Best Soccer Balls 2020

Best Soccer Balls

With soccer staying healthy as the world’s most popular sport, the soccer ball market has flourished with balls featuring creative colors, different sizes, and unique exterior materials. For players of all shapes and sizes, a distinctly colorful soccer ball can add a new level of enjoyment that will boost everyone’s excitement when playing … Read more

Best Youth Catcher’s Mitts 2020

Best Youth Catcher’s Mitts

Choosing the right equipment for any fielder is important, but it is much more so for the catcher, the most active and demanding assignment on the field. Wild pitches, foul tips, tossed bats, collisions at the plate and the steady thump of fast balls striking the pocket make the catcher spot the toughest … Read more

Best Batting Gloves for Baseball & Softball 2020

Best Batting Gloves

Although there are still a few “old-school” holdouts in the major leagues who do not use them, the batting glove is now almost standard issue equipment for players at all levels.   Back in the 1980’s Franklin, with the valuable help of hall-of-fame third baseman Mike Schmidt, began to pitch their new specially designed … Read more

Big Barrel Bats vs Regular Bats

Big Barrel Bats vs Regular Bats

Since big barrel bats were introduced at the senior level (players aged 13 to 15) and now at younger levels, coaches, parents and players have had a back and forth about their value.  On the plus side, they increase the “sweet spot” of the bat and give you a better chance of making … Read more

How to Hit a Baseball Farther

How to Hit a Baseball Farther

If you’re reading this, you already know how to hit a baseball, but you’re interested in really connecting with the ball to hit it as far as you can. Nearly anybody can hit a baseball, but if you want to consistently hit homerun balls, it’s going to take some work. Here are our … Read more

Best Pitching Machine 2020

Best Pitching Machine

The best pitching machines on the market today bring convenience and affordability to the young (or older) player looking to get some swings in before dinner or for a convenient workout. Utilizing modern technology, pitching machines have become versatile for players of all ages with adjustable speeds and settings that offer tailor-made hitting … Read more

Composite Bats vs Aluminum Bats

Composite Bats vs Aluminum Bats

When it comes to baseball, most players know that the material used to make a bat can greatly affect the force that acts on the ball. As a hitter in baseball, the ultimate goal is to hit the ball as hard as possible and drive it as far as possible with the most … Read more

Best Basketball Shoes 2020

If you’re looking to ball at your highest level this year you’ll need one of the best basketball shoes. Having the right kicks can help improve your game and I’ll show you everything you need to consider when making your choice – after you’ll see my top picks for the year. I’m sure … Read more