Slammo vs Spikeball

Summer is upon us and that means its time for nice weather and outdoor activities. With the summer fast approaching, I have noticed people play two new games. Slammo and Spikeball have taken the world by storm and growing more popular each day. They look very similar but what is the overall difference? Today, I will be discussing Slammo vs. Spikeball, all the differences, similarities, and what makes each product unique.

Below you will find all the necessary information as well as a review of each product and what I think about them personally.

Spikeball 3 Ball Kit

This set is a standard Spikeball set that comes with three balls instead of one. If you are someone who loves to get outside and break a sweat having fun then this is the game for you. This game is very fun and can be played in two groups of two. The whole family can take turns playing this fun volleyball like game.


  • The kit includes legs, rims, clips for net, net, and three softball size balls.
  • Comes with a stylish carrying bag to transport your game.
  • Great for exercise outside.
  • Great fun for you and all of your friends.
  • Comes with an APP you can download to find other friends to play Spikeball with.

Spikeball Pro Kit (Tournament Edition)

This set made by the Spikeball company for people who have been playing Spikeball for a long time. This is a pro set but you don’t need to be a pro to purchase this product.  Spikeball puts amazing high-quality material together already to deliver a great product to you but the Spikeball pro set basically upgrades all of the features to give you a better set


  • Upgrades features in the legs and net quality.
  • Comes with rims for net, stronger net, clips, legs, and a Spikeball ball.
  • Comes with a free registration to a tournament by the roundnet association.
  • Great exercise.
  • Fun for everyone who plays.
  • App to find players to play with.

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GoSports Slammo Game Set

Slammo is an active engaging game that will get you up and outside moving. Slammo can be used as a game or even a hardcore workout for your body’s endurance. This game will teach you better hand skills and hand-eye coordination. In this set, you will get the net, rims, legs, 2 playing balls, one training ball, and a carrying bag.


  • Very athletic game and workout.
  • Easy instructions on how to play.
  • Easy setup of equipment.
  • Very bouncy soft and squishy balls.

GoSports SLAMMO PRO Game Set

Similar to the Spikeball pro set this set too is for pros or more advanced players. This product has some great upgrades on the net and the rims as well as the legs of the product. The legs are now 200% stronger than the regular Slammo set. The rim now is more low profile which reduces the number of rim shots during the game. This is another great option for you when you want an outdoor activity at a low affordable price.


  • Upgrades on the look, durability, and bounce of the net.
  • Rubber feet legs for better stability on the ground.
  • Coms with a carrying bag, hand pump, and three competition balls.
  • Low profile rim to improve gameplay.

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What is the Difference Between Spikeball and Slammo?

If we really want to understand the differences between these two very similar games, we will need to examine the features of each.

Quality of The Materials

Spikeball and Slammo are both made with a hard PVC material. The only difference is that the Spikeball game is actually made with a higher quality PVC material. So, when you use this game outdoors the quality of the Spikeball game with withstand more of the outside elements than the Slammo game.


The legs on the Spikeball set can be folded down to be put away for easy storage or even folded down flat to play the game on a flat surface. The Slammo sets legs cannot be adjusted so it will have to stay at the height that it is. The clips on both products work great but as I have stated above the Spikeball set seems higher quality.


Both sets come with the playing balls you need to play the game. When you hold one Spikeball ball in your hand and a slammo ball in the other you can instantly feel the difference between the two. The spikeballs are heavier, thicker, and they are just more durable.

The Slammo balls do have a better bounce when they bounce off the net. This is because they are lighter in weight. The Slammo set also comes with a practice ball that is bigger and great for younger people to learn how to play the game.


The Spikeball community is very large and still growing today. Spikeball connects other players with their app they created for their users to always find someone to play a Spikeball game with. They have also developed an association for tournaments and events to play other players around the united states to earn prizes. Slammo, on the other hand, has nothing like this. If you are looking for someone to play against and you want to compete in a tournament, then Spikeball is the better choice.


When it comes down to the cost of the product you have some wiggle room if you are on a budget. Spikeball can tend to range higher priced than the cheaper Slammo sets. Now even though Spikeball is more expensive you need to keep in mind they were the first to get into the “Spike ball game” and they make their products with higher quality materials.

Slammo is cheaper by almost half of the Spikeball game. Slammo doesn’t use the highest quality materials and the balls are not as nice as Spikeball. Slammo is a cheap copy cat version of Spikeball. So, if you are looking for something that is cheap then the Slammo will be better suited for you.

What is Better Slammo or Spikeball?

In my personal opinion, I think Spikeball is better quality and a better-created game. The things you get with the game are far more superior quality than the Slammo set. I still think Slammo is a good product but it basically seems like a copied version of Spikeball.


As you can see there are some huge difference and similarities between the Slammo vs Spikeball game sets. My overall verdict is the Spikeball set because I personally feel that the overall quality and materials are far better than the Slammo. I still think if you have a lower budget than the Slammo is a great option. If you have any questions leave them down below and I look forward to talking to you.