Skiing vs Snowboarding

Skiing VS SnowboardingYou may be thinking to yourself skiing vs snowboarding which one should I choose? Which one is easier, and which one is more fun? Today we are going to answer these age-old questions and give you all the information necessary about skiing and snowboarding.

What’s Easier Skiing or Snowboarding?

People have the misconception that skiing is easier than snowboarding for a few reasons. People believe that since your feet are separated and your body is facing the natural way of straight down the slopes that it would naturally feel easier. While you will feel more comfortable in the position of your body and feet, it doesn’t make it easier. Let’s dive deeper into discussing the true difference in riding the slopes using skis and a snowboard.

Position of the Body

Skiing: We touched on this above but skiing does allow your feet to be separated, and it does give you the option to be facing forwards. This gives you comfort knowing that you can see the slope and what may be coming ahead of you.

Snowboarding: When you are snowboarding, both feet are anchored down to the board facing sideways. This can be overwhelming for first time snowboarders having their feet attached. Your body has to naturally go at a sideways 90-degree angle when snowboarding. It will be much harder to keep an eye on your surrounds on the slope because of the way your body is positioned.


Skiing: When skiing your feet are separated, it is really easy to pull your legs too far apart or even in too much and cause an injury. Turning and twisting on ski’s is much harder than on a snowboard. When you are skiing for a long period of time it can be very trying on your knees. Take frequent breaks when possible.

Snowboarding: When on a snowboard you should have an easier time making turns, but when you are first learning and getting used to a snowboard, you may have some injuries. People commonly get injuries in their ankles from trying to twist them when making turns or controlling the snowboard.

Navigating Lifts

Skiing: skiers shouldn’t have a problem getting on and off the ski lifts. It will take some getting used to especially when you are a beginner. You can sit forward easily when on a lift when wearing skis.

Snowboarding: Snowboarders will have a harder time using ski lifts because since the board is faced sideways you will need to unclip one foot out of the board when on a lift. After you get off you will have to move off before clipping your foot back into the board. This can be challenging; this is something that will just take practice.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Which Burns More Calories Skiing or Snowboarding?

When you are going to spend time learning a new winter sport you want to make sure you are going to not only benefit from the winter sport but also get some good exercise. Just remember the number of calories burned on this winter sport is affected by how hard you are working and your body type.

Skiing: When skiing, you can burn up to 500 calories in an hour based upon how fast you are going, how hard your working, and how much time you spent riding instead of on the ski lift. This is just an approximation you can burn more or even less.

Snowboarding: Again, the same thing with snowboarding, different factors affect how many calories you are going to burn. You can burn an approximate of 450 calories in an hour of snowboarding. These numbers came from a non-profit trade association. To get your accurate number wear one of the calorie watches on your wrist.

Are Snowboard Boots different than Ski Boots?

Are Snowboard Boots different than Ski Boots?

Snowboard boots and ski boots are not the same. They can not be used for both winter sports because they are made from different materials, look different, and fit on your board/skis different. Keep reading to learn more about the differences.

Skiing: Ski boots are more rigid and made of harder materials such as plastic and a fleece inside.  Ski boots also, do not use a lacing system that uses buckles to strap down your feet. The feel of ski boots is also different than snowboard boots. They are also heavier and more heavy-duty when on your feet.

Snowboarding: Snowboarding boots are more flexible than ski boots. These look more like a traditional work boot. Snowboarding boots are more comfortable as well because they are not as ridged and you can move your feet more comfortably. Snowboarding boots use different types of lacing systems instead of buckles.

Which is More Dangerous Skiing or Snowboarding?

This is a difficult question to answer because if you are careful and follow all the rules associated with skiing and snowboarding then they will not be dangerous to you. The national ski association did do a research study, and they did determine that snowboarding isn’t as deadly as skiing can be. More death related accidents happen to people who are skiing.

What’s more fun, snowboarding or skiing?

This is really all up to your personal opinion, but I think that snowboarding provides more fun. It can be challenging to learn in the beginning, but once you master it and get better, you will find that snowboarding is very fun. I like the way you can ride on the board as if you are surfing. You decide which one you like best and let me know!

Is Snowboarding Bad for ACL?

Yes, you can typically get this type of injury when you are snowboarding. When you land or fall with your knees bent it can tear the ACL. This doesn’t really happen when you are skiing, but when you snowboard this is a huge possibility If you overextend your leg a certain way.

Is Snowboarding or Skiing Hard on your Knees?

Snowboarding: Yes, snowboarding is hard on your knees, but so is skiing. If you fall a certain way or overextend your leg, you can develop ACL or even hurt or get sore knees.

Skiing: Skiing is also very tiring on your knees. If you ski for long periods of time in that bent position, they can get very sore and cause problems. Remember to take lots of breaks when snowboarding or skiing to prevent injuries and relax the muscles.

What Muscles do you use to Snowboard and Ski?

Snowboarding: There are different types of muscles involved in each sport. When you snowboard you typically use your leg muscles more like your quadriceps and calf’s and hamstrings. Balance is also something that is crucial when you are snowboard, so you will feel your core muscles when snowboarding.

Skiing:  Skiing requires balances as well, so you will feel the core muscles engaged. Skiing also engaged the muscles in your calf’s, hamstrings, quadriceps, and even in your feet and ankles. You will also use your arm muscles to power the poles into the ground to pull you down the slope. I guarantee you after a few hours; you will feel incredibly sore.

Snowboarding Cost 

Snowboarding Cost

How much does a Snowboarding Trip Cost?

Staying at a Snowboarding or ski resort can cost up to crazy expensive prices; some trips can total over $2,000. There are many ways to try and cut the cost; some of them are to save money on plane tickets drive instead, find cheaper package deals, and try to book far in advance to get the best rates. You could also choose to stay at an Airbnb just outside the resort.

What does a Snowboard Rental Include?

You can typically rent a snowboard and other equipment if you do not own any of it. The cost will range at every resort, but typically you can rent the snowboard, boots, bindings, and lift tickets for around $60. Now, this is for someone who wants to test out if they want to pursue snowboarding. Once you know you will then have to purchase your own gear.

What Gear do you need to Snowboard?

You are going to need of course the snowboard, boots, boot bindings, goggles, gloves, and then heavy-duty warm clothing. This can cost you a lot of money, but it should keep for years as long as you take good care of your stuff.

Skiing Cost

Skiing Cost

What does a Ski Rental Include?

A ski rental is a lot like a snowboarding rental except you are getting skis, ski poles, and the other gear you need like boots and a ski pass. Most slopes have their own ski equipment rental place, so you will not need to rent things separately. You can typically get a package price that is cheaper per item you need.

Is it Cheaper to Ski or Snowboard?

If you are planning on buying all the equipment necessary for these two winter sports then you will surely notice that you can get all the snowboarding gear for a few hundred dollars cheaper than the ski gear. Skiing gear is more expensive, and there are also more things to purchase like the ski poles and the special bindings.


Now that you know the difference between skiing VS snowboarding, what have you learned? Both winter sports have their pros and cons, and while they are very fun you will need to weight your options to choose which one you like best. Which one did you like the best? Let us know; we would love to hear from you.