Schwinn 20 Inch Loop Folding Bike Review

Rating 4.9/5

Overview: Best described as an urban leisure bike, the Loop is ideal for easy and convenient commuting, getting around campus or leisurely rides around your neighborhood. What really makes the bike appealing, however, is its compact size when folded.

  • The folding bike comes with a stylish nylon bag for easy storage and travel
  • The bike has 7 different speeds, making a versatile choice for everyday use and more challenging terrain
  • The unique design is not only stylish, but it is also durable in riders can get on and off the bike easily
  • The high-quality alloy braking system means you can stop quickly in any kind of emergency

Schwinn manages to combine quality and affordability as well as excellent performance and of course Schwinn ’s head-turning design.


It’s hard not to notice the unique design of the bike, after all, that’s what Scwhinn is synonymous with. We’re not sure if the design has any effect on the performance of the Loop, but it sure as heck makes it stand out from a lot of other folding bikes on the market.  Also, it’s also very easy to get on and off the bike, which for us is always a big plus.


While it might seem like we’re stating the obvious, the Schwinn Loop is well made, using quality materials. What this means is a folding bike that can easily support up to 230 pounds, and with an adjustable seat, it’s suitable for riders of any height. This does mean that the folding bike is a little heavy, weighing around 30 pounds. But if the additional weight means the bike is more sturdy than most, we’ll take it.


It goes without saying that one of the most important features to consider when looking at a folding bike, is, of course, the fold. The Loop folds down to just 30 inches, making it the perfect size if your commute includes buses, cabs, trains or even planes. And even with its solid frame, it folds easily and quickly.

Braking system        

We’re all about form and function, but safety is a priority too, which is why we recommend the Schwinn 20-inch Loop. The linear brakes mean you can stop as quickly as you need to without the bike jerking or you going over the handlebars.


Okay, so you’re not going to be winning the Tour de France while riding the Loop, but you’ll definitely be a tour de force on the road. Even compared to folding bikes that cost two to three times more, you will be impressed by its performance. Regardless of the terrain you’re tackling, this is a smooth ride and feels as comfortable as sitting on a chair. It’s the perfect bike to get you to and from work, and everywhere in between.

7-Speed Drivetrain

Even though this is primarily a commuting bike, the Loop comes with 7 different speeds, which makes hilly travel a breeze. This added feature adds to the bike’s versatility, allowing you to hit the open (and uneven) road every now and then.

Does the Schwinn Loop come assembled?

This depends on where you purchase your bike. If you order it online, it will need to be assembled, but rest assured it isn’t difficult and won’t take very long. If you’re unsure of what to do or don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, you can pop into your local bike store and ask a professional to assist.

What are the dimensions of the Loop when folded?

The Loop measures 30″ X 32″ X 11” when it is folded up. It is compact enough to fit in your vehicle rather than you having to invest in a bike rack.

Can I travel with it on a plane?

Yes, you should be able to, if you check it in as luggage. However, we suggest confirming this with the airline first. While some are more than happy for you to travel with your bike, others might not allow it.

I’m over 6 foot tall. Would I be able to ride this bike?

The good news is yes. Unlike a lot of other folding bikes on the market, the Loop was made for people of different heights. The design also means you can reach the pedals without having to bend your knees.

Should I Buy It?

The Schwinn 20-inch Loop folding bike is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a quality folding bike. There is no faulting its performance, durability, stability and of course the very cool, retro-style design. This is urban biking at its best.

As far as we’re concerned, there’s a very good reason why Schwinn has the word win in it.