How to Keep Your Feet Warm

How To Keep Your Feet WarmDuring the late fall and on-going winter months, it is the perfect time to do certain winter activities such as hiking, skiing, camping, snowboarding, hunting, and even fishing. Keeping your feet warm can be challenging especially when you are outside for long periods of time. In this article, we will be discussing how to keep your feet warm while you are outside. Enjoy all of our helpful tips down below.

Wear Layers

You need to make sure that not only your feet but your entire body is not losing heat. Start by layering clothing to keep yourself warm. If you are not wearing the proper clothing, then that can be a huge indicator of why your feet are feeling so cold.

Warm up the core of your body by wearing the proper clothing. Start with a base layer consisting of thermal pants or shirts. Then move on to another layer of regular warm clothing. Heated pants are a great way to warm up your legs that will generate heat down to your feet.

Get a High-Quality Pair of Warm Socks

Warm SocksOne of the best ways to keep your feet warm is by investing in a good pair of socks. There are many options in this category. You can wear two pairs of socks on your feet to keep you warm; you can purchase a pair of wool socks, or heated socks.

Heated socks use a rechargeable battery that can be connected to the sock to start generating heat. Heated socks can keep your feet warm even on the coldest winter days. Heated socks are wildly popular with the people who spend many hours outside in the cold.

Wool socks have natural moisture-wicking properties that help to keep your feet from feeling sweaty. Wool is also very warm. If you do not want to invest in a heated pair of socks, you should consider getting a good pair of 100% wool socks.

Keep Your Feet Dry

To stay warm, you need to keep yourself dry. If you have very sweaty feet or you get your feet wet when it is cold outside; you will lose valuable heat that is being generated on your feet. Keep your feet as dry as possible when outside in the cold.  Certain materials of socks such as wool and polypropylene naturally have moisture-wicking properties that will help people who have naturally sweaty feet to keep them dry.

Waterproof Socks

Another easy way to keep your feet dry and warm is by wearing waterproof socks. Waterproof socks contain a material on the outside that can repel water from soaking into the fibers of the sock.  When socks become water from either water or sweat, it will start to cool down your body temperature. Cold wet socks can do a lot of harm; so, if you are planning on hiking, camping, or even fishing it would be smart to invest in some waterproof socks.

Wear Proper Shoes

Wear Proper Shoes

You need to have a good pair of shoes, especially during the wintertime. Shoes that are not properly worn in the wintertime will keep you cold. Boot and thicker fabric shoes should be worn in the winter. Boots will help keep the cold air out and provide great insulation to your feet and ankles. Thicker tennis shoes can also help to keep you warm as long as you are wearing a warm pair of socks. Breathability is also important when it comes to shoes; make sure your feet can breathe inside your shoes not becoming too sweaty.

Get Some Heated Insoles

You can purchase toe warmers or heated insoles that help to keep the inside of your shoes warm and toasty. You can simply put these inside your shoe, and they will start to heat up. Some are powered by a rechargeable battery that can be used over and over again. Some toe warmers are a single-use and start to work as soon as they are opened. If you do not have a pair of heated socks then heated insoles are a great way to generate heat to your feet when you are wearing big boots, mucking boots, or tennis shoes.

Not Too Tight of Shoes

To keep your body warm in the winter or even the fall, you need to have proper blood flow throughout your body. Your feet are no exception; if your shoes or socks are too tight, they can restrict your blood flow. This will ultimately leave your feet feeling cold and tingly because of the loss of blood flow. So, make sure your socks and shoes are snug without being too tight. Don’t clench your toes inside your shoes, either. You want the blood flow to keep moving without getting restricted by anything.

No Caffeine

Don't Drink CaffeineCaffeinated beverages are another way to restrict blood flow in your body. When you drink too much caffeine it slows down the blood flow that is being continuously pumped into your body. Low blood flow means you will be a lot colder, so keep that in mind before you are planning to be outside during those cold winter days.

Frequent Breaks

If you can try to take frequent breaks inside from the outside cold. This will help you warm-up for the few minutes you are inside. Grab a snack and try to relax by the heater or fire if you have one going in your home.  Try to skip the hot coffee and get some hot cocoa instead because if you read what I wrote above, you will know that caffeine in coffee or energy drinks restricts blood flow, keeping you colder.

Keep Moving

This may seem like an obvious thing you should do to keep warm, but it is 100% true! Moving can not only generate heat but keep you warmer. It can be hard for certain activities like hunting or fishing having to wait in the same spot for hours, but even little movements can help generate heat. Try your best to move frequently to stay warm.

Heated Slippers

I love wearing slippers in the house on a cold, snowy day outside. One way to warm up in the house is by wearing a pair of heated slippers. These usually have a rechargeable battery that can be charged and used inside the slippers to generate heat. These slippers aren’t typically worn outside, but they are to help you keep warm inside a house, office, or even your car. Check them out they are quite amazing!


I hope my tips on how to keep your feet warm helped to give you some ideas to try. Having cold feet is not enjoyable, and just by doing a few things on my list should make a huge improvement in keeping your feet warm. Enjoy the winter months, and get outside doing something fun without being worried about the cold.