Sun Mountain Speed Cart GT Review

Company: Sun Mountain

Rating: 4.9/5

Overview: The Sun Mountain Speed Cart GT is an excellent cart and will work for basically all golfers. It’s very easy to control and has three oversized wheels that can handle all terrains.

It has a hand brake that helps stop this product on a dime and it folds with ease. You get a bunch of features and plenty of compartments to hold all your stuff too.

I believe everyone should consider this cart.

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As you can see this is an awesome product!

Body Design

The Speed Cart GT is configured in a streamlined three-wheeled cart design. Its front wheel can be tucked beneath itself for storage and can be easily released in a downward fashion to open the cart.

The cart has tubular legs or forks that lead up to the handle and steering area where storage compartments and other accessories are located.

There is an upper bag bracket with straps that can hold a stand bag with leg components, and there is a lower bracket receiving area for the bottom of a stand bag.

Both brackets have bungee cords to further secure a golf bag to the cart. There are two latches that consist of one that disengages the front wheel and the other that detaches the cart handle from the body of the cart for simple up and down maneuvering.

Upper Rest

The Speed Cart GT has an improved upper rest area that is structured to house a bag stand device, which may have been difficult to situate in other push cart types, but the GT is capable of accommodating most any of these bags and their stand features.

Folding Capabilities 

The folding capabilities of the GT are enhanced and simplified through an E-Z Latch™ System that has eased the folding and unfolding of this lightweight cart.

The process also allows for the adjustment of the cart’s handle height. The latch works as a pair on the principle of clasping and unclasping through an easy release process.

One latch releases the front wheel, and the other detaches the handle from the body of the cart. The movement is simple and the latching and unlatching process is easy enough for an older child to perform.

Handle And Storage

The handle device is ergonomically designed and is fixed, which makes it easy to steer and control in the appropriate manner, and the handle height is adjustable. The handle positioning makes adjustments for arm and shoulder placement in a natural and comfortable fashion.

A covered console tray near the handle provides adequate storage, which can accommodate a cell phone, scorecard, pencil, tee holders, golf balls and other valuable items. The area has adequate space and depth, but not so much so that it intrudes on other storage areas of the cart.

A new and improved mesh bag is also included in the handle area and can hang down to allow for storage and retrieval of other items such as a sun hat, golf gloves, a jacket and any other small golfing necessities. There is also an accessory knob that is built in to accommodate additional add-ons to the cart, which could include an umbrella holder and cup holder.


The three wheels on the Speed Cart GT are approximately 12 inches in diameter and contain three spokes. The wheel bearings are hidden away and are almost inaudible when being used or moved across an area, plus the cart can be moved along at almost any speed that is comfortable for the user.

The wheels are easily operated whether going uphill or downhill and can handle walking, jogging or running activities. There is a hand break on the handle (parking brake) that allows the cart and wheels to remain secure and stable whether on an incline or in a level position.

The actual tires on the Speed Cart GT are made of a solid, hard and rubberized (non-inflatable) plastic. They move well over manicured terrain and maintain their tread.

Umbrella And Drink Holder

The Speed Cart GT is outfitted with an umbrella holder that is found on the side of the tubular handle. It will hold a regular golf umbrella. When the umbrella is ready for use or in use, it can be placed and secured in the loop that extends from the holder that makes for easy access.

The umbrella itself has a rubber cover and is resistant to slippage, and it can be opened and secured through an umbrella mount.

The drink holding device is adjustable and can be mounted on an attachment knob on a cart with one-inch tubing. It is made of molded plastic and can hold a 12 ounce can or a small drinking bottle.

Maintenance, Care And Warranty

Most golf courses utilize fertilizers and lawn chemicals, which can cause corrosive damage to cart. In order to keep the coated finish of the cart in good condition, it is recommended that the cart be regularly washed with a damp cloth and mild soap.

Sun Mountain offers a limited warranty on materials and workmanship. The actual cart frame and tubing from the handle to the wheel is warranted for three years from the purchase date. Parts that include the tires, handle, brakes and other parts have a one year warranty from the purchase date.

The warranty does not include everyday wear and tear, accidents, or any losses because of misusing the cart or treating it in an abusive manner. Failure to follow instructions in the user’s guide will not be honored under a warranty, nor will using or pulling the cart in an unlawful manner.

This Cart Is Definitely Worth It

The Sun Mountain Speed Cart Gt is a cart that everyone will love and one that you should definitely consider. You’ll love the way this product functions and how easy it transport.

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