How To Choose A Golf Push Cart

If you want to make your timeĀ on the golf course less stressful you should consider purchasing a golf push cart.

In order to get the right one you’ll have to know how to choose a golf push cart. There’s a few things to look for to make sure you get a quality product and this post will show you what’s most important. After you’re done reading I’m sure you’ll be ready to buy one.


Braking System

The braking systems featured on push golf carts usually range in terms of functionality. The most popular used braking equipment is the notion of a foot break. The braking system is rigged to only the wheels, using claps to stop movement. The foot brake comes with a small pedal that can either be applied with holding your foot on the pedal, or can be pushed forward/backward to lock the wheels in place.

A second braking system involves the use of a hand brake, much like one you would find on a standard bicycle. The hand brakes have a thick titanium or aluminum wiring, covered by insulation, that extends down the frame of the golf cart. It ends at the tires, once again using a clamp feature to halt movement.

The hand brakes also have the ability to be placed in a locking setting via the use of a pushing/pulling method on the hand break. One of the less implemented braking strategies is the use of a push button. The push button is either located near the tires or at the trunk of the cart.

It uses similar mechanisms for braking and brake locking. The important feature to ensure your push cart has is the ability to lock the brakes. This ensures placement holding on steep hills or other coarse terrain on the golf course.

Folding CapabilitiesĀ 

A second feature that will factor into the decision-making process is the ability of a push cart to fold up. Golf push carts, when fully extended, can take up as much as 4′ in length and 4′ in height measures. That is a lot of space to consume, so the ability to fold up or down is an essential feature of your golf cart.

Most carts will contain a wheel-folding mechanism that either folds down with the removal of metal pins or has natural latching put in place. This will cause your wheels to fold towards the shaft of the pull cart. The shaft of the pull cart also has some folding features. It will contain the ability to fully extended via a metal push button.

You will notice little drill holes in the shaft that can allow for longer extension or subtraction when play has concluded. When fully folded, the cart should measure under 2′ in length and 3′ in height. There are also models that allow you to fully dissemble your golf cart, but that contains too many steps to warrant an approval.

Wheel Types

When it comes to pushing your golf cart, it has to have the ability to travel over rough terrains. Just like picking a forgiving wedge, you are going to want forgiving wheels. The wheel spokes can be made from plastic, aluminum, or metal. This is the smallest area of concern when it comes to wheel selection.

Most wheels feature the same rubberized material found in car tires, and like those tires, they require the right amount of air pressure. To avoid having to perform a pit stop on the course, try to find tires made from foam. These tires will be a little pricey, but in hindsight, they won’t require an automotive repair on the course.

These foam tires are air free and will still provide the stability and travel capabilities a rubberized tire would. Also make sure your golf cart allows for tire interchangeability. This is an important factor should you encounter a tire problem on the course.

Weight Concerns

Lugging around a large cart over the course of 18 holes can be a tall task. Purchasing a cart that is low in weight and high in performance are key consideration factors. Most golf carts will weigh anywhere from 10-25 pounds. The heavier the cart, the more likely it is made of more stable materials like aluminum or metal.

The lighter carts seem to have elements of plastic, which can contribute to a lower weight percentage. A good rule of thumb is to avoid options in the 25 lb. plus range. These models are more bulk than they are performance, and often present a hindrance on the course.

A lighter model with good breaking technology would be the best option of choice. The weight of the golf bag will make up for the lack of framing weight, causing less reason for concern on the course.

Additional Features

The game of golf often involves a commitment of a few hours per round. During that period, golfers may need a snack or some liquid fuel to stay on top of their game. Most golf carts will come equipped with a beverage holder or built-in cooler. The user can opt in for these add-ons, or can leave them out if they so choose. Another feature is adding a more formidable handle for steering.

Once again, this is another feature that doesn’t have to be added. One feature you might consider adding or looking for is a solid base holder for your golf bag. You want to look for one that fully encompasses the bottom of your bag. Some will feature click in bases that hold your bag in place and prevent from spills or uneven weight distributions across differing terrains. These can be bought as an add-on option if not already featured on your push cart.

Electric Carts

If you have a little extra cash to spend you can purchase an electric golf cart. These products are technologically advanced and makes life very easy. Here’s a video that explains a popular one:

I personally think these devices are really cool. They tend to be pricey, however, and will cost over $1000. I wouldn’t say these carts are a must have but they make life pretty easy.

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I know the importance of buying good gear when golfing. You don’t want low quality equipment out on the course – that’ll just lead to stress. If you choose the right golf cart you’ll be happy with what you get.

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You’ll find a product for all budgets and needs there – there’s basic carts that cost $60 to more rugged carts that cost $250 to electric carts that cost as high as $2000.

If you have any questions you can comment below and I’ll make sure to respond as fast as possible. You can search around the golf section up top for more tips to help your game.

Are you ready to hit the links with your new cart?