ProActive Sand Bottle for repairing divots. Attaching easily to a push cart with one-inch tubing, the Sand Bottle holds enough sand to cover all your divots from the fairway and off the tee box that you may make over the course of a round.

The Sand Bottle also stays fastened to your cart when folded for transportation. If you typically play your local course and are concerned about keeping it healthy, the Clicgear ProActive Sand Bottle is a perfect addition to your push cart to reseed and reestablish healthy turf.

Clicgear Mesh Storage Bag

If you find yourself dissatisfied with the storage on a push cart, then Clicgear has created the Mesh Storage Bag to increase your ability to carry extra-large items such as shoes, jackets and a variety of items that may come in handy on the golf course.

Designed to stay on the golf push cart in storage and on the course, the Mesh Storage Bag is lightweight and durable as the primary material used for the bag is nylon mesh. The bag is breathable so it won’t trap odors and require constant cleaning.

Two-feet in height, the Clicgear Mesh Storage Bag is one of the best golf push cart accessories for the golfer who loves to walk but wishes they had more room to store their belongings.

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