Spikeball Game Set Review

Spikeball Game Set ReviewHave you heard about the Spikeball game? Spikeball is a face paced almost volleyball like game that will get you up and moving against a team of two. It is a very fun game and is now recognized as a sport; there are tournaments all around the united states every year.

In this article, we are going to be reviewing the Spikeball game set. We will also be answering all the typical questions people have about Spikeball. Anything you want to know about Spikeball we will have an answer to. So lets jump right into this article with the Spikeball game set review.

What Is Spikeball?

In simplest terms, Spikeball is a backwards game of volleyball combined with four square. I know what you must be thinking… what? Basically, you have teams of two and you have the same objective as volleyball except you want it hit the net that is elevated slightly off the ground. Instead of using a big round ball you will be using a small baseball sized ball.

Each team has to volley the baseball sized ball into the air and then spike (bounce) the ball onto the net to return it to the other team. You earn points when the ball that was passed isn’t returned or gets dropped will receive a point. The team that gets to twenty-one points wins the game.

Spikeball 3 Ball Kit

This item was shown on the hit tv show Shark Tank. This wowed everybody in the tank and we know it will wow you too. This Spikeball kit is a fun active game that will get the entire family up playing. You will get the legs, net, and the three balls that will come inside a stylish carrying bag. The game is easy to learn and can be brought to any location around the world.

What Do You Get?

This Spikeball kit is very similar to the original Spikeball kit except you are just getting extra balls in this one. You will get five pieces of frame to put together, five legs, one bouncy net, and three spikeballs. It also comes with a carrying bag to hold everything inside.


This game is really great for people who want to get some exercise with a great workout. When you play this game without a doubt you will be sweating. This game requires a lot of physical endurance. So just keep that in mind when playing this game.


I love that this game gets you outside playing on a team. Not only is this game super fun but it also helps build team building skills. This is a great game to just play for fun but also to play competitively. The functionality of the game is really great and it is easy to set up.

Spikeball Pro Kit (Tournament Edition)

This Spikeball set is similar in many ways to the original with a few minor upgrades. Many of the pieces have been designed to perform better, better durability, and are a lot more fun. If you have been playing Spikeball for a long time then this set is for you because it is designed for the hardcore pro players who love to have fun with some healthy competition.


You are still getting the impeccable net, frame, balls, and backpack but they are all elevated to a new level. The net is now upgraded to a stronger bouncier net. The two balls that come with the set now have texture added to them so they are able to spin. You will also be getting a new pumping ball gauge which you can add air into the balls. The carrying bag has also got an upgrade now transformed into a backpack with straps.

Registration to Roundnet Tournament

This kit also includes a free registration that can be used to enter a Spikeball tournament with the roundnet association. This is another great feature because it will connect you with other players across the United States all coming together to have some serious fun.


Overall, this just is extremely similar to the original set with some upgrade for the more professional players. The price point is higher on this set because of the upgrades and the quality that has been upgraded on the entire sports game. This set is perfect for someone planning to use it all the time.

Best Spikeball Plays

Here I have a video of some of the best Spikeball plays.  This video will show you how intense some people get playing this game.

Here is another video on the basics of how to play Spikeball. You can also read my paragraph below for a more detailed knowhow.

Spikeball Rules

There are a set of basic rules that need to be followed to play Spikeball correctly. Here are the rules:

  1. Each team playing Spikeball needs to have two players on it.
  2. Always dress appropriately when getting ready for a game, closed toe shoes are your best option but there are people who play Spikeball at the beach as well. Do not wear jewelry such as rings, necklaces, or bracelets.
  3. If you are serving the ball you need to be six feet away from the net. You are allowed to use soft or even hard servers as long as the ball hits the net.
  4. If the ball doesn’t hit the net such as it hits the rims or legs then that is the end of that round and the point will have to be awarded to the other team.
  5. Each team gets to volley (touch) the ball three times before losing that round.
  6. You need to get the ball to the other team before the third volley is up.
  7. A player cannot touch the ball twice in a row, the point will be awarded to the other team.
  8. The game is over when the first team reaches twenty-one points.
  9. You have to switch sides when a team receives eleven points.
  10. If players hit each other to the ground after getting the ball across the net then the point is awarded to the other team for an infraction.

Spikeball Events

There are tons of Spikeball events that they like to call tournaments. Each tournament consists of tour stops. They will narrow down the list of players to the finale grand slam tournament. There are four divisions to choose between. You have women’s, intermediate, advanced, and lastly premier. Let’s dive in deeper about each division.

Women’s – there is a women’s only division. This division will have all types of women from beginners to more advanced players. Women can play in any division its just nice to have their own.

Intermediate – Intermediate in basic terms mean beginner. You will be able to play with other people with the same skill set as you. This in not for people who are more advanced in the game.

Advanced – The advanced section is for elite players. All the best players play in this division.

Premier – this division is for the best people around the country. To play in this division the organization will have to already label you ready for primer status.

When you win any tournament event you will get a cash price. They switch it up every year so just check it out to see if it’s any different.

SpikeBall FAQ

How to Play Spikeball

The Setup

When playing Spikeball you need to have two teams of two people. You cannot play the game without having two teams of two. Spikeball doesn’t require a whole lot of equipment to play this game. In the kits we have reviewed above, will give you all the necessary items you need to play the game.

You will also need to have your net and net stand set up before beginning the game. This setup almost looks like a mini trampoline. You will also need to pull out one of the soft softball looking ball to use in your game

Playing the Game

Each play begins with someone serving the ball. That person will spike or volley the ball to the net to give it to the other team.  Once the other team volleys it, it is up to the other team to volley it to the other players or to spike it back towards the net to pass back to the other team.

Each team only gets to touch the ball three times. In this game you are not allowed to catch the ball you have to keep the ball moving when you play this game. The team at any time within their three turns is allowed to spike the ball towards the net to give it back to the other team.

The way you win points in this game is if the other team drops their ball, or if they have more than three volleys before passing it to the other size. The opposing team will receive that point. Once a team gets to twenty-one points the game is over and that team wins.

How To Win Points In Spikeball

There are a few ways to win a point for your team in the game of Spikeball, here are some:

  • The ball drops on the opposing team’s side,
  • They make more than three volleys before returning the ball.
  • If the ball misses the net.
  • The ball bounces of the rim.
  • Bounces more than one time on the net.
  • If the ball does not get bounced back to the other team before the three volleys.

Spikeball History

Back in the 1980’s Chris Ruder developed this toy game but it didn’t take off as they expected. In 2008 the game came back to life and was turned into a sports game instead of a toy game. They started gaining popularity and now this business makes six million dollars in revenue each year.

What really made this game take off is when they switched it to a competitive sports game that became wildly popular with the X-game people. Another significant event that happened is when Chris Ruder went on the hit tv show Shark Tank to try and get a deal. He was able to secure a half a million-dollar deal to help grow his business with Daymond.

Later, we find out that Spikeball and Daymond John from Shark Tank didn’t actually go forward making a deal. Daymond’s vision was to license the product out to other companies such as Marvel to make a Spiderman Spikeball set. Chris Ruder did not want to do that because he didn’t want the product to look childish and didn’t want it branded as a toy. So, in the end they weren’t able to come to a deal together.

Now today the Spikeball brand has become wildly popular and is sold across the country. You can find the Spikeball product on their own website, online, and even dick sporting goods. I would say this business definitely made it.

Who Invented Spikeball?

The original inventor of Spikeball back in the 1980s was Jeff Knurek. The original person who invented it gave it up and didn’t get a patent to protect the Spikeball invention so when Chris Ruder came around he basically took the idea for his own and turned it from a toy game to a sports game that people play in competitions every year.

Who Sells Spikeball?

The Spikeball game is sold throughout the country. The main places you can find and buy the Spikeball sports game is online, dick’s sporting goods, their website, and even more places around the united states.

How to Set Up Spikeball?

Setting up your Spikeball gear just got a whole lot easier. The company really wanted to keep the ease of setup a major factor when purchasing this product. If you still need help, I will give you a few steps to help make it easier.

  1. Start by removing all of the pieces from the box, you should have a net, five rim pieces, twenty clips, and five legs.
  2. First snap together all five rim pieces to form a circle.
  3. The clips will be the best way to attach all the rim pieces.
  4. After that go ahead and attach all the legs to the bottom of the rims.
  5. To put the net on first pick four even sections on the rim. Start by placing the net over and then under the rim to connect it securely to the clip. After you get the four main ones connected then start by connecting the rest of the net to the other clips.
  6. Now you are finished setting up your Spikeball game and you can play with it and have fun!

Here is a video following the same steps that I have written about for you above in case you need further visual help.

Why the Spikeball Pro Set?

Overall the Spikeball pro set is great because it is for people who are very familiar with the Spikeball game. The pro set in my opinion is way better because everything on the product has basically been upgraded. The legs and the rims of the product are 33% stronger than the original. The net is stronger and bouncier. The balls have a new textured design that will add a spin to the ball.

The price on this set is more expensive because you are actually going to get a registration to the Roundnet Association which is used for people all across the country to come together and play Spikeball in a competition setting. This set also comes with an app that you can download onto your smartphone device to find players near you to play. Overall when you factor how much you are getting in this set it makes it the only option because it is the best Spikeball product on the market.

What Happens When the Ball Hits the Rim of the Net in Spikeball?

In Spikeball you need to have a clear and accurate serve onto the net. If the ball does not bounce off the net clearly and hits the side of the net at the legs or rim then that team loses that round and the point will be awarded to the other team. You can still deliver hard or soft serves as long as it hits the net and bounces off. If you net is not springy enough then you may need to tighten it.

How Inflated Should a Spikeball Be?

Upon getting your set, your Spikeball should be 85% inflated. That is the recommended inflation because if you add to much air the ball will be way to bouncy and hard to catch it. With too little air the ball will not get a good bounce. So, it is very important that you find the perfect balance so that way you can have a very successful Spikeball game.

How to Make the Net the Right Tightness for Spikeball?

When you are setting up the net for your Spikeball game it is imperative that you do it correctly to have a successful game. When you first install the net make sure it is very tight. You want it to have a good bounce from the tight net strings.

The second thing you need to do is drop one of the Spikeball balls over the center of the net. If you have tightened the net correctly the ball should bounce above knee height. As your net breaks in for first time users you will want to retighten it every so often so it maintains that good bounce.


I hope this has helped you to understand more about the famous Spikeball game. People all across the united states love this game and I know you will too! I hope you found the Spikeball game set review helpful. If you have any questions about the Spikeball game set then just leave them down below.