How To Improve Your Putting And Grip

Being a good putter can really improve your golf game, so learning this skill can be very worthwhile. Good putting will not only lead to lower scores but it’ll leave your friends very impressed too.

In this guide I’ll show you various ways to become a better putter and different tips to ensure that.

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Every Green Is Like A Finger Print – They’re All Different

To improve putting, you should learn how to read golf greens. Get into the habit of looking at the slopes of the green and the length of the grass. By taking all of this into consideration you can decide how much force you need to apply to your shot.

Improve Putting Grip By Learning The Basics

Achieving the perfect grip isn’t something you need to hire an instructor to learn, although you certainly can go that route. Begin by studying how to hold the club and keep in mind there’s several different ways to do that. Then experiment extensively with each until you find one that feels the most natural to you.

You can make improvements by paying attention to pros too. Try watching the masters and any other tournament on television. Look how they hold their clubs and mimic what you see as you watch.

Also, focus on the pressure you apply to your club. You can improve your grip by picturing your club’s handle as a bird. You want to hold it tightly enough that it won’t fly away, but not so tightly that you could crush it.

Here’s a video to help in this department:

Pretty simple, right?

The 6 Inches Between Your Ears

I know this may sound cliche but sports, and especially golf, is mental. When you’re stepping to the green are you thinking to yourself “Great! I’ll never be able to make this” or “Wow, what a terrible shot onto the green that was.”

It may seem insignificant but having a realistic or positive mental attitude can make a difference. Instead of getting down about every shot just remind yourself that you’re going to get better as you practice more.

When you think like this bad shots are no longer bad shots – they’re learning experiences. They’re opportunities to try different things out.

If you hit on the edge of the green you get to practice reading the green or you can try a different grip to see if it works better from far away.

I know golf can be frustrating but be easy on yourself; this sport is meant to be enjoyed.

Having The Right Equipment

Golf is one of those sports where you need to have good equipment. Having a cheap putter can really effect your shots. I started playing golf a while ago and used really cheap clubs in the beginning. It didn’t make things easy.

After growing frustrated with my progress I decided to buy a new set of clubs – one that were a little more expensive. As a result I got a better putter too.

Well made golf equipment just feels so much better than lower quality ones. When you purchase a nice putter your shots are more precise and you get more accuracy.

If you’re having a hard time sinking putts, you may want to invest in a new putter. If you’d like to know how to select one, click here.

Having the right golf ball is key too!

When And How To Practice

At the end of the day to improve your putting you have to get on the course – there’s no better teacher than experience.

When I go golfing (as long as the golf course isn’t overly crowded and there aren’t people waiting behind me) I’ll putt in my shot and then take a few more practice putts.

I’ll go to different corners of the green and shoot at different angels. I try to get as familiar with my putter and putting motion as possible. If there’s a slope I try shooting up and down the slope.

Doing this will teach you everything you need to know about your putting motion.

You can purchase a cheap putting green for your backyard too. It won’t be as helpful as going to the course but it can definitely help. You’ll be able to develop a putt that you can do in your sleep.

That’s Not That Hard, Right? 

Becoming a good putter can shave a serious amount of strokes from your overall score. If you can completely erase 3 putts and regularly hit close putts, you’ll be in a good place.

Doing simple things like trying out different stances and grips can really make a big difference – it has for me! Just make sure to practice on the course. Go by yourself if you have to.

If you need anything cleared up you can comment below and I’ll respond quickly. You can search around the golf section up top for more golf tips too.

Are your ready to sink some nice putts?