Slammo Game Set Review

Have you been dying for a new fun outdoor game? I have the perfect solution for you, the Slammo game is a fast-paced game that will get you up and outside being active. Its more of a sport than a game and people love it so much. In this article, I am going to tell you all about my Slammo game set reviews. I review the Slammo sets to see if they are really worth your time and I will be answering all the typical questions about GoSports Slammo game.

GoSports Slammo Game Set

This is the GoSports traditional Slammo game set. In this set, you will be getting you basic game set that includes the rim with the legs, the net with net clips, two competitive balls, one training ball, and a Slammo drawstring bag to carry everything inside. This is a two on two game that provides you with a ton of fun as well as a hardcore workout. This game is great for the whole family including your children.


The design of this game is very unique. It is made to look like a small trampoline with an optimized design. The rims are made out of a strong PVC material. The PVC is very strong and holds up great during your Slammo game. The balls are bouncy and they will work great in your Slammo game.


This is a great set for beginner players. This set is very affordable and it will make a perfect gift for anyone in your family. Children and adults can both play this game and that is why it is so versatile. The training ball that comes with the set is great for beginner players because they can practice the game using that at first then they can switch to the competitive balls.

GoSports SLAMMO PRO Game Set

Since the Slammo set was such a huge hit among thousands of people the GoSports company decided to make the Slammo pro set. This is an overall new and improved set that has upgraded the rim, net and legs of the game set. You can take this set anywhere you please and play a great game of Slammo.


This new Slammo pro set has some great upgrades compared to the regular Slammo set. The legs are now supposed to be 200 times stronger than the original set. This means they should stay in place while you are playing a game. There is a new net included which should be much stronger than the original and it should have a better bounce. The last upgrade they added is a low-profile rim and what that does is it reduces the amount of rim shot you might make during your game

Roundnet Association

All across the united states player band together to join a competition to see who is the best at Slammo. This pro set will get you ready for the touch competition ahead by providing you with a quality game set to play on. Now all you have to do is practice practice practice!


Overall this set comes with a lot of great improved elements, but that does come at a cost. When you add all these upgrades it makes the price go up. I still think the GoSport company did a great job putting in all of these features because it makes it an excellent game set.

GoSports Slammo XL Game Set

The GoSport Slammo XL game set is similar to the Slammo pro set with the higher quality materials but it also has some new things to consider as well. The biggest difference in the Slammo XL set is the net is now 48”.  This is 75% larger than the regular net surface. Since the net is so much bigger this makes it better for beginner players as well as now you can play against 3 v. 3 or even 4 v. 4.

You will still be getting all the great Slammo features you love, now we have just added a few bonuses for you. You will also be getting a hand pump so when you need to reflate your balls it will be super easy to do. The best part about this set is that you will also receive a lifetime replacement parts warranty that way you will always be able to fix your Slammo set if something happens to it.


This set is more expensive because of all the great features you will be getting. You need to really think about if these features matter to you because if they do then they are worth the money. I really like the XL Slammo set. I would say this set is my favorite because it is perfect for beginner player – which I am. And they provide you with all of the top-quality features.

Slammo Rules

There are some basic rules or guidelines if you will that you should follow to ensure a successful game.

  • Make sure you are properly dressed for a game. Unless you are playing your Slammo game at the beach I highly suggest you wear some close toed shoes because the game is very active and will get intense.
  • Unless you are using the Slammo XL game set then a regular game is two on two.
  • When you are ready to serve the ball in the game you need to be about six feet away from your game net.
  • You can serve a ball as a hard serve or a soft serve it is really up to you on how you want to serve.
  • Each team only gets to touch the ball three times before they lose the round. You have to get the ball to the other team before the third turn is over.
  • If the ball doesn’t directly hit the net and it somehow hits the rims or the ground then you do not receive a point for the round the other team will get to claim the point.
  • The team that gets to twenty-one points first will be the winning team.
  • After the first eleven points have been rewarding regardless of how many points each team has you have to switch sides.
  • A player cannot touch the ball twice in a row.

How to Play Slammo

Setting Up Slammo

Before you even start to play your game, you will need to set up your equipment. The Slammo sets come with everything you need to play the game. Take everything out of your Slammo bag and begin setting it up. It is very straight forward to set up your game set. Connect all the rims and the negs then you just have to connect your net and your done. Its very easy and the instructions are very straight forward.

Now you need to find some friends to play with. You want to have two teams of two to play the game. If you are using the Slammo XL game set then you can actually play with more people because the net is bigger. Once you have your teams together all you have to do is grab a ball and start playing.

Physically Playing the Game

When you are playing the game, you need to decide which game will be serving the ball first. You can do this in many different ways either by rock paper scissors, flipping a coin, etc., you get the idea. Once that is established the team who is starting needs to serve the ball to the other team.

When the other team gets the ball, they have three tries to volley the ball back to the net to give back to the other team. If for some reason they do not get it back to the other team before the three tries or they drop the ball that round is over and the other team will receive a point. The game is totally over when someone gets to twenty-one points.

Slammo Video

Below is a video that I thought would be visually easy for you to follow. This video will teach you how to play the game if my instructions were not clear enough.

How to Play Slammo Video

In Conclusion

I hope you found this article very helpful to teach you more about the Slammo game. I hope you take a look at the Slammo game set reviews I have personally taken the time to make. It will help you decide which one of the Slammo products will be the best for you. If you have any questions about any of the products above feel free to ask in the comments below.