How To Hit A 5 Iron More Skillfully

A 5 iron is a great club to get onto the green after your drive – if you know how to hit it. If you have poor swing mechanics, you wont get the results you want.

In this guide you’ll see how to properly hit a 5 iron and some drills to help you out. After you’re done reading I’m sure you’ll be eager to get out to the golf course.

Let’s get into it!

Proper Grip

It’s perfectly fine to use a standard interlocking grip when hitting the 5-iron. If you’re new to the sport, this grip requires you to interlock the index finger on your left hand with the pinky of your right hand, and vice versa for left-handed golfers. Your right hand should be lower on the club than the left at address.

Here’s a video to help in this department:

Proper Stance

Many golfers make the common mistake of hitting their 5-iron with the ball placed in the middle of their stance. However, this stance will make it all but impossible to hit a clean shot. When using a 5-iron, the ball should be closer to your left foot. Although you will need to practice with different ball positions to find the perfect placement for you, it should definitely be forward of center.

Club Face At Impact

The angle of the clubface upon impact is one of the keys to solid iron play. Unfortunately, many beginners struggle in this regard. Once you have practiced the steps above and know how to properly set up for your 5-iron shot, you next need to practice hitting the ball with the clubface square upon impact.

Strive to keep the leading edge of your 5-iron just below the center of the golf ball upon impact and contact the ball just before contacting the ground. Most importantly, make sure the clubface squarely impacts the ball. This will result in proper loft and a good flight path.

The Follow Through

When hitting your 5-iron, it’s important to maintain consistent momentum and follow through to complete the swing. In addition to following through properly with your hands, make sure to achieve full hip rotation. By doing this and the steps above, you’ll be hitting your 5-iron crisper, cleaner, longer, and straighter than ever before.

Tips For Hitting A Great 5 Iron Shot

You may have the basics down, but here are some additional tips to help you hit great 5-iron shots time and time again:

Warm Up Beforehand

Like any other golf shot, practice makes perfect when hitting the 5-iron. Begin practicing by hitting some punch shots, in which you swing from 9 o’clock to 3 o’clock, in order to hear and feel the club squarely hitting the ball. Then, progress into longer swings remembering the basics above.

Practice the same way when warming up before a round. If you’re playing a course with par 3s and 4s, hitting a few flush 5-irons before teeing up will boost your confidence and your overall play.

Think 8 Iron

Unless there’s a water hazard between your ball and the green, chances are you seldom feel nervous when hitting a short iron approach shot. You should treat the 5-iron the same way. From a compact backswing to a rhythmic downswing, approach the shot as if you were hitting an 8 or 9-iron and you’ll achieve a much better shot.

The less distance your arms have to travel, the easier it will be to sync your body with your arms and clubs and solidly connect with the ball. A shorter backswing also encourages you to rotate your body more in order to get the right distance out of the shot. When you take a longer swing, the arms come into play more and become less in sync with your body, making it more difficult to hit the ball squarely.

Keep Your Head Still

As is the case with every other type of golf shot, it’s imperative to keep your head still throughout your swing. When addressing the ball, you should have a wide enough stance to keep your balance and not budge if someone were to try to push you over. You should feel well-balanced before beginning your back swing.

To help keep your head still during the backswing, make sure the brim of your hat or visor stays still and pointing towards the ball. This will help you stay centered over the ball, ensure a more compact backswing, and allow you to hit the ball more solidly.

Your ball will be dead in the water, perhaps literally, the moment you sway or your head moves off of it. If your head moves, you’ll have a difficult time controlling your swing and consistently making solid contact. Your head should remain still, and the club head of your 5-iron should reach its lowest point just ahead of the ball. If you’re able to do this consistently, you’ll be crushing the ball and giving up your hybrids for a 5-iron a lot more often.

Practice Makes Perfect: Great 5 Iron Drills

Compression Drill

Set up with the ball in the middle of your stance and hold the 5-iron in your right hand. Slowly take the club back and stop halfway during the backswing. Keep your right hand in front of the club head when swinging into the ball. Your hand should be lined up with your left leg upon impact.

This one-handed swing drill will take many repetitions and feel uncomfortable at first. Try doing around 50 at a time in between full two-handed swings. Before long, it will feel completely natural and your 5-iron game will thank you.

Credit Card Backswing Drill

Begin by placing a credit card in your left glove. Then, grip the 5-iron with your left hand and slowly take it back. The card should stay flat and exert pressure evenly throughout the backswing.

If the card stays flat but there is space between the end of the card and your wrist, then the clubface is closed. If the card touches your wrist on the sides but is bowed with space between your wrist and the middle of the card, then the clubface is open.

For the perfect 5-iron backswing, continue bringing the club back until the card stays flat and evenly in contact with your wrist throughout your backswing. Once you have this down, you’ll achieve a much better clubface position and notice improved contact with the ball.

Here’s a video that explains this drill better:

You should Be Able To Hit Your 5 Iron Better!

A 5 iron is an excellent club to use and when you learn to hit it right you can expect some really nice shots. If you follow the hints in this article and practice the drills I recommend you should be able to use your 5 iron more effectively.

If you have any questions you can comment below and I’ll make sure to respond as fast as possible. You can go to the golf section up top for more tips too.

Are your ready to hit some nice shots this year?